Write A Perfect Project Description for A Logo Designer

Writing a logo design project description can be challenging at times.
Here are some tips that you can easily follow and apply to your work!

Pitching a work tends to come with varying challenges. In the design and creative industry, one of the biggest challenges is to make a well-written description of the project. Also known as a project description, the document is an essential addition for logo designers to pitch a job for a certain client. It is similar to a proposal, which is pretty vital in the job process. 

To write a project description, one needs to make a proper introduction, details, information, and proposal for the intended audience. The main key is to help the client or the audience to understand the context and the concept of the project you are going to make. Something worth approving, especially for a logo design job. 

Designers, in general, will work with a design brief, which is another essential document on the creation process. However, the design brief is from the client's point of view. On the other hand, the project description is from the designer's point of view and pitch. It is something that has a slightly different pitch and details to provide for the reader. 

The development details itself is made by the project team (which can include the logo designer. The key point of it is to create a clear and correct understanding of the development in mind, which is why it focuses on providing reasons rather than preferences. One thing is for sure; the designer needs to provide logo project details for strategic planning of the job. 

But the next question is, what did you need to write a project description? The document is more than just a proposal or background. It is a complex document that fully showcases any possible move, idea, and works to deliver. Thus, make the work considered as needed and later demand approval. If you are going to make one, check out these tips. 


10 Tips To Write A Good Project Description for A Logo Designer

  1. Understand The Project Thoroughly 
  2. Pay Attention On The Structure
  3. Make It Simple With Summarization 
  4. Define The Necessary Of The Project 
  5. Outline The Goal 
  6. Explain The Methodology 
  7. Measure The Project Deliverable 
  8. Provide Detail Budget
  9. Proofread & Get Some Feedback
  10. Make Everything Following The 4C Rules 


1. Understand The Project Thoroughly 

It is possible to plan some projects and create description documents to pitch a job to companies. However, the main key to success is to fully understand the project. A logo designer is a job that is full of intricacy, complying with some skills, creative thinking, and the ability to correctly create the identity of the company. 

This is where the designer needs to put some brainstorming and research to find the real description and ideation of the logo designer's project. Every company or business has different ideation and preferences. Sometimes, particular markets signify certain elements to be used in the design. 

Take an example of the unseen or unwritten rules of fast food logo design. Designers need to underline that some of the company giants come with pretty similar features. Those features are warm colors and food-related symbols. You can put the best understanding of the works to write a project description.

To help understand more about the plan, some details of the logo company and design should be inside the project description document. You will need to highlight the company name, bio, goa, target market, preferences, or some other details you capture. Put it on the development details and make a memorable description to showcase your worth.   


2. Pay Attention On The Structure

After understanding the real importance of the project and putting it on the note for the description, you can start pitching for the logo work. Remember that this document is meant from the designer's point of view, which means you are the one that showcases some details, ideas, reasons, and attractive ideas. 

It can be a bit of a challenge, but a project description has its structure that helps shape your document to look better and more appropriate. The structure starts with the project title and overview. The next section of the document is where the designer shows the purpose and the need for the logo creation or your logo design pitch. 

Your understanding of the logo design and its relevance to the company's details will be the next description to highlight in section 3. Section 3 is where you put all of the business drivers and significance. Put the highlight and your point of view as a designer. You can also make some points that indicate the correlation with the logo designer's works. 

The next thing to writing a project description is the benefits and costs detail. You are a logo designer that is looking for a potential pitch. After all of the information, you will want to signify the benefits of your logo project and the cost description. Your ability to capture the estimation helps improve your confidence. 

The implementation method is the next thing you want to put on the project description document. You can showcase what kind of logo brainstorming you do, the software, the process, or the method. The next one to tell is the timeline, followed by requirements and the expected outcomes. 

The key of the description document is to make the project acceptable. You will want to show the intention of the logo creation. Show your ability and tell your knowledge of the proposed work. Later on in the document, you can always show the plan and make yourself seen as a professional designer.  


3. Make It Simple With Summarization 

One thing that you need to underline when you try to write a project description is to grasp the real intention of the document itself. One of the best ways to make a document as a logo designer is to always work with summarization. You are not working with the over-complex proposal document as a designer to tell about the logo project. 

In the project description, you are going to explain everything in a short and direct approach. Summarize your idea and work with the aims, significance, outcome, and benefit for the company. The description is there as a tool to help you pitch a logo designer contract. So, no need for a long explanation. You need to attract an audience to your idea. 

One way to make it is by limiting the description summary to three to five sentences. You can highlight the project's pitch on the title, which is supposed to attract attention. It is also a good point to keep the document easier to understand. So, you can avoid the designer's jargon, expressions, parenthetical description, or confusing remarks.  


4. Define The Necessary Of The Project 

The main part of the project description is your details in defining the purpose to reach and what kind of point to address. If you are pitching for logo design work, try to attract your audience about the importance of identity. You can also define the current company problem, which is the reason a logo designer is needed. 

Sometimes, there is also a case of proposing a plan for company rebranding. You can write a project description by telling them that the company needs a new identity or giving a better logo to make better retention or sales. You can put some reasons why the old logo is not effective or does not fully resemble the company, and you can propose a project to solve it.  


5. Outline The Goal 

Justify your work and proposed plan, which means you are going to fully put the description of the significance of your work. Remember that your project description showcases your purpose and pitch work for you as a logo designer. For the company to accept the idea, you will need to ensure the company understands your goal. 

To outline the goal and show justification for the work, you can also put some points on the business drivers. In other words, pinpoint some business aspects that lead to change to the project and determine how the proposed logo designer's work will make an impact. It is not a simple explanation. But if you get the real plan and good lining of the business and logo work, that will work. 

The key to justifying the goal is to create a needed bridge between your logo mission and the business or the organization. You will need to convince the audience that your project description is worth and needed. You can include or integrate with the business goal, the problem, the solution, or the unique brain to provide the answer.  


6. Explain The Methodology 

When talking about methodology, you need to give a clear but brief explanation of the key technology or the project management technique you are going to use. As a logo designer, you already have the answer to the methodology. You can explain the devices, software, process, and step-by-step production. 

For a designer's work, you likely have less pressure in handling the methodology point. Considering that most of the details on this project and the logo design approach are based on your expertise as a designer. You can specify some unique design technique to make the logo or write a project description that signifies the difference between your idea. 

In this case, you might have to consider approaching the scheme carefully. You will need to select, approve, and put a description of the method that is efficient for the work. You also need to pick the significant method that fits the delivery and the other factors, including a budget, time, and schedule.  


7. Measure The Project Deliverable 

Deliverable is about the timeline or the schedule of your project. As a designer that proposes the logo work, you need to write the project description as detailed as possible. However, make it easier to understand for the audience. You don't need to speak with every jargon but descript the logo creation process with a general timeline. 

You can mention the phases or milestones in the logo creation process. Many professional logo designers use this idea to signify that their project is something that can be done. It also puts a relief on the company's side when talking about deadlines and time. That is why you need to write a project description with good deliverable details. 

In this step and tips, you can put the scheduling details to put an estimation of the time needed for the logo designer's plan. Sometimes you will need to develop the timeline, including putting in the number of hours required to reach a certain point. Don't underestimate this aspect since this is also a key that helps convince the audience of your project's possibility. 


8. Provide Detail Budget

Similar to design briefs, logo designers need to work and define the project budget and revision. If you are pitching a work, this is one of the keys that attract people's attention. Talking about the cost, you will need a lot of brainstorming and research on the market. Don't put the budget without any consideration since it can define your professionality. 

Many professional designers have their logo budget or price ranges, which come with varying features and options to take. Defining the budget for the scheme gives a quick and direct approach to the work. You can state the estimation right away with limits, demand, needs, and other parameters to help build the expectation. 


9. Proofread & Get Some Feedback

To make sure you write a project description properly and convincingly, try to get some opinions or third opinions. Feedback on your designer's project helps make the document look professional and fill the proper audience. In this case, the feedback you are looking for is not only about writing. 

You also need to get some feedback on your logo job. There are chances that you are working as a logo designer under a team. It means you got many eyes and brains to get the best solution, method, and idea for the document. Sometimes, if you are trying to pitch with a certain big-name company, you will need bigger people for the feedback.  

Take an example of working with a local's giant food company. Taking your document to key stakeholders, customers, or other people that are impacted by the works will give significant planning. As you get the feedback, think about how to write a project description that is better and can cover their insight. 

Another good feedback is about proofreading. Ask someone to read the final document to see whether you make errors or missing details. People with a familiar or unfamiliar background in logo design can help. The different insights from those people are the input that can help your project details document look more professional.  


10. Make Everything Following The 4C Rules 

The last tip that you might want to use is the common 4C rules of writing and designing your logo design works. The 4Cs are made out of Clear, Concise, Complete, and Credible. Pay attention to every wording and sentence you are writing on your logo designer's project description. Make it follow the rules, and the document will be easier to accept.

Clear in the rules refers to the writing that uses simple, unambiguous, and generally accepted words. No matter who you are facing as the client, simple and non-jargon words will make every description easier to digest. Concise rules translated to a way you are writing the plan information that focuses on the said work, not others or unrelated information. 

The documents are made in a very summarized manner. Going out of topic only makes the description lose its focus and details. As much as you want to make the document concise, be sure that it is also complete and credible. Complete means it fully covers every critical aspect and description, while Credible refers to that your logo designer project description is relevant and up to date. 


Final Words 

The key to writing a project description for a logo designer is not that different from other industries. Designers only need to put extra emphasis on the creative mindset and ideation on the description. It is also a good point to consider that logo creation projects come with extra detail and planning, covering the meaning of the sign, elements, or the idea itself. 

As a designer or logo designer, the project description can be made into creative design ideation. You use the common structure of the document, make it simple but also cover all of the necessary elements. It is also vital to signify your real goal of doing the project and why you need to do the work. 

Creating a well-detailed document can be your first pitch to the client or the company. Your good writing and reasoning will be the key to approval. That is why every little point is important. Make sure you write a project description and follow up on the 4C rules, get some feedback, proofread, and appear as a committed person in front of the company. 

At the end of the day, you can say that the document is your way to reason and attract the company's interest in doing the project. It is similar to a proposal, but you make it simpler and clearer. It is also a document that signifies your idea for the logo project, which is why you need to provide the best information about the design to ensure the company is worth the money.  

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