10 Best Online Platforms To Hire Freelance Logo Designers

Are you struggling to find a designer?  Here we have listed some of the best platforms where you can find and hire freelance logo designers online! Let's find out!

A logo has become one of today’s businesses’ integral elements for many reasons, from the proof of business professionality to the ability to relate to customers.

Therefore, these visualizations must have decent designs if a company wants to use them for its intended purposes. However, companies focus on their online and offline activities almost all the time, which leads to the emerging need for professional logo designers. 

In hiring such design professionals that fulfill a company’s needs, a company can choose to employ that logo design person as a full-time employee. Or, the company can cut unnecessary employee-related costs and fees by employing an online freelance logo designer at low prices.

Today, there are many platforms that a company can use to hire a cheap freelance logo designer. Furthermore, these online freelance platforms do not only have affordable costs on the freelance fees. 

These eight online freelance platforms also tend to be safe because, most of the time, you only need to pay if your freelance logo designer finishes his/her job. All you need to do is to pay the escrow funds first; then, the platform will release payments from escrow funds in the platform.


1. Freelancer.com

With users all over the world recognizing this freelance platform presence, there is no doubt that Freelancer.com has become the #1 source for seeking freelance logo workers in many different expertise and price ranges. It also applies to hiring a cheap freelance logo designer, no matter where the professional is located.

Freelancer.com is also the pioneering freelance platform for time-setting methods. Today, many designers on this online platform are using Freelancer.com’s application on online devices to make their working times more efficient. 

When you hire an online freelance logo designer through the platform, you will also have a more convenient time to track the working times through the same online platform-made application.

Source: https://www.freelancer.com/

When we’re talking about the downsides of this online platform for remote workers, those downsides will be the user interfaces (UX) and the platform fees. Online UXs are not always convenient to navigate, particularly when it is your first time hiring a cheap freelance logo designer through this platform.

The fees are also not cheap compared to other similar competitors. We can safely say that the platform fees are on par with their Upwork counterpart. Nonetheless, people can always find the best freelance logo or graphic designer through Freelancer.com. 

In other words, the on-platform remote business teams know what they’re doing more than online freelancers on other platforms. It is because Freelancer.com is full of highly experienced online freelance logo workers in their industries, including the industries that focus on designing the logo that meets your online business criteria.


2. Upwork

Upwork is a close equal to Freelancer.com in many different ways. One of the most evident things about Upwork.com for hiring cheap freelance logo designers is the convenience of navigating through the online platform.

Some people reported the platform is a little bit laggy on some electronic devices, even in their online application forms. Nonetheless, the vivid green and white color combinations in this online freelance platform make the online process convenient enough for you and your chosen freelance logo designer. 

Any types of visual designer are the most overpopulated freelancer in Upwork. Hence, it’s convenient to find a cheap freelance logo designer whose art portfolios match your business criteria. Furthermore, you can browse for more online art portfolios and request at more economical costs than you do on the other platform.

Source: https://www.upwork.com/

Upwork.com is also the platform that use escrow funds to release fund only after the logo designer project completion. This platform also minimizes the risk of getting scams by imposing the “Connect” systems. More precisely, by doing so, Upwork.com’s internal teams limit the freelance logo or graphic designer to apply for the in-platform projects.

However, the percentages of the project fees are not so budget-friendly. The not-so-cheap progressive fee percentages that Upwork.com imposes for remote workers, including freelance logo designers, become the primary downside of this online platform that most people still seek solutions for.

Another thing that becomes Upwork’s downside would be their sluggish customer service centers. Not only that we can’t find the chat buttons on the online platform, but we also have to search thoroughly for their location in our e-mail address. It gives an impression that customer support is not the actual support.


3. 99designs

99designs is different from other online platform collections in the sense that this one focuses on the workers who regularly work with pictures. In other words, it is a place for creative workers. A freelance logo designer is one of the creative worker types you can find in 99designs.

So, 99designs is for you if you desperately need a focused freelance logo designer. The fees are also competitive compared to other competitors, and you can always contact the customer support department when you find any difficulties.

Unlike on other online platform collections where you have to scrawl over your e-mails, the live chat menu in 99designs.com is convenient to access through the bottom-left of the platform page. Moreover, the on-platform live support teams speak six other languages than English. 

The online contest feature is also the feature that boosts 99designs’ interactivities. You can save time and energy in writing online freelance logo designer job posts on 99designs.com by holding an online contest to select the most appropriate workers. Hence, you can use the services for competitive costs on the platform.

Source: https://99designs.com/

Then, you can choose the best cheap freelance logo designer from this platform. After that, you can use the online platform logo designer services for as long as you wish.

We recommend you hire a medium-expert logo designer when you use 99designs.com to hire a freelance logo designer. It is because the 99designs.com teams will impose 5-15% designer fee charges for every completed project, and the graphic design workers will typically increase their fees based on the deduction percentage. 

With a medium-tier remote worker, you will only have to increase 10% of the designer fee plus the 5% fixed fee that you have to pay to the platform. We consider such offers as cheap offers.

The only downside that 99designs have is that this online platform for a freelance logo or graphic designer is only available through websites. Hence, it makes online logo designer project controlling, managing, and other processes laggier.


4. Guru.com

Many people refer to Guru.com as a cheap alternative to Freelancer.com. One of the clearest reasons lies in the user interface of this online platform. The color combinations on the homepage are nearly similar to the ones you see on Freelancer.com, with some differences in the old-school-looking buttons.

When we browse through Guru.com’s homepage, we will discover those graphic designers are some of the most largely-populated freelancers in the place. The freelance logo designer rates are also generally so competitive, making it possible for you to choose a cheap freelance logo designer through Guru.com.

We believe Guru.com is one of the online freelance platforms to have the most economically-priced offers for both employers and freelance graphic designers. If you hire a graphic design worker through Guru.com, you only have to pay an incredibly cheap 2.9% handling fee. 

Source: https://www.guru.com/

If there are any additional payments, it is the flat 5% job fee for all workers. Such percentages are low-cost for all designers when we compare them to other more well-known freelance logo designer platforms. What’s more to the cost is that you can earn 100% cashback for your logo designer service orders on Guru.com.

The first downside is that only a few designers with extensive designer-related expertises. Even though the working qualification of the online logo designer is not as random as Fiverr’s, Guru.com has some of the most limited amounts of decent workers in all industries when we compare their groups with similar online cheap freelance platforms.

Guru.com’s overly competitive fees also make the pools more crowded than on other platforms. There have been too many logo freelancers who bid under the minimum suggested amounts just so they can get the jobs. 

Also, the payment systems are laggier, and the customer support teams are not the best teams when we compare Guru.com with other online freelance platforms.


5. Toptal

This platform is undoubtedly the best one for hiring the best-quality remote workers in many different areas, including any remote workers and freelancers in the design industry. 

Toptal ensures every online freelance worker on their platform pass with at least 98% of their rigorous application processes. Such numbers are much higher than in other online freelance platforms. 

Moreover, as an individual or a company’s representative that hires a designer in Toptal, you don’t have to spend time sorting non-qualified applicants. Toptal’s industry specialist will work with you and match you with the online freelance logo designer you need within 24 hours of your logo designer job posts.

Many big names have cooperated with Toptal, such as Shopify, ExxonMobil, Motorola, and more. It is because the customer support team in Toptal is far more helpful than the support teams in other online freelance platforms, where you have to scrawl over your e-mail inboxes only to find their contactable e-mails.

Source: https://www.toptal.com/

Moreover, the customer service teams can make you feel your zillion questions are answered in one simple paragraph. It shows you how the designers and internal teams in Toptal can do their jobs well.

Since Toptal provides only the best freelance logo designer, finding real competitively-priced workers can be a nuisance here. Their average freelance hourly rates are around USD100, which makes it normal for employers to spend at least USD1,000 for a Toptal designer. Such prices are far from cheap.

So, if you’re still looking for a cheap freelance logo designer in Toptal, you can make the contract long-term. Don’t forget to always check social media for discounts and other promotions to make the price more economical. That way, you save a lot in hiring a budget-friendly freelance logo designer.


6. Fiverr

True to its name, this merry place for freelance workers is where you can get anyone’s services starting from just USD5 in everything, which is so cheap. There are no limitations on what the freelance workers on Fiverr can do, which makes it possible for you to assign online freelancers to different project offers.

Such things make freelance graphic designers on Fiverr often bundle their already-cheap services. The bundling acts can make the service price goes even lower.

Hence, you can expect many cheap bundling offer variations in Fiverr, from the general designer service plus business (or financial) consultation service to the most bizarre service bundlings that include casting cheap-priced spells on your competitors.

Source: https://www.fiverr.com/

Many times, the USD5 minimum tags are also applicable for the bundling variations, even in the most bizarre combinations. So, a freelance graphic designer on Fiverr has more variations of work portfolio and competitive pricing plans than designers on other competitors’ platforms.

Fiverr’s USD5 price tags in everything the freelance workers do come with some downsides. The first downside of this online platform would be the unforgiving algorithm for communicating outside the platform. You cannot send messages while inserting something that sounds like a phone number to Fiverr’s messaging algorithm.

Also, we can say the customer service on this platform is as unhelpful as Upwork (perhaps because the online platform is cheap), except that you don’t need to scrawl over your e-mail address since you can do live chats on the online freelance platform.


7. Etsy

Like Amazon, Etsy has sellers of various products and services all over the world, including design services. Since Etsy is a worldwide selling platform, you can even have the option to sell digital products such as logo designs.

By doing so, you can ask your freelance logo designer to preview their designs in the platform before finalise and send them to clients. This key strength is something that you don’t find in other similar platforms.

Source: https://www.etsy.com/

Meanwhile, you can also find more graphic designers on Etsy. It is because this UK-based platform’s teams are more committed to helping designers and other types of creative workers. The logo design portfolios are more beautiful and aesthetic.

As with Fiverr, you can find several freelance logo designers who bundle their designer services with other relevant services. However, the combinations are not as bizarre as the designer combinations in Etsy. So, Etsy is your choice if you wish to hire a cheap freelance logo designer that has both balance and stability as their middle names.

Etsy is a general online platforms. In other words, freelance logo designer services are not the only service products on these two platforms. As a result, the inconvenience of finding the designer categories becomes the major downside of the platform. 


8. Dribbble

Dribbble is similar to 99designs in ways that this online platform meets freelance logo designers with people who need the services. One of the differences is that this online platform for creative workers all over the world also acts as a social media platform.

You can see some of the top designs directly on this online platform, which lets you connect with the creative workers that you choose.

A unique part of the Dribbble platform is the Dribbble Meetups menu. Freelance logo designers from all over the world can organize meetings and activities with fellow freelance designers, starting with five people in the same place. Coffee shops are famous places to meet up with Dribbble’s design professionals.

Then, these people who provide designer services will socialize with each other. The same also applies to people who need their professional services.

Source: https://dribbble.com/

Another advantage in hiring a cheap freelance logo designer through Dribbble lies in the podcast menu. You can learn more about the philosophies behind your favorite creative worker teams by listening to their niche podcasts.

Hiring a cheap logo designer through Dribbble directly requires some effort in finding the menu. Else, you need to network first with them, either through Dribbble’s Meetup menu or other means. Such things make hiring someone who provides such artsy services rather challenging.

Even though Dribbble has removed the 400*300 pixel limitations, it still requires an online designer to upload a maximum of 10 MB pictures, which is rather low when we compare it with other online designer-specific platforms. Hence, it also limits the project variations we’re assigning to the online freelance workers.



Hiring a cheap freelance logo designer sounds like a considerable idea when you’re tight on your budget. However, looking carefully at what the online platforms have to offer is crucial to make sure you balance the quality versus the price of the designer services.

Dribbble and 99designs are the choices when you wish to narrow down your artsy worker choices. Nonetheless, people will choose the general online platform, like Freelancer.com or even eBay and Etsy.


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