8 Common Shapes of Logo Design

Various shapes create distinct contexts in which they have been considered a basic of symbolism.
Let’s find out the most common shapes designer use for a logo!
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The most powerful tool to promote the products and services of a brand is a logo. While looking at a certain brand, it is the first thing that comes to mind. The emotions of your targeted viewers are one thing you have to consider before creating one. This must be able to communicate the message you want to convey. Therefore, creating an efficient one is a must. 

Shapes of logo design can tell about your business. They can talk to your customers about the identity of your business. The shape used in logo design has its actual meaning to leave the audience a connection to the brand. Researchers claim that the brain can easily interpret them differently. Each of them has its own meaning behind it. While you are considering them for your logo design, you also have to determine the prospect of your brand through the design of your logo.

Just like color can affect people in distinguish way, shapes also do the same. To create a recognizable product, it is important to know some common shapes of logo design. They possess an important psychological meaning within the logo. A powerful logo may look simple, but in fact, it is difficult to create an effective one. It is not only about an image or a symbol, but it is about the whole meaning and how people will interpret it. The way people interpret it will influence how strong your brand is. The shapes of logo design are used to portray the brand identity with a strong psychological work behind it. 

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Common shapes used in logo design and their meaning

When it comes to the shapes of logo design, your unconscious mind reacts in dissimilar ways to different logo outlines. Jagged edges, curves, circles, and straight lines all imply different meanings, and you can use shape to conclude certain qualities of your brand. There are particular clip arts that can be used easily when making a logo design. However, clip art doesn’t work properly in creating a powerful logo for your product. The following are common shapes of logo design you can consider.

1. Round and circle 

Oval and round are popular for their pointlessness which makes them so unique to be logo designs. Round and circle are generally associated with continuity, protection, femininity, and security. When more than one rounded circle is combined, they can portray infinity, continuity, love, support, and community. Thus, a round or circle logo is not only positive but also welcoming and delivers a unity message. 

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2. Square and rectangular

Combining square and rectangular together can portray boldness and stability. Then, when it comes to psychology, it is associated with reliability and balance. When incorporating logo design, square and rectangular shapes represent top-notch professionalism, effectiveness, and strength. The presence of straight lines and angles represents orderliness and professionalism.

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3. Triangle 

Triangular is made of straight lines and sharp angles. The image orientation will influence how your mind will interpret them. In addition, triangular is typically associated with ideas and emotions about power and stability. Furthermore, it also represents strength, order, and energy. 

A triangle as a logo means strength and stability. When it is faced downward, it depicts uncertainty and dynamism. These orientations are commonly used in the fields of religion and science due to their tough associations with power. 

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4. Vertical and horizontal lines

When it comes to the orientation of shapes of logo design, there are deep meanings behind it. Vertical lines are associated with aggression, masculinity, dominance, courage, and strength. On the other hand, horizontal lines are associated with calmness, tranquillity, and femininity. 

Too many vertical lines will make it looks narrower. Contrastingly, too many horizontal lines will make it looks broader. Hence, brands that aim to attract female audiences are recommended to use more horizontal lines within the logo. These lines can also portray dynamism and movement. Conversely, brands or companies that want to look more powerful and bold are recommended to use vertical lines alongside other steady components on their logo design. Nevertheless, misusing vertical lines will make the brand look domineering and aggressive. 

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5. Organic shapes

Shapes with organic backgrounds are popular for their ability to draw attention. The logo design is also unique as it uses surrounding elements. Unlike other types of shapes of logo designs, organic shapes are considered free-form as they won’t affect anything if you change the lines or compositions. However, when they are combined with numerous figures, it will give a mixed result. Due to these, they are commonly used comprehensively in wellness manufacturing. 

In some cases, the definition of organic shapes is somewhat flexible. They may represent comfort and familiarity. Furthermore, they can also represent intimacy.

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6. Curves

Curves are used to add a feeling of motion and rhythm as they are associated with movement, happiness, and emotions. In a brand, curves are used to forge their viewers to link with their products. Likewise, curves are a good option for a company that intends to talk to its customers about their considerations of happiness and joy. 

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7. Spiral 

Some of the most uncommon shapes of logo design are spirals. However, when a spiral is included within a logo design, it can add a distinct twist to the design. The appearance of spirals represents fascination, flow, and calm. The combination of spiral lines can communicate energy, time, love, and strategy. 

The basic usage of these spiral shapes portrays the creativity of your brand. The brand will look more distinct and innovative as well. Therefore, Spirals are suitable for companies that look for a logo to represent their dynamism, growth, and evolution to their audiences.

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8. Cultural and symbol

Other less common shapes of logo design are cultural and symbol shapes. Specifically, these shapes refer to crosses, stars, hearts, or anything that have a definitive meaning that is universally recognized. Cultural and symbols are also considered emoji shapes. Hence, it is important to understand the cultural meaning along with the language behind it. Moreover, certain shapes can also be interpreted differently, so understanding the meaning and language is very important. 

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Types of logos 

A good logo is one that has an influential visual impact on prospective customers as well as helps your product emerge through its uniqueness. There are seven types of logos you will need to know before making one. Listed below are some of them, along with their pros and cons, to help you decide on the best one.

1. Emblem

The oldest type of logo is the emblem. This includes imagery, symbols, and features within a geometric shape. It gives a traditional feel to your brand. In general, it is rich in details that give an official look to your logo. 

What’s good about this type is that it represents the existence of your brand. Likewise, your trademark is inimitable as it gives a great impression of your brand, is professional, and is memorable. 

However, the only disadvantage of this type is when it is resized to a smaller resolution, it is unreadable since it comes with lots of details.

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2. Pictorial Marks

A brand mark or pictorial mark is an imagery compact to its symbolistic meaning. This is extremely symbolic that contains elements that will make your viewers associate it instantaneously with your brand. 

If you have just started your company and are going to adopt this, you can opt for a pictorial mark. Using a wordmark is recommended at first to draw people’s attention to your services or products. 

Your product can be represented through a simple symbol or image. Another excellent way to use this type of logo is to deliver an evocative idea over a symbol where the words cannot prompt it well. 

On the other hand, if your product is new and you do not know how to manage a solid base as well as have stable market audiences, it is better to start with a more explicit one. 

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3. Logotypes

Logotypes or wordmark logo is the strongest type of logos. This is simple as it is composed of the company’s name. On this, you won’t find any emblems, patterns, graphics, or symbols. As the main feature of it is typography, make sure to choose fonts that are exclusively made for your logo. The color and style of the fonts will affect the identity of your brand as well. You can create a unique strategy through fonts, colors, and the name of your product. The most remarkable thing about this is that you can directly create a strong connection between the brand and the logo.

Nonetheless, it won’t work if your brand name is long. Likewise, you may have to modify the fonts to keep up with trends. 

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4. Lettermark

A monogram or commonly called a lettermark is a good technique to moderate the name of your brand to an acronym. You can take the initial letters of your product and make them a logo design. The next step is choosing the typography. You have to choose unique and eye-catching fonts since the letter mark only consists of a few letters. 

If the name of your brand is long, this is suitable for you, particularly if you don’t like to use an imagery symbol. 

However, if your product is new on the market, using the letter mark logo will leave your audience confused. The only way to overcome this is by placing the full name of your brand underneath the logo.

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5. Abstract

An abstract logo is a logo that consists of an image with no letters. It is considered a visual depiction of a mood you want your product to bring to mind. As it can create something unique that showcases the identity of your brand, your product will instantly be perceptible. Another advantage of this is that it is very versatile for use in branded supplies and advertising promotions. 

On the other hand, you may need to put extra effort into helping people recognize your product, especially if you are new in the market. 

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6. Mascot

This type of logo consists of a drawing of a non-human or even human entity. It creates a positive and friendly feeling toward your viewers. You can use this and give it a distinguished representation and expression based on the message you want to deliver. Generally, mascot logos are used for service companies, food brands, and sports teams. 

If your target market is children and families, it is a perfect way to go. It can help you create a friendly and fun approach. 

But, avoid using it when you want to deliver a professional, serious message to your audience. This is typically happy and sincere, inviting your viewers to try your brand. 

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7. Combinations of logo marks

Combining multiple different types of logos is a great idea to create a distinguished logo design. You can place lettering near mascots, abstract forms, or whatever works. You have to pay attention to the message you want to convey through it, and you have to keep in mind that it is a part of the identity of your brand. 

The best thing about it is that when people already know your services or products, it is flexible to use various ways when designing one. This is a great option if you like an adaptable sign to changes in the future.

If you like something simple and minimalist, this may not be for you as it overloads your pictorial branding.

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How to choose shapes in logo design

A good logo design is one that can deliver your message accurately. Hence, it has to be understandable, intentional, and balanced. There are a few actionable and helpful tips for choosing shapes for your logo design.

1. Utilizing positive and negative shapes together

Negative space is also called white shapes, as it is created between shapes and letters. This is such an actual way to make the most of your logo. Combining negative and positive shapes together can help to link the product values of dependability, flexibility, and progress. 

2. Paying attention to typography

Typography, or what we call fonts, is the one that symbolizes the identity of your brand. Furthermore, it also can communicate the message you want to deliver. When it comes to combining typography with shapes, ensure that they work harmoniously. Thinking about the outlines before the fonts are good as you can conclude the specific layout of the text. 

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3. Work with shape and color together

When interpreting shapes, color holds an important role as it supports their meaning of them. Color is deeply embedded in our consciousness, and it helps audiences to interpret their meaning of them within the design.

4. Stay focused on the brand

A brand identity is the first thing you have to think about when composing a logo design. Since it will act as the representative of your brand, you must choose ones that collaborate with your inclusive visions. Stay focused on the brand and make sure that whoever sees the logo will instantly think about your trademark and what it is all about.

Designing a recognizable symbol for your brand is a fun and creative process that fixes the substance of your business identity. When brainstorming ideas for the design, consider the core values of your brand and how you are going to present them to the audience. This is how your trademark will be recognized and remembered. 

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Based on the type of logos above, try to design various options for your brand’s sign, display them to a few people, and analyze how they respond to the designs. This will be a great test to evaluate your logo design, after all.


Final Words

The shapes of logo design are significant as they give a strong structure to the design. As we know, the human brain can easily interpret shapes in distinguished psychological manners. Hence, logos must be memorable. Choosing shapes that can evoke the wanted responses will be useful. It will influence how the audiences feel about your brand. Thus, it is important to choose them carefully. 

Once you have selected the shapes, look at them and see how they feel. Logos are modest images, but they consist of a lot of meanings. It’s fun to experiment with shapes in your logo plan. Try to combine different shapes to create a distinct logo design. Whatever shapes you choose for your logo design, make sure to keep everything as simple as possible. Also, it must be meaningful as it conveys the messages you want to deliver. 

Each element of the logo design must associate with the harmony of the logo’s theme. Its structure of it should be impeccable, with a scaling ability that tolerates it to change dimensions to fit in altered ideas. While also bringing a brand’s messages, an engaging logo design will attract audiences, trigger emotions, and encourage them to encourage with the brand. If your logo is strong, your customers will always be loyal to your brand. A strong visual identity is beneficial if you want your brand to succeed. Thinking about universal meanings will help. 

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