How To Pick The Perfect Symbol For Your Logo Design

Symbolism has been used to tell certain meanings and purposes since human existence.
Here are some tips on how to pick the right symbol for your logo design!
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A logo is a visual image that represents a particular company or organization. The company does not just take pictures carelessly because the logo is an important identity that represents your business. So, how to pick a symbol for your logo design?

A symbol logo design will be the center of your business brand. Of course, as the main symbol, the design must be as good as possible. Will a good logo be effective for the age of the business in the long term? For sure.

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The Importance of a Symbol Logo Design

There are logos that only use text, but there are also some companies that use certain unique symbols. Then, which is more important? A logo symbol is not a requirement for the identity of a great brand. Some brands may use text only in a logo, but you can do more by using the right symbols.

The logo symbol is like a magnet that can attract the attention of the audience to your brand. A symbol in a logo can help your company to build a visual identity that will be a hallmark for consumers to remember.

Using a symbol in a logo can help you convey your brand quickly and effectively. When using symbols, you can include appropriate colors, shapes, and icons. A logo is a way to show the audience what your brand's goals are and what the company wants to achieve.

There are several logo symbols that look similar across several brands. You may experience the same thing. If there are other companies with the same logo symbol you choose, you have to look for information about the logo. If you are the last party to own the logo, the only way to overcome this situation is to change your brand's symbol.

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What Are the Types of Logo Symbols?

You must have noticed some of the logo symbols out there. There are many types of symbols that companies choose to represent their existence. These symbols are important identities that show the brand of a company.

Of the many logo symbols that are out there, they usually fall into several categories: mascots, animals, trademarked symbols, abstracts, and icons, as well as interactive. You need to understand each of the meanings and examples of logo symbols in order to know which ones are the most effective for your brand, as well as how to choose the right symbols to use in your brand's logo.

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1. Animal Symbols

Some animals are able to represent the company brand well, as well as the character of the animal. There are many brands that have managed to build a brand effectively by using animal symbols to represent their products.

However, animals are able to make use of the instinctive structures present in the brain. For example, you can see a logo for Red Bull with two strong animals fighting. The brand has deliberately chosen animal symbolism to convey its strong message about the product. The symbolism manages to attract the attention of the audience while working very well in the consumer's memory. When seeing the Red Bull logo symbol, people will quickly notice.

Now imagine if the Red Bull logo didn't use the fighting animal symbol. Of course, the impression is not as strong as what you see now, especially if you only use text for representation. The impact on the audience will not be the same as it is now.

Just as the Lacoste logo chose the crocodile animal, it's because the company's founder, René Lacoste, was nicknamed "the Crocodile," so he wanted to build a brand that would be remembered by the audiences.

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2. Mascot Symbols

In addition to animals, the mascot logo symbol is also a symbol that is commonly used to represent a company or organization. The main purpose of choosing a mascot as a logo symbol is to properly strengthen the brand identity and build brand recognition, both of which are essential elements for business success.

A unique mascot will attract the attention of the audience just like when we are attracted to a beautiful image. Just imagine when you see the mascot in the form of a cute and smiling baby. You will find it hard to ignore.

Mascots use emotions to tell the audience about your brand or the products you offer. The mascot is a spokesperson who will convey the company's goals to attract the attention of potential customers.

The mascot is a symbol that is easy to remember, especially if it is a face. A mascot is also a symbol that is easy to insert into an illustration. You can even print beautiful stickers by inserting a mascot as a logo symbol.

Some people think that a mascot is the best way to humanize a brand. Try to remember the mascot of Uncle Sam. What do you think? When you see it, you will feel as if you are being spoken to. That's how mascots work in our minds.

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3. Symbols and Icons of Abstraction

An abstract logo, symbol, or icon is the most common form of symbol. This symbol can usually capture a number of core aspects of a brand. An abstract logo is a tool to express various concepts and feelings.

Some brands use it and succeed in attracting the attention of the audience. It is not even uncommon for a brand with an abstract symbol to eventually become popular. These abstract logos and icons can be patterns, shapes, or illustrations drawn to communicate the brand message in a non-literal way.

One example of an abstract logo that has caught the attention of many people is Tinder. As a dating app, the simple fire logo depicts its users passionately looking for a partner. This logo symbol is a way of building a brand that invites the audience to participate in using their interpretation to conclude the intent of your logo.

Some companies may not choose an abstract symbol because they prefer a simple and clear design, but that doesn't mean you can't use this symbol. However, the choice of symbols must match the identity of your company and the reputation you want to build.

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4. An Interactive Logo Symbol

The next option is interactive logo symbols. You can use logo symbols with static or dynamic shapes. The static form of symbols is certainly easier because you can use text and symbols that are laid out according to your wishes.

If you want to use a logo symbol with text or images only, it's better to pay attention to a few things.

Take a look at the symbols that you will use. Are they unique enough to stand out when used? Then, will your brand be famous when using those symbols? If you choose symbols and text, do they really work properly for your brand?

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5. An Emblem Logo

Logo emblems have a universal nature because they can be found in various industries, ranging from sports teams, universities, and national flags to the emblem of Starbucks coffee.

There are also several logo emblems that, by looking at them, you can immediately recognize the products, namely Harley Davidson, BMW, Warner Brothers, Superman's Shield, and Stella Artois.

Some brands choose emblems to give an attractive impression. In some cases, it works. Some emblems also use the family symbol as an icon.

You should know that symbols are different from emblems. A symbol is a character that is a concrete representation of an idea or object. While the symbol is a more abstract representation of an emblem, it is used to indicate affiliation. You can incorporate symbols into your logo design to convey a message.

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How to Pick A Symbol for Your Logo Design Creatively

A logo is a tool to tie your brand together and build a long-lasting friendship. A logo is an important identity that can distinguish you from competitors, making it easier to distinguish it from other brands.

A logo will help the company to represent the group identity as well as the goals of the staff. Apart from having a symbolic purpose, a logo also needs to have certain characteristics to be used in various contexts.

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That is why a logo should not be complicated and should be easy to apply to several elements. If you want to use a symbol for your logo, make sure to choose a unique one to differentiate it from other companies. You can use the following guidelines to choose your logo symbol:


1. Consider the central concept

Broadly speaking, a simple idea can build a better logo because it can be implemented well. You can see several examples, the most popular of which are the Apple or Microsoft Word symbols that have successfully stuck in public memory.

You should start by thinking about the core idea as best you can, especially about the personality of the brand you want to convey. Do you want to emphasize seriousness or a direct, no-nonsense approach?

Do you want to show your customers that you provide friendly and warm service? All of that must appear as an initial concept in building a logo.

As a product owner, what do you want to tell the public about your product? A product with a masculine character must choose a different symbol from a product with a feminine or child character. For example, you can choose a symbol in the form of a woman's face to give the impression of a feminine and elegant product. On the other hand, a symbol in the form of a sunset can also be your choice to describe a product that shows "It's time to take a break."

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2. Work with Industry

After you think about the idea or the main concept of the logo that you want to use, start thinking about how it relates to your industry. Make sure the character you choose is related to the industry you run. Here are some tips you can use:

Find symbols that can directly describe your industry. For example, a book icon for a publishing company or high heels for a shoe factory.

Once you've defined the symbol, you can begin to focus on the specific character by describing the final shape of the symbol. Think about the perfect color combination and keep interpreting your industry.

However, there are some logo symbols that do not have an icon to describe the industry directly. One example is the Nike logo, which has become a popular and timeless icon.

Sometimes the logo symbol does depict the history or story of the company owner to give a more emotional impression. It's about choosing the right symbol to get people to recognize your company.

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3. Remove Unnecessary Components

After determining the core idea and how you relate it to the industry, you have an idea of what the concept will look like. Now it's time to trim some parts. Use a pencil and paper to start illustrating.

You can determine how the shape of the letter corresponds to the symbol, including choosing the appropriate color combination.

When the image is finished, you will see what concepts need to be preserved and which parts should be removed. A logo won't look appealing if it's too complicated, so get rid of some unnecessary parts.

Getting rid of some unnecessary parts of your logo is one of the steps to creating an attractive logo. Remember, the audience prefers a logo design that is simple but with character instead of a logo that confuses them.

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4. Taking into Account the Logo Concept

You may have more than illustrations to develop a company logo symbol. Choose a concept that is easier to accept and remember. For example, you own a baby shop. You can use a cute baby illustration as an appropriate form of character depiction.

But what kind of baby image should you choose? Smiling or sleepy, baby? A smiling baby may be a perfect choice instead of a sleeping baby because a baby's smile can invite the audience to visit your shop. Consider this concept carefully so that you can know which symbol is the best to apply.

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What Makes A Successful Logo?

There are several important elements that you can pay attention to create a successful logo. The following are some elements that can build a successful logo:

1. Scalability

A good logo should be able to be applied in several places and still look good, whether on a cellphone screen or a large billboard. A logo should be simple and elegant, with every element of interest.

2. Originality

Next up is originality. A good logo has a good shape, concept, and pattern. The most important thing of all is the originality of a logo.

3. Uniqueness

A successful logo must also be unique and different from other companies. If this is your first time creating a logo, first observe how other companies choose their concepts and fonts. Then look for opportunities to do something different with your logo.

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4. Color

Color selection is one of the important steps in logo design. Color is a determinant that can give a deeper impression to your logo. Choose the right color and be able to perfect the logo symbol you choose, including some of the concepts.

You can also consider some contrasting colors to create a more vibrant logo. Then, check how your logo is printed as an important consideration.

5. Text

Text is also one of the keys to the success of a great logo. What letters or initials you choose will determine your success in a logo design. Logos that use text should consider using original and unique letterforms.

You can see one example of a unique text logo; it's the VW logo that can create optical illusions, like a large W or separate V and W shapes. This is a unique and brilliant idea that you can use as inspiration.

6. Flexibility

A logo must also be flexible enough to be applied anywhere. Not only does it look good on the screen, but it also looks attractive when placed on billboards, brochures, or some other place.

Just like a chameleon can adapt anywhere well, your logo must also be able to adapt by always looking good and understated.

It is better to choose several symbols before choosing one of them. You can observe how competitors use their logos to get the public's attention. Remember, just take this as an inspiration, not as something to be plagiarized.

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Final Words

Choosing a symbol is quite thrilling and scary. But you have to start choosing it now. After all, a logo is a symbol that will represent your brand well. Choose a continuous process; you can change it sometimes to be simpler.

Consider carefully what type of logo symbol is suitable for your company, then start selecting several candidates. You can consider a logo by asking a few things: Is the logo appropriate as a clear and unambiguous identity? Then, can people remember it easily?

Creating a logo is not that easy. A good logo will give a perfect and successful illustration result. Thus, be thoughtful.

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