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Article: Create A Cool Set of Poster Designs

Create A Cool Set of Poster Designs

Hey designer! In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create a cool set of poster designs. Posters can reach new buyers or promote your company's existence. This is one of the cool ways to get additional exposure for your company's brand. Poster designs are also very beneficial because you can put them in many different spots. This becomes a great way to increase the effectiveness of a business campaign. Here below are some steps to create a cool set of poster designs.


1. Consider A Interesting Copywrite

Before beginning to design, I start by searching for an interesting slogan that also speaks for the brand. Try to find effective words in order to deliver your message successfully or show your brand personality. Write some options in your notes, then ask your peers to help with your decision. Once decided, you can move to the next steps.

2. Use BleepBloop Font

Once you have the copywriting, try to apply it with an interesting font. In this case, I use BleepBloop for this tutorial. BleepBloop is a width-variable font that provides alternates characters in variable sizes. There are 5 different lengths provided for each character. With this interesting feature, you can experiment and play around to create cool and unique typography. BleepBloop font is available for download on the link below! 



3. Play Around With The Alternates Glyphs & Adjust The Kerning

Once you have the font, try to experiment with the alternates glyphs, in which you can extend each glyph differently at 5 variety levels of width. For example, in this tutorial, you can see a variety of letter extensions, creating a sleek movement and a more dynamic visual. Create some options, and use the best one that suits your preference. 


4. Set The Layout First

Once you have decided on the typography, the next thing to do is to set up the layout. I highly recommend using a layout that is familiar enough for the audience to read. The more it is readable to more effective your poster designs become. Make sure the text and typography are not all over the place, and it is easy to read even from a certain distance and speed.


5. Add Other Elements Into Your Poster

You should see lots of blank space by now with only typography is settled. Fill this blank space with any elements that suit your brand. Make sure these elements are consistent with the other posters, making it look like it's within the same set with similarities. Also, make sure that your typography still stands out and doesn't lose its readability.  


6. Add a Special Effect For Finishing

Once the design is all done, you could add more visual effects to make it more interesting for preview purposes. For example, in this tutorial, I use a glued paper effect, so the poster looks like it is mounted on the background, making it look more dynamic and realistic. There are many other special effects, but I do think this is the most suitable one for this poster set.


Final Words

Hopefully, through this tutorial, you can have a more interesting idea of how to create a cool set of poster designs. The steps are really simple but also crucial in order to create one that is proper. We hope you can enjoy this simple tutorial. Don't forget to leave us comments below! Happy designing, and cheers!

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