Create A Dynamic Ad Campaign

Hey designers! In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create a dynamic ad campaign that is impactful to your brand and audiences.

An ad campaign is very important for brands and businesses. It has been used for ages as a way to communicate a specific message to a wide audience. It is also costly to plan an ad campaign, which makes it very important for businesses to be able to create a successful one that could create positive results and influences. Here are some simple and effective steps to create a dynamic ad campaign:


1. Think About A Catchy Slogan

In order to create a successful ad campaign, you have to prepare a powerful slogan that describes a powerful meaning and is interesting enough to let people think and be influenced by your message. Try to come up with some options, write them down, and ask your peers or colleagues if this is effective enough for your ad campaign. Once you have chosen the best one, let's move on to the next step!


2. Use A Dynamic Font

Once you already have the preferred slogan, try to find a font that is powerful and bold enough to create a dynamic ad campaign. In this case, we use BleeBloop font, designed by BlackFontLab. This is a very interesting font to use. Not only is it super bold, powerful, and striking, it has a super fun alternate glyphs option. Each glyph's width is variable with 5 different widths extension, and you can extend the width without the need to stretch the word. It's adjustable, flexible, dynamic, and fun to use. You can download the font on the link below!



3. Play Around With The Alternate Glyphs

BleepBloop is a width-variable font, which means that each character's width is made to be adjustable at various width sizes. You can access these alternates easily in any Adobe or design software. Once you have downloaded the font and apply to your text, you can play around and choose different alternate characters. Experiment with these alternate widths, and create a visual that looks dynamic enough for your campaign.


4. Consider A Friendly Layout

Layout design is very important when creating an ad campaign. It influences the hierarchy for your audiences to read. The easier it is readable, the more effectively your message is conveyed. Especially when you are planning to put extra effects or uncommon design style into your artwork, your display layout should be friendly and familiar enough for your audience.


5. Use A Nice Image

Once the typography and layout are settled, the next step is to find a good supporting image that speaks to your message and brings out your brand's personality. In order to create a dynamic visual, choose an image that simple but bold enough to have an impact. Try to avoid images that have too many objects focuses. The less object and the more focused your image is, the better the result.


6 Consider An Extra Visual Effect

Once everything looks clear, balanced, and done, well, don't stop too early. You can always look for an extra visual effect or technique to make your work even more dynamic. For example, I look for some rainbow metallic effect and apply it to the typography, so it seems even more striking and fluid in a cool way. There are many techniques and effects out there, and you just have to look for more good references.


Final Words

Remember, being good is never be good enough. It has to be great, and it has to have something that at least makes your work different from the rest. In order to create a dynamic ad campaign, you have to take some risk, be experimental, and don't be afraid to invest in good digital assets. 

Hopefully, you can enjoy this simple tutorial and apply the same tricks to your work! Don't forget to leave some comments down below and tell us what you think. Have a great day, and cheers!


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