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Article: Create A Stunning Packaging Design

Create A Stunning Packaging Design


Hi designers! In this tutorial, I'm going to show how to create a stunning packaging design that stands out from the crowd. Design is a critical factor in packaging design. A high-quality package design can attract potential buyers and set the product apart from its competition. Not only does it represent the quality of the product, but it should also suggest a clear personality of the brand. Here below are some easy steps on how you can create a fantastic packaging design:


1. Create The Template

Before you can start on the surface design, you have to think about the shape of the packaging; start by creating a suitable template that can support your product. You can also find many packaging templates at any online resource. However, keep in mind that you have to consider not only the beauty of the shape but also the functionality and practicality. You can test the template to see if it works and is suitable for your product.


2. Layout The Writing Content

After the template is decided, it's time for you to layout all the writing content. Writing content should be the top priority in packaging design. It has to be clear and highly readable, so all the information provided is easy to digest. The layout shouldn't be too complicated, as we want potential buyers to view all information as easily as possible. 



3. Use A Dynamic Type Of Font

Once all the writing content and layout are all set, it's time for you to choose a typeface that is dynamic enough to make your packaging look outstanding. In this tutorial, I'm using Bleep Bloop font for the typography design, including big headlines and small content. This font is so amazing to use. It provides dynamic alternate glyphs with a variety of width options. It also comes in different thicknesses, making it so adaptable for various design purposes. You can download Bleep Bloop font here on the link below!



4. Experiment With The Alternate Characters

Once you have got the Bleep Bloop font, you can play around with its alternates. Try to experiment with different options and look at which outcome do you prefer the best. The alternate glyphs help improve the typography's intensity, which looks like a motion, making it more dynamic than normal font. Other than that, don't forget to adjust the kerning.


5. Add Supporting Elements

After you are finished with the typography and layout, start adding more elements to your design. You can use illustrations or images that represent the best of your product. In this tutorial, I'm using an illustration instead. I'm also using a color that is striking against a white background, so the whole visual looks more fantastic. 


Final Words

Creating a stunning packaging design is not hard at all! By checking and following these 5 simple steps, I believe you can also create a better version. Remember, a good recipe needs good material. You have to utilize good fonts, images, illustrations, and other materials to create a fantastic design, especially for packaging. So we hope this simple tutorial can inspire you better. Also, don't forget to leave some comments in the section below. Happy designing, and cheers!

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