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Article: Create A Fantastic Set Of Social Media Designs

Create A Fantastic Set Of Social Media Designs

Hi designers! In this tutorial, I'm going to show how to create a fantastic social media campaign design. High-quality graphic design for social media provides helpful recognition towards the brand, and it also connects your target audience with your products or services. Getting good visuals on social media campaigns can increase brand awareness and, most importantly, grow your engagement. Here are some simple but effective steps to create a successful social media campaign design:


1. Prepare A Fantastic Font

Do you have a font that is fantastic enough to decorate your campaign? In this tutorial, I'm using one of the most stunning fonts, Bleep Bloop, designed by BlackFontLab. It is truly a dynamic font that can provide a powerful visual for your social media campaign. It has a thick silhouette with a variety of alternate widths, and it has a great potential for typography experiments. As a width-variable font, it provides 5 different variants of widths for each of its alphabetical glyphs. You can download Bleep Bloop here at the link below!



2. Experiment With Typography

Once you have the Bleep Bloop font, you play around with the alternate glyphs, such as this example below. You can choose which character you'd like to extend as it transforms your design to look even more dynamic. This font portrays such fantastic movement that it provides you with a stunning visual. Play around and create a few options. Once you have decided the best for your design, let's move to the next step!


3. Crop Good Images

Find a good image with a well-focused object. For example, in this tutorial, I'm using some athlete images. I crop the shape out and leave the whole background and only the human remains. Prepare a lot of cropped images so you have a lot of image stocks you can use later on for your social media campaign. These cropped images will be very useful once implemented in the design. You can adjust the placement, and it'll be flexible to use it together with other graphics.


4. Put The Object On Top Or Below The Text

Once you have all the prepared ingredients, you only need to play around with the elements. I personally love this trick where the images are either be put on top or below the text. Such a simple trick could give more dynamic to the visual. But be careful. You always have to consider that the main focus elements, such as the text or headline, have to be readable and not be entirely blocked by the image placement.


5. Just Play Around And Create Various Samples

Once you get the vibe of the design, feel free to create more examples because social media campaign does not only depend on 1 post. You have to continue to create the continuous feed to rank a higher engagement for your audience. Remember to be bold in your design and keep consistent in style.


Final Words

Creating a social media campaign can be challenging at times. However, by following these easy steps, I believe you can create a better version for your projects and engage better with your audiences. If you had good digital resources, I believe you could also produce an even better result. So keep enjoying creating designs and pushing forward. We really hope you can enjoy and get inspired by this tutorial. Don't forget to leave us some comments in the section below. Happy designing and cheers!

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