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Article: 30 Top Wine Bottle Mockup Options For Elegant Visual

30 Top Wine Bottle Mockup Options For Elegant Visual

In order to present a luxurious-looking wine bottle,
we have curated the most sophisticated mockups for you to choose and apply. Check these out!
Created by Pmvch |

Most of the time, design and branding come as a part of behind-the-scenes production. I made it discreet and isolated. In the process, they use digital media to create the design and then use a mockup to present the result. It is one of the solutions to cut the cost and avoid the risk of expensive mistakes. It works for almost every product and brand, including wine. 

So what makes a good mockup? There are a lot of considerations that you need to jot down. As you make a wine bottle mockup, you will need to know the product. Understanding the product helps understand the message, brand identity, audience, and medium. With all of the elements jotted down and chosen correctly, then the sample will stand out. 

When it comes to creating a right and targeted model, some of the digital aspects and design also need to be considered. Such as the use of resolution, color consideration, content, and how to make it representative. Here are some ideas to help you picture some of the best wine bottle mockups.  


1. Wine Packaging Mockups

If you are working with high-end branding, a classic minimalism mockup might help you get the real product identity. You can take a look at this design that uses very clear jug photography from many angles. 

The lack of background design and the way it provides arrangement and close-up toward the package design. It also has 15 PSD scenes with three different wine bottles design color of white, red, and rose. 

Created by Graphic Burger |


2. Wine Bottle Mockup

This is another high-end photorealistic model that you can use for branding design. The good point came from the ranges of shapes and package models. It also has a wide variety of colors, which makes it usable for many brand identities or classes.

Another plus of this design comes from the smart object that has texture, a changeable flask, and liquid color. It helps users choose a suitable impression for the wine brand. 

Created by HexenDesigns |


3. Champagne Bottle Mockup

A mockup that is well versed for luxurious champagne brands will be perfect to work with the high-end or famous winery. In this design, you can tell that it focuses on champagne bottle design and packaging. 

What makes it good is it includes four scenes with transparency settings, textures, and cap sleeves smart objects. It also offers color change, different backgrounds, arrangements, and easy to use design area, making it a perfect choice for high-end products. 

Created by HexenDesigns |


4.Wine Bottle Mockup

Mocku takes a dark background as the way to set the mood. In this case, the chick and classy background fit perfectly with the dark-colored photorealistic bottle. It also has a pretty big smart object layout that allows designers to create unique branding or packaging design. 

One thing that makes this model stand out is the addition of cardboard box media. If you want to box packaging design for the jug, this is the perfect model to try.  

Created by Mocku |


5. Wine Bottle Mockup 12 Psd

If the wine industry targets a more modern and younger audience, you can choose this kind of sample with a bright, vibrant color scheme. The use of an orangey background with some bubble effect makes it easier to attract younger people. 

It also comes with a dynamic arrangement that sets the photorealistic bottle approachable. You can also use this fun touch to express a light kind of wine. But it also has a changeable color and background for vast usability.  

Created by GraphicWave |


6. White Wine Bottles Mockup

If you are looking for a more editable or customizable sample, you should take a look at this design. The project provides you a smart object label layer that can create a clean and easy layer setup. It includes the whole surface of the bottle, from the body to the cap.

With those abilities, designers can make a lot of designs. It also allows color changes, highlights later, and shadow layer. Thus, you can create a very realistic wine or alcohol flask presentation. 

Created by Smarty Mockups |


7. Gallon Growler Mockup

For a more rustic wine bottle aesthetic, the mockup by Palm Street Creative is the best choice. The unique-looking black old-styled flask makes it a perfect representation of vintage winery branding. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't have ranges of arrangement or positioning, making it look very simple. But the exclusive wine bottle itself makes it pretty easy to recognize, especially for the current rising trend of the vintage industry. 

Created by Palm Street Creative |


8. Bottle Mockup

If you are looking for more aesthetic product branding photography, you can take a look at this project. The whole appearance looks regal with its velvety cloth background and layer. Thus, creating a more luxurious appearance for the wine business. 

It also plays around with color, size, and shapes. Thus, designers can get creative with the ranges of the display. The whole pack is filled with around 14 PSD and 7 types of bottles to use. 

Created by GK Creative |


9. Rose Wine Bottle Mockup

Smarty once again brings out a more special and unique display. In this case, the design includes a unique-looking shape that goes well with a rose wine bottle. Just like other designs, Smarty Mockups uses cropped realistic photos that help bring a more realistic touch. 

The plus point for Smarty Mockups is how it provides white & metallic label layers. It also offers whole surface edit, which allows designers to get creative with every design aspect. 

Created by Smarty Mockups |


10. Wine Bottle Mockup

After the rose color, Smarty Mockups also provides a regal black and gold-themed bottle. It is a perfect selection for a more high-end winery product, especially with its golden cap. The color choice and its simple shape itself state the brand identity and class. 

A good thing about Smarty mockups is the ability to have separate smart objects, highlights, and shadow layers. Thus, it helps designers create a very realistic design presentation. 

Created by Smarty Mockups |


11. Wine Mockup Cold Version

To represent the ready-to-drink and fresh beverage, you can use this cold wine bottle mockup by Pmvch. The addition of water drip and cold design makes a very different look to the whole design presentation. It is also a perfect depiction of the target and brand identity. 

To complete the whole look, it also has two wine glasses designs. There are also more than five bottle variants. You can also use it for banners, adverts, or anything with its easy-to-use feature.  

Created by Pmvch |


12. Amber Glass Champagne Mockup

Are you looking for a more non-mainstream champagne bottle shape? Take a look at this champagne Cuvee design that looks luxurious and classic. It comes in many different color options, including dark, amber, and green. You can also alter the color in photoshop. 

The design also comes in ranges of arrangement and angles. Thus, you can create an even more dynamic-looking presentation. It also has separate object features, so you can get creative with the design. 

Created by Pmvch |


13. Matte Glass Wine Bottle Mockup

Green Art offers not only the bottle design but also the packaging. The model has a very high resolution with smart object features. You can change a lot of aspects and add your design in many locations, including the neck, cap, and body. 

With the range of possibilities, you can suit the design with the brand identity by using a minimalistic and high-end design for luxurious branding. Or use fun color and design for a more casual touch. 

Created by Green Art |


14. Wine mockup Kit 2.0

The uses of reflective glass bottle design make this model look perfect for a more light-wine product. At the same time, it also includes a wide range of colors which make it more like a casual product for youngsters. 

You can use this idea for more fun and modern kit presentation. It comes with a large area for your edit. It even comes with other elements such as background, glass, and angles.

Created by Pmvch |


15. Wine Bottle Mockup on Corks

Vatesdesign model is a great depiction of high-end and luxurious products. The use of cork as its background makes a very casual yet classy appearance. One thing that makes this model look and works best is how the corks turn into editable areas. 

The red wine decanter design is pretty much a stylist take design presentation. It also has a high-resolution picture, cork, and label design sample. It is best for dark label design.   

Created by Vatesdesign |


16. Wine bottle Mockup Set

When one bottle design or shape is not enough, then take a look at the Poster Lobster project. It has eight real studio photos of jugs in different shapes, colors, and models. Thus, you can play around with your design and model. 

It also comes with a lot of smart objects to edit. You can edit the small label on the neck, label design, and get some other elements to make a realistic picture. 

Created by Poster Lobster |


17. Wine Bottle Mockup Template

When looking for a good mockup, you also need to consider the easy-to-use aspect. In this case, Eigthonesix creates a high-resolution picture with a lot of editable objects. It includes smart objects and background. All of them are well grouped and named. 

With all of the features, you can easily insert and make a perfect model. Unfortunately, it only comes from one angle. It is limited, but it helps emphasize the label design. 

Created by Eightonesix |


18. Mini Champagne Bottle Mockup Bundle

Wine bottles can also look cute and approachable. You can tell it by looking at this model that uses a mini champagne flask as the main media. The use of other elements such as ribbon adds an extra touch to the whole image. 

It comes with four JPEG images, which is enough for a simple design presentation. It also provides four easy-to-use smart objects that help you accentuate the label design and log.  

Created by BLDGtheBoutique |


19. Tequila Bottle Mockup

Tequila flask always has a different kick in its appearance. The distinctive shape and appearance make it pretty recognizable. If you are working for a high-end wine company that is looking for fun and unique packaging, take a look at this model. 

The model comes with a range of editable smart objects and areas. You can add labels in the neck, in the body, or by changing the liquid or background color. 

Created by Palm Street Creative |


20. Beverage Frosted Bottle Mockup

Minimalistic with a lot of transparent areas is the main point of this design. The use of tiny tequila flasks makes the label design take almost the whole-body area. This kind of design can work the best when playing with transparency or opacity. 

It gives you the chance to do so. You can edit the smart object, change the liquid color, and use the high-definition wine bottle photos for more dynamical arrangement. 

Created by Graxaim Mockup |


21. Champaign Mockups

Add water drop and frost to your bottle, and you will create a different look to the whole image. In this case, Pmvch created the ice version for the dark-colored wine or champagne flagon. It also comes with glasses to complete the whole picture. 

The model itself gives you four premade scenes that include adjustable elements. It includes a bottle, shadow, background, etc. You can separate each layer and create more energetic and realistic expressions.  

Created by Pmvch |


22. Wine Bottle Mockup Scene

When you are looking for a more realistic representation of the wine product in real life, this is one of the best options to use. The whole model uses realistic tabletop scenery to make a realistic touch. Unfortunately, it only has one image.  

Even so, you can change a lot of aspects. You can add labels and change the wine color. It even helps you set the mood through color filters such as retro, warm, or cold.  

Created by AY Mock-Ups |


23. Wine Mockups

The Bordeaux bottle still takes a lot of wine industry packaging design. In this case, you can use a textured mockup to boost your label or design representation. The uses of texture make every packaging look unique. It also gives you some glasses to complete the look.

What makes this model good is the use of simplistic graphics. It makes users insert, edit, and change objects easily. It is also easier to blend and match the background. 

Created by Pmvch |


24. Logo Mockup Wine Bottle

Angled dark-colored bottle high-resolution photos always work the best for wine industry branding. In this case of the mockup, you can take advantage by using the simplistic design yet detailed project. It has three different effect styles that you can use. 

They are flat textured gold and silver, embossed, and debossed. It also has 4 different perspectives, with customizable light, blur, and background. It works for every label design, especially for the dark label. 

Created by Asylab |


25. Liquor Store Mockup Bundle

When the product is varying and has more than one definite identity, this colorful model might help you gain the correct information. The main idea of creating the label and packaging design is to help deliver the message. 

Thus, this colorful reflective bottled design, liquid, and glasses make it a perfect detail for liquor stores. You can include a lot of labels or branding, rearrange the model, and make a recognizable advertisement.  

Created by Pmvch |


26. Wine Bottles with Bag Mockup

Creating a whole or complete design showcase for your project might help you win the design presentation. Pmvch gives you this possibility by providing a complete mockup of the bottle and packaging. The model itself includes ranges of flask shapes and its carrier. 

It also brings a more realistic output with high-resolution pictures and details. You can do a lot of things, including change the background, color overlay, layers to label. It works well with both dark or light colors.  

Created by Pmvch |


27. Scotch Whiskey Bottle Mockup

The tiny scotch whiskey flask can be a little bit tricky to design and play with. It is especially true with the small body area to add your label design. However, this model helps you create a high-end and clear showcase by giving a close-up display.

It even comes with a lot of possibilities. You can change the liquid or the bottle color. It also has metallic or foil texture and also works with any label shapes. 

Created by HexenDesigns |


28. Burgundy Wine Bottle Mockup

Dark studio, with its dark aesthetic, makes a very distinctive impression. You can see it as a prestigious, professional, or formal-looking appearance. With that impact, it works perfectly for high-end wine products. 

If you are working for them, you can showcase your label design with this mockup. It comes with tons of pluses, such as high resolution, photorealistic, editable layer, and changeable label and cap design. The simplistic touch and lack of ornament will highlight the product. 

Created by Professorinc |


29. White Wine Mockup

Since every wine exudes a different taste and price, make sure you got the correct product appearance to showcase. In this model, you will work with a white bottle which mostly works with a lighter taste. At the same time, the color also helps accentuate the product and label design. 

What makes this model good? You got a lot of surfaces to play around with. The whole bottle is your canvas. It also includes the neck and cap design.  

Created by Smarty Mockups |


30. PACK&FOOD Creator - Top View

If you are looking for a more realistic intake and design, you should check out the premade science by Creatoom. The extensive mockup includes tons of pack and food items, but it also introduces some wine bottle designs with an aesthetic background.

It also uses a lot of useful and easy-to-use features, such as named layers, shadow, color mask, and full customization option. You can play around with 780+ items and 20 scenes to awe your clients. 

Created by Creatoom |



Creating a perfect mockup needs a lot of consideration. You have to make sure every aspect and part works together to make the branding design appear and clear. In the case of the winery work field, choosing the bottle package means everything. Each photo, color, background, and arrangement can change how certain branding impresses and looks. At the same time, designers also need to consider the product's identity, detail, target, and many more to create an effective mockup. 

What do you think of these beautiful mockups? Let us know your thoughts by writing them down in the comment section below. Lastly, we hope you can enjoy these beautiful mockups!

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