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Article: 30 Stylish Tote Bag Mockups for Fantastic Looks

30 Stylish Tote Bag Mockups for Fantastic Looks

Hey designers, check these stylish tote bag mockups!
All these graphic assets are specially curated for fantastic design presentations and looks!
Created by Creatsy5 |

A new trend of casual outfit and accessories are on the rise. One of the must-have items people need to consider is a tote bag. This particular bag with ranges of design, model, print, color, and print make a good addition for stylish day-by-day fashion. But the casual all-purpose sack also gained popularity due to its usage and design viability. 

You can tell by how many product packaging and company-related products come with it. Some of the apparel brands or simply f&B companies use the tote as a walking billboard. They accentuate their branding strategy from aesthetic pattern, design, print, typography, or logo. Thus, creating more variables for stylish branding projects. 

If you are working as a designer or company marketer, take a look at some of these examples. They are meant to be used as a mockup that helps visualize the branding design in the bag. From different design styles, materials use, and branding strategies, here are some stylish mockups that you need to look at.    


1. Tote Bag Mockup Set

A stylish over simple portrayal makes this mockup work as the best branding model. The model comes with color and design changes, including the body, straps, and background. All of the parts come in separate layers.

Even more, you got the prearranged scene with a small flower bouquet in it. Thus, creating a purer and casual-looking appeal. It is a perfect bag model for light, stylish, minimalist, and casual branding styles.

Created by Creatsy |


2. Tote Bag Mockup

A model that comes with a person holding the object can accentuate the real usage of the media. In this case, the mockup by Eezo makes good use of positioning and high-res pictures.  

What makes this stylish model work the best is its high-quality digital photo and interchangeable strap or background color. You can fit the background with the company identity. Meanwhile, the clear picture allows you to add the design easily. 

Created by Eezo |


3. Tote Bag Mockup Lifestyle

As the container gets more popular, you can use ranges of photoshoots and angles to display different usages. To do that, take a look at this stylish mockup. The model comes with 17 PSD smart objects with varying poses, positions, environments, and styles. 

You can get creative and use different images to accentuate diverse impressions. It also allows users to change the color. Thus, it works for many usages or companies, including coffee shops or stylish apparel.  

Created by Dikarte Media |


4. Tote Bag Mockup

If you want to add a more realistic and detailed picture, take a look at this mockup. The cotton bag stands as a model display. But what makes it look cool is the detailed crumpled appearance. It is a photo with a high-resolution image, thus a perfect selection for stylish models.  

The front-facing white area makes it pretty easy to edit. You can add your simplistic logo design, some unique quote, or create a natural bag with stylish black ink. 

Created by Eezo |


5. Tote Bag Mockup Pack

If you are working with male-related goods or looking for a more masculine representation, make sure you got the BlackRancho sample. The model comes with a total of 15 PSD stylish photos that are easy to use. 

It has a different location, environment, position, and pose. You can change most of the body and place your design. If you want to, it also works for male apparel, stylish grooming products, or shop branding. 

Created by BlackRancho |


6. Man with White Tote Bag

The casual and minimalistic touch in this stylish mockup makes it a great addition to a design presentation. You got a man holding or bringing the bag over his shoulder. The uses of palette themes (the man's attire) make it very easy to adopt in varying backgrounds or models. 

You can change the background, adding a shadow, or make a visual statement. The front-facing and high res images also help to create a more realistic take for the stylish branding. 

Created by Eezo |


7. Black Tote Bag

If you are looking for a light design over black material, this is what you need. Eezo gives you a solid black tote with a clear background. You cannot change the background since it is a template design. 

What makes it a good mockup is its simplicity and straightforward approach. You got nothing that diverts people's attention. Thus, you got the chance to highlight the stylish design in the area. 

Created by Eezo |


8. Non-Woven Tote Bag

Nothing more stylish yet professional than a clean picture of 3D non-woven material. The standing model makes a clear depiction of the product and design presentation. The whole image pack comes with varying color selection and four different angles or photo positions. 

If you are working for an official company, high-end product, or formal institute, you can use this carrier mockup. It even comes with a lot of information, including the size, the changeable color, background, and instruction.  

Created by Creatsy5 |


9. Shopper Tote Bag Set

When it comes to shopping, a fun, light, stylish, and bright design might help you to accentuate some message on the surface. This model brings you a more than enough depiction of sublimation and print design over the bag.

You got eight design or photograph models that help you show all of the sides. The front, the back, and the hangers are separated plus editable. You can drag and drop the images to make a stylish design. 

Created by Mocca2Go |


10. Canvas Tote Bag Set

The stylish canvas bag is on the rise due to its rigid yet versatile material. In this mockup, you can make a more realistic picture of your design representation. You got four views with some premade scenes that consist of some items inside or outside. 

You can change a lot of things, including background, elements, and design parts. It is perfect for company branding with a logo or distinctive design illustration. 

Created by Mocca2Go |


11. Tote Bag

Another casual yet very organic mockup with a person using it is here. The model is now accompanied by a template picture of a woman hanging a big stylish packet on her shoulder. It helps create a real visual upon your design.

What makes it worth the attention is its simplistic, stylish white material and light background. It makes the designing or applying process easier. At the same time, it is perfect for light illustration or branding.  

Created by Eezo |


12. Tote Bag Mockup

Are you looking for a more realistic intake? You can consider this model. The mockup uses 3d warping techniques that help create a more stylish, realistic, and visually appealing model. The sample itself comes with ranges of views, models, and premade scenes. 

You can change everything from the body, background, the straps to the model's clothing. It does have a white design area, which helps the designing process easier. It works for every kind of design, such as a light or dark project.  

Created by WebAndCat |


13. Slim Wide Fabric Tote Bag

If you are looking for a bigger pocket, you can use the GfxFoundry. The model comes with a wider stylish tote model that fits apparel or product-related branding. The design presentation itself uses a lot of manageable layers and changeable object colors. 

It helps the customization process for the whole design. You can consider this kind of item to make a simple design, logotype, or stylish branding identity strategy.   

Created by GfxFoundry |


14. Canvas Bag Mockup

To make a more stylish, casual, and modern impression, you can use this mockup. The model has eight different premade pictures. All of them use natural green environments that help represent younger audiences.  

It is a great mockup that brings out a lot of fun views of the items. Even better, the model allows designers to change the bag, the t-shirt color and adding effect. It works for fun, casual design, or branding. 

Created by Bublfish Design |


15. Man with Black Tote Bag

Black-colored stylish mockups help create a more stand-out design. In this case, the model brings the sack over his shoulder, creating a casual and modern impression. The black canvas material makes a very clear area for editing. 

You can add a product or company logo. Apply some fun and vibrant typography inking, or use it as branding media. It is a premade picture, which only allows the designer to change the design. 

Created by Eezo |


16. Canvas Tote Bag Pack

For a stylish outing on a bright beach area-themed design, make sure you take a look at this mockup. There are 10 unique views that circle the beach areas and scenes with women models as a representation. 

Some of the changeable aspects include the handle, bottom, and full bag design. It uses easy-to-use smart objects with high-quality photos. With that impression, it is a perfect mockup for simple, minimalist, stylish, and casual displays.  

Created by Bulbfish Design |


17. 2 Tone Tote Bag Mockup

Two-tone replicas make a perfect selection for a bigger packaging design. The mockup itself comes with two color tones, which match the pastel-colored scheme. It uses smart objects that help users add a design. 

The big case itself makes it a great option for apparel or food product branding. You can use the soft color to fit feminine products or make it a stylish grocery bag. 

Created by Ariodsgn |


18. Man with Black Tote Bag

If you are looking for a more masculine representation, try to accentuate the market with the mockup. In this case, the man model and the bag color help to set the target. It is a perfect option for male products, accessories, or item branding. 

At the same time, it also works for casual and stylish young adult themes. You can add branding design or some motivating quotes with fancy lettering on top of the black material.  

Created by Eezo |


19. Canvas Tote Bags Mockups Set

One way to tell the length of the handle is by using clear hanging pictures. In this case, the sample brings up some hangers to create a fun yet stylish replica. What makes it great is that the model comes with a range of hangers. 

You can also choose the handle length. It still shows some clear media for the design. Thus, you have some options to add many kinds of design, including logo, illustration, or some stylish-fine quotes. 

Created by Mocca2Go |


20. Woman Carrying Tote Bag

A picture of someone carrying the bag can help emphasize the target audience or market. In this case, the picture of a woman carrying the carrier makes it an ideal advertisement or stylish design presentation for a related product. Apparel, F&B, or cosmetic can take this mockup for their branding. 

The model itself is pretty simple, with a very clear design area and background. You can change the design with a smart object feature. 

Created by WanderlustLens |


21. Man with White Tote Bag

This mockup creates a great sense of casual stylish man model. The man with the white handbag helped tell the target market as well as making a good highlight in the whole picture. It's pretty straightforward. 

In this mockup, you got the chance to change the design and color. You can also edit the background to fit the theme or direction. Since it is in white, it works best for a stylish light design. 

Created by Eezo |


22. Urban Mockup of Tote Bag

A cotton tote carried by a woman facing up to the wall makes the editable area very clear and precise. In this mockup, once again, the whole picture helps represent the target audience and styling. 

It means for the stylish generation of people. At the same time, it creates a sense of urban and casual impression. You can use it for stripling products or aesthetic illustration, such as typography, quotes, or branding. 

Created by Eezo |


23. Tote Bag Mockup Set

This replica looks very casual, stylish, and simple, but at the same time, exudes a regal and expensive impression. Creatsy5 makes varying poses and views for the pictures, from carried, backed with aesthetic background, or elements. 

The natural crumpling also accentuates the material and realism touch. All of the aspects work for lighter design but also editable for darker models. Some elements such as pants and interior are also changeable.

Created by Creatsy5 |


24. Matte PVC Reusable Tote Bag

If you are looking for a different style bag that fits an official or formal product, you can check this mockup. The tote used is a stylish Matte PVC reusable model, which has a triangular standing shape with a thick handle. 

Creatsy5 also uses realistic 3d warping that allows the user to create a thorough change, from its body, crevice to the handle. It also comes with varying views and colors, thus making it versatile in many ways.  

Created by Creatsy5 |


25. Tote Bag Mockup Set

This mockup series by Creatsy5 gives you a lot more flexible, stylish, and dynamic pictures. You can find some of the models come with unique backgrounds, settings, uses, and elements. Thus, creating a fun presentation for your design. 

The set also comes with a black and white tote design. You can create a lot of stylish designs based on the project direction, product identity, or target market. It uses 3D wrapping, which accentuates every detail in its crumples.  

Created by Creatsy5 |


26. Realistic Totebag Mockup

A realistic product presentation with bulging texture makes this mockup look even more realistic and stylish. It also helps the designer visualize how their design looks after the container filled with stuff. The replica itself has a high-resolution picture to boost your creativity.

It uses smart object layer features that ease the applying picture process. You can change almost every part of it, including the design, background, straps, etc. Unfortunately, it only has one front-facing view without any other stylish element. 

Created by Uncentrifuged Pressure |


27. Eco Shopper Bag

Made for a square canvas tote bag meant for shopping, the design uses a very wide body and mouth for better access. It is very common for shopping pouches, which also work as a stylish modern handbag. 

In this mockup, you got some benefits, including changing the smart object layers, the color, gradient, and design. It has an incredibly detailed quality, which makes your design appear with a stylish canvas texture. 

Created by Mocca2Go |


28. Tote Bag Mockup

If you are looking for a stylish mockup template that works for everything, take a look at this model. Designertale creates some base templates for the tote design. It includes two kinds of bags, changeable color, design, and fabric texture. 

Both of them come as a white or light grey color, which helps designers apply every kind of design. You can use it for basic simple casual print or dark and stylish patterning. 

Created by Designertale |


29. Tote Bag Mockup Set

For a more aesthetically pleasing picture or modern-looking mockup, Creatsy5 makes another fun set. The set compiles some fun views or usages, such as laundry, carried by man, by women, with some elements, or front-facing picture. 

It helps tell the usage of the Tote itself. If you are going to make one for a dry cleaning company, choose the one with a laundromat scene. It also works for stylish daily or shopping pockets. 

Created by Creatsy5 |


30. Tote Bag Mockup Set

Are you looking for a mockup that works for a stylish shopping bag? This one will work well. The set comes with eight template files consisting of different views, models, or sets. Some of it also has elements such as veggies and a woman carrying it. 

It has a pretty large area to add to the design. You can use it for light or dark design. It even allows users to change every part, including the handle, the body, and the color. 

Created by Freeman Studio |



A stylish tote comes with a lot of possibilities. The Tote itself has varying colors, shapes, sizes, and models, which make your mockup options almost endless. However, consider the design direction, function, and target branding. You can choose a mockup with a person holding it, a direct display, or one with elements to make the scene complete. All in all, be creative, choose a mockup carefully, and enjoy the process!

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