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Article: 30 Presentable Corporate Stationery Mockup Resources

30 Presentable Corporate Stationery Mockup Resources

Having corporate stationary mockups like these are crucial for your collections.
These are used to showcase and make your works look more stunning.
Created by Stationary Branding |

One of the essential keys in doing business is branding. However small or big your company may be, branding will eventually elevate your brand awareness. Some of the ways to do it are through logo or branding on the product and items. This is where designers take the lead over corporate stationery mockups.

But then, what is a mockup? Also known as a full-size model of a design, they meant to showcase a corporate branding plan from many possible points of view. In this case, the brand identity package comes in the form of a whole assortment. It can contain some items, such as a letter, business card, USB, or envelope with your logo design on it.

The idea of the mockup itself is to provide a different kind of point of view and insight for the design. It can be an ideal way for designers to provide ranges of design interpretation and possibilities, which include the uses of the corporate logo or detail in many media. For designers, this action helps them tell the details and gain feedback from the clients.


Corporate Stationary Mockups

1. Black Branding

If you work with sophisticated, luxurious corporate objects, this mockup design will accentuate and bring out the aesthetic. The project accentuates the deluxe sense by using a sleek dark tone for its background and items.

It is a great example and also a layout that brings a focal point on top of its unique color palette. It also has realistic texture, smart objects, movable items, and high resolution. Thus, a perfect solution for designers to show off their work.

Created by h3design |


2. Branding & Identity

When faced with a more bright and friendly branding, this corporate stationery mockup is a perfect example. Sdancer uses a light blue color that fits well with the white, motionless items, including magazines, books, id cards, pens, mugs, and laptops.

Each of the items is separated into layers and movable. You can use this idea to bring up their logo design or corporate brand distinctiveness. It also uses photorealistic images that help visualize corporate identity.

Created by sdancer |


3. Stationery & Branding

Pastel-colored items are starting to gain more popularity these days, just like this branding mockup that uses the soft dusty pink, white, and grey color palette. The soft aesthetic will work the best for feminine corporate stationery.

It also implements a minimalistic style for its overall looks, creating a clean and fresh visualization. What makes this idea stand out is how it provides varieties of edits and details. It uses smart objects, including paper, envelopes, business cards, iPad, etc.

Created by Stationary & Branding |


4. Stationery Set

This mockup set comes with several smart objects that help you save time in editing. You can upload the logo design, jargon, or pattern to visualize your design in the real world. Some of the corporate stationery items include ID cards or business cards, papers, and also pens.

One thing that makes this mockup interesting is the smart color picks. The use of light-colored items (white) helps accentuate the branding aspect. It also comes with other color options.

Created by Stationary Set |


5. Art & Branding Scene generator

This corporate stationery mockup is a whole package with a range of items to use. The selling point of this project is the 382 isolated items, which enhance your freedom in showcasing your work.

It also comes with some categories that will be a perfect help in creating an attractive yet leading mockup. You can carry your logo design on the packaging images, wrapping, paper, etc. You are free to create your layout or use the premade scenes.

Created by h3design |


6. Corporate Stationery Wood & Leather

To showcase an aesthetic mockup design, you can take a look at this project. The template comes with wood and leather features that bring up a more natural and authentic branding. The corporate stationery used was limited to paper, envelopes, and business cards.

Unfortunately, the project was a stock image with a watermark on it. It can disrupt your corporate mockup presentation. But at the same time, the limited over-the-desk photo makes a more realistic touch.

Created by Mockette |


7. Branding / Identity

For you who have a variety of designs and details, this stationery mockup can provide a lot of options. It has 8 high-quality pictures, high-resolution images, smart objects, and also background change options.

It includes items such as pencils, rulers, sharpeners, clips, USB flash drives, business cards, envelopes, letterhead, and many more. The photorealistic images also help visualize your designs, such as logo, color palette, interface models, or relevant mockup details.

Created by Mint Pixels |


8. Stationery Branding

This corporate stationery mockup bundle makes a perfectly modern and minimalistic example. The use of grayscale background an item creates a sophisticated visual interest. At the same time, it still clears and provides a series of interchangeable options.

For new designers or those that work with high-end modern companies, this corporate branding will signify every detail, and all due to some elements, such as envelope, notebook, letterhead A4, laptop screen, etc. All in all, the whole assortment looks realistic and clean.

Created by Designrepos |


9. Black Branding

The black theme in this mockup design can fit with a variety of companies. The items themselves range from packaging, advertisement, paper to decorative items. You can play around with the premade arrangement or make a new one.

All of the items and pictures used have high resolutions. It brings out a lot of customizable options. It also offers a lot of design surfaces through its smart object. You can add corporate logos, details, branding detail, or layout.

Created by h3design |


10. Branding Identity

This mockup offers more photorealistic pictures. The corporate stationery mockup gives you a lot of customizable access. It provides ranges of smart objects, items, and surfaces. You can also arrange the mockup as you want, with different angles and points of view.

It uses a more subtle modern color with a bright tone as the highlight. Some corporate items that you can use include letterhead, papers, envelopes, cards, tablets, badges, CDs, and other templates. All of them are movable and editable.

Created by Vitaly Mock-ups & Logos |


11. Florance Stationery

Underline the easy-to-use essence; the mockup compiles some high-quality pictures as your design surface. You can use some items, including papers, pens, cards, envelopes, and other items. It also comes in layers that allow you to make a perfect arrangement.

As a designer, you will find the design provides a variety of help. It has very subtle color tones to visualize the logo or corporate branding. It is also available for some editing software, such as Illustrator or Photoshop.

Created by Vunira Template |


12. Mockup Stationery Branding Identity

A stationery mockup with a vector picture illustration can also turn into an attractive piece. In this case, Ridwanfill proves the idea by providing a series of stationery items. It includes envelopes, business cards, clips, books binding, phones, pen or pencil.

This kind of corporate stationery picture also helps accentuate the design and works. It brings out a cleaner easy to use surface. Thus, your logo, pattern, color palette, or other details will stand out and be the focal point.

Created by Ridwanfill |


13. Stationery Mega Branding Identity Bundle

This mockup design and corporate branding play around fancy-looking visualization. It is a great option for a bigger professional project, considering the pro design and software compatibility. What makes this idea stand out is the use of hyper-realistic pictures as your mockup media.

You got a range of customizable and editable corporate stationery smart objects in different sizes, shapes, or layouts. Some of them are business cards, CD cases, flyers, papers, envelopes, shopping bags, and signage.

Created by ContestDesign |


14. Airlines Company Identity

If you are working for a specific professional corporate business or service, such as airlines, take a look at this design. The project brings a lot of airline and pilot-related items. It includes some decorations, such as airplane models, sunglasses, headset, etc.

The additional items complement the professional, clean, and minimalist theme. In this corporate stationery mockup, you can also play around with other over-the-desk objects. Such as phone, paper, business card, letterhead, or phone screen.

Created by |


15. Branding Identity

In order to bring a professional and modern aesthetic, this mockup compiles some corporate stationery items as your design surfaces. You can implement logo, information, pattern to the signature on ranges of media. One selling point of this design is its realistic illustration.

The pictures come in different angles, positions, and sizes, which allow a series of customizable designs. The mockup also uses a very minimalistic monochrome color palette that can help highlight focal points.

Created by Vitaly Mock-Ups & Logos |


16. Branding Identity

Using real photos is the main selling point of this mockup. It creates a realistic visualization of your logo design or any corporate branding identity. It will be an ideal option for portfolios and presentations.

Unfortunately, the mockups are premade layout photos. Even though it limits a designer's freedom to make customizable arrangements, it is pretty easy to edit. It also offers clean images of stationery items, such as paper, documents, CDs, business cards, etc.

Created by Vitaly Mock-Ups & Logos |


17. Stationery

In order to offer a more modern intake in design, this mockup brings up several items as your design surface. All of the items are customizable and smart objects. Thus, allow the designer to implement their logo or corporate identity.

The design itself comes in three different views, which make a great visual change. At the same time, you can change many aspects, including every items' surface and background. Another plus is the use of realistic corporate stationery images as a real visualization.

Created by Rometheme |


18. Full Stationery Identity, Proposal, Report, Resume Templates

If you are going for a high-end professional presentation or proposal, take a look at this corporate stationery mockup. The project brings out a lot of layout and surfaces for your job. You can use some items such as books, business cards, pencils, paper, and many more objects.

With ranges of items, you can play around to make different layouts. It also has 50 different pages to display your works. It underlines the easy-to-use, customize, and edit aspects.

Created by Giallo |


19. Verdura Stationery

Verdura creates a distinctive mockup design with its aesthetic overlays and textures. You can do your simple project into a more entrancing one with shadows effects, background texture, and colors.

While it only focuses on the overlay and background, it can improve your corporate presentation. It will add depth and set the theme. It also provides some stationery items as your surface, which only includes a series of paper images in varying sizes.

Created by Pixelbuddha |


20. Stationery & Branding

Highlighting the attractiveness of your brand or logo will be the main objective of this design. The mockup comes with 10 customizable layouts. You can use it by editing through Photoshop. Some smart objects are seen with the "your object here" sign.

It profits from an easier-to-use aspect. Another good thing about this idea is the use of a monochrome palette, which can fit many corporate themes and colors. It offers realistic images and different views for your suitability.

Created by Cairographs |


21. Flyer / Poster

When it comes to paper-based materials such as flyers or posters, you can try this mockup design. The PSD files consist of several scenes, photography, and editable corporate stationery smart objects.

One plus point of this design is the photographic filter that helps setting up your mockup atmosphere. You can use warm, retro, or cold. It also has a variety of views, items, and arrangements. It is a perfect option for you who has poster corporate stationery mockup projects.

Created by Graphiccrew |


22. Scene Creator Kit

Another unique option to make up your mockup detail is the scene creator kit. It has a variety of corporate stationery items such as pencils, papers, envelopes, cards, letterhead, and many more. It also has some electronic devices to fit modern items.

You can play around with 12 premade scenes with different views and alignment. One thing that makes this design stand out is the shadow overlay elements. It adds unique impressions to your corporate identity.

Created by Graphiccrew |


23. Sunray Stationery Shadow

Under the same scene creator categories, this project provides you a range of shadow overlay templates. It is a perfect addition for fancy-designed stationery mockups, such as modern fashion products. While it is just a scene addition, you also got some stationery editable objects.

You can implement your logo or design on a business card and paper layout. As you use this corporate mockup detailing project, you will also get 12 backgrounds to play around with.

Created by Oxana Kuznetsova |


24. Branding Identity & Stationery

By focusing on some stationery paper-based materials, this idea will fit many corporates or businesses. It uses high-quality photos in different views as its layout. This aspect elevates your mockup attractiveness and uniqueness.

What makes this corporate stationery mockup stand out is the specific uses. It includes a business card, bi-fold square card, a greeting card, and A4 paper. All of the items are smart objects, which allow you to change and edit them.

Created by nopxcreative |


25. Branding

Business cards, papers, and envelopes are the most common stationery to use for branding mockups. In this case, you can use this project to create an even more realistic visualization. Anas Manna provides several scenes from differing views or angles.

Every object comes as a smart object. You can change the color, add your logo, and put the corporate branding. All of them have high resolution and details, which eventually create a real visualization.

Created by Anas Manna |


26. Stationery & Branding

A touch of simplicity and minimalism design can be a perfect solution for millennials' corporate branding. It brings a lot of aesthetic points as well as clean and precise imagery. You can pour out your concept and design in this fantastic modern mockup.

You will get a lot of corporate stationery items illustrations, such as papers, envelopes, business cards, and some devices. All of them are already set up in neat and attractive arrangements, which are editable using the software.

Created by Designrepos |


27. Branding Mockup

This corporate stationery mockup is a depiction of a simplistic design. The uses of a brown background layout create a highlight to the objects. While it only offers two layouts, you got some objects such as an id card, envelope, and paper.

You can add your logo and information on the surface by simply clicking the already available smart object. Unfortunately, it was a photo-based mockup, which means you cannot make a new corporate stationery arrangement.

Created by Spacemediaagency |


28. Minimal Corporate Stationery

Another photo-based mockup that brings up a realistic display is this one. If you love the monochrome aesthetic visual, this arrangement will make your design stand out. The corporate logo and detail can be applied by using the smart objects feature.

You can do it on some surfaces, such as pencils, business cards, and paper. It comes with several views and angles, which help you highlight the main message to tell.

Created by GraphicList |


29. Financial Stationery

Suitable for all types of business is the first impression of this mockup. The use of neatly organized layers and white background make it versatile. You can use a variety of colors to state the corporate identity.

At the same time, it gives you several items to edit. It uses business cards, papers, and envelopes as your media. It is also available in EPS which is available for Illustrator or photoshop. The realistic picture makes it perfect for a proposal or presentation.

Created by Vunira Template |


30. Rose Gold Corporate Identity

By offering 10 Photoshop files as ready-to-use templates, you can tell that this mockup is the best for many designers. It even comes with a relevant font to complete the design. What makes it the best one is the variety and aesthetic items.

You can apply your logo design or corporate identity to some stationery items. You can name some business cards, letters, envelopes, CDs, books, and devices. All use smart object features to ease users.

Created by TDStore |



Corporate stationery mockups come in many possibilities. Rather than designing from scratch, some of the ideas and templates will help you create a more attractive result. It is also worth noting that some of them use real pictures and are customizable.

It means you have bigger freedoms in stating the corporate identity through their stationery items. They also have a lot of items as a surface of your logo design. It saves time and effort for your designing process.

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