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Article: 30 Game Fonts Ideas To Win Over Players

30 Game Fonts Ideas To Win Over Players

Choosing fonts for games could be challenging at times.
However, we have curated some cool typefaces, so you can download and use them for your project!
Created by Tugcu Design Co. |

Bringing brand identity is not a simple thing to do. There are a lot of considerations that include the font choice. This kind of consideration and idea also envelop almost every field, including the immersive video game world.

With ranges of games coming out every year, you can win over players by using the proper typography. But what is the best game font? There is no best, but there is a good and bad one. This kind of point goes to how you choose the typography.

To find the right one, you can start by categorizing the text in games. The categories go from the logo, credits and title sequence, menu, dialogue or subtitles, game-over screen, and diegetic text. Each of them has different characteristics, such as bold, blocky, fancy, or simple.

You can also categorize the font by genre. An action or adventure game font idea will surely be different with kids. There is also fantasy, sci-fi, horror, retro, and mobile game typography. To help you envision the game fonts ideas as inspiration.  


1. Belmont

Going for a medieval lettering family, you can say that the Belmont brings a lot of rugged, square, and weathering effects in it. It creates chipped and missing edges as the points. It is a perfect typography idea for an action game font.

One thing that makes the design astounding is the ability to provide clear typography above all of the stylings. It will work as a logo, title, or even some diegetic text.

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


2. Stargaze

If you are looking for a sci-fi or modern genre game font idea, make sure to check out Stargaze by Tugcu. In this typography, you will find the font family that goes the best for outer space retro-futuristic typeface.

The strong blocky font with sharp edges makes it fit with almost any genre idea. But, the uncommon styling does better for sci-fi. It is also still readable and clear enough for logo, title, or subtitle.

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


3. Gore

Blocky and typewriter font tends to be the all-favorite horror game genre typography. In this case, Tugcu's design makes Gore with the same design ideas. It is blocky, chunky, and sharp, thus making it perfect lettering for titles.

It lacks decorative styling but does have rough versions that help accentuate old or scary senses in it. Since it is a pretty basic idea, you can pair it with scripts or sans serif typography.

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


4. Okami

The idea of creating typography with a brush model makes the Okami hand-drawn lettering fit with many genres. The rough and bold letter can fit with the scary horror genre or the fictional adventure game. At some point, the game fonts make a great addition for zombie apocalypse style.

This kind of idea is very common for such a genre since it shows hand-drawn typography. It works for logo, branding, game-over screen, or headline.

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


5. Calamity

Monospaced typefaces bring a lot of possibilities. In this case, the design ideas take around the more sci-fi genre that goes along with modern minimalistic typography. The font itself is pretty simple but works best as monospace.

The offbeat styling goes with more rugged and blocky typography. It can make a perfect balance for logo font or title. It also works for other genres, such as horror or action, with a little twist.  

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


6. Coven

What comes to your mind when it comes to futuristic modern sci-fi? The neon-colored font might appear like an idea. If you are looking for this kind of typography, check out Coven by Tugcu. The mode is pretty simple, with sharp edges and a glowing effect.

It works wonders for such modern environment game fonts. It also comes with a filled typography version that does not have a glowing effect. This kind of version can fit any genre or idea, including the adventure theme.

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


7. Citypop

Citypop is getting more popular with some of the vintage-styled music. This idea and model itself are heavily inspired by the Japanese billboard design. It uses such novel typeface styling that resembles a blend of Japanese characters and alphabet typography.

It is fun in a way it fits with such genres as adventure, action, or retro. At the same time, you can use the font as the logo, credit, and game-over screen.  

Created by Konstantine Studio |


8. Grimtotem

If you are working for some old, Viking, or Nordic-style game, this kind of typography might win over players. Grimtotem makes clean and rough typography with some unique styling. The swash and decorative details will fit an enchanting logo.

The game font itself comes with a limited variant since it only uses cap lettering. The alternative design idea, which lacks decorative parts, is legible enough for the menu or subtitle.  

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


9. Bison

Just as the name implies, the whole design shouts out power. The brick and blocky design make the Bison Font perfect typography for military genre games. It resembles stencils in a way that is almost always used in militaries.

Another reason goes to practical and simple design ideas. It lacks a decorative part, but it fits almost every typography used. It works for logo, title, subtitle, or even the disheartening game over screen.

Created by Ellen Puff |


10. Outer Sans

Modern sans serif can be your best game fonts option. The idea is pretty much how versatile the typography is. In this case, the outer sans bring you a basic typeface model with a lack of styling or decorative model.

However, it works for almost every genre. The blocky design fits best for the modern sci-fi genre. It is also made for the military genre. It even suits adventure games. Just play around with the version and typography, and you will win over players.  

Created by MadeType |


11. Brigmore

The thing that makes Brigmore outstanding is the tall design. It also has a tailor no tail version. Both are ideal typography for a vintage-styled game font. It can also complement a more fantasy genre, such as magic at the old time.

The font has several variances, which allow users to get creative and use more ideas. As a game logo, it exudes regal and vintage typography. It also works for subtitles or title font.  

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


12. Boldine

You got the idea of the font from the name. It uses a very bold move in making the typography. It also appears bold due to the blocky design. However, it uses a rounded or semi-rounded model. Thus, creating a more approachable feeling.  

As a game font, it fits almost every genre. When used with vibrant colors, it can fit children's genres. Combine it with a sports graphic, and you will find Fabulous typography.  

Created by Fateh.Lab |


13. Sundowners

If you want to win over players with vintage games, this is the font you need. Sundowners capture many key points of vintage typography ideas. It has unusual styling, fun ornamental parts, textures, alternative, and clarity.

If you use it for a game, it works best for the logo or title. But you can also use it for subtitles or diegetic text that appear as decorative elements in the game. It is still readable and also adds uniqueness to the world.

Created by PintassilgoPrints |


14. Derelict

Derelict takes an idea of a futuristic industrial font. In this typography, you got a perfect typeface for the sci-fi, military, action, or horror genre. It appears as blocky and bold lettering with some styling here or there. It is clear enough for subtitles or menus.

However, it will work the best as the logo or game over screen. The game font has a version that looks like rusted metal lettering. The texture can complement a theme with a nuclear apocalypse plot.

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


15. Turbo System

Do you Want a retro game with some nostalgic computer system era theme? The turbo system will give you a set of typography that creates an authentic-looking design with 80s touch. This kind of game font often fits with a diegetic purpose.

In other words, the typeface idea will mimic the period to immerse the player. The design is also a great element to make a logo or game over screen, which resembles the 80s or 90s computer interface.

Created by Daruma Shop |


16. Solaire

How about a witch, lore, or some old-time fantasy theme? In this typography, you got a wholesome runic model that can run along with the logo to the subtitle. The sense of creepy font is one of the points of this font.

While it is a great model for some horror and witchy stuff, you can also use the same Solaire for legend themes. Such as Nordic gods, Vikings, or some fantasy battle.

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


17. Vanderick

Vanderick appears as one of the typefaces with some bizarre and fascinating designs. The distinctive shapes and models fit well for fantasy game font typography. You can use this model for many ideas, including fantasy god, adventure, Viking, and more.

The idea of using this model is also not limited to such genres. You can play around with the model and design to make a logo or game over screen for the scary horror genre.

Created by Typia Nesia |


18. Game On

Just as the name says, this game font is a perfect model for the sports genre, created with the idea of complementing the fun and modern sport. One thing that makes the typography design outstanding is the unique brush-like lettering design.

The creator highlights the inspiration of scratching a child's hand using a marker. It creates fun-looking lettering that is also clear to look at. This kind of typography also fits a younger audience.

Created by Fontdation |


19. Noatun

A mythical font needs something different than the normal typography. You got the answer from the Noatun typeface that plays around with shape to create unprecedented mythical lettering. As the grounding idea, you can use it to complement the fantasy Njord genre.

God's fight and some other mythical action going on will work the best with this font. The unique design makes a great logo design, diegetic lettering, or some cryptic message.

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


20. Cyberpunk

The correct link:

Tugcu Design Co. has a range of game fonts that fit with the cyberpunk genre. The modern futuristic sci-fi design is full of colorful typography that resembles neon signs, computers, digital media, and bold lettering.

In this case, you can play around with some typeface in the same manner. The idea is to make or use a typeface that mimics the glimmering states of the futuristic era. Depending on how you use it, this style can fit the logo, menu, to diegetic lettering.

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


21. Polaris

The space shuttle, Mars exploration, sci-fi, or fantasy tend to have the same key point regarding their typography. In this idea, you will find the use of monospaced and typewriter typefaces can complement the setting.

The Polaris typography doesn't take the underlying stereotype of military stencil lettering with a bit of modern touch. Thus, you got some minimalistic lettering that fit for logo, title, and menu typography. It also an appropriate idea to use the lettering for other genres.

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


22. Manasco

Manasco game font brings out more modern-looking lettering with some splash of visual addition. You can see how the typography plays around with lines to make an interesting effect. As a simple and modern sans serif, it can work for a more laid-back game genre.

As an example, the idea can fit for simulation or something that has a splash of sci-fi on it. It will fit for logo design, menu, or diegetic typography.

Created by Anxiety Studio |


23. Wraith

If you are looking for game fonts, Tugcu can give you a lot of options. In this one, the idea is pretty much creating a more modern intake. The typeface consists of sans-serif and script type. As it has sole typography and wide details, it mainly fits for title or logo design.

It is very versatile. You can use this sort of model for sci-fi, military, adventure, cyberpunk, or action genres.

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


24. Hermes

Are you looking for a cool cyberpunk typography idea? This sharp edge typeface will make your game stand out. The idea is pretty much enveloping the bold and strong shapes as the design. After that, the creator adds some light effects to resemble the neon sign aesthetic.

The plus point about this game font goes from the versatility. The basic shapes can fit the cyberpunk or racing genre. It is also pretty clear and legible, which makes it fit for logo ideas.

Created by LagoLabs |


25. Hodor

Hodor is one of the typefaces that you can find in many mythical themes. You can tell the design idea from its exceptional shapes and model. The lettering uses caps and makes some difference from the decorative arts, such as underlines or tails.

It pretty much screams out the sense of myth and horror, which makes it a perfect logo element. It can also be used for diegetic typography ideas such as anagrams or signs.

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


26. Muertos

Going for a genre that is filled with the living dead? You can add some extra fun touch by using the Muertos game font. The idea of using inimitable alphabetical shapes will remind you of Mexican patterns. This kind of touch can fit with more kids' friendly play ideas.

However, it can also be made into a horror or puzzle genre. The exceptional Muertos ornament can turn into a fun puzzle. With typography tricks, it can raise goosebumps.  

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


27. Avalon

Avalon's interesting shaping and typography will fit futuristic action. The sci-fi touch is very strong in this one. You can see it from the anaglyph effect that makes the font appear glitched. It is also adaptable with color effects to fit the cyberpunk theme.

The main idea of the typography itself is playing with a glitch. Thus, it is perfect for the modern theme. The game font also works for retro sci-fi, futuristic themes, or eerie technology.  

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


28. Osiris

Retrofuturism is the primary key idea for Osiris. With that in mind, the typeface appears as the best selection for future sci-fi, modern, outer space, or some other military genre. What makes the game font stand out is the shapes and styling.

It is simple but also very straightforward. It lacks decorative parts but has some alternatives that complement the regular design. You can use this as a logo, menu, or diegetic typography idea.  

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


29. Starforge

Another futuristic typeface family that is well suited for cyberpunk, the robotic era, to the more eerie future atmosphere is Starforge. The good point of this design comes from the name itself. It is meant for the outer space genre. It can either be sci-fi, futuristic, military, or action.

The idea is pretty vast for this one. You can use the lettering for logo design, title, or subtitle since it is quite legible for smaller-scale text.

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


30. Fantasy

The fantasy bundle by Tugcu gives you a range of options of game fonts. From the whimsical fairy-like genre to the more mythical Nordic god genre, the bundle gives you all of it. The idea of fantasy typography goes to its styling and shapes.

Most of the time, the design follows or mimics the game ideas and themes. The old-time witch theme will use eerie details. While there are also runic, mischief, withered, glyphs, and many more typography to use.

Created by Tugcu Design Co. |


Final Words

Video or games, in general, cannot stay away from the presence of font. The typography idea is not only complementing the visual sense but also complements the element itself. That is why many developers consider winning over players through the typeface.

There are a lot of available game fonts out there with different genres or uses. That is why you can choose the best one and complete the ideas.

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