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Article: 30 Athletic Font Options for Sports Wear Brands

30 Athletic Font Options for Sports Wear Brands

The most important component when designing for sports wear brand is choosing the right typeface.
Here are the most athletic font options you can find!
Created by Letterhand Studio |

Creating a uniform design for sports is not merely about the color, logo, and material. One of the important parts is choosing the font. Chances that athletic brands need a certain font to emphasize the field and its focus. Such as football, baseball, hockey, swimming, etc. At some point, the font also needs to complement other elements such as pattern, color, and logos. 

In the case of creating a clear sports wear brand, typefaces can help you emphasize and deliver a particular message. Different fonts can make a range of impressions. At some point, such a typeface can make or build a product personality. Thus, make your sports wear business stand out. 

To find the right one, you can pick some font based on your desire or preference. But, it is also worth looking at the stereotypical design. Athletic or sports fonts come in a variety of styles. You can choose regular, italic, bold, vintage, etc. Given the range of options, it is best to match the typeface with the athletic wear brand's identity, focus, or personality.  


1. Empera

This fearless and striking athletic typeface by Boxtube Labs makes a great option for your sports wear or uniform brand. It comes with a plethora of different styles, from the regular, soft, to the inline vintage style. 

The bold and thick design in our option works perfectly to showcase the vintage-styled wear. The sports typeface also clears enough for uniform or logos with a strong yet classic touch in it.  

Created by BoxTube Labs |


2. Blackshore

Blackshore by Surplus Type Co is a classic handcrafted athletic typeface that looks rough. The rough impression fits perfectly with the hard and boiling spirit of sports. The serif font comes with bold and attractive features from its imperfect brush strokes. 

The authentic detail can style your sports wear brand stands out in the market. It is also versatile in a way you can use the athletic font for many wear design projects in mind, such as sports logo brand or uniform.

Created by Surplus Type Co |


3. Chosla

Sports line font is the most suitable design that fits with the field and court sports areas. It is the prevalent choice to represent the hard-line of American football. The hard lines and unique shapes from the typeface create a strong impression. 

At the same time, the athletic sports wear font also comes in several styles. The outlined one works for the manly exercises brand, while the modern block non-lines can blend the feminine sports. 

Created by Rary |


4. Energize

Energize font makes a visual representation of its meaning. The unique 12 styles typeface helps designers to create ranges of impression. The sports typeface works perfectly well as a free and modern designed brand. 

The dynamic shapes and the weight represent the athletic performance or impression. It fits with the theme. It also works for ranges of wear. You can use it for T-shirts, uniforms, or even the logotype to enhance the product's recognition.

Created by Burntilldead |


5. Huscon

The Huscon family typeface just throws you a bunch of nostalgic feelings from its appearance. The whole set of athletic fonts can help turn into a perfect logo, and sports wear brand. It grabs people's attention and also creates stellar high-end styling.

The package contains 6 editable templates and five OTF fonts that you can adopt for any related wear project. It can compose clear lettering for clothing or adding a vintage touch to the athletic store. 

Created by Hustle Supply Co. |


6. Apex Mk3

A classic and simple athletic typeface can change or make a lot of difference for your sports product. In this case, Apex MK3 font can turn into a perfect typeface for apparel design. It provides a clear numbering and lettering design for sports uniforms or wears. 

The angled tapering, clean round, and balanced shape help the brand deliver the message. Due to its san serif style and clarity shapes, you can use it for a strong modern athletic logo or high-end poster.  

Created by Jeremy Nelson Design |


7. Undefeated

Undefeated tells its reasons as a perfect font for sports wear brands. The typeface was created with Pill Knight, Mark Cuban, and Jay-Z in mind. Thus, creating a clear, bold, and modern styled lettering for a daring athletic wear sort. 

The idea of easy-to-use and speedy changes make it emphasize simple shapes and sans serif style. At the end of the day, the pack works for any kind of sport.  

Created by GOAT Design Co. |


8. Hitch Route

Once again, block-type lettering makes its way to the sports wear business. The bold yet clear lettering is the reason you can use it for athletic uniforms or brands. It works for numbering, lettering, naming, and logo design. 

The typeface pack comes with four families. You can use serif, sans, stencil, and décor style. Each creates a different impression, which can add a vintage touch, modern look, strong nostalgic aesthetic, or approachable brand personality. 

Created by BoxTube Labs


9. Herchey Script

You can also make strong and bold impressions through script font. In this case, Herchey makes a unique script typeface design that can make your wear product designs stand out. The flowy ligature and alternates bring out a sense of vintage-styled sports brand. 

When combined with typography design, it can make a modern and authentic brand personality. It comes in three different styles, and you can play around with the font to make a proper athletic wear brand. 

Created by Ilham Herry |


10. Fenway

When you are working for a vintage or a brand with a long history behind it, a vintage script and sans font can emphasize the identity. Fenway is a perfect example, for that matter. The designer takes a lot of 90s inspiration for the athletic wear typeface. 

It resembles the old American sports industries. The unique handwritten style with alternative and ligature swashes can grab a lot of attention. It also clear enough for athletic or sports wear design.  

Created by Vintage Voyage Supply |


11. Redwing

A block typeface tends to make a bold, strong, and straightforward impression. It works the best for athletic or sports-related businesses. For brand development, the block and industrial typography make certain that your message is delivered. 

The looks for the font also fit for standard designs or projects, such as for logo or uniform lettering. It looks chiseled, commanding, decisive, sturdy, reliable, and unapologetic feeling, which you need to build a distinguished wear brand. 

Created by Jeremy Nelson Design |


12. Treadstone

If you are looking for a more versatile option, Treadstone offers you a simple sans serif athletic font. Treadstone is handy because it comes from a range of fresh blend designs. The regular design offers a stoic block that looks for a straightforward sports brand. 

It can create a vintage look for your sports wear business. Meanwhile, the rounded to the bold grunge type makes a fun touch to the brand. Thus, it works for a modern athletic aesthetic. 

Created by Greg Nicholls |


13. Flanders

Sports wear brands with a focus on baseball can work around the Flander font. In this type of athletic typeface, the script style makes it fun and also fits with the stereotypical baseball lettering. You can make a distinguishable brand with its decorative details, unique alternative, and ligature. 

At the same time, it can help create a vintage or modern brand. It also fits for many sports wear, such as for school or official sports uniforms.   

Created by Letterhand Studio |


14. Sharplion

Just as the name says, the type family makes its impression on the sharp-looking font design. It is easily adaptable for sports or athletic wear brands. It works with almost any kind of field, product, and brand elements. 

You can use it for logo design, logotype, uniform lettering, or decoration. It comes in three different styles, which are adaptable for your sportswear brand design. It brings a fearless look from its unique and clear serif typeface. 

Created by Zeki Michael’s Collection |


15. Milestone

One of the ways to nail the sports and athletic wear branding is by using the vintage scripted font. This kind of lettering represents the old-time sports aesthetic. It works well to make an authentic and attention-grabbing brand. 

Not only to make a vintage look, but the whole package also gives a high-end luxurious touch. It brings a lot of nostalgia but also makes a clear design for uniform or sports wear.

Created by Fortunes Co |


16. Campione Neue

Campione tells its charm from its name. It is a champion in the case of creating a cool-looking font design for athletic wear labels. The blocky sans & serif style complement each other. It works with many sports industries and fields due to its easy-to-use aspect. 

The lack of decorative design also enhances the clarity and readability aspect. Given the perks, you can use them for athletic uniforms, labeling, logo design, brand advertising, etc.  

Created by BoxTube Labs |


17. Hudson NY

Playing with weights and styles can turn your brand looks and impression in different directions. In this case, Hudson provides you eight different weight fonts with three styles. It also comes with a range of alternates and caps. 

What makes the design fit for a sports wear brand comes from its simple styling. It is made of sans serif mode with a block design. It emphasizes its versatility and readability, thus turning it into perfect sports wear font.  

Created by Arkitype |


18. Nexgen Athletic

For a more modern and digital-looking brand design, Nexgen tells its purpose through its name. It was made and modeled for the next-generation athletic font. The unique typeface build can work for many purposes or wears and still grabbing people's attention. 

The plus point from this athletic typeface is its ability to accommodate the electronic sports genre. You can use it for brand identity or player wear lettering and represent high-tech themes.  

Created by Alphabet Agency |


19. Run!

Run by the branded quotes make its font looks unique with interesting decorative detail. It is a perfect attention-seeking typeface, which includes slanting detail and some proud scratch-like look. The whole athletic lettering can resemble the proud and fast wind movement. 

If you are working for modern sports wear brand, Run! It is a depiction of rebellious youth. It works for almost anything, as long as it is complemented with good typography. It is because Run! can appear overwhelming. 

Created by The Branded Quotes |


20. Chamsville

Are you looking for a more approachable, vintage, and low-end athletic wear block-type font? In this case, Champsville makes a perfect selection for your brand. The package comes in three styles which enhance its versatility. 

The variable display font works for sports wear, but also a great decision to make a clear athletic brand logo. It also has a readable and unique aspect from the rounded, textured serif typeface. 

Created by Liszar Inzani |


21. Athletic Condensed

Given its name, you can tell that the font makes a condensed touch in its design. The whole package itself makes a clear and minimalistic effort. It comes with italic and sans serif-type fonts, which later enhance its readability and clarity. 

It is a perfect typeface for athletic wear design in the modern or old theme. It also works for any kind of athletic program or sports genre. You can use it for a logo or uniform lettering. 

Created by Graphicado |


22. Midfield

A blocky texture and looks can turn into a dominating effect. In this case, Kreuk Studio designed Midfield to compose the same intention for its font. Thus, turning it into a perfect athletic font that resembles masculinity. 

The simplicity and lack of decorative aspects make it versatile in many ways. You can play around with the weight, color, and typography to make sports wear brands. It also works for uniform lettering or information.  

Created by Kreuk Studio |


23. Jawbreak

When a sports wear need to make a clear and readable athletic design, a simple font can help a lot. But with some unique typeface design, such detail can make your lettering stands out. It is especially vital when creating a product identity.

Whit that in mind, Jawbreak brings some cool alternative for the brand logo or athletic wear design. The font comprises of sans, serif, and slab design with enough decorative detail to make it stand out.  

Created by Boxtube Labs |


24. American Forkball

Given how popular the baseball aesthetic is in the athletic industry, following the same idea will help your brand stay in the market. The way to join is by using a vintage script typeface, such as American Forkball by Opus Nigrum. 

What makes the athletic font stand out is its unique swashes and design. You can tell that the script type is combined with the san serif style. Thus, turning it into a unique styled font for sports wear brand.

Created by Opus Nigrum |


25. Scout

If the brand focus is for a masculine industry such as American football, a strong, bold, and sharp impression can help you a lot. Scout Athletic font can provide all of those details. It uses sans serif models with block and clear-cut models. 

The clean detail helps accentuate the impression and its versatility. You can use it basically for everything, from the logotype, wear design to advertising material. 

Created by Inspirationfeed |


26. SUPR

A condensed font makes a clear interpretation of its usage. SUPR tells the same purpose with sans serif bold design. The athletic font might look simple, but it fits with the athletic industry. To cope with a range of sports wear products, SUPR helps you cover everything. 

It is a versatile typeface that makes every detail readable, clear, and condensed. It works for logos, brands, information, or any projects that come to mind.  

Created by BfredDesign |


27. Backcheck

Coming with a unique name, this font by boxTubeLabs also came out as a distinctive typeface. The athletic typeface has a block style with some exceptional details, design, and looks. It can appear quite intimidating but also grabbing attention. 

Backcheck brings out a masculine and strong sense toward the lettering. It can fit with some strong athletic genres such as hockey or American football sports wear. 

Created by BoxTubeLabs |


28. Bjorn

Simple but has something different is the main point of Bjorn. The athletic font makes a difference from its angled and sharp styling. It implements sharp corners and exceptional kerning design. It works for almost everything. 

You can bring out a modern touch with some monochromatic design or add nostalgic detail with some texture. It is also neutral in terms of impression. Thus, it can fit any kind of sports wear products.  

Created by Tugcu |


29. Havard Display

Havard font is underlining its design from the Harvard logo design. It was created with a squared display font style. It also comes with an array of options, which help you play around with the athletic brand design and identity. 

At a glance, the font is a perfect selection for a sports wear brand that loves the formal, prestigious, and vintage-looking identity. But you can also make a modern approach by opting out of the texture and using the shadow inline style. 

Created by AF Studio |


30. Mavericks

Nothing can beat the clarity, beauty, and also a relatable sense of block font with athletic industries. This kind of athletic typeface is pretty common but comes with a lot of options and styles. The Mavericks by Boxtube labs itself come with eight different models. 

You can use the simple block design, playing with the textured characters, make a stand-out wear brand with a unique alternate, or playing save with the serif style. It goes well for modern or nostalgic identity. 

Created by BoxTube Labs |



When it comes to creating a product with typeface as the consideration, you will need to choose wisely; in this case, the athletic realm is your focus. To create an appropriate and representing wear design, some fonts work around the stereotypical model. 

While the following pigeonhole can make a dull decision, but some typefaces provide a range of options. It also represents and gives a different impression for your sports wear brand.

So, which one of these fonts is your most favourite? Let us know your thoughts by writing them down in the comment section below. We hope you can enjoy these graphic assets!

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