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Article: 30 Fabulous Font Ideas For Hair Salon Branding

30 Fabulous Font Ideas For Hair Salon Branding

When creating hair salon branding, one of the most important components is the font.
Here, we have curated fabulous fonts you can collect and use!
Created by Alphabeta |

Whether you are a brand designer or someone who is establishing a new hair salon, the chances are that you will need the perfect branding element. One of them is your font choice. By getting the perfect or the appropriate typeface, you will have the freedom to make a logo to brand identity. It is not only suitable, but you can also show your brand message. 

So, what should you do? In the case of choosing the best font for a certain business, you will need to know the basic typography style. You got a script, serif, sans serif, and decorative. Each of them exudes a different sense and visual appeal. For more intriguing and distinctive hair salon branding, you can also use the decorative or display type. 

When it comes to logo design, signage, or simply services menu, your font is a graphical representation of the brand. Through design, styling, typography to its stroke, you can signify the target market, the service, to the unique personality of your brand. With that in mind, make sure you take a look at some of these font ideas to take a look at.


1. Archane

Archane is a modern feminine script font that will look amazing for a luxurious hair and beauty salon business. The use of serif font helps to create a more formal look on the fancy design. What makes it a good option for a salon is the flawless arch and swashes. 

If you are looking for a more prestigious impression, choose this one. It is quite simple but still brings a lot of charm, thus a picture-perfect for logo, branding, magazine, or fashion promotional.

Created by Typia Nesia |


2. Red Hair Sensual

The red hair sensual brings out a more personal touch to its letterform. The font resembles the unique script handwriting style that always adds a distinctive taste to it. However, the bundling also includes sans type that complements the almost abstract script type design.

It can fit with either casual or luxurious hair salon branding. All you need to do is play smart with the color and alignment. Add a picture or illustration, and you will get the message delivered.  

Created by Maulana Creative |


3. Chic

Just like its name, this simplistic san serif font is a depiction of chic, elegant, and modern design. The simple yet unique stroke design, making it recognizable as a logo or signage. If you are going for a more modern feminine hair salon design, it will be the perfect selection. 

As a commercial element, the font itself will fit through many kinds of hair and beauty salon elements. Starting from the logo or windows lettering, you can even use this clean writing for accessories. 

Created by Maikeru Fukurou |


4. North Carossla

Creating more unique swashes and glyphs, this font will be perfect for a hair beauty salon. One of the reasons how the fancy stroke makes it distinctive lettering is the interesting ligature styling. 

To decrease a white space, the sans serif typeface makes a unique ligature between some words, creating a rather distinctive appearance. It is a classic design that can fit any kind of salon branding elements, such as logos or menus.

Created by BrandSemut |


5. Larosa Sans

A typical modern and feminine design in Larosa makes it one of the best fonts for hair salon branding. Why it is a perfect option comes from how the design compiles seven stylings that allow versatile typography possibilities. You can make a simple logo or some fancy-looking lettering. 

The design itself consists of a sans serif font that comes with an unusual glyph design and ligature—making it easy to read and also recognizable. The detailing itself adds a more stylish and elegant touch, which is a perfect look for a hair or beauty salon. 

Created by NEWFLIX.Bro |


6. Baltore

When talking about elegant typefaces, you can't go wrong with Baltore. At first glance, the font exudes a strong feminine design with its unique strokes and swashes. Thanks to the vast array of alternatives, you can make such a unique branding. 

Hair and beauty salons that focus on women's services will attract the correct target. The bundle also includes an uncomplicated font style, which can go hand in hand with every branding element.  

Created by 160 Std |


7. Black Mango

Unique and fancy alternates are some of the primary points of the salon font design. The swashes, ligatures, and interesting decorative ornaments were meant to create a more elegant and feminine touch. You can see it from the back of the modern mango typeface. 

It brings a lot of unique, interesting letterforms that look good to make a hair and beauty salon logo or signage. It also comes with nine weights which help you to make a readable and beautiful design. 

Created by Creativeedialab |


8. Modena

Take a look at how Modena plays around with its dual letterforms, handwritten script, and block sans serif. The differing style helps designers to emphasize certain details, such as hair salon name or jargon. 

It also works as unique signature-like writing, which also nails the decorative purpose. Considering how the two work well together, it brings an opportunity to make a distinctive and recognizable hair salon branding. 

Created by Jen Wagner Co |


9. Cigra

Setting up a more unique, experimental, feminine, and also fun lettering, Cigra brings serif font into a new height. The idea was to make stand-out lettering that helps emphasize the fashion and beauty field. Upon looking at the typeface, you can tell that it elaborates the curves. 

It can fit the modern hair salon business or the old-styled one. You can also make a lot of designs, including logos, signage, or business cards. 

Created by Identitype |


10. Voire

Creative media labs turn the simple serif writing into a more elegant family font. It is a perfect design for a logo, hair salon signage, package label, or business card. One thing that makes the font elegant is the thin ligature and the swashes.

It adds fancy look detail in writing. However, there is also a good point in which the font bundle comes with regular and display versions. The clean, simple lettering can provide a cleaner look.   

Created by Creativemedialab |


11. Aurora

Aurora brings out a more authentic letter form from its unique play of shape and stroke. It does not play around with a scripted font type but rather with sans serif design. It brings out the more subtle characteristics through its elegant and modern design. 

Another plus for aurora is the found weight options. You can play around to make a perfect hair salon branding element, such as logo or signage. 

Created by Misha Sava |


12. Mories Luxerie

Looking for a more organic-looking typeface to help tell the message of a natural and down-to-earth boutique? Check out Mories Luxerie. The bundle comes with six elegant fonts made out of sans and serif style. It brings out a regal look for any salon business. 

What makes it pretty much worth looking at is how the tiny decorative element makes a simple typeface brimming. Hair and beauty salons that run natural products and offer luxuries will need this font.  

Created by MLKWSN |


13. Quiche

If you want to accentuate a more elegant and modern touch in a logo or branding product, try to use the fashionable design from quiche sans. The bundle brings you around 26 fonts with different charm and designs, making it a perfect bundle for your hair salon business. 

In this case, all of them demonstrate a good change of look from the sans serif font. A little glyph addition makes every character unique. 

Created by Adam Ladd |


14. Fonde

Classy and unique bundle font from Sensatype comes with 11 typeface variances. You can play around with every different styled typeface to make a chick, elegant, and classy hair and beauty salon brand, quotes, or logo. 

How the font makes a classy design comes from its unique lettering style. Every character has a fun brush and ligature that makes them recognizable for hair products or salon branding. It also comes with a range of features to enhance your creative mind. 

Created by Sensatype |


15. Juana

Modern hair and beauty salons will love the touch of simplicity in this font bundle. The typeface bundle offers you a staggering 24 different styles that help your designing process—all of them circling the serif fonts with some unique additions and edits. 

The other reason for using this typeface for your hair salon branding is the elegant, fresh, and authentic sense. You can play around with its weight to make various logo design ideas and identities. 

Created by Latinotype |


16. Serrona Font Duo

Another good blend of serif and script typeface comes from Serrona Font. The idea of combining the two-fonts style brings out a more modern and urban touch. It shows off the focal point of the lettering, as well as adding an aesthetic value. 

What you will get in this font is pretty much a unique handwritten script and blocky sans typeface. The two typefaces work best together or separately. You can use it for hair salon logos or signage. 

Created by Maulana Creative |


17. Magnies

Brimming with a more modern and elegant design, this font is perfect for high-end hair salon branding. You can use it to make a recognizable and distinctive logo, signage, lettering, or typography. It is also applicable for other hair, beauty, or fashion salon styles. 

You can use the font for skincare, authentic drink, luxurious service, and magazine headline. But one thing that makes it perfect for the hair salon business is its unique letter form that creates a blend of flair and femininity. 

Created by Artefak Project |


18. Levitte Script

You can also make an elegant and luxurious hair fashion salon logo design, signage, lettering, or typography branding with the scripted font. In this case, Levitte introduces the more specific uses of handwriting detail. Each letter has a unique and beautiful alternative with fancy glyphs. 

Playing with each letter is what a designer should do. You can make several impressions, from modern, luxurious, to vintage-styled calligraphy, which is currently on-trend. 

Created by Flavortype |


19. Charoe

When faced with a younger audience, you can play around with playful style fonts. Charoe is the perfect example, for that matter. The unique glyphs, lively strokes, and simple design make the typeface fit for any modern hair salon business. 

While the first impression is pretty much casual, it can turn into an elegant typeface with a color palette. With that in mind, use the typeface for the logo, lettering, typography, or graphic. 

Created by Tobias Saul |


20. Agora

Simple and elegant fit a lot of feminine products or businesses. You can call it a hair and beauty salon business. To support that business, you can add some more branding elements with Agora font. This will suit every kind of hair salon branding. 

From the simple and down-to-earth store to the more exquisite luxurious branding. The simple design with humble glyphs detailing do works for almost any kind of branding materials, such as a logo to a business card. 

Created by Vroz Studio |


21. Something Cool Font Duo

Something cool brings you two different typeface styles, sans and scripted. The distinctive handwritten script adds a casual and fun touch to your project. Meanwhile, the sans take a more static blocky taste to the project. 

The good thing about this font is that you can use it for almost every single hair or beauty salon branding material, from creating a unique combination of logo, casual signage to clean product detail.  

Created by Maulana Creative |


22. Quotesa Sans

One of the best font ideas for hair salon advertisement always resolves on the more simplistic yet beautiful and fancy sans serif. You can take a look at Quotesa that emphasizes readability and elegant lettering through its simple model. 

The font itself is not entirely dull. Quotesa includes several alternatives and styles to complement the whole styling. It comes with inimitable glyphs and ligatures. With its versatile nature, it is suitable for logotype, magazine headlines, or typography. 

Created by Typia Nesia |


23. Celine

To help to highlight the beauty and fashion world of hair and salon, Celine gives you a playful design. The detailing consists of a simple sans typeface with some fun strokes and swash. It also has 258 alternatives and ligatures. 

With an array of options, you can play around to create a brand identity. Uses the elegant one for a luxurious hair salon. Adopt the fun-looking one to make a more youthful branding such as logo or signage. 

Created by SilverStag |


24. Funtastic Youth Font Duo

Staying true with the name, once again, you can make more fun and modern styled hair, beauty, or fashion salon branding. The fantastic come with the youthful script typeface design that focuses on the handwritten touch. While the sans add contrast and a formal look.

The combination brings a lot of distinctive brand identity. You can use it for hair product logo design, modern signage, or a more subtle humble hair salon branding.  

Created by Maulana Creative |


25. Grand Duke

If you find serif typeface is pretty boring and unappropriated for the hair and beauty salon business, you must take a look at this typeface. The serif font is made with a beautiful uneven stroke in each character. Thus, creating a more subtle brand identity. 

The design also helps bring a casual touch while still looking clean and readable. The minimal ornament also benefits its versatility. You can use it for magazine headlines, logos, or quotes. 

Created by Peterdraw |


26. Reborn

If fancy and feminine are not enough for your hair product branding, kindly check out reborn. What makes this font stand out is the fun letterforms, which include the ligature, fun glyphs, and stars underline. The symbolic design adds one more charm to the lettering. 

Without any fancy decorative elements, it is applicable for all salon branding materials. From the hair and fashion salon logo, typography, signage, typography, or magazine headline. 

Created by Sensatype |


27. Love, Stella | Feminine Duo

Feminine is what you get from this typeface. Stella love and feminine design showcase the powerful punch of femininity through its iconic font duo. It uses a simple sans serif and a fantastic signature script. The design is meant to go hand in hand.

However, you can always make a hair salon branding logo, signage, or service detail separately. Uses the signature script to accentuate femininity, sans for elegance, or combine it for a more subtle brand identity. 

Created by Jen Wagner Co |


28. Hipster Style

Shout out to NEWFLIX.Bro successfully brings out the hipster aesthetic writing through this typeface. The style bring out a more modern, casual, and freedom taste. It is a perfect choice for a more casual and youthful hair salon business. 

Another point of interest is the fun and unique alternative, ligature, and design. The bundle comes with 12 typefaces with the script and sans font. They are perfect for hair product logos or salon decorative typography. 

Created by NEWFLIX.Bro |


29. Brand

Since hair and beauty products are bound with elegance or luxurious sense, this typeface will accentuate the same aesthetic. The brand brings out its lovely elegant design through the simple yet beautiful serif letter form. 

It focuses on readability without losing its unique detailing. It has some ligatures and glyphs that complete the look. Thus, you can apply the typeface for aesthetic hair salon logos, typography, or signage.  

Created by Sensatype |


30. Neo Zapeline

Last but not least is Neo Zapeline that takes the combination of script and serif font into different levels. Rather than using the signature handwritten script, the typeface choose the more authentic script design. It uses many ligatures and alternatives to make elegant classic designs.

Meanwhile, the serif typeface contrasts with its simplistic touch. There is no much detailing, but it offers more readability. It is a great combination for your modern classic hair salon branding. 

Created by Alphabeta |



Considering the range of options you can take as the hair and salon labeling, there is no ending line in this field. Most of the time, the target impression is elegant, luxurious, and feminine—all due to the women-related product and service. 


At the same time, other fonts play around with more varying designs. You can consider combining two typefaces, casual lettering, playful touch, or hipster style. You can choose according to the brand identity.

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