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Article: 30 Fantastic Font Options For Beer Brands & Bars

30 Fantastic Font Options For Beer Brands & Bars

Choosing typefaces for beer and bar designs can be quite challenging.
But no worry, go check these fantastic fonts that can show off the party!
Created by Tacikworks |

Typefaces or fonts mean a lot as a design element. Every swash and model creates a different impression. Elegant, strong, free, vibrant, authentic, and many more, you got a lot of meaning to tell. That is why some typefaces work well for certain uses, such as beer brands and bars. But, what are the best options to pick? Before we went for the list of typefaces. There are 3 suitable design styles for beer brands are bars that you should know. Here goes:


Suitable Design Style for Beer Brands & Bars

1. Vintage Style

Vintage style gains a lot more popularity nowadays. It also affects the beer business around the world. Some typefaces that use textures, simple san serif, and big heavyweight will work the best for this kind of impression. It is also versatile, which makes the font applicable for packaging, label, logo, signage, or menu. 

Created by Juan Camilo Corredor |


2. Modern Style 

Using the same ideas of san serif or scripted typeface, you can create a modern style font. This idea is also good for contemporary styled bars. The lack of cap and personal handwritten touch makes it a great option for almost every beer marketing media.

Created by Marka Works |


3. Hi-End / Luxury Style

One can adjust their typography and font style to create a luxurious beer brand and bar identity. In this case, the serifs, scripts, or handwriting help gaining the professional brand. You can use it for signage, high-end logo, apparel design, or package.  

Created by WeWantMore |


Fantastic Font Ideas

1. The Northwest

Underlying the sense of rustic vintage product, this kind of font is a perfect option for authentic cowboy-style bars or pubs. It uses a sans serif family that accentuates the wild west culture while also sprinkling a taste of modern touch. 

It works for pretty much every business, including beer brands. What makes the font work is the uppercase family that has texture. The typeface is clear enough for bar logo, signage, menu, or beer packaging.

Created by NEWFLIX.Bro |


2. Brewski

Staying loyal to the name, the Brewski typeface was designed for the brewing industry. With that said, you can use this font for your beer business. The design signifies the vintage style concept with its hand-drawn like serif typeface. 

At the same time, the A-Z letter has a special uppercase letter. You can create an authentic beer brand or bar logo design. It also adds interesting details for signage.  

Created by NEWFLIX.Bro |


3. Beer Time 

Combining sans serif and serif, the beer time font creates a perfect vintage theme for beer brand and bar logo design. It adopts the very standard-looking typefaces that are very common in the brewing industry, which makes it perfect. 

What makes it good is the use of underline for some lowercase letters. It adds small alterations but is still loyal to the theme. With that small feature, you can use the retro font for bar label, beer logo, poster, or apparel.

Created by Vozzy Vintage Fonts And Graphics |


4. Franklin Stone 

Franklin stone is another vintage-style typeface that also works for modern bar logos or signage. The versatility of the font comes from its hand-drawn style, which also appears as sans serif type. It offers simplicity as well as clarity. 

When used for antique-styled beer brands, the stamp and original model will work perfectly. It is also suitable for some other branding materials such as bar logo, print, apparel, to packaging typography.

Created by Ironbird Creative |


5. Sherlock 

Providing three styles, clean, rough, and press, the font offers such a unique style typeface. The design brings out a vintage Victorian-era styled handwritten typeface, which reminds you of Sherlock Holmes movies. 

Why it is a perfect option for the bar and beer business is the simple yet clear typeface. It also adds a prestigious sense to the brand identity. But more than that, you can use it for everything, including logo design to the menu.

Created by Dikas Studio |


6. NS Blackbooks Victorian 

Bringing back the strong sense of the Victorian era, Black books will be the fancy typeface for your café, bar, pubs, and beer brand company logo. The appearance resembles the old historical books font, which is filled with ornamental swashes and flows. 

The feel, shapes, and scale can create a robust impression. With that look, you can use it to make a distinctive bar logo and signage. But it will look too much for smaller text in beer packaging labels.

Created by Novi Souldado |


7. Stout

Stout offers another styled vintage font that works for almost every business. But for beer brands and bar businesses, this kind of typefaces work perfectly for logo design and signage. It is because the lettering detail is unique but also easy to look at. 

Another good utilization of this font is for menu headlines. The small detail creates unique styling and also pinpoints certain focal information in the bar menu detail.

Created by Vintage Voyage Design |


8. The Royalheat 

For a strong brand that wants to accentuate the bold manner, the Royal heat will state the transformation. The organic typeface was influenced by hand-drawn vintage-styled fonts. It has small ornamental parts but uses unique lettering in some characters. 

It is a suitable option for bar and beer branding materials due to its range of styles. You can use slanted or the stamped styles for the logo, print, signage, or bottle label.

Created by Ironbird Creative |


9. Las Valles

If you are running an authentic brewery business that accentuates nature, Las Valles will complement the beer brand identity. The uses of tall sans serifs font style resemble the lofty trees. It looks vintage, yet modern as well. 

The font uses a very simple ornamental detail. Thus, making it a perfect typeface for your branding materials. You can use it for beer and bar signage, packaging, and menu information.

Created by NEWFLIX.Bro |


10.Original Absinthe 

The typeface already shows some amazing bottle label design examples. With that said, you can say that the font will be a great addition to your beer or bar branding. Start using it to create a unique logo, label, packaging, or menu headline. 

The font itself is not showy as It has very small yet apparent ornamental features. If you want to use it, you can make it a unique font for the bar menu or poster.

Created by Vozzy Vintage Font And Graphics |


11. Holluise

Another simple vintage-styled font that is also good for modern beer brands is Holluise. The typeface emphasizes its uniqueness through inimitable ligature and alternation. What makes it fun is the mix of script stroke and the casual sans serif. 

The combination creates a fun lettering detail for your bar identity. The simple pairs and mix make it a perfect font for logo design, signage, or menu detail.

Created by Spectrum Supply |


12. Oatmeal Stout

Under the same stout family, this typeface is made especially for brewery trademarks. The design offers a fresh look with its simple yet bold design. It displays a vintage atmosphere but also works as a modern bar. 

Beer brands and bars can use the font for every branding material. The little shadow effect helps create a point for logo, label, or signage. At the same time, it works wonders for menu and smaller package information.

Created by Hustle Supply Co. |


13. Countdown Ville

For magical prestigious beer brands or bars, this font will appear as the perfect fit. The extra ornamental details create a fairy-tale-like impression. Just as popular pubs in the fairy-tale, this font will bring a distinctive brand for your business.  

The typeface itself appears pretty clean for a capped lowercase design, which means you can use it for smaller text. It includes bar menu details, emblem, advertising, cards, labels, signage, or logos.

Created by Designco |


14. Berringer by Hustle Supply Co.

If you are in love with a simple design and vintage sans serif, make sure to take a look at this font. The Berringer offers three styles of fonts that fit vintage and modern styled bar or beer brands.

The letter character design adopts soft edge details, which help it useful for varying weight, hierarchy, or setting. That detail explains the versatility that includes the usability for signage, logotype, menu, or smaller packages details.

Created by Hustle Supply Co. |


15. Cosmic Lager

It offers several usages abilities. The fonts can complete your vintage pubs or bar's theme. The design is simple but straightforward, which is a way to follow the current trend. It fits the beer business due to the fitting image. 

It is grand, fun, but also old, just like the quality beer made of. What makes this font a perfect option is its range of usability. You can transform it into a logo, label, poster, or even apparel.

Created by Vozzy Vintage Font And Graphics |


16. Enriq Round sans serif font 

When joining a modern bar and beer brand, you can say that the Enriq typeface helps you gain an audience. The smooth rounded-edged style accentuates the modern trend and fashionable touch. 

While it looks contrasting to the strong impression of beer, the powerful OpenType offers nuance and legibility. Surely the unique ligature also creates a distinctive logotype or bar label, which works the best to gain younger consumers.

Created by NEWFLIX.Bro |


17. Northed

When a modern style is not what you are looking for, then you can use the mix of vintage and new era. The Northed can be the best example. It has some unique ligature and letter style to emphasize vintage. But it also works to create a modern bar or beer logo. 

The all-caps typeface has some fun detail but still highlights clarity and legibility. With those ideas, you can tell that it works for almost every bar branding material such as logo, label, or menu.

Created by Blankids |


18. The Blackport

Hand-drawn typeface always has its position in people's hearts, just like the Blackport that offers a slick and clean font pack. Its associate sans serif and serif typeface makes it a versatile option for beer brands or bar businesses. 

The simple decorative details swash does not disrupt the readability aspect. It also has clear upper- and lower-case styles that make it suitable for print, logo, signage, or label.

Created by Ironbird Creative |


19. Gladius

To accentuate the strong kick of beer and the merry of bars, you can create a meaningful logo with Gladius font. It is a vintage typeface that comes in two different styles. It improves the versatility points. 

Business owners can maximize the use of this font for every material and media, including printed or digital ones. You can also use it for menu, logotype, or product packaging. With some typography wit, it can also fit modern bar or beer brands.

Created by Typotopia |


20. Broadley

Brandishing the fun lettering of the 90s era, Broadley typeface adds professionalism and authentic touch to your brand. The bold serif design makes the wording clear and precise for logo or signage detail. 

It also has a script font style that helps complete the whole vintage theme. The script detail adds a formal and personal touch to the marketing materials. Thus, it can be a perfect typeface to write down the beer brand menu, typography mural, or signage.

Created by Letterhand |


21. Blackside

With around 16 families, the Blackside typeface is your best friend on defining the vintage-styled beer brand and bars. Once again, the font is pretty simple yet signifies the strong and bold sense of your product. 

What makes it perfect is the lack of decorative features that help to focus on readability. While it looks less fancy than other fonts but it comes with huge versatility. You can use it for logo, menu highlight, quotes, beer packaging, or bar signage.

Created by Bilogsign |


22. Barletta

Offering six font styles, Barletta can help you create a professional-looking beer logo and signage. The serif style with small little decorative addition makes the lettering easy to read and understand—a great decision for a neon sign or label design. 

The ranges of styles also bring out vaster possibilities in creating a focal point in certain media. For example, you can use it to create the menu highlight or packaging focal point. The minimal anchor points and ergonomic looks also make it fit a modern bar theme.

Created by Grezline Studio |


23. Wildborn

Simple, rounded edges and sans serif style make Wilborn a perfect model for modern or vintage branding. It works wonders for beer brands and bars due to its versatility. It complements the smaller scale text material such as packaging detail and label. 

It is also a good option for logotype and signage due to its range of styles. When applied with good typography skills, the font can signify the premium quality of your liquor product. 

Created by Wandery Supply |


24. Wilden

The hand-drawn aspect in this font is pretty strong, which makes each letter have this unique uneven stroke. Such details bring out the personal touch for your brand. It surely helps your beer product and bar business feel more friendly or approachable.  

The sans serif styles also help improve its versatility and readability point. It is easy to implement in a range of beer logos or label designs. Even more, the all-caps style helps it work for many branding materials, including print or bar advertisements.

Created by Garisman Studio |


25. The Farmer

High-end, classic, vintage, modern, and professional that are the impression you can get from the farmer font. It is a very simple typeface design, which includes all-caps san serif lettering. The main difference is the underline at the lowercase. 

When used properly, it can be used as a beer brand logotype, label, signage, or menu font. It offers clarity and unique points. Complement the font with a simple icon and background to create an elegant bar identity.

Created by NEWFLIX.Bro |


26. The Salvator

Using a golden Salvator font can create a prestigious impression on your beer or bar brand. The design itself is pretty simple yet unique. It has intriguing details in the form of texture. Meanwhile, the looks are a mix of sans and serif styles. 

It brings out vintage expressions but is also applicable for modern branding. Due to its easy-to-read, simple, and stylish art, the typeface suits perfectly for logotype, beer packaging detail, and bar menu highlight.

Created by DMletterstudio |


27. Marones

Bringing out the vintage wild western looks, the Marones will be a perfect example of elegance and fancy design. It offers enough decorative details to make it attractive. At the same time, it also signifies the high-end quality bar product. 

For beer brands and bars, the font will be a perfect selection for logotype, signage, package, or menu highlight. The fun ligature and alternative will add a unique touch.

Created by Arterfak Project |


28. Baruna

If you are looking for a modern and sophisticated font, then you should check out Baruna. Baruna offers some fancy lettering designs with some decorative features in its letter. It also uses a layered style, which makes it appear elegant. 

Considering how it uses fancy intricate detail, even for the lower-case typefaces, this kind of font is suitable for beer logo or label design. It also complements vintage high-end bar style, but it will look too much for smaller text.

Created by Creativemedialab |


29. Köhler

Clean, vintage, tall, and textured are the main attractive points of Kohler font. It is a perfect typeface for old or aged beer brands. At the same time, the simple san-serif style is also a delicate addition to a vintage bar with a modern touch in it. 

The simplistic design makes the typeface work with almost every material. You can use it to develop logos, develop easy-to-read typography murals, fun, clear menus, or recognizable labels and signage.

Created by Hustle Supply Co. |


30. Caltons

To accentuate the long-preserved beer quality, Caltons font helps you bring out the vintage style to your bar. What makes this typeface unique is the layered details and the ornamental squash or strokes. Thus, making it one of the distinctive models. 

Its unique, stylish ligatures and intricate details will be a perfect addition for logo or signage. The novel arrangement and sizes also make good mural typography. However, it can look too messy for small and longer text.

Created by Tacikworks |



Beer brands and bars tend to go around the vintage-styled typefaces. While it is a safe option to look at, you also have a lot of choices to take. Some of the old-styled typefaces are also changeable and applicable for modern styled business. 

You can play around with the hierarchy, color, position, and other typography settings to help develop your beer or bar branding. With that said, your typeface will signify and create a significant brand identity.

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