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Article: 30 Tasty Fonts For Healthy Snack Products

30 Tasty Fonts For Healthy Snack Products

These are the best recommended delicious and organic font options that are suitable for healthy snack products and brands. Check these out!
Created by Gokce Sen |  -

Fresh, clean, and healthy are probably some of the impressions you are looking for from any snack product. Pictures are not the only way to make your mouth water as well as speaking about the product. An appropriate font will eventually help you gain a certain brand identity. Some of them are even well fitted for healthy snack products.

You can take a look at the straight and formal linear typeface. This kind of font style works perfectly with high-end cuisine. You can also play around with curly scripts. It brings out the delectable, sweet, and personal taste. When used side by side with pictures or illustrations, the font detail can also develop a distinctive personality to your snack brand.

In this case, you can say that you will need to invoke consumer thought and mind about your healthy snack product. Attractive is not the only key objective. You also need to choose the perfect mix of your product style and legibility. A good font needs versatility that is suitable for many media, including signage, logotype, or product package.



1. Rustyne

Starting up with the Rustyne font. The typeface underlines the style of rustic script handwritten lettering. The design itself is pretty simple, with some decorative strokes to make it fancy. Rustyne also offers textured detail that makes it a great addition to vintage-like snack products. 

For healthy snack products, the font will bring out an authentic and natural feeling. It is also easy to adapt for your snack logo, branding, signage, typography, branding, or label package.

Created by Craft Supply Co |


2. Sailors

Angga Mahardika's Sailors font brings out the vintage touch through its Sans serif style. The round and rough stylishness create a perfect balance of casual plus formal touch. What makes it interesting is the texturing detail, which makes it have uneven transparency.

The small detail complements a handwritten style font. It is also clear and illegible. Thus it can turn into a perfect option for a mouthwatering healthy snack product logotype, signage, packaging detail, or other advertising materials.

Created by Angga Mahardika |


3. Ambigue Wild

Combining modern and vintage taste, the Ambigue typeface is the real meaning of its name. What makes it best for the snack product logo is the smart mix of serif style with scripted swashes. It creates a very distinct and fun lettering detail. 

You can use it as a logotype or signage. With some adjustments and typography, it is also plausible for murals or quotes. As long as using careful measurements, the font will work for packaging font details.

Created by Wandery Supply |


4. Old Pines Sans

When it comes to healthy snack products, the chances are that you wanted to emphasize natural origin. In this case, Old pines Sans brings out a very clear font as well as down to earth impression. The unique ligature swashes also highlight a vintage style. 

Meanwhile, the texture completes the all-caps fonts. It is a good font for snack logos or labels. You can also use it alongside fancy menus and pictures of your healthy snack product.

Created by Wandery Supply |


5. Motgan

Offering several styles and ligatures, the Motgan font is a perfect depiction of rustic, authentic, and earthy design. For you who run a healthy natural snack product, the typeface can help you accentuate the message. 

With ranges of details and models, you have the freedom to play around with the font. You can use it for logotype, signage, menu details to your product package information. Motgan has unique ligature, stroke, and alternate, which help to develop a brand personality.

Created by FallenGraphic Std |


6. Outdoors Signature

Outdoor Signature takes the handwriting script style to the next level. Just as the name implies, it gives a personal signature style like writing. It can be a perfect font for high-end healthy snack products as well as authentic modern logo design. 

With its swash and stroke details, the lettering will look astonishing for signage or card. But it can make a smaller label or packaging information harder to read.

Created by Wandery Supply |


7. Restgold

Authentic, modern, and also delectable are what you find in this font design. Restgold emphasizes the stylish high-contrast serif typeface. It brings out elegant touch for logo, signage, or package label. It also makes a friendly and approachable impression. 

Each of the letters and characters has different styling or decorative detail. While it can improve the brand's personality and identity, it can be distracting for smaller texts. This is why the font is better for larger lettering.

Created by Great Studio |


8. Royal Kevino

Royal Kevino font maximizes the whitespace by playing with its decorative strokes. The series features turn into a beautiful set of typefaces that bring out the royal, sophisticating, and elegant appearance. Healthy snack products can easily adapt to make gorgeous titles or logos. 

The font package itself consists of a full set of numerals and punctuation. The small caps are also clear and simple, which makes it a great option for more readable packaging detail information.

Created by HanzelStudio |


9. Calvous

Calvous brings up the old wild west style lettering design. The font uses small decorative detail to create a unique vintage look. It can be a perfect choice for a bar or beer product. But it also surprisingly holds together for a modern healthy snack product brand. 

The strong and bold serif style font makes a high-end professional impression. It is also easy to read and recognizable, which is why it is good for logotype, title, or signage.

Created by Letterhand |


10. Gutter

To create a personal touch and friendly manner, Gutter's hand-drawn vintage typeface is a perfect option. The font does not add too many layers or decorative parts, so it is clear and readable. The design is pretty simple, without over-styling. 

Those aspects make it the best candidate to signify your healthy snack product detail or logo. You can use it to make a modern yet vintage logo design or snack packaging label.

Created by Dikas Studio |


11. The Rustic Barnyard

If you run an organic natural snack product, the rustic barnyard will help you accentuate the meaning. The font was made under a cottage-style inspiration, thus making it have the approachable, delicate, yet clear impression. It is a perfect font for farm products.  

The design signifies simplicity through its less decorative parts. It also makes the font easier to adopt with illustrations or pictures. In other words, you can use it for snack logos, signage, or even packaging labels.

Created by OkayAnnie Designs |


12. Rusted Orlando

With the rising popularity of the vintage style, the Rusted Orlando is a good option for your snack logo project. The scripted type font signifies the beauty of handwritten aesthetics. At the same time, it also comes with textures and unique ligature or ornamental stroke. 

It makes the font a perfect selection for your vintage-styled snack brand logo or label. It is clear enough to make a unique focal point in packaging but too much for smaller lettering.

Created by Runsell |


13. Stomper

The plus point of this font is the complementary ornaments that fill the white space and create a distinctive impression. It exudes a vintage appearance under fancy lettering. The typeface can help create a highlight for your packaging design. 

The typeface also makes a good and prestigious impression for logos or labels. You can use it for organic healthy snack product branding that comes together with some intricating ornament. It is good for larger media, not smaller text.

Created by Letterhend |


14. Crunchy

To bring out a friendly, approachable, casual, personal, and modern vibe, you should check out Crunchy typeface. The font underlines the use of a natural rough brush. Thus, making it unique and easy to implement in many branding materials. 

The design is also pretty simple and textured. It helps to turn the font usable and compatible with other typefaces, styles, pictures, or details. What makes it good is how it works for modern styled logotype, typography, or signage.

Created by HansCo |


15. Hanleth

Hanleth typeface offers two font styles for you. If you want to create a vintage and modern snack logo or branding design, it can give you a lot of options. The scripted sans serif fuse makes a perfect depiction of vintage. 

You can use it to signify your healthy snack product as a logo or label brand. It also makes a good packaging focal point. Putting it alongside high-end cuisine, the font will exude a prestigious ambiance.

Created by Great19 |


16. Leafy Plant

The funny and natural atmosphere from this font is a great help to signify your healthy snack brand. Just as the name says, the Leafy plant can come across and complement a lot of design elements. You can use it along with pictures, illustrations, or other typefaces.

Other than that, the sans casual serif design makes an approachable and friendly manner. It is a perfect way to attract a younger or millennial audience. You can use it for everything, including snack logotype, signage, or typography.

Created by Wandery Supply |


17. Gallicide

To state a bold, simple, yet fresh design, Gallicide provides you all-caps typefaces in three font styles. You can use the combination of rough, regular, or outlines design to create an exciting logo design. 

The typeface is pretty simple, which makes it usable for almost any branding material. You can use it to make a fun and modern logo design, vintage-style signage, or recognizable healthy snack packaging. Unfortunately, it can look messy for smaller text.

Created by MuSan |


18. Murmers

Murmers once again playing around with the all-caps letters. The serif font and all of its unique strokes make it very recognizable. The project itself underlines the fact that it was inspired by murder and crime movies. 

Even with a scary background, the design brings a high-class atmosphere. It does not have over swashes and is easy to read. You can use it to make a cool vintage or modern snack logo, label, badges, and advertisement.

Created by Panji |


19. Hustle

The main point of this font is the five-layered design. The detail makes it a perfect model for vintage or modern healthy snack branding. When used as a logo, the design creates fun and depth for the media. Thus, making it very recognizable. 

The clean style can bring out a modern vibe to your logo, poster, sign, or display. With some adjustments, you can also make a breathtaking label and packaging design.

Created by Great19 |


20. Broadway

Showing the elegance and the beauty of Broadway are the impressions you got from this font. It uses a vintage script but with a little modern twist. The condensed and sans serif style was the reason behind its flair. 

What makes it a perfect option for your healthy snack branding is the clear, clean, and beautifying signature. It is a good choice for logos or sign designs. You can also use it for package labels as well as aesthetic typography.

Created by Hart Foundry |


21. Elsora

To state a clear idea of a modern and healthy product, you also use a simple yet bold font such as Elsora. Your snack brand can appear modern or rustic with an Elsora typeface. All you need to do is to play around with all of the options it gives. 

What makes this typeface good for culinary brands is the simplicity and versatility. You can play around with its bold style to make an authentic, healthy snack logo, sign, or product package detail.

Created by I Do Not Sleep |


22. MixBox

The unique styled font might help you build your snack brand. In this case, you can take a look at the Mixbox typeface. It uses blocky heavy sans serif styles with a touch of exceptional lettering design. The different impressions and designs make it easy to recognize.

With that said, you can use it for your healthy snack logo, label, packaging design, or sign. To avoid dull design, you can play around with hierarchy, color, pictures, or other design elements.

Created by Sabrcreative |


23. Aldivaro

Aldivaro comes with four font styles to give you a lot of freedom in designing. The main style is a rounded sans serif typeface. It uses a very tiny decorative detail as its characteristic. With that idea, Aldivaro is suitable for almost every snack branding material. 

You can use it to make an authentic vintage-style logo or sign. At the same time, it is also easy to use with pictures to signify your snack product.

Created by Sabrcreative |


24. Road Race

The road race is a depiction of classic lettering design and a part of rustic serif family typefaces. This kind of design helps create a high-end, professional, and trusted branding identity. It looks formal but also fits with a modern, simplistic aesthetic. 

You can use it to develop an authentic, healthy snack logotype or signage. It has a readable design even for smaller scale and other branding media, such as apparel, packaging, or print.

Created by Craft Supply Co |


25. Anchorage Vintage Script

Modern snack brands tend to choose a very approachable typeface for their branding. In this case, you can make the same impression topped up with elegance by using Anchorage. The typeface uses scripted style fonts with a touch of unique decorative strokes and swashes. 

It portrays handwritten styles which fit a classic appearance. But when accompanied with pictures and luxurious, healthy snack products, it turns into a modern luxurious branding. Use it for logos, signs, or label packages to make it stand out.

Created by Wandery Supply |


26. Huvet

Huvet Bundles font can help you cope with modern food trends. It brings out a vintage sense but can also turn into a modern, simplistic typeface design. The design itself offers a very subtle ligature and alternate details. 

You can use it for a lot of larger branding media, such as brand logos and signs. It also creates a masculine vibe, which means it is a perfect solution for specific snack packaging design.

Created by 24Design Studios |


27. Roestica Vintage Sans

If you are trying to make a vintage luxurious logo or packaging label design, make sure to take a look at Roestica. The typeface accentuates its strong, bold, and distinguishable design through creative uses of all-caps sans serif font. 

When applied with good typography adjustment, the typeface can make an outstanding logo or sign. It is also a good selection for healthy snack packaging labels due to its clean, easy to read, and simple design.

Created by Wandery Supply |


28. Bonerica

Underlining the handmade aesthetic, the Bonerica makes a great example of a unique font type. It resembles a bone pattern that helps it turn a simple logo into something more memorable. The uneven stroke also makes it a perfect character for your snack logo project. 

What makes it good for a healthy snack product typeface is its versatility. It offers a clear design and illegible lettering. Thus, you can use it for your logotype, product packaging design, label, or sign.

Created by Panji |


29. The Rustic

Bringing out a fun and magical styled font design, you can captivate your potential snack product consumer through Rustic typeface. It has some unique character designs that come with fun decorative strokes and swashes.  

What makes it a fun option is the special character alternate, which allows you to play around with your project. You can use it to make a distinctive snack product logo, sign, or label.

Created by Nirmana Visual |


30. Oatmeal Jack

If you opt for a more casual and fun design, you can check out Oatmeal jack. The font pretty much resembles the unique graffiti-like typography. It can be a good option for healthy snack products meant for younger consumers.

It makes a fun and refreshing touch to your branding design. It can be tricky as a snack logo, sign, or label font. But with some adjustment and skill, it will turn into distinctive branding material.

Created by bluerobindesignshop |



Just like any other business, you can signify your brand message and function through your font choice. In the case of healthy snacks or food, your decision of typefaces ranges from vintage to modern. 

It also includes a range of typefaces styles that help signify your brand identity and impression. Be smart in choosing one and make sure it fits with your branding theme. Attractiveness is one thing, but readability also matters.

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