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Article: 30 Fantastic Font Resources For Coffee Shops

30 Fantastic Font Resources For Coffee Shops

Typefaces become one of the design elements that bring a lot of impact in brand identity. In the case of coffee shop businesses, your typography can help deliver the meaning, message, and personality. So, what are the best options? Here are some of them.



Going from the older font family, the serif typeface has a characteristic of little lines at the end of every letter. The usage of this typeface is mostly for elegant, formal, and classic appearances. It is easier to read, perfect for advertisement, or every kind of packaging.

San Serif

The main difference with serif is the lack of little lines, thus making the san serif typefaces appropriate for many purposes. It is a good choice for coffee brands since it offers modernity, minimalism, cleanliness, and simplicity. It is easy to adapt and read in many media. 


The handwriting aesthetic of script font compiles a casual, fun, and creative vibe. The lettering brings up a personal and inviting feeling for the coffee shop. It is a good option for signage, menu, or branding, but not for smaller packaging. 



1. Las Valles

Created by NEWFLIX.Bro |

By using the western retro typeface look, the design creates a fresh breath of air in the text. The addition of a small underline for the lowercase adds a certain personality. The font brings up a taste of nostalgia, making it an essential design for authentic old-style coffee shops. 

The simple san serif design also helps in its adaptability. You can combine it with illustration to make a cool logo or signage. The tall condensed design also has a ton of beautiful ligatures and alternates. Thus, making it a fresh vintage yet modern coffee look. 


2. Fresty

Created by Blankids |

Fresty is a fresh breath for coffee branding and logotype. The combination of different emblems, scripts, typeface, and the italic san series model create a distinctive look. It is also fairly easy to use for logos or signage. 

The lettering design is also very stylish for the modern urban business. It is quite easy to read and usable for a lot of logo designs. But unfortunately, it can get too overwhelming for smaller coffee fonts since it has quite intricate curves and details. 


3. Arotha

Created by BlackFontLab |

The Arotha font brings a lot of fun and a quirky appearance. It has a monoline typeface that compiles a very nice flow of texture and strokes. In any case, the design will be a perfect addition to coffee shop signage or logo. 

The gentle flow in the uppercase and the alternative don't overwhelm the whole design. What makes it perfect for a coffee brand is the simple yet intricate detail. The work is easy to read as well as adaptable for more fancy uses, such as posters. 


4. Mavera

Created by Creativemedialab |

Bringing up a modern touch in the display, the Mavera accentuates the strong line and form. It uses a clean and simple brush, which is a perfect depiction of a strong and bold manner. You can use it for a lot of media such as logos, posters, menu design, and many more. 

What makes the font perfect for a coffee shop is the simple design. It doesn't add too much flair yet still appears elegant and solid. When used for menu design, the easy-to-read model helps deliver messages. 


5. Harolde

Created by BlackFontLab |

Harolde's design is the modern yet vintage serif model. The antique aesthetic of the font makes it a perfect addition for some alcoholic beverage brands. Knowing that story, it also safe to say that the typeface will work well for an authentic coffee shop brand. 

The lettering style does not add too many details, except for some lines in it. The simple model makes the lettering easy to read for many media, including coffee packaging labels. It also has different types of faces that make it versatile for almost every kind of background. 


6. Baroneys

Created by Sancrea |

Adding a flair of vintage and elegant typeface is the focus of Baroneys. The vintage design uses very subtle serif typefaces with some strokes to create a unique look. What makes it interesting is how the font can go with a textured or solid model. 

It helps users to combine several design elements, including pictures and illustrations. With that consideration, this model can turn into a beautiful logo, menu design, or signage for any business, including the coffee shop. You can even use the typeface to create inspiring coffee quotes. 


7. Karma

Created by BlackFontLab |

Karma appears as another vintage serif typeface with bold lines. The design is pretty simple but appears solid. While it looks very strong, the font family of blackletter anatomy makes the design a great choice for a lot of business branding, including coffee projects. 

The ranges of line thickness help create a focal point and emphasize information. It can be the best selection for vast menu items, signage, or unique patterning. If combined with some old-styled logo design, this type will also help create a brand identity.


8. Motherline

Created by Letterhand |

The Motherline toolbox design is a complete bundle of many cool fonts. It has a lot of charm under the script, like typefaces. It has monoline, blocks, bold, regular, to the sans rough types. The ranges of types make it versatile for all media and utilization.

The model itself compiles a lot of curves and smooth wavy strokes, which create distinctive lettering. When used for coffee shop business, the lettering design can work as a menu display or mural. It also works for logos or signage, but not for small prints. 


9. Nordin

Created by Craft Supply Co. |

Just like the name says, the Nordin font family offers a masculine touch in its lettering. It has a heavy vintage vibe with some extra badges as bonuses. The simple san serif design makes it appropriate for a lot of usages, including brand identity, pop vintage design, retro design logo, to coffee shop art.  

What makes it more suitable for a coffee store is how good it looks in a monochromatic palette. The strong chalk-like pattern brush adds a vintage touch to packaging and menu design. 


10. Herina

Created by Graptail |

To gain feminine audiences, the Herina font creates graceful and inviting typeface looks. It has a unique stroke in every letter, creating a perfect balance of curve and serif typeface. One thing for sure, the model accentuates a grand look. 

That is why this type of lettering will be best for coffee logos or signage. It is also good enough for packaging focal points if balanced with the appropriate color and background. While it can make the appearance overwhelming, it is great for millennials' business.  


11. Aesthetic Gelatinate

Created by Agniardi |

Energetic, dynamic, free, and casual is the depiction of Aesthetic Gelatinate. The lettering design is unique with its abstract curve strokes. The font itself indicates a more down-to-earth and modern type of typography, which is a perfect idea for a coffee shop logo.

One thing for sure, the aesthetic curve can make some writing hard to read. That is why you can use it for bigger media or coffee signage. Smaller media such as a menu or packaging details will be hard to read. But it can add flair for some focal points. 


12. Hemisphers

Created by Runsell |

By offering four different font styles, hemisphere can give you a script, bold sans, sans, and handwriting design. The font family itself focuses on creating a classy and clean design. With the range of models, you can use it for a lot of media such as packaging, labels, to the badge. 

The carefully written design also offers a whole package for coffee shops. You can use cool-looking lettering for a sign or logo. Use the sans and handwriting detail for the menu and the bold sans to make an easy-to-read packaging detail. 


13. Alchemion

Created by Nomad Visuals |

Inspired by sixteenth-century alchemical treatises and hand lettering design, Alchemion creates a subtle appearance of fascinating books display. The font looks amazing with its simple yet antique serif appearance. The unstable inking texture creates an impression of hand lettering, which can be a perfect addition to the menu display. 

Another plus thing about the font is the easy-to-read aspect. It does not add too much flair or detail, which makes clear lettering for almost every media. You can use it for coffee shop logo design, labels, invitation, signage, or even coffee packages. 


14. Blacktail

Created by Din Studio |

When trying to leave a big impression, then you can make a logo or signage design with Blacktail font. The vintage typefaces look amazing with their layered design. It adds an extra ornament and depth to the lettering, making it recognizable. However, the design is pretty strong and solid. 

That aspect makes it very suitable for bigger lettering such as coffee shop logo design or signage. There is no big difference between uppercase and lowercase, which can hinder the delivering message process. It can create a cool-looking vintage retro logo, but not for the menu or packaging. 


15. Memorix

Created by BlackFontLab |

The perfect depiction of nostalgic lettering is Memorix. What makes this font outstanding is how the small strokes and design bring out the old days' texture and element. It doesn't have too much flair but elegant enough to accentuate the originality. 

The font design and appearance can turn into an epic historical coffee shop brand. It is also pretty easy to adapt to many kinds of media or styles. You can name it vintage style, old-style or use it for elegant modern business branding. 


16. Hanleth

Created by Great19 |

The script, sans, and vintage icon style in Hanleth bring out a fresh breath of design. The old design does not have to be rustic or dull, and Hanleth makes it true. The curved font and the rigid lettering make the typeface looks formal yet casual.

The model and looks work best for 52 vintage rustic icons, but you can transform them into modern lettering with vibrant color. The font package itself comes with a range of alternates and swashes that make it versatile and usable for many media, including the coffee shop menu. 


17. Vendeur

Created by Craft Supply Co. |

To accentuate the strong taste of coffee and the classic touch, you can also take a look at the Vendeur font. The simple yet professional lettering design makes Vendeur one of the best candidates for many media. It can be used for logo design, signage, menu display, or packaging label. 

The package also comes with 8 letterings. That is why it fits with many coffee design projects on varying print material. It doesn't have a lot of details or small little additions, which make it easier to read.  


18. Retrica 2.0

Created by Lostvoltype |

Coffee shops that are trying to emphasize the beauty of handmade products can use this kind of font. Retica creates a simple yet classy design for a vintage lettering design. It has a lot of multilingual support and alternates between complementing the varying utilization. 

What makes Retrica a great option is how the hand-drawn design brings a simple yet elegant typeface. It brings out a personality that is easy, approachable, and welcoming. It is also easy to read and clear for smaller-scale coffee information.


19. Gold Coast

Created by Craft Supply Co. |

Craft supply makes a lot of vintage-styled fonts for years. In this model, the Gold Coast design emphasizes the vintage serif typeface family ideas. It has very small detail and flairs, which make the design rather dull without any other element. 

But the dull and solid impression can turn into the best-hidden meaning. Its simplicity offers the vintage model, making it resemble the real old generation. The typeface doesn't even have to exaggerate strokes, which makes it perfect for many media, including a menu panel to a coffee logo. 


20. Rodetta

Created by Grezline Studio |

The bulky typeface can attract people's attention. In this case, Rosetta appears as a bold font that also adds a cute touch to its appearance. The hand-drawn vintage sans all caps front, which makes it a perfect solution for a recognizable branding design. 

Since it is a sans font, Rodetta can fit well for coffee shop product packaging, header, logo, or branding. When used with some colors, illustrations, and details, the lettering can turn into a sophisticated logo. It also clears enough for many printing materials, such as fabric, to packaging stickers. 


21. Nuevo

Created by Graphicfresh |

Another vintage-styled font that makes small details is Nuevo. The type comes with caps on form and a san serif typeface. It also comes with a stamp and regular version to create depth or texture. The model is very simple and basic, but it is easy to read. 

With some of the aspects and its appearance, Nuevo can be a quick and easy logo design font. You can add pictures and relevant aesthetic elements to make it work. It is also readable for small coffee labels. 


22. Sabatons

Created by Letterhand |

Bringing out the essence of a simplistic vintage font duo, Sabatons provides two different styled typefaces. You got the Sabatone or the Sabatone script type. The duo sans go with the same purpose, which is creating a flowy and blended appearance. 

Using this font can help you add flair and personality to the coffee shop. You can use it for sophisticated high-end logo design or signage. At the same time, you can also implement the font for the other media, such as packaging labels to the menu details. 


23. Lighthouse

Created by NEWFLIX.Bro |

To create a fine-looking sailor-like appearance, the Lighthouse font is characterized by its waving tail underline. The uses of the underline itself help create a difference between the upper and lowercase. It creates a fun and easy-to-read impression, but at the same time, it can look overwhelming. 

The addition of a small little underline in every letter can make your long menu look cramped. In this case, the best utilization of this font is for coffee logo design or particular quotes. You can also use the typeface for typographical murals. 


24. Floresto

Created by NEWFLIX.Bro |

Going for a modern vintage sans serif font, Floresto creates an elegant natural flow in its stroke. The font consists of an uppercase alphabet which is kind of trending nowadays. To make it look different, the lowercase comes with a small little underline. The idea is pretty familiar with some other typefaces, but Floresto adds some strokes as a bonus. 

The result is very worth looking at. The unique lettering addition works the best for coffee shops due to its down-to-earth texture. It also clears enough to read for logo and packaging labels.  


25. Brooks

Created by Harry Kasyanov |

Brooks is a very distinctive font model. It has a vintage display that resembles an old eastern lettering culture. It has a lot of extra or intricate details in every letter, making it one of the best options for logo design. The unique style also works best to attract people, but not for smaller text. 

What makes the lettering worth looking at is the layered system. It has a regular, shadow and inserts to create depth. When used as a coffee logo or label, the design can create a recognizable identity. 


26. Wildborn

Created by Wandery Supply |

Most coffee shops choose the vintage letter design to signify the uniqueness and its state-of-the-art quality. In this case, the wild-born font can help you create a blend of vintage and modern touch in the business text.

The uses of classic rounded ink-styled lettering make the font an epitome of the vintage arsenal. But at the same time, it brings out a wild, bold, and clean impression which matches with the current generation‚ÄĒmaking it a perfect style for the coffee logo, apparel, packaging, and menu.¬†


27. The Northwest

Created by NEWFLIX.Bro |

Northwest also uses a vintage-styled design typeface. What makes it interesting is the textured font design that creates a fun detail in the text. The texture makes the text have a stamp-like printing appearance, which can add a sophisticated look to the packaging label. 

What makes Northwest good for the coffee brand identity is how easy to read and adaptable the design is. It lacks strokes but has unique alternatives as its character. The strong text also perfect for logo design.


28. Roestica

Created by Wandery Supply |

Still talking about vintage typefaces, the Roestica adds a different balance by using a small line on top of lowercase letters. At the same time, the font also uses underline for some lowercase letters. It also has a unique detail that makes it appear like a wooden crafting letter. 

This kind of design can bring and build the coffee shop brand identity. Thus, it is safe to say that the font is perfect for forming a unique and aesthetic vintage logo design. It is also usable for smaller text but with shorter information.


29. Bon Foyage

Created by Dharmas Studio |

Bon Foyage design underlines the vintage modern typeface. It uses a serif style that also has a distinctive letterform. The design looks flowy with some elegance in it. What makes it interesting is the range of letter types. It can be used for logo design, murals, signs, or posters. 

The model and its looks can be a perfect addition to a high-end coffee shop business. You can use some vibrant color or black and white palette to make an extravagant aesthetic logo design.


30. Hebeul

Created by Wandery Suppply |

Heubeul works for almost every media in your business. The simple vintage typeface consists of rounded lines with some extra curvy strokes. The font itself doesn't bring too many flairs but fancy enough to make quotes and inspiring poster lettering. 

At the same time, the ranges of letter types, textures, and alternatives make the font versatile. You can use it to make a down-to-earth coffee logo brand, apparel design, or label information. It is also suitable for some other design elements such as photography.



Choosing a font for a certain business needs a lot of consideration, especially with the enormous range of options. In this case, some of the coffee shop business goes with vintage-styled lettering to create a unique impression. 

It also helps make an authentic feeling for the audience. But some of the designs also incorporate a simple, elegant, or modern touch in the lettering. Thus, turning some options worth or work for specific materials or uses.

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