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Article: 30 Cute Angel Illustrations That You Will Love

30 Cute Angel Illustrations That You Will Love

Created by GreyLilac -

Angel drawing or illustration is always one of the common concepts in design. The imagery of beautiful, graceful, and mythical creatures spark the imagination of many people. Many versions are surfacing, including the realistic, cartoonish, to the photo-like drawing. The design of the angel's drawing itself holds many meanings and impressions. 

The winged celestial human-like creature is associated with a wide range of purposes, such as love, power, romance, heaven, earth, spirit, god, and many more. What is more interesting is the aspect of drawing the fictional character with many uses. Throughout the years, the imagery reaches artwork, design, film, myth, to commercial. 

Another point of how the angel design reaches people is a different style. Many people love realistic drawing, but the cute angel illustration also gains more usage. By having a more friendly and approachable feeling, the attractive style makes its way to a wide array of media. You can find it in print, commercials for the young-centered audience product. These resources also have more than enough charm, which you can find in the following list:


1. Cute Angels Set

The angel illustration set by Artpavo brings a more down-to-earth and soft feeling. The designer goes with the cute cartoonish style with hand paint watercolor design. It brings the beauty of a pastel tone that entices a warm and soft impression. 

The graphic itself consists of 14 high-quality PNG with transparent backgrounds. It also has many floral elements for print, wedding invitation design, logo, photo, poster, and many more. 

Created by ArtPavo



2. Baby Angels Collection

If you love a more simplistic and cute design, the collection by GrafArt will fill your heart. The designer made a beautiful and cute graphic made of minimal color, line, and shapes. It resembles young baby angels. 

It has 14 different elements or variances. You can combine each cute angel illustration to make a fun model. It will be a perfect drawing for baby or child-related invitations and clothes prints. 

Created by GrafArt



3. Baby Angels

Line art has its charm, which is versatility. In this case, you will love how the designer put the line art style to make cute baby angels. The picture shows a cute angel clapping its hand under the moonlight. 

The series of pictures also complement the theme. You got a range of decorative elements, seamless patterns, pre-made graphics, and baby angels in different poses. It is a perfect choice for a minimalist print.

Created by Euonia Meraki



4. Watercolor Angel Girl

Children's books that come with cute pictures and watercolor designs tend to sell a lot. If you love the essence of that kind of book, this cute angel illustration will be the fittest one for you. 

The character design is not only cute but also brings a lot of unique elements. You got a watercolor soft palette, a unique character design, animals, and flowers, etc. You will love the design for invitation design. 

Created by RivusArt



5. Cute Angel

After you got an illustration that focuses on the line art, you will find this cute drawing as one thing to love. The graphic set does not have line art, which makes the picture look clean and calm in the eyes. 

The beautiful drawing makes a good design for decoration, ornament, greeting, clothing print, or house décor. It also focuses on working around the simple and uncomplicated shapes, thus making it a great selection for stickers, scrapbooks, or tags.  

Created by Magic & Dreams



6. Cupids

One of the impressions that people tend to use for angels is love. Many designers, even in movie work, the imagery to come as cupids who are the love angel. There is another imagery, but the project by Katty Dreamer Shop makes a great illustration for that purpose. 

The illustration portrays cute angels with their love arrows and heart-shaped objects. The plus point goes to its watercolor paint style, which enhances its soft romantic feeling. 

Created by Katty Dreamer Shop



7. Vintage Cupids

Another love angel that has a different drawing style is here. The Good Studio creates a cute angel illustration with a vintage style that highlights line art styling. You can see it by the detail and shading technique that shouts classic. 

The good point of this illustration goes on the unique styling and versatility. You got six scenes that can be used as a print, invitation design, or patterning. It is pretty much a good element for design.

Created by Good Studio



8. Angel Baby Clipart

Karamfila creates a more unique and stand-out illustration for angels. Called as Angels, please the clipart illustration 55 separated files for its creation. If you love a unisex angel design, check out the creation. 

It has a range of poses and models, which you can change the color or customize the appearance. It also has an exceptional style that will be perfect for a love-related design, invitation, sticker, or print.  

Created by Karamfila



9. Cupids Procreate Stamps

Do you love to make a baby shower invitation? The cupid stamps from Spasibenko Art are a perfect selection for you. The illustration design is available for Procreate, with every element separated into layers. 

You got the chance to customize the design, such as removing the wings to get different shapes. The cupids love angel illustrations and make a lot of cute poses. You can even play around with color swatches to match any invitation.  

Created by Spasibenko Art



10. Angel Newborn

If you think a realistic style cannot look cute, then you are wrong. The cute angel illustration by Ekaterina Vi is a great portrayal of baby born blessing. The baby warped in the mom and dad's hands shows great love. 

The peaceful expression for the cute baby and the wings make a great depiction of love. The clipart might lack variation, but it will fit for house decoration painting, invitation, or greeting card. 

Created by Ekaterina_Vi



11. Cute Cupid

Cute cupid with roses and love is the point of this illustration. You can tell how the illustration works the best for valentine, weddings, or baby born. One highlight point for this illustration goes to its style and watercolor painting. 

The two combinations accentuate the soft, romantic, yet approachable illustration. The graphic set also comes with the pattern, frame, and ranges of characters. All of the elements mainly focus on love design. 

Created by ma_i_vi



12. Twins Newborn

Another realistic watercolor painting that everyone will love is the twin's newborn illustration. Just as the name says, the piece is a perfect cute angel illustration for a baby born or baby shower party. What makes the design stand out is the portrayal of twin babies. 

The two babies hug each other while sleeping, creating a peaceful expression and impression. It also includes angel wings that portray blessing and parent's love. 

Created by Ekaterina_Vi



13. Watercolor Angels

Are you looking for a more colorful and vibrant illustration? You have to check out the work by Depiano that looks amazing with its watercolor blend. The cute angel comes with a range of poses, characters, and other elements. 

Considering the range of models, you can tell that the illustration is very versatile. The unique style works for patterns, iconic product characters, or decorative pieces. It is also fit for people that love a little bit of vintage graphics. 

Created by Depiano



14. Breath of Angel

The breath of Angel illustration accentuates the charm of simplistic design and pastel color. If you love the two aspects, you will find yourself spoiled with the illustration set. There are more than 80 elements in the set that can fit greetings, cute drawings, and decorative styles. 

You can also get some seamless patterns with a pretty color palette for those who love DIY projects. It also has pre-made cards designed with words, gestures, and graphics. 

Created by Daria Chegaieva



15. Baby Angels

Many people tend to love the cute angel illustration in the form of babies. In many cases, the baby imagery and angel are two combinations that cannot go wrong. In this design, you got the pretty baby angel in many poses and expressions. 

It also includes some elements such as love arrows, clouds, hearts, and expression sets that fit for romantic fun valentine. The illustration uses pastel color, less line art style, and white background for many uses. 

Created by TopVectors



16. Set of Christmas Angels

Angels symbolized not only love but also Christmas. You have a lot of angel designs that represent the holy day, but the illustration by Annasq.berg will add cute elements to your house decoration. 

The design portrays many poses and expressions. You can use it for decoration, stickers, or Christmas tree ornaments. It also has some simple colors that help it easily combine with other elements, such as greeting or invitation. 

Created by Annasg.berg



17. Cupid Boys

Yana.fefelova did a great job in creating a cute angel cupid illustration that is unique. It will remind you of a children's illustration book that everyone loves due to the character design and quirky model. 

Another unique point in this design is the mask addition, which fits with the current quarantine situation. It helps pinpoint that everyone can enjoy love under the condition. Not only that, the color style is outstanding. It works for almost everything, including greeting cards. 

Created by yana.fefelova



18. Valentine Day Cupid

Cute and cartoon are pretty much inseparable. In this case, you got a glimpse of how the designer combines the two aesthetics into one interesting clipart design. It creates a cute angel illustration with a vector style that every designer will love. 

How so? The project brings the cute angel graphic on top of white background and has a slight hue. It is easier to use in many projects, such as love and valentine greeting, to icon design. 

Created by Vectorstockersland



19. Pattern with Cupids

Love is in the air. That is what you can feel from the GreyLilac pattern design. The illustration goes with the traditional cupid imagery that portrays cute angels in baby form. It looks complete with the crescent moon where the cupid sits to shoot the love arrow. 

The cupids and moon illustrations are made with high detailed vectors, which create a high-end patterning model. It is fit for you who love to create a unique pattern print. 

Created by GreyLilac



20. Angels and Cupids

If you love to use classic vintage drawing, try checking out this design. The line art is the highlight of the classic illustration. It plays around shading and lines to make the texture. It has no color, but the designer can capture every detail in the cute graphic. 

Despite lacking colors or elements, the illustration still looks cute due to the baby's form and poses. It portrays the love messenger angel and cupids. 

Created by Sofia



21. Angel Clipart

Cute angels, stars, clouds, moon, and dark sky, are a godly combination. It is especially true for the illustration by RibusArt that focuses on creating a cute scene of an angel that clasp its hand to give a blessing. 

The design uses pastel color and a watercolor effect, which makes a soft feeling in it. Another good point goes to its versatility and customizable. You can remove the wings and the rings to create different pictures for greetings or projects. 

Created by RibusArt



22. Christmas Angels Watercolor

The watercolor collection gained a lot of love due to its unique hues. The style is particularly popular for cute angel illustrations that bring out calm, serene, and beautiful impressions. In this project, you see how well the designer plays around the character design and color. 

The cute character symbolizes the holy Christmas night. It also includes other elements, such as houses and melody notes. You can use it separately to make patterns and different designs.  

Created by Marina Ermakova



23. Cherubs, Angels, ATC Cards

The vintage style with a splash of watercolor makes a cute illustration. The cute angel comes in many different poses and very high detailed styling. It has magnificent color plays and a high-end impression that resembles the vintage greeting card. 

The cherub angels in the project are meant to portray a lot of meaning, including love, serenity, and blessing. If you love this kind of style, you can use it for cards, folders, or print. 

Created by Soaring Bird Designs



24. Angels Vector

The cute angel design in this project is a great model for minimalistic cartoons. The project creates a sweet impression with its simple design and expression. It uses vector colors with minimalistic hues you will love. 

It does not have a lot of options to offer, but it certainly has a unique drawing style that is different from others. Since it is very simple, you can use it for almost every design project, such as stickers or print. 

Created by CreativeCatandCo



25. Angels, Hearts, Stars

A quirky washed watercolor illustration is what you find in this project is a depiction of uniqueness. The design does not have the common imagery of angels, but it is still one of the cute graphics.

It plays around with the natural watercolor strokes and blend, which make a fun hue effect. The project also consists of hearts and stars design, which makes it work for your greeting or design project.  

Created by WatercolorArt



26. Sweet Angels

Another cute angel illustration that is too sweet to ignore comes in the form of the Magic & Dreams project. The image captures not only the existence of the celestial and magical being but also its atmosphere. 

The project portrays everything through cute and sweet graphics. The pastel color and cartoonish elements also complement the whole design. It is a perfect option for a fun Christmas greeting, children's book, or valentine's design.  

Created by Magic & Dreams



27. Sticker with Angel

If you love to make or workaround stickers, you need to check out the project by Nenochka. The cute illustration focus on creating a simplistic yet charming portrait of an angel. You can find many poses and purposes, such as one that holds a heart to symbolize love. 

At the same time, the design already has a bezel around its design. Thus, you can easily adapt it to create cute and lovely stickers for many occasions. 

Created by Nenochka



28. Silent Night

The beauty of watercolor, children's book illustration style, and exclusive character design make this project worth your attention. If you are in love with these aspects, you will find the project provides you with a lot of options. 

It offers 16 lovely cute angel pictures with more than 30 elements and patterns. The color palette and design are outstanding; in a way, it looks different than others. With high versatility, you can use it for almost everything, including print to a greeting card. 

Created by LaliyaCherry



29. Valentine's Day Cupids & Doves

The love cupids with baby appearance and diapers make the illustration by Babenkoirusa stand out. Other than the two aspects, you also got an astonishingly sweet and beautiful coloring style. It is a watercolor illustration that you will love in many ways. 

First, it has abundant elements, including character, items, flowers, and animals. Second, it has a white background to make it versatile. Third, it also has pre-made pattern designs and high resolution. 

Created by Babenkoirusa



30. Cartoon Cupid

The cartoon vector cupids design in this project is one of its highlights. A cute angel illustration is a perfect option for those who love the pure design and pose. It has a minimal color palette yet is customizable with a wide array of color swatches. 

It can symbolize love for valentine's greeting. It is also worth how easy it is to adopt a minimalistic illustration. That is why you will love this design, especially if you need a flexible element for your project.  

Created by Pixaroma



Final Words

The imagery of angels can range and vary based on their purposes. Many times, people portray the beautiful creature as a love messenger and cupid. But there is also a Christmas angel that gives blessing for people. 

In the case of cute angels drawing, there are times that designers need to consider ranges of style. You can use vintage, classic art, cartoon, vector, to watercolor style. Each of them has different charms that you need to consider.

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