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Article: 30 Corporate PowerPoint Templates for Presentation

30 Corporate PowerPoint Templates for Presentation

Created by TemplateForest -

PowerPoint is still one of the Microsoft Office programs loved by companies. Its ability to provide a decent and wide array of presentation designs allows users to tell the point while impressing the audience. It is also pretty common for students or companies. In this case, you'll find how PowerPoint demonstrations work for corporate business. 

If your purpose is to use PPT for an impressive corporate brand, then you will need to take the extra mile for it. You will need the best corporate PowerPoint templates for the presentation. However, what did you need to consider? If you do want to make a corporate model, make sure you pull the correct color coordinate move. 

Choose a color that contains your brand tone, even for your slides in charts. A presentation model also looks complete with background and functionality. Pay attention to the timelines, tables, and charts to make it complete. Your PowerPoint template also needs at least one master and several layouts. And do the same design for the other related document. So everything comes together smoothly. 


1. Voodoo Presentation

Voodoo is one of the best models you can get for many purposes. The idea is that the project gives 1000 fully animated slides with a range of features. It mostly goes with a more modern design and colorful presentation. 

This kind of aspect makes the PowerPoint templates work the best for any corporate project. It allows users to choose the best color for the brand and give a mesmerizing design for the whole project. 

Created by TemplateZuu



2. Project Proposal

WhiteGraphic offers a more natural, modern, and elegant design. What makes the model work the best is its 20+ color themes. You can choose one that fits with the corporate brand. Another plus point goes from its extensive touch of details. 

The color comes with a range of design features. All the charts, graphics, styles, background, and many more will make your corporate presentation feel more structured. That is why it is one of the best PowerPoint templates. 

Created by WhiteGraphic



3. Neumorphic

If you are looking for more minimalist, modern, and some very high-tech PowerPoint templates for presentation, check out Nuemorphic. The design comes around more eclectic details that fit for a technology branding. 

Another point goes from the all-fully animated design with some unique icons. The PPT design will make the corporate exhibition over-the-top, especially with the color swap with dark or light mode. It also fully integrates all the PowerPoint features.    

Created by Abert



4. Business Plan PowerPoint Template

The business plan is pretty much what you need for a corporate presentation. Built and designed to cover varying specialties, you can use this design for almost every brand. This kind of idea comes from how immersive the pattern is. 

The model provides 4 theme colors, 800+ dark and light slides, 800+ unique layouts, and an easy-to-customize or fully editable project. You can make simple to a more detailed and high-end corporate presentation with this model.  

Created by WhiteGraphic



5. Slideify Bundle

Embracing the newer technology and the scope of possibilities, you will find that the Slideify bundle will help you a lot. These PowerPoint template design bundles come with a lot of models and details. You can find around 30+ models with different charms. 

The best reason to get these corporate PowerPoint templates for presentation bundles is its possibility to make stylish, colorful, or professional sets. You can choose one that works the best with your brand identity. 

Created by Slidequest



6. Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

When the target market is on the higher level or, the more prestigious corporates, most likely they love something simple yet straightforward. In this case, you can play around with the PowerPoint that exudes the same impression. 

The template by CreativityForest is one of the best options for corporate presentation. It goes with a more minimalistic approach that gives a direct impression and to the point. Its plain color swatch helps minimize a distracting aspect for your demonstration. 

Created by CreativityForest



7. Casper

The Casper PowerPoint template appears more powerful with its modern and realistic presentation. The uses of the picture, charts, graphics, and layout are the primary points in this model. With that in mind, the PowerPoint design fits modern corporate branding. 

What makes it better is how the bundle offers a range of great features. You can use the PowerPoint ability to make overlays, maps, mockups, placeholders, and many more. It even has more than 60 unique slides for corporate exhibitions. 

Created by Helga_Design



8. Crypto

The names tell you all about the PowerPoint templates for the presentation. So, this PowerPoint mode was inspired and designed with the cryptocurrency trend in mind. It is a perfect corporate project for you who are proposing a finance-related product. 

The template gives a lot of layout and features that support the brand, such as the graphic, diagram, and other details. The demonstration also bumps up its functionality with many colors, maps, SmartArt diagrams, corporate infographics, photo layout, and many more.  

Created by ShapeSlide



9. Business plan PowerPoint

A simplistic, modern, clean, and straightforward are the main purpose of this template. If you are going with the same corporate presentation ideas, this is the best design to take. It is because such models can work with many branding. 

It allows a prestigious branding performance. It also works for a more aesthetic project branding such as photography, magazine, clothing, and many more. You can play around with features and make a simple, contemporary, and professional corporate presentation. 

Created by TemplateForest



10. Business proposal PowerPoint

Just as the name says, these PowerPoint templates for presentation will help you nail the business proposal. It tells exactly what you need to show for the corporate demonstration. The smart art charts design, the layout, the colors, the features all go under the same principle. 

What makes it more fascinating is its versatility. The design did not focus on one brand; instead, it worked around the corner to make the same offer for different corporate or branding. 

Created by WhiteGraphic



11. Simple & Modern

Another versatile, clean, and clear design that you can use is the simple and & modern SlideSalad. Just as the name says, it fits modern branding with a simple presentation idea. The whole model also comes with a lot of features and functions. 

You can adapt the layout and add pictures. It also has unlimited color themes; thus, you can tailor the templates to fit your corporate brand. Even more, it comes with a massive icon collection. 

Created by SlideSalad



12. Business Strategy

The thing about corporate PowerPoint templates is that they tend to look similar. In this case, the WhiteGraphic offers a not-so-different model but still a good presentation option. It offers more than 60+ slides with easy-to-edit and high-resolution templates. 

So, you can use it with PowerPoint or similar programs. The key features also include a lot of customized SmartArt charts with the same design or color. Thus, you can make a uniform presentation across corporates. 

Created by WhiteGraphic



13. Business Strategy PowerPoint

Following the most popular matrices, models, and trends are the key principles of this template. For corporate presentations, a unique business strategy might raise some questions. That is why joining the trend can help lessen the new model. 

In this case, the template helps create a straightforward appearance to tell the grounding plan of your brand. The minimalist color and detail tell every detail of your corporate presentation. 

Created by CreativeSlides



14. Business Plan Infographic PowerPoint

Work for any kind of corporate business is one of the best options you can use. The PowerPoint templates for presentation come with an array of potentials. It has 100% editable elements, 135+ vector infographics, animated keynotes, and many more. 

It also uses powerful features which help enhance the business plan. You can also pick a color to match your product presentation. It is perfect for those who are looking for a corporate template.  

Created by White Graphic



15. Pitch Deck & Presentation – Animated

Are you looking for a modern, youthful, and colorful design? One of the best picks you need to consider is the pitch deck & presentation. What makes it impressive is its ability to capture every detail in the modern trend. 

It uses vibrant color with a splash of black to make contrasts. This kind of detail also helps highlight the corporate information. It also uses a more youthful and modern aesthetic design for the features, such as a SmartArt chart or icon. 

Created by MNML Agency



16. Minimalist brand Guidelines templates

One way to fit with the more modern and current trend is by joining the aesthetic. In this case, the PowerPoint template goes with ranges of vibrant vs dark color schemes. It makes a great contrast and highlights information for corporate demonstration. 

It also provides unlimited color creators, mockups, and good features utilizations. Thus, it allows and gives a lot of possibilities for you to make fascinating PowerPoint models. 

Created by ShapeSlide



17. Inspire Minimal

Just as the name says, the minimal aesthetic inspires people for creation. For that reason, the pattern can help create a more modern presentation for your brand. It has a range of unique layout slides that allow users to tailor the best looks for its brand. 

At the same time, it also utilizes every design feature to enhance the presentation. You can use ranges of color, SmartArt charts, and infographics. 

Created by TemplateForest



18. Elevation Modern

A solid, strong, and straightforward style is what you get from these PowerPoint templates for presentation. The use of pictures and unique layout make the slide appear alive. All of the elements are easy to change and customize. Thus, allow users to create a representative exhibition. 

The model comes with 10 color presets. At some point, the design works the best for natural products. But with some tweaks, it can turn into a fascinating design for any corporate demonstration.  

Created by Drop Graphics



19. Logistics

How about a cool-looking PowerPoint template for representation that works for the transportation business? The logistic template comes with 13 color themes and some vehicle-related design collections, such as speedometers and logistics-related items. 

The whole bundle consists of around 5500+ slides with ranges of design. Thus, you can tailor your best PowerPoint model to fit your brand. There are also more possibilities for logistic corporate presentation.  

Created by DesignLab



20. Edustation Kids

Edustation works the best for school brand presentations. It uses a range of iconic designs that help accentuate education purposes or information. It also goes with some colorful designs, which tell the lively children. 

To make the corporate presentation hit the real target, it also comes with a variety of icons, graphs, layouts, slides, and customization. It certainly brings a lot of fun to your education-related exhibition. 

Created by Rometheme Std



21. Agile Methodology

Colorful charts and a more modern aesthetic look are what you got from the Agile Methodology. The color and layout help create emphasis for certain corporate information. Another plus for these corporate PowerPoint templates for presentation is the versatility. 

It has 20 slides with quite a simple design, which makes it editable and compatible with many programs, including PowerPoint. However, it lacks preset options. Thus, you are likely to have to stick around with the same corporate design. 

Created by Slidesmash



22. Business Strategy 2 PowerPoint

Underlining the sense of monochrome design, you can tell that this design will fit modern business design. It also has some preset color options. Thus you can play around with the setting and fit your branding. 

The template itself is meant for corporate demonstration as it focuses on creating a straightforward design. So, you can find many features such as charts, graphs, frameworks, models, and more. 

Created by CreativeSlides



23. Complete Business PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for a fancier and professional-looking corporate presentation for prestigious products, you can check out the Zacomic Studios project. The model is designed to go along with colors, pictures, and varying layouts. 

It also comes with more than 1300 icons, 200+ unique PowerPoint slides, and ranges of clear and customizable design. You can play around with the preset model and build it around your corporate product.  

Created by Zacomic Studios



24. Monex

Monex design holds the sense of simplistic, minimalistic, and modern details. You can find this kind of PowerPoint design for corporate prestigious or high-end presentations, such as technology, residential business, investment, and many more. 

The good point from this template is the use of versatile icons, color, and PowerPoint slides. It comes with a very basic color and editable layout. Thus, you can match the template with your business brand's presentation needs.  

Created by Slidequest



25. Presentation Startup

PowerPoint templates for presentations that are meant for a startup business are here. If you are going to make a serious introduction for your new business, this design can save a lot of time for infographics. 

The outline gives you 50+ unique, creative, and modern PowerPoint slides. It also has a lot of color themes, which you can choose one that fits with your business brand. Thus, it makes the design more versatile. 

Created by TemplatesNow!



26. Building PPT

The building PPT is a perfect template for you who are doing housing or architectural business presentations. The model goes with a lot of charts that are meant for the particular branding. Thus, you can tell that it works best for those business owners. 

The good points from the design come from the custom icons, charts, and layout that highlight the housing or building brand. It also comes with some colors, details, light or dark them, which again help fit with your brand. 

Created by Good Pello



27. Grande

The simplistic and elegant manner from PowerPoint templates for presentation help creating a perfect high-end business presentation. It uses close relation color ranges and creates a more unified look. This kind of template design helps to avoid any disruptive information or detail during the exhibition. 

It works well with any kind of corporate brand. You can use it for prestigious products, modern, or even some school presentations. It also has some presets options, charts, and details, thus making it handy. 

Created by Invasi Studio



28. Walden PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for a design with a unique chart, you might have to consider Walden. The point is that it uses some customizable charts, icons, layout, and color that you can match with your corporate business presentation. 

It works for IT business, building, investment, or even medical brands. The use of uniformed colors also helps lessen distraction. At the same time, it also helps create a good corporate mockup model.  

Created by Slidequest



29. Presentation Bundle

Going for a 1900+ bundle can be a great solution for you who are planning a big presentation. In this case, the designer compiles series of templates that come with different template aesthetics and designs. 

You can find the youthful model, prestigious corporate PowerPoint design, clean, simple, minimalistic, or modern templates. It also comes in many different color swatches as you get a whole pack of versatile PowerPoint designs for any kind of corporate or personal business brand. 

Created by TemplateZuu



30. Business Plan

Going for a modern business plan is something you can do to follow the trend. You can see from this model that it goes along with many kinds of corporate or personal branding. Your presentation gives not only clear and detailed information but also a mesmerizing visual. 

The corporate PowerPoint templates for presentations have ranges of color without losing their simplistic and minimalistic design. It lacks distractive tones but is rich in PowerPoint features such as charts, diagrams, tables, and many more.  

Created by TemplateForest



Final Words

Going for a corporate business demonstration is not something you can do without proper preparation. You will need to explain your business plan as clearly and as well as possible. In this case, PowerPoint templates can help you shave the time and also bring the best presentation. 

Most of the models go with different themes, colors, charts design, icons, layout, and many more customizable PowerPoint features. All you need is to find the one that matches your corporate brand identity and focus. 

So, which of these templates excites you the most? Let us know your thoughts by writing your comments down below. Lastly, don't forget to enjoy the working process and cheers!

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