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Article: 30 Antique Insects Graphics You Need to Collect

30 Antique Insects Graphics You Need to Collect

Created by Lubav Illustrations Shop -

With these curated insects graphic assets, you can play around to make a logo, pattern, book illustration, poster, advertising material, and many more. With good collaboration and creativity, these insects illustrations can turn your works into a masterpiece. There are also a lot of antique illustrations and collections down here that you can download and save for later uses. You will find these graphics assets very useful for particular design projects.


1. Antique Insects Vector

This antique illustration of bugs will not only make a realistic picture but also give a cool old-time touch. The pictures were sourced from an antique educational entomology book, so you can tell how detailed it is. 

The good thing about this insects graphics comes from its range of models and usability. You can play around with the background and make a logo or pattern. It also works well for products such as honey or bug repellent.

Created by Eclectic Anthology



2. Big Insects Collection

If you are looking for a more detailed and also colored illustration, you can take a look at Arthur Balitskiy. The designer provides 28 elements of the visuals collection, including the black and white or tinted version. 

The antique graphics have some details that make a good illustration for books, encyclopedias, product details, or logos. Other than that, the insects graphics also provide 3 seamless patterns. You can change the background color to fit your project.  

Created by Arthur Balitskiy



3. Insects Illustration

This antique illustration goes to the digital movement, making the project by Nomad Visuals stand out. It is worth collecting since the illustration set comes with 54 elements and a vectorized version with a variety of bug pictures. 

Given the information, you can underline that it will help designers to adapt and make adjustments. You can edit the antique insects graphics' shape, color, position, and background for many designing projects—for example, the product packaging, website, posters, logo, to flyers. 

Created by Nomad Visuals



4. Insects Thinline Icons

Going far from an antique design, the thin line graphics by Palau is a depiction of modern and minimalistic illustrations. The stroke line model makes it a perfect selection for icon or logo design. It lacks detail, but it nails the communicative aspect. 

It captures all the shapes, thus making a clear illustration. It also comes in a range of sizes, so you can adopt the non-vintage insects graphics for iOS or Androids apps projects. 

Created by Palau



5. Insects Watercolor Collection

Creating an interesting or inviting design that fits with the modern audience or millennials does not always need a minimalist model. In this case, Ermakova creates fantastic watercolor graphics that make the illustration more inviting and approachable. 

The soft color palette lowers the intimidating antique pictures aspect. Thus, it helps designers to fit the same themed ideas around it. It is not a surprise if the picture can accentuate modern packaging, artwork, or poster projects. 

Created by Marina Ermakova



6. Vintage Vectorized Insects

If you are looking for more details in the illustration, the antique insects graphics will not go wrong. This illustration by ThirdTryCharm makes a very clear illustration that captures every small detail. It can be a little bit intimidating but also make a good addition to design. 

You can complement the picture with the same vintage or antique aesthetic model, such as yellowed paper or crumpled old book. It also works for logo, pattern, or educational purposes. 

Created by ThirdTryCharm



7. Beetles Butterflies Illustrations

The title tells you all of it. The graphics collection comes with a range of beetles and butterflies pictures. All have detailed models that resemble antique, modern aesthetics. It also comes in diverse versions, which can help you play around with design projects. 

What makes the insects graphics worth collecting is their versatility. You can use the black or white version to fit the background or design. It works for antique, vintage, or modern projects.

Created by Bea & Bloom



8. Different Types of Insects

One thing that is lacking from an antique illustration is color. While you can add color by yourself, it might look better if the graphics already have the determined tint. In this case, the graphics by Rawpixel make a good option for colorful projects. 

The illustration bundle comes with a range of options with different colors and shapes. You can play around with the background and arrangement. You are free to make a logo, poster, or informational detail. 

Created by Rawpixel



9. Big Set of Bugs beetles

Even though antique styling comes with black and white color, the details are always on point. You can see how Balistskiy makes the insects graphics with enormous attention to detail. The picture also resembles a hand-drawn aesthetic, which tells its value. 

This antique bundle is composed of beetles, bees, and flea illustrations. Its great detail helps accentuate the characteristic, which can complement books or information. It also works for particular bug repellent labels.  

Created by Arthur Balitskiy



10. Watercolor Beetles Set

Beetles and dragonflies come in many varieties. When the hand-drawn antique illustration is not enough, this watercolor version will make your design project better. The soft-colored watercolor makes it vibrant and friendly. 

The use of color also helps tell some information that the traditional antique insects graphics cannot. It is also more friendly, which helps approaching younger audiences through books, colored compilations, etc. It also blends perfectly with the modern aesthetic.  

Created by Lembrik’s Artworks



11. Insects Color Vector Icons

A vector model can help the designer to adapt and make a lot of adjustments. In this case, the insects graphics by Jisun Park come with colorful pictures from varying species. All come with vector models, which help to adapt to the modern and minimalistic aesthetic. 

From a detail point of view, it does not have too many details as antique or vintage graphics. However, it serves its purpose to bring a clear model. With its model design, you can fit it for some projects such as logo, pattern, or storybook.  

Created by Jisun Park



12. Dotwork Vector Insects

The project by Nordicwoker might have a small illustration collection, but all of them come with greater details and easy uses options. The set comes with separate layers for each detail. Thus, creating the antique hand-drawn insects graphics versatile. 

You can change the color and use it for almost everything. It can be printed as an antique pattern, logo, or other design. The graphics set also comes with 6 seamless patterns, which come in varying colors. 

Created by Nordicworker



13. 15 Insects Icons

In order to adopt the new visuals and functions, minimalistic icons will be the most suitable option. If you are working on a project with the same premises, check out this icons collection. 

It gives you 15 total icons design made of minimalistic line art models. The plus point from this graphics is how it captures the characteristic even without color or many details. You can edit the vector picture and fit it with your project. 

Created by Creative VIP



14. Insects Sketch Set

Macrovector brings colorful graphics with a different touch. In this model, you got the taste of antique aesthetics as well as modern blend. The detailed and sketch looks make it natural and playful at the same time. 

It blends a good amount of dark inking with tints. It also comes in grayscale detail, which helps designers to play around with the whole project. You can use it for book illustration, a cool pattern, or an authentic natural logo.

Created by Macrovector



15. Watercolor Dragonflies

Dragonflies and watercolor in this set are not only graphics but also magnificent art. The picture accentuates the aesthetic and beautiful blend of watercolor canvas design. It helps to resemble the colorful dragonflies. 

What makes it stand out is the washout coloring model, which makes a soft color blend. The clipart comes in separated layers, so you are free to get creative. You can change the background, creating a seamless pattern, or boho-chic summer fashion. 

Created by Karamfila



16. Vector Bees Hand Drawn Bundle

If you are looking for bee graphics in different shapes, models, and details, make sure to check out this clipart set. Paella compiles some high-detailed and high-resolution vector bees with hand-drawn antique style. 

The set should be one of your antique insects graphics collections due to its range of usability and versatility. You can use it for many purposes, from giving information to illustrations for books. It also works perfectly for bee-related products package label design. 

Created by Paellpi



17. 23 Insects Icons

When the line art icon is not enough, these dark blocked insects graphics will help deliver the message. The icon clipart comes with 23 bug models in an array of shapes, sizes, and compatibility. It is editable with Photoshop or Illustrator. 

It is not vintage or antique graphics, but it is quite versatile. The black and white design works for minimalist touch in modern usage. However, it also works for a vintage illustration or logo design.  

Created by Palau



18. Vintage Insects Set

Vintage and antique styles in these graphics are shown from their details. It captures every little detail, including the caterpillar's fuzzy hair or the butterfly wing's veins. It is beautiful but also exudes a very intimidating feeling. 

The antique insects graphics do not give a lot of colors, but it relies on the sketch details. It makes a good selection for a natural brand, vintage company, or some bugs-related business. It also works for a pattern or print design. 

Created by Macrovector



19. Hand Drawn Pencil Beetles

This model is another example of old vintage and antique graphics that will never get old. The clipart uses a pencil drawing aesthetic that captures almost every little detail. It even makes beautiful shading for the illustrations. 

Another plus is the 13 antique beetle clip arts with separated digital files. In other words, you can play around and use it for a lot of design projects. The insects picture is also adaptable for pattern, logo, models, etc.

Created by GrafikBoutique



20. Different Types of insects

A realistic illustration with some antique touch can help to add visual value. It is true if you are working with high-end companies that work around bug products. The best example is bug repellent or high-quality honey items. 

The clipart bundle captures almost every little detail from the insects. The color resembles the real bug, and the pictures also work with ranges of background. You can adopt the graphics for logo or insects pattern design. 

Created by Rawpixel



21. 16 Insects Icons

This insects graphics collection is one of the epitomes of antique and vintage design. It uses a thin line model, which helps it work as icons. The retro design also works with almost every media or item, including labels, emblems, logo, sign, identity, etc. 

The plus point in these antique pictures goes around its lining design. There are many details captured, even with a lack of color. You can also change the color to fit projects. 

Created by Karnograff



22. Vintage Butterfly Modern Collection

One reason why people love butterflies is their beautiful colors. If you are looking for the perfect graphics, you should check this antique insects clipart collection. The butterfly picture fits perfectly for a modern aesthetic since it brings more realistic photography.

There are also 20 illustrations in antique black and white or vintage color. So, you can use it for almost anything, including logos, poster cards, to apparel print. 

Created by Beauty Drops



23. Insects Vector Collection

An antique monochrome design that captures every detail will help you a lot in creating brand identity. It works for high-end or prestigious branding. If you do work for such a company, try to check out this butterfly and beetle insects graphics collection. 

The illustrations underline great details under the monochromatic color. It is unique, classy, and also modern. However, it also works for antique brands or companies. You can use it as a logo, pattern, or design element.  

Created by Lubav Illustrations Shop



24. 90 Pest Control Vector Icons

Are you working for pest control? The most appropriate way to tell your business is by using some insects graphics. In this case, the vector icons can help you deliver the message in a friendlier approach—no need for a highly detailed antiqued drawing. 

All you need is some icons that can resemble your offer, product, and things in the same work line. You can use it for logos, website icons, smartphone app design, etc. It is also pretty straightforward.  

Created by Vectors Market



25. Watercolor Beetle

The colorful world of beetles is the reason to get this insects graphics collection. DigitalArtsi captures the fascinating glossy color of each beetle, making it colorful and fun to look at. The clipart can help you capture a lot of attention. 

It works for modern art design or style. You can use it for printing, pattern, and or logo design. You can also play around with the insects' pictures. You can change the background and make a unique arrangement. 

Created by DigitalArtsi



26. Vintage Vectorized Beetles

Another beetle picture that captures details yet exudes antique styling is these graphics. The picture resembles the old black and white photograph. The insect graphics have darker visuals, which make it a perfect silhouette logo element. 

Since it is dark, you can adapt and play around with the antique visuals for a more vintage or minimalistic design. The set is fully vectorized, so you can play around and make a cool design. 

Created by ThirdTryCharm



27. Moths Vector Illustration

Simplistic vector illustrations of 20 colored moths are what you get from this set. The whole picture captures some of the details through the pastel-colored design. The pastel color for the insect's graphics fit with the modern art style. 

However, it also resembles some antique touch through its great details. The model is pretty versatile, and you can use it with many design elements. You can use it for insect logos, branding, identity, pattern, or artwork.  

Created by Bea & Bloom



28. Vintage Insects & Butterflies

Detailed vectorization that resembles the 19th and early 20th-century antique art style can look unique by itself. The graphics were carefully restored from the paper and fully captured every detail in the first print.  

Understand that the antique insects graphics bring a lot of details, which can add identity to your branding. However, it might not work for smaller-sized models since it will lose the detail. The clipart also works best for monochromatic design.

Created by Mr Vintage




29. Watercolor Butterfly Clipart Set

If you are looking for a high-quality and transparent model, consider looking at watercolor insects graphics. In this particular model, you got ranges of butterfly models and species in varying colors. The insects' pictures go with clean watercolor swashes. 

It looks authentic, friendly, and versatile. You can use it for colored antique books, modern illustration encyclopedia, print, or modern visual branding. It also comes in varying sizes, shapes, and transparent backgrounds. 

Created by Bloomella



30. Insects Vintage Illustrations

The antique insects graphics with black and white color can fit many purposes. In this case, you got some highly detailed pictures of varying bugs. It includes beetles, caterpillars, butterflies, spiders, cricket, moths, and many more. 

The antique details resemble the real bugs, making it a very intimidating graphics to use. However, it also makes it work either for modern or vintage models. You can use it for print, logo, pattern, or some antique book illustration. 

Created by Insects Vintage Illustrations




Until here, you got a range of options regarding the insects graphics for your collections. It composes some modern, vintage, or antique-styled illustrations. The wide arrays of models collection can help you fit with your current projects. 

At the same time, it is also important to underline that bugs come in varying shapes, colors, and species. Many visuals can resemble every need. So, just make sure you have a collection that covers every of your requirements!

What do you think of these resources? Let us know your thoughts by writing them down in the comment section below. We hope you can enjoy them!

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