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Article: 30 Animal Graphic Elements for Pet Shops & Brands

30 Animal Graphic Elements for Pet Shops & Brands

Created by Magic Graphics -

Branding comes in many ways. You can use font, color, and graphics to make a perfect identity for a certain brand. While there are a lot of options to choose from, designers should think further to find the correct graphic and design. Considering how vast business lines are, one should focus on the shop's brand identity and also the focus. 

In this case, let's talk about pet shop brands. What kind of design do you need? The most obvious answer is animal graphics. Animal pictures in many different styles and also variants can help accentuate the service or branding. At some point, it also helps create a distinctive aspect of the business or shop characteristic.

The idea of using animal pictures or clip art itself comes with a lot of usability and versatility. Designers can use some graphics to design animal shop services logos, signage, shop information, and business cards. At some point, it also works as shop posters and commercial media, including packaging, label, visual appeal, or brand. For more graphic ideas, check out this information.  


1. Lovely Pets Watercolor Clipart

One way that helps accentuate the real pet shop service is by using a really cute and lovely animal graphic. In this design, you got some hand-painted watercolor animal group shots pictures. The cute picture makes a good poster and also a brand card. 

What makes this graphic stand out is its DIY elements which include separated animal clips. You can make your group of animal shots or use the clip art as logo complements. 

Created by Everysunsun



2. Curious Cats

When you are working with a pet shop that is focused on giving cat services, then take a look at this lovely graphic. The picture package contains several feline races and models. From Bengal, Persia, to Siamese, all of the cats are ready to make a great poster.  

To complete the package, the animal graphic illustration includes some accessories and objects. You can create a cool shop brand with the animal picture or use the illustration for a label. 

Created by Twigs and Twine



3. Pets Bundle

This animal graphic takes a more friendly and children-like illustration approach. The cute bundle comes with some animal pictures and related objects. The colorful design also helps create a more approachable brand identity, which is perfect for pet shops or stores.  

The graphic also comes with some predesigned scenes with or without color. You can use it to create a fun photo card, gift card, business card, or shop brand design. 

Created by Bubert Art



4. Watercolor Girls & Dogs

If you want a more personal and touching animal graphic, make sure to check out the watercolor girl & dogs design. The clip art gives you a vast array of lovely pictures that tell the close relationship between a girl and a dog. It helps create a soft and approachable brand identity. 

You can use it to make distinctive logos, touching posters, pet shop information, labels, and business cards. It has 6 different graphics illustrations with different scenes. 

Created by ArtPavo



5. Little pets Watercolor

Watercolor graphics make a cute and lovely addition to the shop's brand identity. You will get a total of 24 hand-painted pictures with some companions and elements. The design itself comes with its distinctive style and separated clip art. 

Thus, you can play around and make such an interesting logo or pet shop brand. Since it comes with a range of animals, it works for some commercial media, including posters, labels, packaging, or business cards.   

Created by LeMagiqueBotique



6. Cats Vector Collection

For a shop that is focused on feline cat service, this animal graphic can make such a lovely branding design. The package completes with seven vectors and four seamless patterns. It also comes with 1 frame for postcards. 

The cute line art and simple animal illustration make it pretty easy to adopt in ranges of media. You can use it for pattern, logo, fun signage, or business card brands. 

Created by Crowhouse



7. Dog Animal Care Supply

If you are looking for more detailed and specific items for the pet shop business, this care supply illustration will make a great deal. The graphic includes some items such as creates, harness, dog house, food, bowl, etc. 

All of the designs come in line art black and white style, which helps it be usable for many animal commercial projects. You can create logos, labels, or fun advertisement posters. It is also pretty neutral for shop brand identity.  

Created by Buch&Bee



8. 36 Pet Friend Line Icons Set

A simple and minimalistic animal graphic comes with a lot of advantages. You can take a look at this pet shop illustration necessities that come with 36 illustrations. All of them use styled icon pictures to make an easy-to-understand impression.

The design makes it easy to adopt for all commercial purposes. It works for logos, cards, patterns, or label packages. It also helps create a fun store or pet shop brand identity. 

Created by Lemberg Vector



9. Fifty Shades of Bunny

Staying true to the name, you got ranges of bunny illustrations with gray color gradients. The package comes with 10 separate bunny images. You can arrange and change the arrangement to make a fun pattern or use the bunnies for the brand logo. 

The shades and the design themselves make a distinctive animal shop brand. Use it for the logo, and then people will know that the pet shop focuses on rabbit care. It also works for products label or packages. 

Created by Petit Salade



10. 100 Cats Bundle

One mainstream idea to state the pet business branding is by using a realistic animal graphic. In this case, you have a wide array of high-resolution cat pictures. The package comes with 100 cut-out images with different cat races and poses. 

It works perfectly for cat shops or pet-related products. You can also use the picture to make educating posters, information, business cards, package labels, or logos. 

Created by Life on White



11. Vector Fashion Pets Set

To gain a younger audience, this colorful picture will make such a unique addition to the pet shop brand. The graphic brings out hipster fashion pets pictures, which is a perfect selection for animal clothing shops.

It is made of eight vector dogs and cats illustrations wearing some colorful apparel. You can use the picture for a logo, but it works best as brand signage or advertisement. You can also use the animal graphic to introduce the fashion.  

Created by Crowhouse



12. 100 Dogs Bundle

When the shop focuses on dog care or items, you can take this high-resolution cut-out picture as the best pet illustration. 100 dogs from different races, sizes, and poses come to make a cool information board, decorative picture, or business card. 

The reasons why this animal graphic is an excellent choice come from the high-definition image. You can zoom in and arrange every single cut-out to make a hyper-realistic poster or commercial elements.  

Created by Life on White



13. My Pet Collection

If you are not into realistic illustration, then take a look at this simplistic cartoon animal illustration. The animal graphic focuses on creating vector illustrations with a limited color pick. Thus, bring more relatable, lovely, and fun pictures. 

It accentuates hand-drawn style, which adds a personal touch to the whole pet shop brand design. It includes 32 PNG pet pictures with transparent backgrounds, so you can use them for a logo, poster, or business card.  

Created by Paperly Studio



14. Animal Pets Grooming Flat Icons

Flat icons help make easier-to-understand and eligible pictures. In these animal graphics, you got a range of grooming illustrations. The simple yet colorful design makes it a perfect selection for any kind of pet shop. 

It works for grooming, pet store, items, or nursery service. One thing that makes the animal and its grooming picture worth it is its versatility. You can use it to make patterns, brand logos, shop information, or item illustration. 

Created by Vectorikart



15. Cats, Digs Breeds & Horses

Are you looking for a storybook-style graphic? If so, take a look at Lisa Glanz's animal graphics that are ready to use for pet shop needs. It comes with 165 animal illustrations from a various cat, dog, or horse breeds. All come with color and unique drawing style, thus making it a great brand identity. 

Most of the pictures come with a pastel color scheme; thus, it works for a light background. With those details, you can make a lovely pattern, logo, package design, label, or print.  

Created by Lisa Grlanz



16. Cat Portrait Simple Line Set

If the shop prefers a more simplistic and minimalistic touch, take a look at this cat portrait. The animal graphic design is made with 101 linear cat portraits from the different breeds and looks. All of them are just line art, with no color or gradient shades. 

Thus, make them pretty much usable or adaptable for every media. You can create a sophisticating brand logo, cool bag print, shop item label, or cup holder design. 

Created by Pet Design Shop



17. Fat Cats

Are you looking for a quirkier and cuter cat illustration? Take a look at this fat cat design. The graphic comes in two styles, colored or line art. It even comes with some bonus illustrations to complete the whole animal graphic.  

It is a good addition to a pet shop or a cat rescue organization brand. The colorful and fun graphics also make it a fun addition for packaging labels, logos, t-shirts, or bag print. 

Created by Heather Green Designs



18. Pet Logos, Icons, Patterns

A vector animal graphic serves a lot of usage and possibilities. Take a look at this brilliant cat and dog illustration that comes in a simple vector portrayal. The whole image makes the pet illustration work for almost every commercial media. 

What makes this illustration set stand out is the pattern images, logo design, and icon design. It makes the store brand development easier to do. You can use it for logo, pet shop packaging, wallpaper, product label, or signage. 

Created by Venimo



19. Dog Breeds

This dog breeds graphic is simply amazing. The simplistic vector picture brings a lot of fun essence to the brand. Yes, it only has one pose. However, it makes the whole art unified and distinctive. 

The unique styling and art model make it a perfect option for dog rescue organization brands, store, or animal grooming services. It also works well as a pattern or for icons and posters. 

Created by Andres M Rodriguez



20. VIntage Dog Illustrations

When the shop is an aged professional in the field, using vintage drawing accentuates the class and its professionalism. You can make the said impression with this vintage dog illustration. It comes in vector and hi-res PNG, making it usable for all commercial projects.

There are a total of 21 dog illustrations, which work as pet shop animal graphic representations. You can make sophisticated brand logos, cards, brochures, decorations, or print. 

Created by Seaquint



21. People with Pets Set

To accentuate the morality of the human and pet relationship, you can use this kind of animal graphic. The design comes with some predesigned scenes of people and their pets. The vector and simple picture make it a great addition to some art or information. 

The colorful flat cartoon style makes it referable for some commercial projects, such as posters, decorations, or logos. It works well for pet shops, grooming, or animal rescue brand.  

Created by Good Studio



22. Companion and Toy Dogs

If you are looking for wide arrays of dog breed in a vector design, this model will make a bet. The animal graphic consists of 114 dog illustrations from 64 dog breeds. They are made in simple line portraits, flat colors, and silhouettes.  

With that array of options, you can make a lot of designs. You can start from the pet shop brand, pet information, business card, or product label design. 

Created by Pet Design Shop



23. Cute Dog Collection

Cartoon illustration has its place in the design realm. In this case, the animal graphic focus on creating a cute-looking illustration of dogs in some different breeds and poses. It also includes some fun item illustrations to complement the whole image set. 

It comes with a line art design with a little color palette. It also offers some pattern designs. You can make use of all of the design for a pet shop brand logo, product package, business card, or poster.  

Created by Magic & Dreams



24. Watercolor Funny Kittens

To add a more lovely and approachable impression toward the shop or organization, you can consider using a watercolor illustration. The soft tones, blend, and funny kitten illustration make the brand recognizable and distinctive. 

Even more, the graphic comes with a variety of separated animal pictures. Thus, you can get creative with its arrangement. From creating a fun pattern, package design, frame, or brand logo, you can do a lot of things with this set. 

Created by Irina Koroleva



25.Cat Watercolor

Another cat image in a watercolor style that can add distinctive features to the shop brand is the project by Sap-G. The animal graphic set comes with extra elements such as hats, sunglasses, dresses, sofa, etc. The total number of elements reaches 150 illustrations. 

The fancy-looking design makes it work for pet supply, clothing stores, or rescue organizations. You can show the brand from a logo, impression from signage, or make cute posters. 

Created by Sap-G



26. Dog Items Collections

If you are looking for item illustrations that appear real but not really, take a look at this design. An_kle brings a lot of pet items modeled from its unique 3D-styled watercolor pictures. It helps make a distinctive hop brand identity as well as tell the real message. 

You can use it for decorative art, apply it to the package label, or create an informative poster. It also works for workshop bags, business cards, or packaging. 

Created by An_Kle



27. 47 Hand Painted Dogs

This hand-painted animal graphic is pretty much a brand identifier. Using the cute-looking dog graphics, make a very definite identity for the pet shop or pet stores. It also creates a softer impression, which helps such dog rescue facilities become more amicable. 

It also has some simple drawings yet detailed pictures, making it a perfect way to give information in a fun way. It also works for posters, logos, or fun packaging. 

Created by Flora+Bear



28. Domestic Cat Breeds & Hybrids

Domestic cat graphic offers you around 583 total of PNGs to use. All of the cat graphics come in the same art style with tweaks of detailing or poses. Thus, you can make a lot of animal scenes with this package. It is easy to adopt since it uses a vector display. 

You can use it for logo, packaging, patterning, or label design. It comes with high resolution, so you can tell them to make a high-def pet shop signage or brand.  

Created by Pet Design Shop



29. Heads of Pedigreed Cats

An animal head portrayal can help simplify the focus. In this animal graphic option, you got ranges of exotic cats' faces with all of its detail. It does not show any side profile of the body, but it is clear enough to tell the breed. 

This kind of style can make a distinctive brand. The set also comes in two styles, colored or black and white. You can make brand logos, fun prints, or business cards. 

Created by Magic Graphics



30. Heads of Pedigreed Dogs

Do you feel that cats are not enough? You can complete the graphic with some 31 heads of pedigreed dogs. The animal pictures again come in colored or black and white versions. It helps you create a lot of commercial projects, such as print or logos. 

But the cute and detailed dog faces also work to tell the pet shop brand identity. You can use it for shopping bag print and make it a moving billboard. 

Created by Magic Graphics




Creating a perfect logo or branding takes a lot of consideration. In this case, a pet shop or such a particular industry needs to consider the uses of animal graphics to convey the message. Some of the graphics focus on certain companions, such as cats or dogs. But some sets come with ranges of animals and items. You can choose the graphic that fits with the services or the art style.

So, which of these pet animal graphics do you prefer? Let us know your thoughts by writing them down in the comment section. Hope you can enjoy these!

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