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Article: 30 Exceptional Mural Art Ideas for Coffee Shop

30 Exceptional Mural Art Ideas for Coffee Shop

Are you looking for coffee shop mural art ideas?
Check this collection of exceptional artworks done by the most talented artists around the world.
Created by Sanggarasi |

The shifting interest in interior design, style, and community space affects some trends. In today's world, community murals create an exceptionally interesting aspect for industries. You can tell by the emerging love of aesthetic coffee shop murals. The ideas of splashing graphic style in the community centerpiece bring back some history and people together.

Mural art is not just a meaningless drawing on the wall or raw material. Also called graffiti, some of the art pieces even date back to 30,000 years ago. Some arts also create meanings and innovation, such as the Balloon Girl by Banksy. Murals also envelop a lot of styles, such as surrealist, abstract, graffiti, to photo-realistic.


What Makes A Good Mural

1. Admirable And Enjoyable 

Nothing more important than an admirable and enjoyable piece of art. When you are creating a mural art, then make sure the audience can enjoy the view. The chance that community space art such as graffiti works to beautify and add value to a certain area. In this case, you should make sure the style helps encourage people to slow down.

The main objective is to attract people and make them take a second glance at your art. After that, make sure the picture style brings out the beauty of the surroundings. For coffee shops, you can bring out the aesthetic of coffee drinks as well as the relaxing effect of the beverages.

2. Attract People

One reason you use the aesthetic mural is to attract people. In this case, murals will add color to building walls and create different touches. This kind of idea can turn into a treat for tourists and also locals. At some point, the practice also helps boost the economy of an area or improve your brand identity.

Having a distinctive design will eventually bring up your coffee business on top. But of course, your art will transform space, bring up the identity, tell the present and the future of your business. Some of the mural art designs even come with interesting facts about particular beverages.

3. Thoughtful

A meaningful and working coffee shop mural is not only attractive but also creates conversation. Your art can bring up some stimulating facts or ideas about coffee. At some point, it also works as collective thought spaces which can create a conversation, discussion, or information around the community issues or subject.


What To Consider

1. Choosing The Right Surface

Underline that the ideal surface for this project is a smooth texture, especially for detailed mural art. A simpler design is recommended if the wall is not very smooth. It is also crucial to make sure the wall is clean, does not have extensive cracking or crack. In many cases, using panels and mounting them is the best option for the mural. 

2. Choosing Materials

If you are trying to paint the exterior part of your coffee house, then use high-quality materials such as acrylic latex or acrylic paints. Silicate paint is good for longer durability. No matter the material, you should understand the pigment's light stability rating. After that, you can complete the art with a sealer to protect the mural art.

3. Design And Quality

You can always DIY some of the painting, but it is recommended to hire an artisan. Professional mural artists can help enhance the sense of your design, as well as creating a masterpiece. You can also gain more attention by mentioning the famous artist, which helps boost your coffee shop business. But make sure that the artist fits with your business area and talents.


Coffee Shop Mural Ideas / Examples

1. La Cantina

Created by Blank Creatives |

Adorning the sense of relaxation and a clean coffee shop, La cantina brings up a mural in a simple manner. It includes black and white line art filled with coffee-related information. The picture shows the harvesting process, types, process, and shop goals. The minimalist design also works hand in hand with the interior design or interior themes.


2. Ratio Speciality Coffee

Created by Sanggarasi |

The design brings out a realistic picture and makes the spaces filled with meaning. The artists are from Indonesia that is known for a vast culture and coffee family. With a touch of realism and immense knowledge, the mural splashes a lot of details. From the making process, machine specifics, types of ingredients to the wade of cultural references.


3. Sawhorse Café

Created by Jesse Draxler |

The mural art is a full sidewall painting that stands tall and easy to look at. It has a realism touch in a black and white color palette. What makes it interesting is the fact that the mural was made as a collaborative project. It underlines a non-graphic, thought-provoking, and communicative piece of art.


4. Thuan An Binh Duong

Created by Vẽ tranh tường Art Group |

Bringing color to a boring white coffee shop wall is what makes this studio stand out. The artist brings up the conversation by highlighting the environment and the essence of the area. They also play with colors and lines, which create high-end 3D graphics. The art style itself is filled with cartoon drawings with a bit of photo-realistic touch in it.


5. Me Time Café

Created by ADR Work |

A timeless black and white aesthetic always works well for a relaxing area. In this case, the coffee shop mural design uses a color scheme to create different focal points. The white wall is filled with aesthetic graffiti-style illustrations, inspiring quotes, and today's trends. Meanwhile, the black has a photo-realistic picture to show the business.


6. Lincoln College

Created by Root Studio |

Accentuating the real purpose of the food and beverages business, the art pieces play with the black, red, and white color palette. The small quirky, energetic illustrations fit with the students' café aesthetic. At the same time, the red color brightens the area and adds a vibrant fresh impression. The mural art goes to every part, including walls and window displays.


7. Indimex

Created by mustdobrisbance |

Indimex is one of the examples of Boho-styled restaurants. To display the style, it uses some quirky, colorful mural art on every wall part. The art consists of well-known singers, figures, local or cultural references, and food ingredients illustrations. The color pick and the ranges of drawings also accentuate the distinctive Indian and Mexican food menus.


8. Cafe Barista El Beneficio

Created by Light Andrade |

Using one particular area as a canvas helps create a focal point in the coffee house. In this case, the café barista adds colors and cheers on the blank greyish surface. The colorful picture is a depiction of happiness and thankfulness. The mural uses festive-like illustrations with some cartoonish designs.


9. Moondog Café

Created by Wonder Dod Studios |

The main purpose of this coffee shop mural art is to tell the story of the coffee island. Moondog café tells it by explicitly showing the islander people, houses, and activities. Compiled with fresh, colorful tones, the black wall turns into something stunning to look at. The pictures also show the essence of the colorful island through ranges of flora and fauna drawings.


10. Pinhole Coffee Shop

Created by Joey D. |

Having vast experience in the industry for years, Joey D created Pinhole coffee as a creative space. The location comes with an interesting design of colored wall panels that add color to the natural wood and stone furniture. Meanwhile, the mural art design comes with surrealist styles that signify the brand logo and the essence of relaxing drinks.


11. Yeonnam-dong 239-20

Created by Yeonnam-dong 239-20 |

Bringing a uniform style for the whole area is not an easy challenge. But the Yeonnam dong 239-20 coffee shop mural completes the overall charm. The shop uses the idea of creating an inside comic book experience. It splashed around through the coffee mural art, interior, utensils to the walls or ceilings. The mug and the cutlery also depict the flat line drawings.


12. Kaigo Coffee Room

Created by Loe Lee |

To state the focal point, Loe lee uses a wall painting design that explicitly tells the coffee room's name. It uses a simple monochromatic aesthetic that stands out among the pure white background. The style is also pretty balanced, with a combination of a female character, some plants, and coffee products creating a frame-like drawing, making it a perfect brand identity.


13. Google Campus Café

Created by Google Campus Café |

The area is meant as a communal working area. Thus, the room highlights the sense of hard work attitude. To make it work, the mural displays some motivational quotes, intricate illustrations, and working environment issues. It also uses red, black, and yellow colors that fit well with the wooden interior and industrial-looking room design.


14. Cafe Origine

Created by Cafe Origine |

The 3d mural art in this café is outstanding. The uses of color and shadowy color make the intricate flower drawing popped out. It creates an illusion of a 3D structure, which enriches the simple wooden interior. The choice of flower drawing material also helps accentuate the brand name, which explains the original or coffee nature states.


15. Ivy Café by Deed Studio

Created by Deed Studio |

Sometimes, surrealist drawing brings out a lot of questions. But at the same time, the particular design will create curiosity and conversation. This idea helps Ivy café make their audience involved in their mural art. The man with many eyes and mouths makes people think a lot about the hidden meaning. While at the same time, it complements the shop interior design.


16. Wakecup Coffeeshop by Jamal M. Amiz

Created by Jamal M. Amiz |

Staying true to the brand name, Wake-cup, the coffee shop mural signifies and brings out a lot of identical meanings. The uses of typography, along with illustrations and colorful drawings, make every wall section meaningful. It is also worth underlining that the art doesn't signify too many details since it is located inside a mall.


17. Watts Coffee House

Created by Watts Coffee House |

The large sidewall of the coffee turned into a canvas for mural art. The enormous painting filled the area and brought out color. At the same time, it creates an attraction point that makes the spot easy to recognize. The design is also pretty smart and regards the positive movement. It stimulates people to appreciate love, peace, and the power of unity.


18. Coffee Shop Upstairs

Created by Coffee Shop Upstairs |

You can use mural art to create a lovely touch in spaces. This idea signifies the smart placement of art on the unusable stair wall. The drawing of a colorful townscape on top of the doorsill leading to the upstairs coffee business brings out an illusion of city view. At the same time, it also makes the confined space less dull with some color and quirky illustrations.


19. Carolina Coffee Shop

Created by Carolina Coffee Shop |

Carolina coffee shop murals utilize the exterior wall as their way to make a difference. The picture of old gardeners planting a tree fit with the shop's plant pot location. Another interesting detail is how the mural shows movement, which helps form people's interest upon watching it. It uses monochromatic design, but it successfully delivers the message and attractiveness.


20. Queens Eleven

Created by Pichiavo |

If you are looking for an extravagant painting for mural art, then this shop is the winner. The photo-realistic style of Greek gods painting creates a luxurious impression. However, the artist also put some graffiti-style design layers. Thus, turn the wall into a masterpiece that well fits with the urban modern aesthetic coffee business.


21. Leyas Coffee Shop

Created by Leyas Coffee Shop |

The shop does not use the raw wall as its canvas. It is a perfect decision to make an easy digest and appearance in a limited space. The black panel itself makes the white mural drawing stand out. The same aesthetic design is also applied in most of the food tags, which complement the rustic room design.


22. Form & Function Coffee Shop

Created by Jess Mudgett |

The outstanding hand-painted photo-realistic work in this coffee shop mural creates a focal point on the white wall. The intricate design adds a professional touch to the area. It also uses monochromatic color to avoid an over-dramatic effect. The hawk drawing, the uses of floral detail, and small other arts also solidify the coffee business name.


23. Paradise Café

Created by Paradise Café |

Paradise café created a bold move by creating a washed-out exterior mural art. The color and the aesthetic fit well with the small brick surface, creating an illusion of a tall castle drawing. The art also uses pastel color to match the soft earthy tones of the area. At the same time, the cowboy drawing also makes an inviting impression.


24. Cuvee Café by Homestead Studio

Created by Homestead Studio |

Coffee Shop Mural does not always need to be a fancy intricate drawing. The paneling pattern in the Cuvee Café brings out sophisticated designs for the community area. It offers a simple and straightforward form with a soft color palette that complements the coffee shop aesthetic. It also jalopies a vibrant and eclectic touch that perfectly expresses Texas Pride.


25. Ed Café by All City Walls

Created by All City Walls |

The long white wall is always a perfect canvas for photo-realistic mural art. In this case, the Ed Café adds a natural feeling through the lifelike birds and branches painting. The long landscape design extends the art, making it look like natural window scenery. It also brightens the coffee shop room that is filled with wooden interiors.


26. Mends Street Café

Created by Mends Street Cafe |

The photo-realistic of the old-time cityscape in this café makes the area an Instagrammable spot. The mural art is painted on top of a wall panel that sits as a backdrop of the room. The uses of monochromatic color also help indicate details more simply, generously adding attractiveness to the room.


27. Cafe Seven

Created by Cafe Seven |

To fit the fresh and fun impression, the coffee shop mural art adopts a vibrant color and design. It helps create a welcoming effect. The uses of pastel and bright color, along with its simple drawing, work best for the whole visual. It also makes a friendlier appearance and helps the shop match with the surrounding area.


28. District Canggu

Created by District Canggu |

To signify the menus and the atmosphere, the district Canggu coffee shop uses surrealistic beach scenery for its mural. The waving blue beach, the orangish sky, the beach hut, and the tree illustrate the refreshing environment. What makes it more outstanding is how the shop adds string lamps to complete the beach-like experience.


29. La Colombe

Created by La Colombe |

La Colombe mural art is colorful and playful. On the exterior wall, the design filled with colors and fun drawings signify the busy life of Los Angeles. Some pictures such as transportations, coffee, and food are splayed across the sidewall. Meanwhile, on the inside, the darker wall creates a distinctive appearance with its quirky drawing.


30. Starbucks Naperville by Franklin Riley

Created by Franklin Riley |

Starbucks Naperville nailed its mural design by presenting a natural look inside the building. The realistic picture of lush green fields makes the wall look like a window. The wooden-styled interior, rustic vibe, and intricate details build plus complete the pristine natural atmosphere. It is not only aesthetic but also brings a lot of detail.



There are a lot of mural designs and inspiration out there that help drawing your coffee brand identity. The mural art can help you solidify the brand, attract customers, and elevate people's awareness of the surroundings. But drawing is also the best way to make a distinctive touch in your shop.

Telling the story through the pictures works well to engage the audience. You can also choose various art styles and elements to accentuate or signify certain information. With that idea, it is safe to say that coffee shop mural art can help boost your business as long as you are clever in defining one.

Which of these mural art ideas do you like the most? Let us know your comment in the section below. Have a great day & cheers!

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