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Article: 30 Old Nature Illustrations That Soothe Your Day

30 Old Nature Illustrations That Soothe Your Day

The idea of creating an old nature illustration is not only limited to style or impression but also how it was composed. Let's look at these masterpieces!
Created by Marina Ivashko |

An old saying states the difference between great botanical art or nature illustration from average is the design and composition. The idea of creating an old drawing is not only limited to gender, style, or impression but also how it was composed. 

The best consideration includes composition, principles, and elements of the design. This consideration is not easy to nail. But you can see from many old nature illustrations inspiration that emphasizes the meaning and also make a certain impression. 

To make a good nature illustration, you need to include aesthetic and scientific aspects. Highlight the life cycle, magnified details, or highlight distinctive features. At the same time, you need to know how to bring together the plant component, flower, and other aspects. 

It is also important to underline that the principles of design include balance, harmony, emphasis, movement, pattern, proportion, unity, variety, and rhythm. It is also worth mentioning the illustration with shapes, forms, lines, etc.  

There are also values and tonality that include grayscale tools, monochrome, color, and many more. To help you, here are some inspirations of old nature illustrations for you. 


1. Paradise: Garden of Eden

Representing the Adam and Eve artwork in the garden of Eden, the old picture clad in black and line art. What makes the drawing work is how the pens, ink, and acrylic paint play along to make composition and depth. 

Another good inspiration point goes on the compelling nature illustration that shows ranges of plants in their natural states. The emphasis and small splash of color for the apple make a great highlight and complete the whole arrangement.

Created by Melpomeni Chatzipanagiotou |


2. Gübretaş, 1951-2020

This design is a great inspiration for those who are looking for company advertisements or posters. The designer makes symbolic and surrealist art that tells the uses of nature in modern life. 

The whole picture is not an old nature illustration but still has some vintage touch in it. You can see it from the texture and technique that resemble hand-drawn colored pencil style. The drawing of gigantic hands also makes a highlight in the drawing. 

Created by Juan Hernaz |


3. Map & Territory

Far from old, this cartoonish nature illustration makes a good inspiration for modern and young audiences. The uses of soft lines and color emphasize landscape drawing in a fun way. It also emphasizes clean and beautiful nature as inspiration. 

The highlight of the bear and the kid make a comedic duo, which somehow tells a story. The composition straight to the point, with a lack of variance in the background but details in the foreground. 

Created by André Santos |


4.The Guest

The guest is an amazing inspiration for old nature illustrations with great details and intriguing meaning. The painting was meant to explain hospitality and to appease. But the little details that capture fear explain the hidden meaning of fear and necessary sacrifice. 

What makes this picture a perfect inspiration for nature illustration goes to the detailed drawing, technique, and composition. The darker silhouette and detail in the creature emphasize the dreadful being. And the pictures of humans and animals tell a routine. 

Created by Maksym Lazariev |


5. Parador de León

The drawing by Nicolas Castell captures the sense of nature in both realistic and magical views. The artwork itself is not a particularly old illustration. However, you can take it as one of the best inspirations. How is it?

The genius composition split the two wits and climaxed the ray or seasons effect. The colorful blooming flowers and bright trees contrast the building arch. It also perfectly represents Paradores hotel with every detail, perfect inspiration for the designer. 

Created by Nicolás Castell |


6. Drawings V

If you are looking for a rugged and unique illustration, this artwork by Alex will make a good inspiration. The whole project exudes not only old art but also unique techniques and how the artist captures nature. 

Some artworks tell the inimitable expression of animals that act like humans in wildlife. The use of lines also highlights the technique. This kind of method works best for modern or old nature illustrations inspiration that needs some twist.  

Created by Alex G Griffiths |


7. Places I'd Love To Live In

Going for modern design, the artworks make a good representation of nature and human living. The artwork blends the sense of nature through its unique and simplistic technique. As a natural illustration, the lack of details seems very contrasting with the old inspiration. 

However, the inspiration idea puts a great emphasis on the house. The designer only uses small brush swashes that contrast the highly detailed house. Somehow it tells the sense of solitude, but also calm from the color choices. 

Created by Darya Shnykina |


8. Panorama of the Vineyard

An old nature illustration is not complete without intricate details above the black and white color pick. In this inspiration, you got a panoramic drawing of a vineyard, which goes with several details and great composition. 

The use of lines in the background balances the intricate detail of the illustration. The color balance also helps create depth. It is nevertheless a beautiful artwork inspiration that helps explains the stunning landscape. 

Created by Andrey Kokorin |


9. Next Door Project

Hayden Maynard captures nature through his bird drawing. It might not be a really old illustration, but the piece makes it on par with the vintage and modern artwork. It easily turns into a perfect inspiration for old surrealist painting. 

The detailed gigantic colorful birds lurking around the monochromatic neighborhood make a very dramatic sense. It also goes with some floral that fills every gap. The composition and the highlight turn it into an exceptionally shocking drawing inspiration. 

Created by Hayden Maynard |


10. My Neighbours Live In A Slightly Different World

The project brings a mundane concept with its bizarre illustration. While it looks scary and unique, the whole picture can perfectly tell the sense of a dream-like world. Gigantic animals, humans, lush environments, and imaginable situations bring a very exceptional picture.

It is one of the inspirations that can nail both old and modern artwork. As an old nature illustration, the picture brings every little detail and makes it alive. The composition and color (black and white) give a sense of depth. 

Created by Kazuki Okuda |


11. Fragile

An old illustration inspiration that tells not only beauty but also story mostly comes with intricate details. However, in this drawing, you will find such an idea works as a unique storytelling piece. 

Bren captures the sense of fragility in two depictions, butterfly and plates. Drawn by the beauty of flowers, the pencil-drawn illustrations eventually show broken pieces. The use of color choice also helps emphasize the detail and adds old drama as inspiration. 

Created by Vasilina Bren |


12. Down The Wind

Is it an old or modern illustration? The artwork by Kseniya Skukh was made for both categories. The detail and the unique styling technique make the piece unique by itself. The nature illustration inspiration tells a story of how a child learns the world, observes, and studies. 

To fit the theme, the use of pastel color makes the piece look peaceful. Nature and the girl drawing will always be a good versatile inspiration. 

Created by Kseniya Shukh |


13. Town Musicians of Bremen

Are you looking for a more folklore type of nature illustration? The Town musician of Bremen is a great old piece of inspiration for you. The style is pretty unique in the sense that it plays with black and white color and stamp-like media. 

The result is astonishing. The background nature appears like a washed-out painting. At the same time, the animals appear darker to emphasize the focus. The two-model works well because it offers balanced composition. 

Created by Elmira Gokoryan |


14. Oiseaux

Nature illustration is not always about plants and landscapes. Animals are also part of nature that is worth getting pictured in such details. In this case, you can have perfect inspiration from the Matias Contarino works. 

The project envelopes a range of bird pictures. It was made with great details and inking technique. Thus, creating a highly detailed picture for an old nature illustration. But it also works as modern pieces after colorization. 

Created by Matias Contarino |


15. Winter

Winter can turn into such a great inspiration for a nature illustration. The white hues make a great contrast to its surroundings, creating a serene and soothing atmosphere. At least, that is what you find in the old project by Marina Ivashko. 

Ivashko captured the atmosphere by drawing the pine trees that were covered with snow. The black and white color makes it stand out in the front of brightly colored red houses and green fences.  

Created by Marina Ivashko |


16. Fox And Hares

This inspiration makes lovely uses of balance, boldness, and subtly in it. The result is not only outstanding but also soothing. The nature illustrations were made for a book To the North. It tells a journey of foxes and hares to the Arctic ocean. 

The artist emphasizes the story through the painting of nature, animals, and white snow. Together, the picture blends colorful aspects above the snowy area. The color choice and the unique technique is the highlight of this drawing. 

Created by Anna and Varvara Kendel |


17. Morning in The Forest

Old drawing inspiration for a young audience can turn into such a memorable inspiration. You can take a look at this project that uses the soft pastel color with the water painting technique. The result is not only heart-warming but also fit for kids. 

The illustration tells of nature in a more colorful touch. The artist tries to add as many details as possible without making it overwhelming. It also works for children's book inspiration.  

Created by Natalia Sumina |


18. Great Horned Owl

The artist specializes in creating portrait pictures. On this occasion, the owl picture turns into something more than just a simple portrait. The uses of lines and the technique make it fit the old nature illustration inspiration. 

At the same time, it also fits the modern design. The picture of owls in nature has very detailed drawings. It only has blue and white, but the old technique helps create depth and emphasize the form. 

Created by Ann Marshall |


19. Kaz Dağları

Ahmet Demir showcases a beautiful nature pictures inspiration that has a very meaningful depiction. The design is simply outstanding with very intricate details, unique imagery, and also the atmosphere. It can be a soothing natural image but also a powerful one. 

The artist accentuates the meaning through the grimacing bear around its nature. The hand shows as if the bear wants to break out while the two-corner squashing them. In the end, the image shows how the activity resulted in gold or income. 

Created by Ahmet Demir |


20. Fantastic Felines

Created for the WWF association, the illustration helps introduce the beautiful felines in nature. What makes the design interesting is how it strays away from the old design rules and goes for more modern points. 

In the end, each of the images uses vibrant color for the nature states. It has a simple pattern and details. Thus, the design can highlight the detailed feline drawing. It is a great inspiration for you who work for posters or informational pieces. 

Created by Rohan Dahotre |


21. Saryeoni Forest Path

Not an old piece, but it can tell how the artist took a unique and fun path to make the drawing. The unique drawing of the grass, leaves, and the tree do not show a realistic nature but a great inspiration for you. 

However, that is one of the reasons the picture stands out. It is how the artist sees the world and the forest path. The colorful hues and the fun illustration add a more soothing old atmosphere to walk around. 

Created by Hye Jin Chung |


22. Motherland

The oil painting technique in this illustration was very diverse. The styling and the color are used to make a bold statement of how nature acts. At the same time, it captures every little random detail inspirations in the landscape, such as the wave and cloud lines. 

The project comes in color and original version, thus working as an old illustration inspiration. It is a very genuine artwork that also includes a highlight in the form of a contrasting white house. 

Created by Marina Ivashko |


23. Northern Landscapes

An old oil graphic technique and needle drawing inspiration can turn into such an amazing nature illustration. You can tell that it fits any occasion since the picture depicts nature. 

The project was made to capture the beauty of Scandinavia. The sense of vast area created with 80% of the canvas filled with a blurry background. Meanwhile, the small-scaled village makes a great highlight. There are also old pictures of crows, mountains, and others.  

Created by Anna Kronik |


24. Ocean Forest Dream

Lenny wen makes a good illustration with a lot of inspiration. What makes the piece seem very intriguing and soothing comes from the use of color and imagery. The artworks work the best for children's books that are filled with vibrant colors and unique pictures. 

But, what makes it on par with old illustrations is the composition. In one scene, you can find many vegetative animals and the boy, as it highlights—perfect inspiration for a newbie. 

Created by Lenny Wen |


25. The King Who Kept His Small Kingdom Above The Angry Sea

When you are looking for an old nature illustration with a splash of crazy imaginative imagery, you need to see this piece. The black and white picture hid a very implicit meaning with its picture. It tells how a small kingdom is part of the crouching king under the sea. 

The unique imagery makes a perfect inspiration for such detailed and attractive illustrations. It also nails the sense of old artwork with its monochromatic color but highly detailed images. 

Created by Mira Miroslavova |


26. Otter Sketch

Not all of the old illustrations' inspiration has realistic imagery. In many cases, the design is just so unique that it gains a lot of points with its nature illustration, just like how this otter sketches on the space framed with plants. 

The two contrasting aspects somehow make the picture look quirky and whimsical. But another point goes to the pencil sketch that helps to add details, depth, and line work.   

Created by Mira Miroslavova |


27. Le Jardin du Roy

This surface design uses a lot of old illustrations as part of its patterning inspiration. As a pattern, the design can look repetitive. But it needs composition to avoid overcrowded feeling. And the project nailed that idea. 

The use of detailed imagery of flowers, blooms, plants, nature, and animals makes a magnificent old pattern. One way it makes a balance is by altering the vibrant color or use a minimal tone. You can use it as pattern inspiration. 

Created by Hello Shane |


28. A House In the House

This project tells a story for every season in the old house in the woods. It compiles some illustrations, including wood and the house décor. It is not a 100% nature illustration, but it is a good inspiration for storytelling images. 

The use of water painting techniques makes the color and texture appear unique. At the same time, the artist also put different details to help highlight the message for its image. 

Created by Eva Delaserra |


29. Deep Forest

Both dark and bright are the inspiration behind the creepy illustration of the deep forest by David Planeta. You can tell how the artist plays around with the monochromatic color to emphasize the hidden and lurking nature. 

While it tells the dark depiction of the forest, you can subtly see the contrast and details in every brush. It can fit with old or newer illustration models. But the nature of the picture is pretty much soothing and unique. 

Created by David Planeta |


30. Sanar para Sanarme

This project meant branding. However, the artist takes a great chance to implement the old nature illustration as its inspiration. Thus, creating such a unique and soothing concept.  

How the branding turns the old illustration inspiration into something new is beyond good. It uses simplistic and detailed nature imagery as the primary point. After that, it turns the black and white swan into a logo.  

Created by Ricardo Nunez Suarez |


Final Words

Bringing nature into such mesmerizing pictures is not an easy intake. Some might have to consider the composition and the design. You can play around with technique or imagery. But what makes the old illustration alive is the detailing. 

You can make details in many ways, from the technique to the color selection. Your options are endless. That is why you can get a lot of old inspiration or modern ones to make masterpieces.

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