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Article: 30 Best Mart Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

30 Best Mart Logo Design Ideas You Should Check

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Check out some of the best mart logo design ideas to inspire your creative projects!
Created by Rebekah Rhoden |

The background of a mart logo design is rooted in the rich history and significance of markets throughout human civilization. From ancient times to the present day, marts have served as crucial hubs of economic activity, trade, and social interaction. The logo design for a mart or market aims to capture the essence of these vibrant spaces while effectively representing the brand identity and values associated with them.

Historically, markets have been central to the development of societies worldwide. They have been fundamental in fostering economic growth, encouraging cultural exchange, and promoting community cohesion. In ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece, bustling marketplaces were gathering places where people would converge to buy and sell goods, exchange ideas, and connect with one another. The layout and architecture of these markets often reflected the values and aesthetics of the society they belonged to.

When designing a logo for a mart or market, one can draw inspiration from various elements associated with these historical markets. For instance, the logo might incorporate imagery of market stalls, vendor carts, or bazaars to evoke a sense of bustling activity and commerce. The use of bold, vibrant colors can symbolize the energy and diversity found in markets while also attracting attention and creating visual impact.

Here are some of the best ideas for mart logo designs that you can check:


1. CreateMart

Created by Matt Vancoillie |

The first mart logo design is created by Matt Vancoillie. The Createmart logo is as simple as it gets. It is the letter C, which is the first letter of Createmart. The style keeps the letter readable, but it is unique enough to stand out from the rest. The black and orange contrast with each other, creating a unique and easily recognizable visual cue.


2. Ronny

Created by Ronny |

Next is Ronny's logo design. It is a combination mark. It consists of two parts: a mascot and a wordmark. Although the design is simple, it tells a story: The orange man is on his way back to his home after shopping. The design and colors are cute and easy on the eyes. It is a fitting mart logo design for a grocery store.


3. skmart

Created by Logo Branda |

Also, a combination mark, this logo is created by Logo Branda. Unlike the previous mart logo design, it combines a pictorial mark and a wordmark. The black and white contrast allows the picture and letters to grab attention easily. They are the first things you will see when seeing the logo. The pictorial mark on the left makes it easier to remember and recognize.


4. Bulb & Plant Mart

Created by CJ Soukup |

CJ Soukup's fresh mart logo design embodies the brand quite well. Furthermore, the minimalist design makes it pleasant to the eye while still standing out from others. The contrast is soft. It makes the logo more noticeable without looking overwhelming. Also, notice the unique ampersand symbol. It adds a distinctive visual cue. The tagline describes what the brand is all about.


5. Shape Mart

Created by Dingbat Co |

The Shape Mart's logo design by Dingbat Co. is undoubtedly interesting. It comes in black and white, but that doesn't make it less interesting. The classic color combination keeps things simple and timeless. The unique fonts easily grab attention. Although their shapes are unusual, they are still easy to read. There is a tagline as well. Notice how concise and descriptive it is.


6. Mart Production

Created by Logomachine |

While simplicity is an ideal to strive for, it doesn't mean you can't have a multicolored logo. When properly designed, a multicolored logo looks awesome. Logomachine's mart logo design for Mart Production is an excellent example of that. The colors make the logo more attention-grabbing but keep it easy on the eyes. The font is easy to read, and the symbol is distinctive.


7. Pollen

Created by Second Eight |

Second Eight's mart logo design has a unique meaning. If you take a look closely, the emblem combines a bee and a flower. It tells a story about the brand. Moreover, the black and yellow color scheme reminds the audience about bees, which is related to what the company does. If we were to swap the color, the logo design would look just as interesting.


8. Online Mart

Created by Ayon Khandakar|

Ayon Khandakar's mini-mart logo design is as unique as it gets. It depicts a shopping bag in a way that appears like the bag is ready to be taken away. In addition, the logo's tagline tells customers what makes the brand unique compared to the rest. The light lemon green and black contrast is striking. It makes the logo design more noticeable.


9. Jacksons Market & Deli

Created by Scott Wilson |

You can use a logo to tell your customers essential information about your mart. For example, when it was established, its address, or a phone number. You need to make it just as good as the rest of the logo elements, though. Scott Wilson's logo design here does that excellently. The details are presented uniquely. They all are easy to read.


10. Purdue Mart

Created by Christian Korn |

Next, we have Christian Korn's design for Purdue Mart. A logo can tell various things. In this case, it tells customers about the location of Purdue Mart. Notice how the logo design is a combination of a shopping bag and the shape of the state of Indiana. Not only it allows the mart to stand out, but it also tells its unique Indiana identity.


11. BYODC x Mesa Mart

Created by Glenn Newcomer |

Glenn Newcomer's logo design is simply awesome. The design is intricate but is still simple enough to be a mart logo. There is plenty of whitespaces, which balances the intricate design and keeps it fresh. What's more, while the font of the text is unique, you can read it easily. Not to mention the colors give a warm and welcoming vibe.



Created by Armando Mitra |

A logo can exhibit certain characteristics of the industry the brand is in. For example, Armando Mitra's Kwik E Mart logo exhibits the grab-and-go nature of convenience stores. But that's not all. On the one hand, the design exhibits movement. On the other hand, the colors of the logo allow it to effortlessly grab the attention of passers-by. It is a hard-to-miss logo.



Created by Aimx Design |

When it comes to mart logo design, the fewer colors you use, the better. In this case, only three colors are used. Aimx Design incorporates only three colors for the Couch Mart logo. One for the text, one for the symbol, and one for the background. With only three colors, the logo doesn't look visually overwhelming. The combination only makes it more interesting.


14. Cimarron Community Farm

Created by Sarah Johnson |

Sarah Johnson's design for Cimarron Community Farm is fresh and colorful. The main color is orange, which fits the logo's carrot theme. The other colors complement the orange, providing a range of contrasts that keep it balanced and interesting. The text also comes in orange, but it has a lighter background which highlights and makes it readable. It is simple and beautiful. 


15. Minny Row Market

Created by Petra Lee |

If you're going for a wordmark, you may want to add a tagline to your logo. A tagline can help describe what your brand is all about. For example, the tagline of Minny Row Market is "Locally sourced, ethically produced," which describes how the products of Minny Row Market are sourced and produced. The black-and-white helps to convey the brand's message effectively.


16. This little piggys

Created by Jessie Maisonneuve |

A mascot can do wonders. Especially if it represents the brand well, just take a look at Jessie Maisonneuve's mart logo design. The logo is unique and distinctive. It easily stands out from the crowd. The pink balances and adds a soft touch to the stark black and white. All these elements make This Little Piggys' logo easy to recognize and memorize.


17. Better Market

Created by Mustafa Ak√ľlker |

Mustafa Akulker's Better Market logo design is minimalist. That's not to say it is not appealing; however, far from it. Its simplicity comes with beauty. In addition, the earth-tone color gives an inviting and homey vibe. The lowercase wordmark enhances the approachability of the brand, too. The logo fits a store, regardless of whether it is a mortar-and-brick store or an online one.


18. Spooky Groceries

Created by Rebekah Rhoden |

A mart logo design doesn't always need to be colorful. For example, if you have a Halloween-themed grocery, it would be a better choice to create a logo that fits the atmosphere. Rebekah Rhoden's work shows how awesome such a logo can be. The skull mascot and unusual fonts help to create the mood. The black and white further emphasizes the Halloween vibe.


19. Sprouts

Created by Mia Ditmanson |

Mia Ditmanson's food mart logo design shows how you can incorporate a bunch of related items into a logo. Notice the many fruits and vegetables on the right side. It tells customers what the store's main products are. The growing little plant shows that Sprouts is a farmers' market. The fonts are easy to read. All the colors fit the logo, too, especially green.


20. Tilesmart Ceramic

Created by Brandall Design Agency |

It can be tempting to add as many design elements as you can. However, doing so makes the logo more complex and, therefore, harder to memorize and recognize. If you want to add complexity, make sure to balance it. Brandall Design Agency's logo design exemplifies that. The intricate symbol is balanced with lots of whitespaces, which highlights and makes it even more appealing.


21. Times Produce

Created by Konstantin Reshetnikov |

Created by Konstantin Reshetnikov, this mart logo design tells an interesting story about Times Produce. The image represents the first product that Times Produce produced. The green gives a fresh impression, fitting the brand well. The text is all in uppercase, showing the professionalism and commitment of the enterprise. Most of the elements in the logo are simple. Customers can remember it easily.


22. K-Mart

Created by Ben Ng |

Striving for simplicity is the best practice. The simpler the design of a logo is, the better. Here we have Ben Ng's design for K-Mart. It is simple yet makes a positive impression. With the exception of the letter K, most of the letters are normal. The letter K creates an unusual visual cue that can't be ignored. The colors add to the appeal.


23. 407 Flea Market

Created by Rhett Withey |

If you are selling fruits and vegetables, using one of the products you are selling as a mascot is a good idea, like Rhett Withey's 407 Flea Market logo here. The mascot is an orange. Not only that, the dominant color is orange, too. It is simple but effective at conveying what the brand is about. The simplistic design makes it memorable.


24. swag store

Created by Badr |

Swag Store's mart logo design is as straightforward as it gets. Its symbol is rather simple but showcases the values of the brand nicely. The colors are only black and white, a timeless combination. It grabs attention but doesn't go overboard. The logo's font is easy to read. The design is modern and minimalist, fitting for a brand with a young target audience.


25. Travelers Rest Farmers Market

Created by Jesse Bowser |

Jesse Bowser's design for Travelers Rest Farmers Market is clean. There are some details, but the whitespace keeps it balanced. The color scheme is comforting and inviting, making you want to learn more about the brand. The uppercase letters indicate the enterprise's professionalism and commitment to its customers. The hexagonal shape allows the logo design to be applied in various formats.


26. Quik

Created by Second Eight |

You have a modern store and need a logo design that reflects it. How should you go about it? Second Eight's work for Quik can give you inspiration. Notice how clean and sleek the font is. That's not all; the letter "Q" is formed by an arrow that moves forward. The logo is simple, but it is able to convey the brand's message clearly.


27. Bodega Cat

Created by Damian Orellana |

Everyone loves cats. Using a cat image in your logo is an effective way to attract attention. It still needs to be designed well, though. Bodega Cat's logo by Damian Orellana showcases a cat inside an emblem. The design may not have complex design elements, but the smiling cat gives a positive impression. In addition, the colors are easy on the eye too.


28. Odessa Market¬ģ

Created by FLOV |

Incorporating blue and white can help create a friendly and approachable vibe. The Odessa Market mart logo design by Flov is an excellent example of that. Blue is the primary color, while white is the secondary one. This particular combination is not only pleasing to the eyes but also inviting. The tagline also help tells the audience about what the brand is about.


29. Hypertrade

Created by Alex Tass |

When designing a logo, always keep in mind that you will use it in different formats. That's why a simple logo is a good one. Take Alex Tass' logo for Hypertrade here as an example. A logo like this will be much easier to print. In addition, since it involves only two colors, the cost of printing is less expensive than a multicolored logo.


30. Sunday Social

Created by Rebekah Rhoden |

Last but not least is Rebekah Rhoden's mart logo design for Sunday Social. It has everything. The logo has a symbol in the form of an apple, the brand's name in an easy-to-read font, and taglines that not only pique the interest of the reader but also describe the brand's products. In addition, the orange and green combination makes the logo looks fresh.


Frequently Ask Questions

What are some examples of mart/market logo designs that have been highly successful?

One highly successful market logo design is that of Whole Foods Market, which features a bold green typeface combined with a curved leaf motif. This logo effectively communicates the brand's commitment to natural and organic products. Another example is the logo of Walmart, a prominent retail giant. Walmart's logo consists of a simple, bold font with a blue color scheme, portraying trust, reliability, and affordability. The Apple logo, though not specifically a market logo, is widely recognized and associated with the company's sleek and innovative products. Its bitten-apple design is clean, minimalist, and easily identifiable. These examples demonstrate the power of simplicity, symbolism, and effective use of color in creating successful mart/market logos.

What are some key elements to consider when designing a logo for a farmers' market?

When designing a logo for a farmers' market, several key elements should be considered. First, incorporate imagery of fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, or grains to convey the market's focus on natural and organic products. Consider symbols that represent farming and agriculture, such as barns, tractors, or fields, to emphasize the connection to the farming community. Reflect the sense of community and connection by including symbols like people, hands, or local landmarks. Choose a color palette that evokes freshness and nature, such as green or earthy tones. Additionally, select a typography style that balances legibility with a touch of authenticity.

What colors are commonly used in mart logo design, and what do they symbolize?

In mart logo design, a range of colors is used to evoke specific emotions and convey messages. Commonly used colors include green, symbolizing nature, freshness, and sustainability; red, representing energy, passion, and excitement; orange, conveying warmth and friendliness; blue, signifying trust, reliability, and professionalism; yellow, evoking joy and optimism; brown, suggesting earthiness and authenticity; purple, representing luxury and creativity; white, symbolizing purity and simplicity; and black, connoting elegance and authority. The choice of colors should align with the brand identity and target audience, ensuring they effectively communicate the desired message and create the desired emotional response.

How can I convey the concept of sustainability in a mart logo design?

To convey the concept of sustainability in your mart/market logo design, you can incorporate symbols or elements that represent eco-friendliness and environmental consciousness. This can include using imagery of leaves, trees, or other natural elements. Additionally, choosing a color palette with earthy tones or shades of green can evoke a sense of sustainability. Integrating arrows or circular shapes can symbolize the concept of recycling or the circular economy. By utilizing these design elements, you can effectively communicate your mart's commitment to sustainable practices and attract customers who value eco-friendly products and services.

Should I use a literal representation of the products sold in the mart or go for a more abstract approach in the logo design?

The decision to use a literal representation or a more abstract approach in mart logo design depends on various factors. A literal representation of the products can quickly communicate the nature of the market and create a strong connection with customers. However, a more abstract approach allows for creativity and versatility, enabling the logo to be more timeless and adaptable to evolving market offerings. It is important to strike a balance that effectively conveys the essence of the market while maintaining visual appeal and brand recognition. Ultimately, the design approach should align with the mart's brand identity, target audience, and long-term goals.


Let us know what you think!

All of these fantastic logo design ideas are created by some of the most talented logo designers worldwide. We hope you enjoy our gallery and remember to leave us a comment below. Cheers!

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