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Article: 30 Invoice Design Ideas Your Customers Won't Miss

30 Invoice Design Ideas Your Customers Won't Miss

Invoice design is very impactful for your business to stand out, noticeable and memorable so client could pay you on time. Check out these examples!
Created by Jonathan Pell |

Many business owners and brands don't realize how impactful invoice design is to their business. Every business certainly needs an invoice as a bill of payment to the customer after completing a deal or project. This makes invoicing one of the most important things your customers have to notice.

As a business owner, it is important for you to make sure all the details and aspects of your business are well designed. This will increase your credibility and also your service to customers. In this discussion, there will be several invoice design ideas that you can use as inspiration.


What is an invoice?

Some of you may not know very well what an invoice is. An invoice is a document that is used as proof of a transaction between a business and its customers. It is also useful as a record of transactions that take place between the two parties. It is required to be owned by all taxable business entities. This is because it also serves as proof that the business entity or business has paid its taxes to the state.


Things That Should Included In The Invoice

All invoices from all companies or business materials will certainly differ from one another. However, a good one should follow certain standards as it should clearly state the important information of your business. It also should be clear, professional, and straightforward. The following is some of the information that should be included:

1. Customer's Information

The customer's name is one of the most important things that must be displayed very clearly. The name of this customer can be the name of the company entity or individual who buys the product or service you offer.

Usually, the customer's name is placed at the top so that it is easily seen and clearly displayed. Apart from the name, contact and other information such as customer address must also be included.

This additional information serves to differentiate one customer from another customer who has a similar or the same name.

In addition, information such as addresses and contacts from customers will make it easier for our company to contact customers when offering offers at a later date.

2. Transaction Date

The transaction date must be stated on the invoice. The inclusion of the date of the transaction is intended to clarify the date of the transaction.

So if there's a misunderstanding or a problem with the transaction, it can be used to clarify as valid evidence.

3. Transaction Description

Transaction information that must be included on the invoice includes the price of the goods or services purchased by the customer, the name of the product, the total price, and also taxes. This information is the main information that must be included. Make sure all this information is clearly written and easy to see.

Include the description in an obvious placement so that the customer can clearly see it. This information is important information that must be written correctly and as is.


Types of Invoices That You Should Know

In fact, there are many types of invoices. Most of these types of invoices may still not be known by many people. Each type has its own characteristics and functions. The following are some of them:

1. Standard Invoice

The standard type is the most often used by many businesses and business entities. This type of invoice is issued by the business entity and issued to the client or customer.

This type will usually only include standard information such as the customer name, business name, item price, tax price, and total price. It is also usually used by medium to small businesses. Most large companies do not use this type of invoice, as they use a more complex one.

2. Credit Invoice

As the name implies, this credit invoice is issued by the company to its customers when giving a credit discount in a transaction.

It will usually include a negative price as a description of the reduced price on the product. It is also usually used by business owners to provide refunds to their customers.

3. Debit Invoice

It is a type of debit issued by a business entity with the aim of collecting more money in a transaction. It is also issued if at any time the transaction fee turns out to be more than the agreed-upon fee.

Usually, this type is often used by small businesses or freelancers who want to make several price adjustments in a transaction.For example, if you are a freelancer, it turns out that the project you are working on is consuming more time and money than previously thought in the agreement. You can use it to adjust the price in a transaction with a client.


Invoice Design Ideas For Your Inspirations

If you are still confused about choosing the right invoice design for your business, here are some invoice design ideas that you might be able to imitate and serve as inspiration:

1. Daniel W.

Created by Elain Chong |

This example designed by Daniel W gives an exclusive and elegant impression. Using a vintage style paired with black and gold colors makes this invoice look stunning.

The details engraved on the surface will surely make a good impression on the client. Because of its exclusive design, clients will feel appreciated and feel like they were given premium service.


2. Studio P

Created by Thomas Birch |

It is one of the best invoice design ideas that is designed with extraordinary taste. It is perfect for those of you who like simple designs.

It is suitable for all types of clients. Also, it can widely be used by many business entities. It is beautifully designed by Studio P by using a color palette that is attractive and comfortable to look at.


3. Stationery Work

Created by Ripon Ahmed |

Despite using pink as the main color in the design, designer Ripon Ahmed managed to create a professional invoice design. It uses a simple but attractive layout and concept.


4. Tom Garvi

Created by Tomás García V |

This reference is one of many invoice design ideas that accentuate simplicity. The concept is very simple yet still nice to look at.

Designer Tomas Garvi succeeded in creating an attractive, simple, and clear visual. All important information is displayed in a good layout so that it doesn't confuse the customer.


5. Elizabeth Nelson

Created by Elizabeth Nelson |

Using a simple concept seems to have become an option for business owners today. Many people have realized that a simple design can actually make an attractive appearance.

Elisabeth Nelson took her design inspiration from a simple bill usually found in supermarkets or restaurants and turned it into a more classy and attractive look.


6. IWA Technology

Created by Marina Mescaline |

At first glance, this concept made by Marina Mescaline might look the same as other invoice design ideas. Even so, designer Marina Mescaline managed to choose an attractive layout in her design.

The layout that she chose makes invoices more comfortable and pleasing to look at.


7. Rendarch

Created by Alendra Necula |

The example uses a concept that has an attractive monochromatic appearance. It is one of many invoice design ideas that don't include too many elements in the whole visual.

Even so, it is evident that the appearance is still attractive and elegant. The addition of a logo in the background also makes the invoice look more exclusive.


8. Old Zey

Created by Fis Ihsani |

Old Zey by Fis Ihsani uses vintage and classic design concepts. This vintage impression can be obtained from the font selection and also the elements used. This design is perfect for use in a restaurant with a classic vintage theme. However, the impression of the navy also emanates from the selection of the anchor logo, which is clearly displayed on the visual.


9. Pinesquare

Created by Nelly Chong FF |

Are you tired of the monochrome invoice design that only uses black and white? Then this option might be good for your reference. It is different from most other invoices, as it uses blue as one of the main colors for the elements and the display texts.


10. Dora Lazarević

Created by Dora Lazarević |

Who says using the same font will make the design look boring? This invoice design proves that even if you only use one type of font for all of the text, it can still look attractive.

To get around the display from being boring, designers played with font sizes to create contrast between text and information.


11. Plants Republic

Created by Azbuka Studio |

In accordance with the characteristics and identity of the brand, this example is made with the addition of plant elements to enhance its appearance.

However, the plant-themed element is only shown as an image on the back of the page. The front view is still made simple so that it is comfortable to look at.


12. Africa Social Venture

Created by Pauline Pourcelot |

The playful and simple design makes this one unique and different from the invoice design ideas. Even though the theme is playful, the designer still packs the invoice appearance in a simple style. The use of pastel colors also makes the appearance softer and more welcoming to the eye.


13. Martina Decker Studio

Created by Tania Fernández |

This example has a unique style of concept. The design is presented simply but still unique and playful. The unique color selection makes this invoice design nice to look at.

The layout used is brilliant too. The total price is clearly displayed in the right corner of the page with large sizes to make it easier for customers to see it.


14. Guilermo Chanivet

Created by Guilermo Chanivet |

Guilermo Chanivet's invoice design carries a professional look. A design concept like this might be suitable for a corporate company.


15. Charlotte Van Oostrum

Created by Monochromerice |

This invoice is made by choosing an official and professional layout. Even so, to give a little look and color, Monochromerice designers used funky colors like orange and purple. A wavy element was also added at the far right to give it a more interesting look.


16. Richard Yang

Created by Richard Yang |

Like most invoice design ideas, this example by Richard also uses a simple concept and layout. The display is intentionally made monochromatic by only using blue and white to make it comfortable to look at.


17. Alex Engzell

Created by Alex Engzell |

Alex Engzell has succeeded in creating a stunning invoice design. The impression of elegance and luxury is clearly visible from this invoice design.

Using black and white and a different play texture makes this one stand out more than the others. In addition, the gold element included in this invoice is also a cherry on top.


18. DH & JS Trading

Created by Jonathan Pell |

The layout of this design may be a little different from most invoices. Usually, information about the company and client is placed on the top page. This time, the information and details are placed on the side.

Using this one layout might be an alternative for those of you who prefer a layout that is unique and different from others.


19. New Monday

Created by Sandro Tavartkiladze |

This one of the best invoice design ideas is for a finance app. The design is made in line with the theme and UI design of the application.

The use of bubbly and rounded elements and shapes makes it look more friendly and attractive to look at.


20. Creative Atelier

Created by Badar Ul Islam Majid |

This example by Badar UI Islam Majid uses a simple design theme. By choosing a design and layout like this, the focus of attention falls on the details of the consumer's name and also the company that is included in the invoice.

In this way, the customer will find it easier to see whether the invoice sent is right on target or not. In addition, the use of signatures also makes customers feel more special and appreciated.


21. Gap Pichaipubed

Created by Gad Pichaipubed |

Even though this concept uses a neutral combination of colors, it still looks attractive and has its own identity. Also, using the same font on the design makes it look well-put and well-aligned.


22. Edwardes Brewery

Created by Karla Young |

This example is made for Edwardes Brewery by using a playful theme. Different from most breweries that use classic and vintage designs, this brewery dares to stand out by choosing a different design theme.

Besides that, it also uses a beautiful red shade, so it makes its appearance attractive even though it only uses a monochromatic design theme.


23. Cra. Melissa Bentancor Sosa

Created by Manuel Macedo Alderete |

This example will suit you perfectly for those of you who are bored with large invoice sizes. By using a card-like size, this invoice design is expected to be more portable and practical.

Despite the small size, all important details and information are clearly displayed on the card surface.


24. Sals Wills

Created by Sals Wills |

The use of a unique font is one of the main attractions in this example. Even though the design is very simple, it still looks stunning and pleasing to the eye.

The use of a soft blue color combined with the ivory color of the paper makes them look even more luscious.


25. Dino Store

Created by Dimitar Stojanov |

This example is done by Dimitar Stojanov. He uses a corporate design concept, so it is perfect for raising a professional image and trustworthiness for your company.

Available in 3 unique color variants, pink, green, and black, allowing you to customize the color according to the type of client.


26. James Keefe

Created by James Keefe |

Minty green is not the color commonly used on invoices. However, James Keefe managed to make an attractive concept even though he used very simple elements.

The table containing the transaction data is made with black color so that the customer's attention will be directed to it when it is given to them.


27. Antispace

Created by Rezaul I. Razib |

The dominant use of white in this concept makes the appearance fresher and cleaner. Even though there is a lot of information displayed, the white space prevents the whole visual from looking cluttered.


28. Retrographic

Created by Stephan Shurygin |

In accordance with the name and brand identity that upholds a retro impression, this invoice design chooses a retro style as the main style in the design.


29. Alex Design

Created by Alexander El-Aref |

We love this color combination of this concept. The use of black, gold, and white makes the design look luxurious but still simple and professional.


30. Creative Collectiv.

Created by Lisette Stevens |

The combination of blue, pink, and white colors is trending lately. The simple invoice design with this combination of colors makes the design looks attractive.



Invoice design is one of the important things that sometimes we forget to pay attention to. Just like a business card, it reflects your business image and the personality of your brand. If you are short of ideas, we have prepared many invoice design ideas above that you can choose to use as inspiration.

We hope you can enjoy this article. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write them down in the section below. Cheers!

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