30 Inspiring Restaurant Takeaway Packaging Ideas

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There are certain criteria designers have to check when creating a restaurant takeaway packaging. First, it has to represent the business brand; second, it has to be functional; third, it has to be pretty. Here are some of the most inspiring restaurant takeaway packagings you can take reference from.


1. Donny

Created by Marina Zakharova


2. Lakers To-Go

Created by Elliot Soprani


3. Rolling Island

Created by Boo Republic


4. bago

Created by Elvin Seet


5. Off The Grid

Created by Paulius Glebus


6. Milk Tea Packaging Design - Lan Xi

Created by Ying Ying Tey


7. Iris Blossom

Created by Uniq Creative



Created by Karla Heredia


9. Zizzi

Created by Shane Goldberg


10. Adriana’s Bakery

Created by Marisa Sorto


11. Moloko Bar

Created by Samy Elzieny



Created by Karla Heredia


13. Snälltåget

Created by Nour Alhalabi


14. aleFanty

Created by Anna Holik


15. Yoisho

Created by The 1984


16. Willie & Charlie Bakery

Created by Jieni Kao


17. Megobar

Created by Nick Kumbari


18. Don Tuch

Created by Human


19. SUSU Shengjian bao

Created by BroBrand Agency


20. Mr. Goodwill Pizza

Created by Lua Cieza


21. Tyler's Bao

Created by Giorgio Paraskjevas Skalides


22. Routech Sausage Brand

Created by IBEA Design


23. Brookies Cookies & Co

Created by Blank Design Studio


24. OBA Eatery

Created by Rafael Maia


25. EazzyPizzy

Created by Lesha Limonov


26. Paltsidis Salads & Dips

Created by Sophia Georgopoulou


27. FryGuy

Created by Firmalt Agency


28. Health drink shipping boxes

Created by Rebekah Rhoden



Created by Serlly Ayu


30. Food Park Beira Rio

Created by Eliaquim Alves


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The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!

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