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Article: 30 Japanese Food & Beverages Packaging Ideas

30 Japanese Food & Beverages Packaging Ideas

What makes the Japanese design style so distinctive?
Check these beautiful Japanese food & beverages packaging ideas and save them as your references!
Created by Nakamura Kazuki |


1. House of Suntory

Created by David Turfitt |


2. Tesis

Created by Anagrama Studio |


3. Yamamotoyama

Created by Nosigner |


4. Samurai Japanese Cuisine

Created by Marog |


5. 呷好麵不平凡養生禮盒

Created by Yushan Tsai |


6. Sushi Junction

Created by Mortise Design llc. |


7. The Japanese House

Created by Haneen Hammad |


8. Nipö

Created by Huaman Studio |


9. Haku

Created by David Turfitt |


10. Izumi Odeki

Created by Minako Mihara |


11. Un Bã

Created by Nayani Teixeira |


12. Tono Crafted Soy Milk

Created by Magdalene Wong |



Created by Boxicle |


14. サバ缶



15. Megapachi

Created by fulanoclonico |


16. Nagami

Created by Victor Weiss Studio |


17. The Japanese Counter

Created by Mahmoud Said |


18. 違いを楽しむ

Created by Nakamura Kazuki |


19. Sachi&Ari

Created by Creanet |


20. Nihonshi

Created by Monotypo Studio |


21. Funji Boy Ramen

Created by Xuetong Wang |


22. Hokkaidon

Created by Nelson Koe |


23. Mealtrition

Created by Mantin Studio |


24. Courage

Created by inku_design |


25. Koya

Created by Choice Studio |


26. Leoishi

Created by Viktor Navorsky |


27. Hantabani

Created by Asthetique |


28. Sake Nouveau

Created by Tegusu Inc. |


29. 东京完熟芝士

Created by Would Design |


30. Yaro Sushi Experience

Created by by Daniela Barrio de Mendoza |


Let us know what you think!

The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!

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