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Article: 30 Exciting Healthy Food Packaging Designs

30 Exciting Healthy Food Packaging Designs

A healthy outside always starts from the inside. Check out some of the most exciting healthy food packaging designs we have curated for you to benchmark!
Created by Kitchen&GoodWolf Studio |

A healthy outside starts from the inside. In our modern days, the demand for healthy food products has increased due to the rise of awareness in society to live healthier. This also significantly increases the competition in which sellers have been racing to market their own brand, product, and even value. There are many ways to make your food products stand out. One of the best-proven ways is through packaging. By creating a wonderful packaging design, your product will have a higher chance of being purchased. To give you some best ideas, below here are the most exciting healthy food packaging designs for you to benchmark. Take a look!


1. Proportsya

Created by Irina Kosheleva |


2. Gigit

Created by Widarto Impact |


3. Vegs

Created by Carol Almeida |



Created by Thanh Lam |


5. ToniCooks

Created by Moe Selwaye |


6. Nice Cream

Created by Han Gao |



Created by Nour Gohar |



Created by IBEA Design |



Created by Our Revolution |


10. BetterBee

Created by Amr Elwan |


11. Hong Mochi

Created by Yen Nguyen |


12. Le Noci

Created by Paila Guirgis |


13. NICE4U

Created by Han Gao |


14. Why Not Spreads

Created by Juan Montes |


15. AURA Superfoods

Created by Panel Studio |



Created by Elisabetta Vedovato |



Created by PUPILA |


18. PlantStrong

Created by Damián Di Patrizio |


19. Ngidam

Created by Zaki Mubarak |


20. daCalories

Created by Nikhil Kirve |


21. Chikori

Created by Cyan Triangle |


22. Leve Me

Created by Melina e Raphael |


23. Fortunata

Created by Bicho Raro |


24. Greengrass

Created by Anagrama Studio |


25. Gr8nola

Created by Deuce Studio |


26. Mealtrition

Created by ZiYu Ooi |


27. Bio Špajz

Created by Kitchen&GoodWolf Studio |



Created by Nichking Guo |


29. Moonfruit

Created by Soda Design Studio |


30. Pycnogen

Created by Hobin Ki |


Let us know what you think!

The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!

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