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Article: 30 Cutest Easter Products Packaging Ideas

30 Cutest Easter Products Packaging Ideas

All bunnies are cuddly, but chocolate ones are the best!
Here are some of the cutest Easter product and packaging ideas you should check!
Created by Nata Design |


1. Martin birds

Created by Martin Birds |


2. Pascua Varsovienne

Created by Martin Iturrieta |


3. Green Chef

Created by Kat Sova |


4. Doces da Késia

Created by Felipe Schramm |


5. Rapanui

Created by Alejandro Venturotti |


6. GoldKo

Created by Felipe Souza |


7. L’occitane

Created by Laura Glacer |


8. Lovingearth

Created by Leah Procko |



Created by Miriam Beznos |


10. Colomba Pascal

Created by Gilian Gomes |


11. Embalagens Páscoa Makemake

Created by Stefanie Moura |


12. Aguila

Created by Carola Rodríguez Peña |


13. Harrods



14. Easter cake

Created by Pavlov`s design |


15. Chocolissimo

Created by Maja Jędrzejewska |


16. Venchi Edible Packaging

Created by Desislava Aleksandrova |


17. Cadbury Peter Rabbit

Created by Just Design |


18. Pascuas Pertuti

Created by Rosario Dozo |


19. Gallette Chocolates

Created by Bruno Belomi |


20. Nestle Easter Pack

Created by Alexandra Fujimori 藤森 |


21. Pertuttiresto

Created by María Colangelo |


22. Danke

Created by Nata Design |



Created by Mauro Adriano Müller |



Created by Thalia Gonzales Anchorena |


25. Castanha Baru

Created by Murilo Damaceno |


26. Rocklets Easter Eggs

Created by MORPHINE Motion Graphics |



Created by Amanda Amorim |


28. Koko Black’s

Created by Sandra Walderhaug |


29. Rapanui

Created by Alejandro Venturotti |


30. З Великоднем!

Created by Oksana Anashkina |


Let us know what you think!

The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!

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