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Article: 30 Fantastic Coffee Shop Menu Design Ideas

30 Fantastic Coffee Shop Menu Design Ideas

The menu is used not only to show your product list but also to represent your brand in general.
Here are some fantastic examples of coffee shop menu designs!
Created by Keith Danelle |

The menu is used not only to show your product list but also is to represent your brand in general. In order to create a presentable yet beautiful coffee shop menu design, there are certain things to check before sharing it with consumers. You have to have a readable font, design, and good layout, so the consumer has clear options to see. Another thing is to choose the correct paper and printing effect, so it could enhance the overall looks of your menu. Check out these amazing coffee shop menu designs that you should benchmark! Have a look!


1. The Comma Café

Created by Rey |


2. Barrow Coffee Roasters

Created by Kat Wenger |


3. Caffe Figurati

Created by Wells Collins |


4. Cuervo Café

Created by Hueso Studio |


5. Vice Café

Created by Gabriela Hernandez |


6. Karafuu

Created by Domingo |


7. Kolkata Chai Co

Created by Badal Patel |


8. Berto

Created by Guillermina Lopez Pumarega |


9. Kyō

Created by Andrea Reza Awdad |


10. Makai

Created by Michelle H |


11. Low Grass

Created by Luminous Design |



Created by Eduardo Dias |



Created by Mai Creative |



Created by Rene Sarco |


15. Matcha Café

Created by Eunjeong Kim |


16. Corner Café

Created by Neeko w |


17. Nud

Created by Maniac Studio |


18. Monxuxu

Created by VEGRANDE |


19. Bloom

Created by Quentin Ames |


20. Khozaku

Created by Akronim_ |


21. Orla

Created by Ian Silva |


22. Kafé

Created by Keith Danelle |


23. Intermezzo

Created by Kenny Coil |


24. Ordinary Lifee

Created by Kwangmyung Lim |


25. Coffee First

Created by Dima Bertoluchi |


26. Hammock Coffee Shop



27. Café Kacao

Created by VEGRANDE |



Created by Hyesun Park |


29. Café F

Created by Studio TDL |


30. Thisbe Coffee

Created by youdam jeong |


Let us know what you think!

The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!

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