30 Best Healthcare & Medical Logo Designs That You Should Check

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All businesses or institutions related to the medical world have a distinctive branding appearance. Usually, they will use a clean and professional appearance, to match their line of business. Although the design concept used in their logo is mostly simple, it still looks striking and eye-catching.

The display of the symbol is usually given a bit of detail and also variations in the form of icons, elements, or other things that make the design much more amazing. In this discussion, there are 30 best logo designs from businesses or institutions related to healthcare and medicine which might inspire you.


1. Allisson Rebello Cirurgião Dentista

Created by Marcio Nascimento

Allison Rebello is a dental clinic that uses identity branding with a modern and stylish appearance. Their logo design feels very clean and fresh, with the use of various shades of green that form a very attractive color scheme. 

The designer has a goal to design a logo that has the initials of the business owner himself, Dr. Allison Rebello, so the logo feels more attached to the dental clinic and also to him. The appearance of the design results is very memorable, consistent in all branding of its products, and also displays the visual identity of the business very well, same as the intention of the designer.


2. Dentali

Created by Mateus Farias

To deliver a better smile for the customer is the motto, goal, and also basis used by this dental clinic. Dentali Odontologia wants its brand to look cheerful and display the best service in repairing all dental problems experienced by its patients. 

A dental clinic might be scary for some people, with its cold and overly formal stereotype. This impression is what the dental clinic wants to avoid, so they want their visual identity to appear calmer, but with a modern and elegant style.


3. Texas Medical Care Plans

Created by Max Vargas

A branding identity from a medical institution does not always have to use the blue or green colors that are often found in this business. Even though these two colors are very compatible with the visual identity of this business sector, using other colors can be a good approach to make your logo or branding design more striking. 

One of the inspirations that you can emulate is the logo from Texas Medical Care Plans, they always use bright and trendy colors to expand their market to a younger demographic.


4. ITC

Created by Okaz

In Time Clinic is a medical clinic consisting of various groups of specialists who can handle your various medical complaints or problems professionally. Because they consist of a group of specialists, the identity branding they use must display a professional impression. 

Using a modern and minimalist design style, their logo and branding design look very consistent and attractive, very suitable for a medical clinic with an identity like theirs. The use of a combination of blue, green, and mainly white colors in their various branding products also enhances their identity.


5. Vien Ngoc

Created by Dzuy Ngo

Vien Ngoc is an oriental medical clinic that combines traditional and modern medicine in its treatment. In their branding design, they want their brand to appear elegant and modern, but there is still a representation of various traditional elements that display their line of business.

The designer uses a combination of red and white and is given some black hints to represent the identity of this medical clinic. The appearance is what the clinic expected, very modern and elegant, but still uses traditional elements as the main elements in its logo and branding.


6. Baku Heart Center

Created by Rahib Dämirqaya

A very creative symbol design that might be the right inspiration for those of you who are looking for a unique and striking symbol design. Baku Heart Center uses a simple symbol in the form of a monogram of the letter B taken from their business name. However, this monogram is very interestingly constructed, by providing a variety of heart shapes that represent their specialty and clinic.


7. Saquinqo

Created by Only1Mehedi

With a combination of cheerful shades of purple and blue, the logo of this medical clinic looks fun and attractive. This design concept is very suitable for businesses who want to appear with an identity that is not too formal, welcoming, and also gentle, but still maintains their professional attitude. 

A modern and clean impression emanates from the use of a simple and simple typeface style. In addition, the symbols that consist of 4 similar shapes also enhance those impressions.


8. Farmapoint

Created by Folklore

It looks very modern and professional. The concept used to design the symbol from Farma Point is very creative, using a combination of 2 main elements that represent this business, the F letter that comes from the business name, and also points (dots).

These two elements are combined to produce a creative and unique look but still display a professional identity, matching the branding of a pharmacy.


9. Inobitec

Created by Anya Efremova

Inobitec is software for healthcare that carries a futuristic and modern identity concept. The appearance of the logo and branding that they use brings us to the future, with cool designs, interesting details, objects, and design styles.

The use of the selected color also further supports the display. Blue, red, and white are combined into colors that represent the digital world and the world of the modern future.



Created by Anastasia Eremina

This very clean and minimalist appearance makes the branding design of Intravenous Vitamin Therapy very attractive. Although it looks very simple and empty, it is precisely this factor that makes it look unique and displays the branding identity of this business very well.

In the logo, the shape of a water droplet is used in the middle which is given the form of a monogram V of the name of the business.


11. Naggura

Created by Toormix Design Agency

Using abstract shapes inspired by kanji characters as elements in the logo design is a very good approach, representing the Naggura brand very well. The use of this character is intended to represent the oriental element of business, which is combined with a form of therapy bed, which is the main product provided by the business.



Created by Estudio Carino

Depie is a medical brand that provides various skincare products. The display used is very interesting because it uses a fun but still professional concept. 

From the logo itself, Emrkea uses a custom-made typeface that is made by combining the business name with illustrations of feet and hands, which represent their line of business. This illustration is made in a soft and bubbly style, resulting in a cheerful look.


13. Grott

Created by Joao Cândido

This Grott appears as a modern and professional brand but still gives a bit of a fun impression in its branding design. This impression can be seen from the use of monograms as a symbol of their branding. This G monogram is made in a very simple style but is given a cute little touch by adding subtle illustrations such as the shape of a snake which is the main icon of business.



Created by Emam Mohamed

The branding design for Habi Hospital uses a very dancing color scheme. Consisting of red as well as dark purple, this color combination produces an elegant and professional look. The logo used by the hospital is very simple, using a type-only concept that focuses on the type of typeface used.


15. Digi Medical

Created by Sujesh Harsha

The icon was made with a very interesting philosophy. The symbol in the Digimedical logo is made by combining the plus medical sign and also the navigation symbol, both of which represent this brand very well. The resulting symbol is very modern and cool, giving details in the form of shadows and depth that make it look perfect.


16. Cardiology

Created by Benjamin Kucera

Another creative and well-made logo. The icon in this logo design uses a combination of various symbols that represent elements of the brand itself. 

In this minimalist design, we can see that the designer got inspiration from the monograms C and L which were taken from the name of the business itself. This monogram is made in a very attractive style, combined with a heart shape that represents the specialty of this health clinic.


17. SUS

Created by Fernando Silva

It's not easy to make a rebranding design from existing work, but the designer managed to create a new logo that still maintains the characteristics of the previous logo and is packaged in a more modern and attractive style than before. This logo design uses elements taken from the previous symbol but was remade to make it look fresher and appeal to the public.


18. Intelerad

Created by byHAUS studio

Intelerad is a brand that wants its branding to stand out with a unique concept and visual design. Although the design is simple and still looks professional, suitable with their line of business related to the medical world, there is still an interesting touch given. The use of cute icon shapes, and also red as their main color makes it look more striking compared to other logos.


19. Maltur

Created by Enter Design Studio

Maltur is a high-end medical brand. Even so, they want to appear warm and welcoming, representing the services they offer to their customers. 

This identity is represented by the designer through the selection of a soft typeface style, with rounded edges that make it look calm and soft. This curvy and flowing form is also deliberately used to represent the journey of a healthy life that is being worked on by Maltur itself.


20. alinhe

Created by cecilia fonseca

The yellow and purple colors used in the branding and logo design by Alinhe Digital create a very interesting contrast and color combination, making it look very striking when compared to other logos. A color scheme like this is a combination that is rarely used in the medical and healthcare world. So this can be your inspiration not to be afraid to use striking colors in your design.


21. mom

Created by Gijs Dries

This design style is indeed very trendy and has been widely used for branding and visual identity of various types of businesses lately. Mom is a medical brand that also uses this design style to appear modern and modern. 

The background in the form of a gradient that appears not only in the logo design but also in the overall branding design of this company looks very soft and attractive. Consists of 3 colors, each of which is used to represent the identity of this business itself.


22. Aimble

Created by Jumyoung Lee

This specific shade of blue is a very attractive color. Because even though it appears calm, it also looks at the same time making the design look clean, neat, elegant, and striking at the same time.

The Nimble uses a very simple style of typeface in its logo design. Even so, variations are given in the form of attractive icons that are intended to represent the identity of this brand.


23. Revelo Hospital

Created by Aditya Chhatrala

Simple and modern are the two main impressions you get when you see the logo for Revelo. Using simple symbols in their logo design, it looks professional, complemented by a similarly styled typeface.



Created by Thomas H

The XRay and Imaging logos are very well-made works. The designer managed to create a design display that represents the line of business and also the branding definition of this business itself. Using a monochromatic style made with futuristic packaging, this design will never fail to look attractive and striking.


25. MHSolution

Created by Sergiu Tarcea

MH Solution is a brand that combines various vintage classic elements and is packaged in a very modern style. 

The logo used is very simple, with only a few dot combinations that are given variations in the form of filling or online only. However, it looks very attractive. This design is also very versatile and can be used and cooperated with various branding products that the clinic may use.


26. Europa International

Created by Jawad Asif

Unlike other medical brands, which usually use subtle and minimalistic icons, Europa International uses icons that are detailed and clear, with a very striking form of surgery, as the main element in their logo design.



Created by Hamid Attaran

IPPSC is a medical specialist who specializes in handling various needs related to the spine. This line of business is the main basis that they display in their logo design. The shape of the spine is formed into a more modern and subtle illustration. In addition, because they are based in Canada, there is also a Canadian leaf symbol that is used to represent the basis of the business.


28. Prev&care

Created by Viviane Montesse

Prev and Care appear very gentle and welcoming with the visual branding they use. With the use of soft pastel colors, as well as a similar typeface style, it looks very impressive and unique.

In the logo design, although using typeface as the main element, the designer combines two different typefaces, one with a modern style and one with a more informal cursive style. The combination of the two looks perfect and complements their visual branding.


29. LiveWell

Created by Sulaiman Abubakar

Live Well is a brand that has a goal to help its customers live healthy and happy lives, by improving their quality of life. This goal is also used as their branding identity, which is represented in the form of a simple but very philosophical icon.

The symbols they use consist of a combination of several elements that are considered to represent business very well. The leaf element, which represents a more healthy life, combined with the form of a smile which is the goal they want to achieve, can be seen in the symbol.


30. Humber River Hospital

Created by Dave Rodgers

Humber River Hospital looks very modern and professional with its logo. This logo was made very creatively, combining the monogram of the letter H of the hospital's name and also the form of a medical cross that represents their line of business and specialty.

These two elements are combined into a simple icon design, with the use of color to distinguish each element. The typeface used was chosen to complement this look, making the appearance of their branding look very amazing.


Final Words

The 30 examples of design logos above are ideas from some of the best designers in the world that we have curated especially for you. We hope that the ideas above can help you to be inspired and create an even more attractive logo design branding, especially those related to medical and healthcare institutions.

It can be concluded that you don't need to just use a monotonous look or design concept, with only white, green, or blue for medical branding. With creativity, you will be able to create a medical branding and design that represents the identity of the brand well.


Let us know what you think!

These above references are done by some of the most talented designers all over the world. If you think your work is better and would like to showcase yours here in this post, please feel free to email your work to info@kreafolk.com. Cheers!

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