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Article: 30 Mesmerizing Hotel Branding Inspirations

30 Mesmerizing Hotel Branding Inspirations

Hotel branding is getting more vital now as it becomes the most important element for its identity.
Take a look at these fascinating inspirations!
Created by Studio Najbrt |

Hotel branding comes in many ways, which is getting more vital as the project becomes one of the company identities. In many cases, it works as a strong narrative for your hotel establishment and turns into a guiding philosophy. Those aspects make hotel branding a way that differentiates you from other companies or competitors. 

But branding is not only about distinguishing logos or slogans. You got a lot of inspirations out there that help to build and help to state the personality. An impression is necessary, so does logic and trust-building. That is why some inspirations were built to express a lot of meaning. So, how to make a good hotel branding? You will need to follow the philosophy. 

You can make your project have values, stories, or positions. It is also important to consider the look and feel, the color, the logo, and the theme of your visual marking. In this business, branding also needs to complement the location. Your hotel name should be associated with location, experience, easy to read, remember, and not misleading. 


1. La Case

The La Case hotel branding is a great inspiration for tropical or near beach accommodation. The blue and white color is a perfect depiction of the calm and soothing environment. Another plus goes to the cool naming and graphics. 

The design uses a logotype with unique lettering. It fits with the hand-drawn sketch, which resembles the real deal. It was a great way to attract people's attention and increase the visual point. It is also adaptable for different shapes and media. 

Created by Violaine & Jeremy |


2. La Souge

To fit the sense of healthy relaxation and luxurious accommodation, the hotel branding goes along with the calm pastel tone. In this inspiration, the color pick also refers to its name meaning. In French, it means salvia officinalis, a part of the green-grayish foliage mint family. 

The logotype also makes a good inspiration for a great typeface with a pinch of character. The small herb plant helps represent nature. The color schemes are Nandor, Xanadu, sage, Alice blue, and Coral fern.

Created by Mohamed Alaa |


3. Santa Helena Estate

The simple serif Santa Helena logotype accentuates the accommodation class and envelopes all its services. This kind of hotel branding inspiration will work with many colors. In this case, Santa Helena was originally a vineyard. But as time goes, it includes a hotel, cozy lounge, restaurant, spa, etc.

To envelop all of that, the design uses colors and graphics that work with all of the brand contexts. You can see the dark green, black, white, cream, blue, and pink represent each service. 

Created by BIS Studio Graphique |


4. Hellstens Malmgård

Accentuating the building makes one branding nail the representation as well as make a unique punch. It works with the Hellstens Malmgard, which brings the small sketch of its mansion-like accommodation. 

It is a cool inspiration that tells a story about the company. The hotel was built in 1770. Thus the simple country home vibe is very dominant. The color and small emblems also bring out the high-end impression from it. 

Created by Kirill Zaytsev |


5. Palms

If you are looking for a Midetarian hotel inspiration, the Palms Morocco branding by design Marca work is a good pick. Starting from the logo, you got a small palm tree and a setting sun graphic in an arched window. It uses a serif typeface for the name. 

Another point goes from the soft pastel palette, which comprises green, peach, soft grey, and white. There is also some patterning that fits with the beachy aesthetic. 

Created by Marka Works |


6. Alto do Guadua

Aesthetic, high-class, and luxurious accommodation are the point of the Alto du Guadua labeling design. The fictional hotel branding project was meant to bring inspiration and ideas. What makes it special is the icon generation. 

The inspiration works around a lot of simple line models to showcase the surrounding beautiful environment. The golden color refers to the landscape of Taquarucu tones, which include islands, flowers, and leaves. This is why it uses orange, black, and dark blue.  

Created by Tharinne Borba |


7. Meira

Creating a historical hotel branding is never an easy matter. However, Meira's design pretty much nailed the project. The design goes with some soft color tones, such as baby blue, cream, and black. Meanwhile, the lettering is pretty simple yet clear. 

Meira branding is a great inspiration for those who are working on a thorough project. The combination of color and unique yet clear lettering can fit the card, letters, envelope, keys, or website design.  

Created by 327 Creative Studio |


8. The Motifs

The Motifs eco-hotel has its theme from the name. Since it is an eco-themed accommodation, the branding goes with nature, wood, and leaves tones. This inspiration uses green, brown, and gold. When applied to its minimalist plant drawing emblems, it exudes luxury. 

Furthermore, the use of simple and serif typeface also complements the concept. As an inspiration, you can tell how the designer carefully crafts the logo and picks the color for every element. 

Created by Bea T. |


9. Casa Mesura

The Case Mesura hotel branding uses a lot of nature themes as its inspiration. It fits with the boutique hotel that is located in the middle of the forest. However, the design itself takes a lot of attention to balance, perfect, and quite impressive.

Thus, dark green, blue, white, and brown were picked to represent nature. All goes with a more pastel and soft impression that exudes warmth and a welcoming feeling. It works like a charm. 

Created by Unkown. |


10. Lemore

How Lemore pays attention to many details makes it a perfect inspiration for your project. The visual branding is pretty simple, straightforward, but also innovative. It uses a logotype with a simple typeface, with a single wavy line under the E letter. 

The hotel's logo structure also came from many structures based on hierarchy, prefix, suffix, or location. It also has a pattern, which is pretty distinctive. The red, gold, and white tone make a fierce and luxurious feel. 

Created by B&A Studio |


11. Skyfarm Eco-Lodge

A good inspiration that is made of many considerations is what you need to start playing with branding projects. In this case, you can check the skyfarm hotel branding that reflects its service, personality, location, and environment.  

The logo was made with rice terrace organic shapes as inspiration. The Indonesian eco-lodge also produces its food. Thus, the designer creates some unique line icons, chooses earthy tones, and a simple typeface for its visual identity. 

Created by Maria [sin acento] Romero |


12. Rago

If you are looking for inspiration that uses logo icons, you can check Rago. The hotel branding goes with luxurious, high-end accommodation and a stellar impression. Thus, Rago uses the lion's head as its logo. It makes a clear definition of king or leader. 

To complement the icon, the hotel uses serif typography. It is a pretty minimalist and simple model, which somehow fits with a more modern impression. It also uses cream and navy blue colors. 

Created by Kuvvat Ashrov |


13. The Lumiere

When the client is in ultra-luxury accommodation, you need to accentuate its personality and quality. In this case, the Lumiere hotel branding design is a perfect inspiration to play with. The concept is to capture the sense of luxury, Mediterranean, sea, rocky coasts, garden, and architectural design. 

Thus, the logotype uses a simple design to match the low-profile architectural concept. The color palette uses warm-toned materials that reflect the interior. All goes with zen and warm minimalism.  

Created by LOOVVOOL Studio |


14. Solaris

Solaris hotel branding is another adequate inspiration for your project. The project was meant for a five-star hotel located in a prestigious area at the heart of Kualalumpur. The hotel also pinpoints the business and leisure accommodation with ranges of higher quality service. 

It is a good inspiration on how to cope with hotel personality and identity. It creates a logo design with a simple drawing, simple typeface, and high-end colors such as blue, golden-brown, plus white. 

Created by Titus Ruiz |


15. Lofon

This branding is simply mesmerizing. Again, the use of simple lines logo design fits perfectly with the logotype. What makes this inspiration worth looking at is how the logo design also poses as the pattern model. 

The design did not use a lot of visual colors, which is why green and golden-brown tones are dominating the whole model. However, the designer compromised it with some hotel-related service icons. 

Created by Amin Alizadeh |


16. Denisa

Many prestigious hotel branding inspirations use green as their primary tone. It not only exudes a five-star or luxurious feeling but also envelopes the sense of wonderful nature. Thus, Denisa that focuses on comfort and nature, uses the same tone. 

The visual branding also goes with the light brown wooden color, sand, and white. The combination works perfectly as a visual identity. You can tell that this inspiration can enhance versatility.  

Created by Sandra Eftimie |


17. Círculo del Casino

The hotel Circulo Del Casino branding building inspirations are neoclassical architecture and casino. The idea brings out a compressive identity with its modular pattern, bold, and luxurious color pick. The typography is clad in gold foil while overlapping the neoclassical architecture. 

It is a perfect inspiration as well as a great model for a detailed product. The red textured color fits the whole theme. The gold makes its statement. It also plays around with patterns and classic graphics. 

Created by Kevin Cantrell |


18. Meridian

Blue sky, beach, nature, and calm atmospheric surroundings are the main points for the Five-star hotel Meridian. The accommodation was meant for those who are seeking an escape from the bustling city. With that in mind, Jaafar makes a good hotel branding inspiration. 

It uses a logo design resembling the sun. The logotype uses an easy-to-read typeface to accentuate its low-profile sense. The color pick uses its luxurious persona as the inspiration, which leads to gold and green combination.  

Created by Muhammad Jaafar |


19. Cabanas Taipa

Hotel branding inspirations are not always about those luxurious modern accommodations. You can also find some unique branding that confesses to a different lodging. In this case, the Cabanas Taipas is your perfect model. The design captures the cabanas housing model.  

The logo has mountains with sun rays drawing, which resemble the rectangular wooden architecture and outdoors. The color also captures the forest nature palette with its green and some earth-tone pick. 

Created by Daniel Victor |


20. MỸ ANH

The logo layout is one of the visual branding every hotel needs. In this inspiration, My ANH made a good design by combining the name initial and the tulip flower. The logo also comes in varying layout options to match with the media or need. 

There are also some good color picks, which are dark blue, gold, white, and grey. The hotel color palette creates a sense of modern, luxurious, clean, elegant, and prestigious feeling. 

Created by Flexx Pham |


21. Halcyonare

Halcyonare design uses a minimalistic, clear, and straightforward approach for its hotel branding. What makes it a perfect inspiration is how its simplicity can envelop all the necessary detail. The logo was made with line art resembling palm tree leaves. 

The lack of decorative detail and simple hotel name typography make it easier to remember. Another point goes to the color system, which is soft pink and green. There are also some other icons for an extra touch.

Created by Jayaletchummy Mariamuthu |


22. LizMila

Lizmila's branding inspiration is the aesthetic dreamcatcher. However, the branding simplifies the looks and makes the logo appear like a flower with flowy trails. The plus point from this labeling inspiration is the interchangeable logo design. 

The creator wanted to make each hotel have a different or distinctive logo with the same grounding. Thus, the main part of the logo (flower) can be changed in such a way to resemble the current hotel personality.  

Created by Jaxdon D |


23. Bulga

Bulga takes a different path to make a distinctive branding. The Copenhagen luxury accommodation decided to play around with the logotype font. The designer uses the handmade BULGA display font to make a distinctive brand specific. 

It also complements the sense of luxury and modern aspect. The unique typeface is also applicable for the whole hotel branding project. Another good point comes from its color pick, black and cream-gold tone. It is a good complete inspiration for you. 

Created by Cihangir Öziş |


24. The Eldridge

If you are opting for a more modern, urban, and approachable hotel branding inspiration, The Eldridge model will create a great model. What makes it different is the script typeface for its logotype. The name and logo look very different and somehow appear more urban.  

The visual branding also combines the simple serif and sans serif font. The pastel light blue, white, and black also state the aesthetic. Thus, make it a good modern and urban inspiration. 

Created by McKenzie Carlin |


25. The Green Room

As the name says, you can get the idea from the name. This inspiration will bring you to a more minimalist modern hotel branding design. The designer makes a logo with G and R letters in a unique typeface. There is also the name to complete the look. 

This kind of minimalistic detail makes it work with many aspects. The branding uses green, white, and grey to make it different. There are also patterns to make the visual texture. 

Created by ArtperInch Studio |


26. Di Maré Porto

A good inspiration for hotel branding comes in many ways. A clean, professional, and distinctive model were made by Thalles Borba for the high-end Di Mare accommodation. It is a good design that allows the customer to feel all of the services. 

The residence was located near the famous natural pools of Porto Beach. Thus, the logo design resembles the palm trees' leaves. To point to the luxurious brand, the branding use blue, sand, and white color picks.  

Created by Thalles Borba |



Bokso hotel branding is unique on its own. You can take it as an inspiration when the brand has such a different product and service. The brand was meant as glamping accommodation in the middle of a forest. From the emblem to the color pick, everything is perfect. 

The logo comes with simple grass or tree illustration with arched lines to represent nature and glamping—the dark green, gold, and white state the high-end service. And the fun graphics make it unique. 

Created by Hobby Brand Studio |


28. Grandhotel Pupp

The concept for the hotel branding inspiration is to cover a spectrum of activities. It works perfectly for the historic building that goes back as far as 1701. The hotel was filled with neo-baroque style, which envelopes the whole design. 

With some twist of modern and contemporary touch, the whole branding inspiration makes a distinctive impression. The logotype is pretty simple, which helps envelop the old and modern taste. And this inspiration uses color and pattern to state elegance.

Created by Studio Najbrt |


29. Noctowle Inn

The Noctowle branding is one of the great inspirations, even though it was not meant for the hotel industry—the cozy inn & bar focus on bringing a high-end luxurious service. Thus, the logo uses a very vivid owl illustration with the brand name. 

The unique graphic makes a good depiction of traditional and vintage-styled service. For hotel branding, you can use this inspiration for luxurious accommodation. It uses blue and cream colors to accentuate the class.  

Created by Marcus Lee |


30. Fairmont

The last inspiration goes to the high-class grand hotel Fairmont in Ukraine. The branding design fits the whole personality, services, and details. Fairmont is a global-wide company. Thus, is why the use of a simplistic logo helps the branding versatile. 

It merely uses a logotype, turquoise, and chopper shade of metal for the logo. It helps start the class, emphasizing nature, features, and uniqueness. For the more versatile design, Fairmont also uses F as its initial. 

Created by Denis Stekhin |


Final Words

Hotel branding inspirations come in many ways and approaches. You can play around with the logo, color, typefaces, and graphics. All you need to underline is the identity of the accommodation itself. Make sure that the branding not only fits but also represents the business. 

Some inspirations tell many different approaches, such as graphics and initials that help accentuate their surroundings. Color schemes can help state the class. That is why you need research before creating one.

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