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Article: 30 Most Dynamic Fitness & Sport Branding Ideas

30 Most Dynamic Fitness & Sport Branding Ideas

"No pain, no gain!"; That's what they always say in the gym.
Let's check out some of the most dynamic fitness & sports branding ideas we have curated!
Created by Brandi Steele |

"No pain, no gain!"; That's what they always say in the gym. Workout is super challenging, but so does designing fitness-related branding. In order to create a powerful visual identity, you have to create a dynamic visual using the correct choice of color, fonts, and graphics. To give you some good ideas, we have curated some of the most dynamic fitness and sports brandings for you to check out and benchmark. Check these projects below!


1. Waros FC

Created by Marcos Ricioppo |


2. Apollo

Created by spiilka design buro |


3. RSC Anderlecht

Created by Damjan Bulatovic |


4. EPS Football Club

Created by Miika Kumpulainen |



Created by Jien Li |



Created by Suleyman Suleymanov |



Created by Rene Sarco |



Created by Alex Perez |


9. Ankho

Created by Ovidiu Pop |


10. Sport Fisio Center

Created by Onmi Design |


11. The Beast Fitness

Created by Ali Aljilani |


12. Vinicius Truppel

Created by Rafael Silveira |



Created by Roman Tabachi |


14. Alter Ego

Created by Florian Perennez |



Created by Arthur Kaleb |


16. Mamba Rosa

Created by Andres Avila |


17. Karate Kyokushin

Created by Jonatan Candido |



Created by FutureBrand Paris |


19. World Fencing Championships 2019

Created by Explicit Design Studio |



Created by Mateus Gustavo |


21. Extreme Team

Created by liteshop |


22. PlanetaRunner

Created by Asís |


23. CEV EuroVolley

Created by Sam Lane |


24. Dansk Atletik

Created by Rosie Lee |


25. RNB

Created by Kaio Cezar |


26. Fit Studio TLV

Created by Danielle Shami |


27. Malbas

Created by Neumeister Design |


28. Sweat

Created by Lisa Bojko |


29. Juegos Urbanos 2020

Created by Ari Constantino |


30. Tonal

Created by Brandi Steele |


Let us know what you think!

The above references are some of the best artworks done by talented designers all over the world. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave us a comment below! Cheers!

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