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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Youtuber Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Youtuber Logo Design

Keep calm, prepare some snacks and watch Youtube!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic Youtuber logo design!
Created by Markis Leopoldo Angelo Elo |

A logo can help develop the graphic personality of your YouTube channel and set it apart from other users in the industry. Good branding makes it possible to build a relationship with your target audience and finally makes them want to learn more about you and your posts. 

This is particularly important for a Youtuber, where the more engagements you get from the audience, the more successful your channel will be. An appropriate and unique design for a YouTube channel will raise the appearance, but what's more important, it builds integrity. 

Created by Giga Khurtsilava |

Constructing a YouTube brand can enhance trust and reliability between ship a Youtuber and the viewers. This relation is significant since you would need the viewers' loyalty to get more followers and subscriptions to the channel. When you finally have a good connection with your audience over effective branding, your next task, which is to monetize your YouTube channel, will be much easier. 

A powerful logo is a great step that may help you get it, and with the help of a professional designer or by using the right apps that you choose from the internet to help you to create a good one, the visual branding you need is simply set. But first, remember that you have to make a branding for your Youtube channel so that your channel will stand out from the crowd.

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Do you realize that every day, from the moment you open your eyes until your heads hit the pillow at night, logos surround us? They exist everywhere, on every item that we use, the clothes, the cars we drive, the gadget we utilize, and many other items that we use based on our daily life. Even the populations we live in and the public places we go; all feature logos on the street signs and porches. Even one expert has said that we are exposed to 5,000 of them on average every day.

So, as a Youtuber, how would you make your logo stand out? Here are the tips for you to make it that way. 


10 Tips to Make Your Youtuber Logo Design Stand Out 

  1. Look at The Competitors 
  2. Consider A Good Memorable Name
  3. Don't Forget Your Audience
  4. Create A Unique Visual
  5. Think About The Style
  6. Think About The Color and Font
  7. Communicate in a Simple Way
  8. Think About The Comprehensibility
  9. Create An Appealing Design
  10. Be Relevant With Your Niche


Created by Alan Oronoz |


1. Look at The Competitors 

Looking at the competitors' work is important, but not too much. Seeing their icon and learning; can be a source of inspiration. But don't mimic them. What you have to do about them is that try to learn what makes them special, what makes them able to appeal to people more than you. After you've done identifying all the elements, then get the bottom line and try to apply them to your own work. See if it works for you or not.

On the other hand, looking at the competitors 'work may also inspire you to make a different one. When you create a new Youtube channel, you should do a survey of what people might want to see, and this is not provided yet by other channels. After surveying the people, try to look at the channels as many as possible and try to find the pitch that you can get into. The same role can be applied when making a logo. What kind of image is wanted to be seen by the viewers, but no channel has it yet? That could be your chance to get into the business and make it rock.

Created by Jerry Okolo |


2. Consider A Good Memorable Name

Before doing anything else, when you want to make a Youtube channel, choose the best name first. The name is not literally for you, but it's rather for your customer. Why? Because you need to engage them, don't you? Therefore, consider a name that is quite unique and intriguing so that people would have a curiosity to know more about you. Think about the characteristic of the potential audiences to do appropriate work. 

 A simple name but sweet would be fit for the youngsters when you have them as your target audience. The powerful and steady name will be attractive to adults who already have a steady life. Using the names of your business could also be an option. It will make people easily associate the business with the channel you make. 

To help you with the problem, you can find the tools on the internet that will generate hundreds of options for the name that you may want it. Just put the name of your business, and see the suggestion made by the apps, then choose the one that is closest to the business character you want to highlight. Or using the initial of the business could also be the ultimate choice yours. It will be memorable as well as representative of the business you are doing.

Created by Jerry Okolo |


3. Don't Forget Your Audience

You may put your own taste when designing the logo, but you have to remember that this work is not only for you but is for the audience. On one side, the logo you make for the Youtube channel you are doing should represent you, your personality, and the channel character that you are trying to build; at the same time, you should also consider that this icon should appeal to the audience. The choice that you make on the elements of the logo, like colors, fonts, and the image, may base on the taste that you have so that it can give it a strong character of yours as the channel maker. But, again, your viewers are going to be the target that you want them to see it. 

The best way to have it be attractive for them is to do the research. But before that, you should set your target audience first. It depends on the content you make; then, you could specify your target market by subjecting your content. 

Then, you can do a little research on the potential viewers that you might have. Are they single or married? Are they young or old? Are they looking for something elegant or something more cheerful? The more you know about your customer's tendencies, the easier you make the image that suits them.

Created by Harvy Sevillano |


4. Create A Unique Visual

Logos that look similar to other logos or derive creatively from established works will have a weak impact. Your logo needs to convey your branding; therefore, it has to be absolutely unique so that it does not remind the viewers of other channels. A good logo designer will be able to translate the inspiration from the sources they saw to design a new unique work. You also need to be careful about plagiarizing brand logos; try to get advice from a patent lawyer if there is any doubt about your design.

Therefore, there is a way to called customization. The logo you find on the application is customizable. You can find one that is the closest to your ideal design for your YouTube channel and personalize it. At this point, you can adjust the image, the fonts, the colors, and everything you need. 

Customization is important because it allows you to put your own taste into the work. Nobody knows how you want your logo to be. And with the help of a professional logo maker, you can transform your vision alive exactly the way you want it to be. And your customized logo will help you to make your channel stand out from the whole competition. 

Created by Halit Büyükyılmaz |


5. Think About The Style

A good logo is going to be an eye-catching work with certain meanings inside, and it can draw people's attention at the same time. However, there are also some bad ones that we can find. It happens because the logo is done by the business owner himself. Commonly, these businessmen choose to draw it by themselves for the budget' condition. They wanted to save some amount of money, so they decided to design their own logo without any professional help. The other reason is that they need it to be fast, so they try to design it themselves or ask a friend to do it for them. 

The decision could end as a flop for the company or, in this case, your Youtube channel. If you want to have a successful channel, and you want people to care about your channel and finally engage them with the channel, then a good logo could be your best effort to do it. 

Created by SakibHasanRabby |

If you choose to do it yourself, make sure that you know about the design and that you have experience in doing it. If what happened is the opposite, you'd better ask the help of a professional to help you create one so that it could be one of the most effective advertising tools for your channel. 

You may have your own concept; it's even a must; then, you can share the idea with the designer and ask the help to realize the idea into a fascinating logo that you need to boost the channel you create. 

Created by Goce Veleski |


6. Think About The Color and Font

There are many available fonts and colors that you can use in designing a logo for your Youtube Channel. Apart from those choices, you can also create customized ones. Be wise and careful in choosing both of them. 

Applying too many colors to a design will make it difficult to read, and it will cost a lot of money when it needs to be printed or embroidered. If you pay attention to the world's most notable logos, they commonly come up in only one or two colors. So, try to keep it simple.

You can apply The same principle when choosing the fonts. Of course, you want the work to be readable, but it is not that ordinary. Times New Roman and Ariel are popular fonts for word projects. However, these choices won't be a good fit for good logos. They just don't give an original touch. There are various kinds of fonts to choose from; some are elegant, others are bold, some others will give you conventional nuance, and so on. What you have to remember, whatever your choice is, it should support the image and the spirit of the channel you are doing.

Created by Jerry Okolo |


7. Communicate in a Simple Way

Many small business owners make the mistake of creating a logo that contains too much information in it. They mean it as a tool for communication but end up there's no communication at all of the performance of too crowded work. The same principle should be used by the Youtuber when they want to make an icon for their channels. They need to make it simple but meaningful. Instead of putting every piece of information in your logo, you'd better focus on a single icon that will be remembered well by the viewers. 

Besides, a too crowded logo will not be easy when you need to print it or embroider it on a shirt, for example, or even on a business card. Look, we are thinking big here. Someday, your Youtube channel can be the source of your money, and you will need to put the logo on every item. 

On the other side, you cannot make it too simple either, so that it doesn't represent anything of the business you are doing. If so, it won't help you in getting more viewers. Make it simple, yes. However, being too simple and don't convey any meaning will not be helpful either. So make it simple while still conveying the meaning of the channel you make. 

Created by Jay Braga |



8. Think About The Comprehensibility

Since a logo is one of the main tools in advertising, a logo should be understood well by the viewers in a very short time. When you create a Youtube Channel, and you decide to make a logo for the channel, you have to remember this principle. People don't have much time when they see a new brand, a new channel, or a new product being offered.

The first impression they can get is usually from the logo. Therefore, your logo should convey the brand that you want to offer your audiences. However, there are some businesses that decide to make a delicate design with many details crafted well to give a high-end character. But this even could be unfavorable for the business you are running. 

Your potential viewers will only look at it at a glance, and that is the only time that you have to attract their attention. So in that time, you have to be able to make your icon to tell the whole story of the channel that you want to make. If your narrative is hidden by the complicated icon that you make, then it is suggested that you visit a professional graphic designer and revise your work with a simple and comprehensible one.  

Created by Broworks |


9. Create An Appealing Design

Besides being unique, the icon you make should be visually attractive and comfortable for the eyes of the audience. It should be able to make people want to look at it. Theo the appreciation of the brand. The designs with visual appeal are often the simplest, but it can take significant confidence to back up a simple logo. Make sure you get comments from objective outsides; friends and family aren't the best choices, but they may help a lot. Therefore, professional help might be the one that you need. 

The best visual appeal also can be thought about at the early stage of the making process. Think carefully of every element that you want to involve in the icon you are working at. The choices of the type, the color, the font, and other elements will affect the final result of your work. 

When you decide to use the application to create a logo for your Youtube channel, don't forget to customize it. Customizing the template that you've found online will surely make your work different from others, and it will make yours easier to be recognized by the target audiences.


Created by Sara Geci |


10. Be Relevant With Your Niche

The relevance between the logo and the business is an obligation. How could you make an identity which does not represent the product or the brand you want to sell? So, obviously, you have to make your work relevant to your industry, especially when your name does not intrinsically convey the purpose of the business.

To make it easy for you to understand, look at an example, a taxi firm may put a licensed cab in their logo in some way, or a construction firm could use bricks as the symbol. You don't want to be too over-reliant on personal service or products since you may grow and expand your offerings in the future, making your work less applicable.

Created by Jahid Hasan |


Final Words

Logos can be worth their significance in the way to reveal a business's brand and values immediately. However, from all the good logos you see. Still, you can make the bad ones. Making sure your logo fulfills all the requirements of a good logo can really help to set your business apart from the competition.

Thinking of designing your own logo? Well, the article above should give you a thought of it.

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