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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good Chocolate Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good Chocolate Logo Design

Who does not like the bitter-sweet buttery dessert that melts in your mouth?
Here are some tips you can easily follow to create a good chocolate logo design!
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A chocolate logo design, like the majority of its branding counterparts, plays an important role, especially for your business. Designing a good logo can be a daunting task, particularly for beginners. However, you have to do it because it becomes the cornerstone either for your branding identity or business appeal.

An effective logo should depict what your brand or business is, why you do that, and how you run that. A logo, although it is just a small graphic has heavy lifting. It is because you will use it for various purposes. You will post it on social media, use it for presentation, and add on the business cards or brand identity.

There are several characteristics of a good logo, and you should pay attention to them when designing one for your business brand. The one you make should be eye-catching regardless of the type of design used. It will easily catch people's attention as soon as they see it. 

Created by Mateusz Witczak |

A good logo, regardless of the theme, should be memorable. Once people see it, they will remember it for a long time. It should be timeless too, so it can explain your business or brand the best regardless of the season. Last but not least, it should present the brand vibe so people can feel it.

Whatever the business you run, whether it is a cupcake manufacturer, a candy store, or a chocolatier, you require a good and effective logo. You can look for ideas to get some inspiration because there are a lot of interesting designs available online or various free designing handouts that are downloadable.

Created by Jordi Masdeu Studio |

It should not always be Grande and full of decorations. Simple chocolate designs are often more effective in defining the brand. Hence, you can keep it clean and easily recognizable for the customers.

Here are ten ways that you can follow to design a good chocolate logo. The following steps are applicable not only to make a particular branding design, but you can use them for the design in common.


10 Tips To Create a Good Chocolate Logo Design

  1. Start From Sketches
  2. Start From A Basic Shape
  3. Function Over Beauty
  4. Be Specific Of The Direction
  5. Choose The Perfect Color For The Brand
  6. Be Different & Memorable
  7. Make Sure The Design Suits The Brand
  8. Make Use Of Blank Space
  9. Avoid Mainstream Design
  10. Be Bold & Elegant


Created by Paul Lee |


1. Start From Sketches

The logo acts as a visual representation of any brand. Hence, you need to make people know that you are running a business related to chocolate when they see it for the first time. Instead of telling people with many words, you can use a simple icon to communicate what your business is.

Think about the core of your business. The icon you will use inside should represent the business you currently run. If you run an ice cream shop, it will require a different icon of chocolate from a business that makes a cupcake. Considering this factor helps you to select the right supporting graphics for your work.

Created by TSUBAKI KL |

The use of an ice cream icon with melted chocolate on top of it as an example can give a fresh and exciting feeling to anyone looking at it. That’s why people are interested in buying and trying that delicious ice cream, especially on sunny days.

Consider including visual puns when you make a logo design for chocolate. For instance, when you make only a part of the cup icon with choco on its top. People will directly know from the design that it is a hot chocolate bar.

Created by Matheus Ferreira |


2.Start From A Basic Shape

Selecting the right shape to support your logo is an effective way to make it stand out. Using a box as a part of the design sometimes can make it look more professional. Each shape brings a different vibe. Hence, you need to choose it wisely so it can deliver your brand’s vibe the best.

Using a shape in the logo is also useful for cross-platform branding. When you put the icon or illustration inside a particular shape like a box or circle, it will support digital works. So, you can use it for a presentation and letterhead and print it on various merchandise like a mug.

Created by Studio Born |

You also can use a shape with unique gradients when making a logo design for chocolate. It helps to bring your design to a new level. A circle with gradients of blue and yellow color can give a sleek look even when you combine it with a chocolate icon.

You can use gradients of dark brown and bright brown to draw a circle line. Then, put some choco ball icons inside the circle. Add the name of your brand or business underneath the icon. This design will become an iconic option for your business branding.

Created by Kristina Armitage |


3. Function Over Beauty

The function of the logo will contribute to the overall look of its design. When making a design for your chocolate brand, it is important to think about its intended uses. Will you put it on the signboard of your shop or use it in your website branding?

By considering how you will use it, you can create an effective chocolate logo design. Of course, the design that you will use for digital works will be different from the one that you will add to decorate your shop. 

Created by Mateusz Witczak |

You also need to take into account how you will promote yourself during the designing process. If you will participate in many networking works, creating a logo that looks good on a business card is the right option. Whenever people see your business card, they will see the business you run too. 

Horizontally arranging an icon and combining it with the typography name of the brand serves as the best idea if you want to use it for a card. Since a business card normally comes in a horizontal design, that kind of design will get along smoothly with the card’s format.

Created by Lua Cieza |


4. Be Specific Of The Direction

You run a business with chocolate products, right? Have you taken into account putting cacao fruit or choco bar inside a circle? Sometimes making a logo for chocolate products is as easy as adding a related icon into a certain type of shape. You just need to make it clear enough for people.

If your business brand or a product contains chocolate, make that thing to be the logo. It is the simplest way to make the best and most effective logo for that brand or product. For example, if you sell a chocolate cupcake, then make it into your business branding.

Created by Nata Design |

Don’t be worried about relaying the branding into something obvious. You can take Apple’s logo as an example. They use a ‘bite’ apple to present the brand, and it is very memorable for a lot of customers. By being clear in designing a brand identity, it will be easier for people to memorize it as well.

Although you go directly with a particular chocolate thing for your chocolate logo design, it won’t create a boring look. You can customize the appearance of the icon, so it looks more interesting. For instance, you can design a choco bar with half-opened packaging for the chocolate bar factory’s logo.

Created by Alejandro Gavancho |


5. Choose The Perfect Color For The Brand

Color palettes contribute a significant effect to the chocolate logo design look. That’s why you need to choose key colors that you will apply to the design. You don’t always go with brown colors. You can try to explore other colors too. It will inspire you to make a more captivating logo.

Besides, using monochromatic colors with their simplicity often creates an effective look. However, going monochromatic is not merely about combining black and white colors. Sometimes using black and white colors appears to be harsh for our vision.

Alternatively, you try using various shades of the same colors for a monochromatic look. This will give a subtle contrast look to the logo design for chocolate. The gradients that look from the same color will appear to be more interesting rather than going with two neutral colors.

For instance, you can make an illustration with various shades of brown color along with a chocolate icon. Although it delivers a strong message that you run a chocolate business, this brown-ish concept of the overall design offers a calming vibe to look at.

Created by Mónica Reyes Studio |


6. Be Different & Memorable

Color is the essential thing that designers have to deal with. The same thing also happens when you create a logo for your chocolate products or company. Not just choosing a color for the whole concept, you also need to add a particular color in the design that appeals to its visual look.

This kind of color acts as a visual salience in your chocolate logo design. This can create a casual conversation to amaze other designers. However, the main purpose of using this kind of color is to present an impactful brand and makes it look stand out.

Created by taller M estudio de diseño |

Adding “pop” of color is an easy way to spark the visual look. For example, in the symbol that uses both brown shades for the icon and shape, you can go with red or pink typography to add the “pop” of color. Otherwise, you can apply different color for the first letter in the brand’s name.   

Using “pop” of color will prevent your branding design from delivering a mundane feeling. Moreover, it is one of the best tricks that designers go with all of the time. Not only for chocolate logos, has even a lot of famous brands in the world implemented this trick to make theirs memorable.

Created by Natalia Belousova |


7. Make Sure The Logo Design Suits The Brand

Being clear when designing logos for chocolate is important, but you also need to make sure that it fits your brand or company. Several companies, including non-profit ones, require a seriousness that an ice cream shop or nougat manufacturer can get away without.

To achieve that, you had better ask yourself. For instance, if you discover this logo design for chocolate, would you trust the company? Then, it is your task to make sure that the logo you have designed is respectable for people.

Choosing the right font can help you to make a trustworthy logo. For example, combining muted colors and serif fonts is one good option to create a more convincing brand. You can avoid making it appear cartoonish.

The right font works well to help you create the best logo for your products. If you want to make it appear more classic or give a vintage vibe, you can use hedged fonts to write the name of the brand or taglines. Elegant font can be effective as well, depending on the type of design made.

Created by Nero Atelier |


8. Take Advantage Of Blank Space

The presence of an empty area in the logo is one of the ways to make it more effective. People can read or look at it easily from a distance whenever there is a blank space on it. Even with a smaller icon, when you add more blank spaces to it, it can be easily distinguishable.  

Any chocolate icon, when put on a clean background, will create a contrasting look. Hence, people can see it easily. Besides, a chocolate icon usually comes in dark color. Combining it with other graphics or colored backgrounds often makes it less noticeable.

Created by Nirvana Studio |

Stick to minimalism will bring your chocolate logo design to another level. For example, you can replace one of the O letters in the word “COCOA” with a cocoa fruit icon. This kind of concept can be an inspiration that you don’t need to always use various colors or symbols to design a good brand identity.

Involving an empty area when designing a logo is beneficial, especially for marketing things such as posters, badges, brochures, and t-shirt printings. It allows your work to integrate effortlessly with other designs or formats in those marketing stuff designs.

Created by Julia Sonda |


9. Avoid Mainstream Design

Doing small research before designing your business logo can be very useful. This will give you information about the types of designs that have been commonly used in the chocolate industry or their products. If you follow the stream, then there is nothing special in your design.

You also can look at your competitors and other businesses that provide the same products. Discover what kinds of their brand identities look like. Is there any particular theme or color they use inside? By considering some of these things, you can get an idea to create a unique logo design for chocolate.

Created by Mateus Vieira da Rosa |

Don’t reinvent designs that previously have been used by other companies or brands. This will cause a problem for your business in the long run. People will see that you are not creative and just copying other people’s works. Be genuine and find your style for designing a perfect one.

It is fine to go with a simple concept. It works if the chocolate logo design is clear and creative. Sometimes your nougat shop only needs branding with a single choco ball in it or brown typography. As long as you feel right about it, just go ahead and use that.

Created by Team from Holiday |


10. Be Bold & Elegant

When we look at famous brands that have lasted in the market for long years, we can see some development in the logo. You can discover a transformation in the branding of famous snacks we consumed during our childhood with the current look used.

Sometimes transformation in their design is required, although it applies gradually. It is because a drastic change can make people, especially your loyal customers feel confused. They might not recognize your chocolate branding if you make significant changes. Hence, the best way is to change step by step.

Created by Maxim Ali |

It is okay when you want to go bold or try something new in your design, especially if you have already used the logo for long years. You can add a few patterns or overlapping shapes to renew the old look. Doing so will give your business branding a fresh vibe.

Using contrasting colors can give your old brand a modern look. Applying two or more contrasting colors in your logo design for chocolate can deliver a message that a company or brand is bold and dynamic. Adding layers to the design is also effective in elevating the design.

Created by Olena Doshak |


Final Words

Like designing other types of brandings, creating a good chocolate logo design also requires some important considerations. You need to think about how it can work effectively to present your business and brand identity. Then, visualize it in the form of a single graphic that has visual impacts.

You also need to consider several characteristics to create the best and most effective logo for your business. It includes several important factors such as the colors, the fonts, and the shapes that you will use to design it.

Created by Bárbara Klosouski de Bastos |

If you ask help from a professional designer to create a logo design for chocolate, they usually never provide you with a single option. Instead, they will make several options to depict your brand. Then, they will ask you to choose the one that fits the most with the brand.

You try several designs and ask other people about their opinion on them. You can discuss with your family, coworkers, business partners, and even communities the effectiveness of using each of the designs. Then, which chocolate logo design do you feel right about it? You can use it as part of your business branding.

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