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Article: Which Slot Games Have the Largest Following?

Which Slot Games Have the Largest Following?

With eSports and gaming topics becoming steadily more mainstream, more people are gaming than ever before. Even those who aren’t sure what an FPS game is and don’t have any interest in VR headsets have probably explored the realm of casual gaming. Casual games have taken off worldwide, with most players sticking to their handy smartphone.

Most games are designed for relaxation and unwinding, covering a wide range of topics. Even some types of casino games could fit into this category. For example, if you’ve ever spent time playing at an online casino, then you’ve probably noticed a long list of slots. As the world’s most popular casino game, it’s common for virtual casino providers to focus on their online slots in order to appeal to a larger number of players.

Some players are focused on things like multipliers and RTP, but others might instead be on the lookout for their favorite titles, which include their favorite characters, settings, and adventures. In fact, despite the fact that slots are short-form and designed for excitement, developers pour their resources into crafting beautiful designs and a storyline worth following.

Let’s explore some of the world’s most-followed slot games. First, we’ll focus on a few hits within the slots space, covering what has made them so popular. Then, we’ll move on to explore slot series that are a bit more focused on characters on wild adventures.



Starburst is one of the world’s most recognizable slot games—and, no, it doesn’t have any official correlation with the beloved candy product. In fact, this slot game is one of the more straightforward options on this list. The game includes a bright and colorful reel, along with glowing gem symbols. Its design harkens back to the early days of physical slot machines, also known as one-armed bandits.

This game focuses on the magic of RTP instead. Players have ten fixed paylines that payout in either direction, while the game includes an RTP of 96%. These factors make Starburst a favorite because both indicate that the slot is more volatile, potentially leading to more payouts.


Immortal Romance

Let’s move on to slots that take a more measured approach to the plot. In Immortal Romance, players are taken into a fantasy vampire world full of intrigue and danger. Its gothic theme has proved a hit for players who gravitate towards fantasy-romance content, while also being interested in horror themes. It also builds on other pop culture hits, from Twilight to Interview with a Vampire. When players step into the world of Immortal Romance, they’re transported into an atmospheric world full of vampires, ancient books, and haunted castles.


Gonzo’s Quest Series

Let’s move on to another major hit in the narrative slot space. The first release of Gonzo’s Quest took players straight into an adventure in the New World. The game includes a conquistador (Gonzo) who must navigate a strange and tropical environment, along with a reel that includes ancient symbols carved from stone. This title builds on the popularity of other slot hits, from the official Tomb Raider slot to adventures like Jurassic Park.

The game recently saw a second installation, Gonzo’s Quest Megaways. This game builds on the hype of the first, adding brand new ways to win as players and Gonzo continue on their journey toward the mythical El Dorado.


9 Masks of Fire Series

Lastly, let's cover another hit release that has since seen a second installation. In 9 Masks of Fire, players are taken into a bright and fiery world in which a golden mask can change everything with a winning combination. Similar to Starburst, the game includes a series of classic symbols, such as cherries, bells, and diamonds. But there’s an added tribal twist, as the game includes shields and dancing figures anytime a major combination hits. 

Recently, a second installation was released: 9 Masks of Fire Roulette. This game combines the excitement of slots with the magic of roulette, letting players explore a brand-new iteration of this memorable slot game. Like Starburst, it’s also a high-volatility game, which many players gravitate toward.

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