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Article: Design Secrets for LGBT Dating Platform: Steps to Success

Design Secrets for LGBT Dating Platform: Steps to Success

We may say whatever we want, but judging a book by its cover is something we all do all the time. We order food based on appearance, buy cars because they look good, and pick pets because they’re cute.

And gay people seeking dates online are the same. There are many gay dating platforms, and not all of them are successful and profitable. The design of the platform and its features often play a bigger role than some site owners think. So we’ll list 6 simple steps to help you get everything right from the first try.

User-Friendly Interface

People don’t want to feel confused while seeking partners online. If a gay dating platform isn’t intuitive, men will find another one that is. No one wants to waste time and energy learning how to use a platform. That’s why you may notice that a gay hookup site that catches your eye seems and feels a bit like social media. It’s easy to log in, find features, and chat with local gays. Singles don’t have to watch a 10-minute tutorial to be able to use the platform.

So remember, simplicity is the key to brilliance, or in this case, happy users, which leads to profitability.

Profile Creation

A dating profile for a gay man is almost like a sports outfit to an athlete. In a way, it shows who they are. So, allow your members to show their personality through uploading photos and videos. It’s also crucial to encourage them to write profile descriptions. If you want your platform to stand out, include stickers or badges they can put on their profiles to visually present their interest.

Feature Design

Most dating sites, including platforms for gay men, have modern features such as live video chat and some matchmaking games. The most common matchmaking game is (some version of) Hot or Not. It lets users pick other members they like and hide those that aren’t their type. It helps the algorithm learn one’s taste.


Some sites waste too much money on developing such features, and most members don’t use them. To avoid that, you must make your matchmaking game (and all other features) as intuitive as possible. Do that by getting rid of everything but essential options. Again, simplicity is the key to brilliance.

Live Video Chat Feature

Most men prefer to see their potential partners face-to-face before the first date.

Aim to create an aesthetically pleasing interface without sacrificing quality. Ensure your users can enjoy high-definition video chat with high frame rates to make video dates feel realistic. Also, don’t forget to include features such as resizable video windows and background customization.

Features to Boost Community Engagement

This one is big, yet most sites still neglect it. While most dating platforms, not only gay dating sites, focus on creating 1-on-1 connections, creating a sense of belonging to a community is often overlooked. And for LGBTQ+ singles, that’s very important.

Adding easy-to-use forums where members can discuss various topics gives them a feeling of belonging. And gives you more traffic on your platform, which can help find sponsors. That leads to higher profitability and scalability of a gay dating site.

Another good way to make your members use the site for a longer time and connect with each other on a deeper level is by organizing events. Design them in a way that lets every premium member join without any additional fee. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can arrange them as group meetings where experts teach the community something. Or if you have a stellar development team, you can even design group games attendants would play to win some nice prizes. Maybe getting a premium membership for free or something in that direction).

All that would help your brand faster than your competitors who focus only on basic communication features.

Leave Space for Feedback

This might be a double-edged sword, but if you build a healthy, open-minded community of gay men, this may make you stand out from most dating platforms.

Create a page on your site to let all premium members send you feedback and suggestions. It will give you invaluable data on your audience. And by implementing some of it, you’ll know you’re providing a great service to gay guys on your site.

Note that we said “premium members.” The reason for that is simple. You protect yourself from pesky guys who keep complaining about everything even though they can’t use most features.

Those are unknown secrets most dating site owners don’t know. If you implement them wisely, your gay dating site might become the hottest local platform in the area. Good luck.

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