Here's What Professionals Think of Buying Logo Design on Fiverr

A logo is one of the most powerful yet affordable elements to brand businesses. But let’s find out what professionals think of buying logo design on Fiverr!

Every business needs a logo. To get a logo design, you can design it yourself or hire a graphic designer or graphic design studio to do it for you. Designing it yourself is obviously the cheapest alternative. The problem is not everyone has the skill or time to design.

Now you are left with the second option. Hiring a graphic designer or graphic design studio can help you get a logo that represents your brand, conveys a message, and allows your brand to stand apart from your competitors. Even if you don't know how it should look yet, their expertise and guidance will help you.

That's awesome. Now here's the problem: hiring a graphic designer or graphic design studio can be expensive. This may not be a problem for larger, already-established businesses with plenty of resources. But for smaller businesses, it might not be an affordable option.

Is there any way you can get a business logo design without breaking the bank? The good news is, there is. For example, you can get a logo on Fiverr for as low as five dollars. You don't want just any logo, however. You want a good one. One that looks professional.

Sure, you can get a logo at an affordable rate on Fiverr. But are logos on Fiverr good? Also, what do professionals think of logo design on Fiverr? Read on to find out.


How Does Fiverr Work?

Since we are going to talk about buying a logo from Fiverr, you should know how Fiverr works. On Fiverr, you can find a wide range of services; all are offered at affordable rates. You can hire freelancers to do graphic design, writing, data entry, programming, and even legal work.

Most of the services, including logo design, start at five dollars, hence the name. Knowing a bit of the lingo helps. On Fiverr, a service offered is called a gig, while the one selling the service is called a seller.

In this case, graphic designers or graphic design studios are called sellers. So from here on, we will use the terms "seller" and "designer" interchangeably.

With Fiverr, you get to choose a seller to work with and pay them upfront for their service. There are thousands of sellers who sell logos. Regardless of how much you are willing to spend on a design, you can find sellers who offer their services at your price range. Indeed. There is a designer for everybody.


Selecting a designer on Fiverr

There are thousands of designers on Fiverr. How do you select a designer? While there is a huge number of designers, Fiverr provides a lot of categories that will help you refine your search. When you open the Logo Design page, you can immediately choose the select the style you want.

That's not all. You can select seller details like the levels of the seller, the language seller speaks, and the seller's country of residence. All these can make selecting a designer less of a hassle. Plus, you can narrow your search further based on budget and delivery time.


Gig options

Earlier, we mentioned that you could get a Fiverr logo design for as low as five dollars. This is the starting price. Many sellers sell their services for more. As the price increases, so are the number of services they provide.

Every seller is different, however. You might get more services from a seller but not from another at the same price. Every seller offers three levels of a gig: basic, standard, and Premium.

Basic is the cheapest option and offers the least amount of service, while Premium is the most expensive and offers the most. Standard is the middle ground both in terms of pricing and service offered.


Hiring guaranteed professionals

You can hire guaranteed professionals, too. These are sellers who have been vetted by Fiverr and verified for quality and service. Hiring these sellers is a "safer" option, at least theoretically.

The problem with Fiverr is that anyone could upload designs that they didn't make and swindle buyers. Note that these people usually have very low ratings. If you want to be safe, hiring a guaranteed seller is a good idea. This tends to be more expensive, but if things go wrong, Fiverr will remedy it.


Hiring a whole studio

You can also hire a whole studio on Fiverr. Hiring a whole studio is a good option if you need multiple people to work on your project but don't have the time to coordinate them all. When you hire a studio, you can get your logo design, branding direction, and website at the same time.

  • Is Fiverr a design website?
  • No. Fiverr offers a wide range of options. Graphic design is only one of them.
  • What Professionals Think of Buying Logo Design on Fiverr?
  • It Is Bad

Many professionals don't think buying a brand's visual representation on Fiverr is a good light. This is quite understandable. A logo is a brand's visual representation. It can even be said that it is the face of a business. Thus, it needs to be appealing, simple, and unique.

A $5 logo is very affordable. But at that price, there isn't much you can expect. That's not to say it's impossible to get a good $5 logo on Fiverr. It is possible, but it would require some hard work on your part.

When you work with a graphic designer or graphic design studio, you can start from scratch. Their expertise and guidance will help you through the whole design process. That's not the case when you work with a seller. You will need to know what you want and be able to communicate it to your seller clearly.


Problems with a cheap logo

These are some possible problems that you might encounter with a cheap logo:

1. Quality

    More often than not, cheap ones have poor quality. Sometimes even consist of pixelated images. In many cases, they are not scalable, a quality you want your brand's visual representation to have.

    Speaking of which, a logo is used across multiple marketing materials. Be it on a website, blog, social media, banner, T-shirt, and so on. This means that the logo design needs to be resized. It needs to be scaled up or down to fit the marketing material.

    That will be difficult to do if the quality is poor from the get-go. You can't look professional and trustworthy if you use a poor-quality logo. That makes your brand looks bad.

    2. Imitation

      There are so many designers on Fiverr. On the one hand, this provides you with a wide range of options to choose from. Indeed. There is a designer for everybody. On the other, it increases the likelihood of working with a designer that imitates the work of others.

      When it comes to branding, imitation is a big no. You wouldn't want to risk using an imitation as your brand's visual representation.


      3. Stock photos

        Some designers use stock photos to create a logo. While this is not as bad as imitation, using stock photos wouldn't make your brand's visual representation unique, let alone memorable.

        4. Unusable

          A logo must be usable. Ideally, you should receive the design in multiple formats so you can use it on various marketing materials. There is no point in having a good design if it comes in an unusable format. 

          That's exactly the problem with a cheap logo. You might need to pay more to receive it in a usable format. In such cases, the price is not as low as it was initially thought.


          It Is Good

          Some professionals think buying a logo design from Fiverr is a good light. Some even say that it can be a good alternative, considering the low pricing and speed. It is not uncommon to find professional designers who buy some designs on Fiverr to have the experience firsthand.

          Fiverr is a marketplace with thousands of designers. Every designer is different. So is your experience working with a designer? You may find designers who put in effort even when creating a $5 logo. You may find designers that don't.

          The "you get what you pay for" mindset can be helpful here. It allows you to adjust your expectations. That said, price is not everything. It is not an indicator of quality, either. A $40 logo may be better than a $400 one, for example.

          There are lots of designers on Fiverr. Using the tools that Fiverr provides, you can refine your search and narrow it down to a few designers. Overall, buying a logo design from Fiverr can be a good option, especially if you are on a budget. The key is to find the right designer.


          How to Find the Right Designer

          Finding the right designer can be a challenging task. There are thousands of designers on Fiverr. You can't review them all. So, how do you find the right one? By using the tools that Fiverr provides. On the Logo Design page, you can see a lot of categories to refine your search.

          1. Logo Style

          In the menu, you can check the logo style, file format, as well as what is included in the service. The styles are the same as we have explained before. The difference is that you can click multiple styles instead of just one.

          File format refers to the format you want for your design. There are nine file formats: JPG, PNG, PDF, AI, PSD, EPS, SVG, CDR, and others.

          There are seven categories of what is included in the service: logo transparency, vector file, printable file, include source file, 3D mockup, social media kit, & stationery designs.


          2. Seller details

          In this menu, you can check the level of the seller, the language the seller speaks, and the seller's country of residence. 

          3. Seller Level

            On Fiverr, there are four levels of seller: Top Rated Seller, Level Two, Level One, and New Seller.

            4. Seller Language

              Having the same language makes the process a lot easier. There are 31 languages on the list. Check the language(s) you are proficient in.


              5. Seller Location

                You can narrow your search further by checking the seller's country of residence. This is particularly useful if the time zone could be an issue.

                6. Budget

                This refers to how much money you are willing to spend on the service. There are two boxes. The box on the left is the minimal amount, while the box on the right is the maximal amount.

                7. Delivery time

                How fast would you like the design to be completed? There are four delivery time options: Express 24H, up to 3 days, up to 7 days, and anytime.


                How to Get the Best Design on Fiverr

                Hiring a graphic designer or graphic design studio and buying a gig on Fiverr both get you a design. However, the process of getting the design is different. If you hire a graphic designer or graphic design studio, you don't need to be prepared. Indeed, you can even start from scratch.

                A graphic designer or graphic design studio has the expertise and time to guide you through the entire process. With a seller on Fiverr, on the other hand, you need to be prepared. You can't start from scratch. Don't expect much from a seller beyond executing a design.

                You need to know what you want in the design, what you like and don't like, and what you would like to emphasize. Not only that, but you also need to communicate these to your seller clearly. To make sure you and your seller are on the same page, try to give examples whenever possible.


                When communicating, avoid using incorrect words. Incorrect words can lead to misunderstanding, which means you are less likely to get the result you want. Using examples can help avoid misunderstandings.

                Below are five details to share with your seller to get the best logo design.

                1. What makes your product or service special

                  Explain the unique features of your product or service. Let them know what makes your product or service special. Communicate the elements you want your seller to focus on.

                  2. Find the other logos that you like

                    Do you have other logo designs that you like? If you do, share them with your seller. Let them know which elements you like from each design. It can be the fonts, colors, style, or letter arrangement, for example.

                    3. Give your seller creative direction

                      A creative direction brief will be very helpful. Be specific and explain in detail what colors you like or dislike, what fonts you like or dislike, etc.

                      4. Describe your ideal customer

                        You want to attract a certain group of people. Communicate this with your seller. Describe your ideal customer in detail. A seller who understands what kind of people you want to attract is better equipped to create a design that suits your brand.

                        5. Tell your seller how you will use the logo

                          A logo is used on various marketing materials. You want it to be usable in the marketing materials you use. So, do tell your designer how you will use it.


                          Usage Rights

                          Under most circumstances, any logo you get is yours. That's right. You get the full copyright and usage rights of it. The only time it is not yours is when the seller specifically charges an extra fee for the full rights to the work they designed. In that case, you must pay to gain the copyright.

                          Many professionals don't think of buying a logo design from Fiverr in a good light. It all boils down to "you get what you pay for." In this case, you can't expect much from a $5 logo. That's not to say all of them are bad, of course.

                          If anything, many of them are good, although you probably will need to spend more than $5. Is it worth a try? If you are looking for cheap brand logo design options and can accept the risk, then the answer is yes.

                          You can get a good one on Fiverr, but that would require some hard work on your part. For starters, you will need to do a thorough search for a designer and be able to communicate what you want clearly.



                          This can be a challenging task, especially with thousands of designers offering their services on the website. The good news is that Fiverr makes it easy for you to find the right designer for your need. You can search them by style, seller level, country of residence, budget, and delivery time.

                          Buying a logo design on Fiverr is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, you can even get a good design at a very affordable rate. Not to mention you can get it quickly, too. However, for the most part, you will get what you pay for.

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