How to Get the Best Logo Design from Fiverr

Logo design is one of the most powerful elements to brand and market businesses.
Let’s find out how to get the best logo design from Fiverr!

Want to know how to get the best logo design from Fiverr? Every business needs a logo. Not all businesses can afford to work with a branding firm to design their logo. The good news is that you don’t need to break the bank to get a logo for your business. You can get it from Fiverr.


How Does Fiverr Work?

Fiverr is a unique website in the sense that it provides a wide range of business services at very affordable rates. You can hire freelancers to do many things, from graphic design, programming, data entry, and writing to legal work.

Most of the services on Fiverr start at five dollars, hence the name. A service offered on the website is called a gig, while the one selling the service is called the seller. When we use the term “seller,” we mean a graphic designer.

With Fiverr, you get to choose the seller to work with and pay for the service they provide upfront.


How to Find the Right Logo Designer on Fiverr

To get the best design, you will need to find the best designer. This can be a daunting task. There are over 300,000 services available in the logo design category. With so many options to choose from, it can feel overwhelming really quickly.

On the bright side, you have plenty of options to choose from. The challenge is to find good sellers. Fortunately, Fiverr offers various categories to refine your search. You can also see seller profiles, portfolios, and reviews, all of which will help you in the process.

1. Logo Style

You can narrow down your search by selecting the logo style you want. There are 11 logo styles in total, which are

  • minimalist
  • modern
  • vintage
  • 3D
  • cartoon
  • hand-drawn
  • lettering
  • signature
  • watercolor
  • geometric
  • other

    Notice the number on the right side of each logo style. This number shows how many logos are tagged as the style. For example, besides the minimalist style, the number is 125,305. This means there are 125,305 logos tagged as minimalist. 

    Note that these are checkboxes, so you can check more than one styles that suit your needs.


    2. Logo Options

    Under Logo Options, you can see the logo style, file format, and what is included in the service. The logo style is the same as we have explained before. Simply check the box(es) you want.

    File format refers to the format you want for your brand logo design. There are nine options: JPG, PNG, PDF, AI, PSD, EPS, SVG, CDR, and others.

    As for what is included with the service, there are seven categories: logo transparency, printable file, vector file, 3D mockup, source file, social media kit, and stationery designs. 

    3. Seller Details

    On the Seller Details drop-down list, you can narrow your search by checking categories based on the level of sellers, the language seller speaks, and the country they live in.

    4. Seller Level

    There are four seller levels on Fiverr: Top Rated Seller, Level Two, Level One, and New Seller.


    5. Seller Language

    Communication is important. You want to hire a seller that speaks the same language as you. There are 31 languages in total. Check the language(s) in which you can communicate clearly.

    6. Seller Location

    It will be easier to work with a seller who lives in the same country as you. At the very least, you and your seller will have a common language and time zone. There are a total of 187 countries listed.

    7. Budget

    You can put a minimum and a maximum amount of money (in USD) to find sellers who will create a logo for you at the price range you set.


    8. Delivery Time

    There are four delivery time options: Express 24H, up to 3 days, up to 7 days, and anytime. Check the delivery time that suits your needs.

    9. Other

    There are Pro services, Local sellers, and Online sellers buttons on the right side of the page. When you click a button, you will see results based on that button. If you click Pro services, you will see a list of vetted professionals who have been verified for quality and service.

    If you click local sellers, you will see a list of sellers from your country. If you click Online sellers, you will see sellers who are currently online. 

    To sort out the search results, use the drop-down list on the right. You can sort the search results based on best-selling, recommended, or newest arrivals.


    How to Get the Best Logo Design

    While working with a branding firm and a seller both gets you a logo design for your business, how the process goes is very different. A branding firm can help you from scratch. Even if you still don’t know what it should look like. The firm will provide you with guidance and expertise.

    You can’t expect the same from a seller. When you work with a seller, you will be the one taking the lead. Don’t expect much from them beyond executing a design. If you want to get the best logo design from Fiverr, you need to prepare. The more prepared you are to work with a seller, the better the results.

    You must be crystal clear about what you want and communicate it to the designer you are working with. Also, always remember that designers on Fiverr are working very fast. They simply don’t have time to do any research.


    8 Details to Share with Your Seller

    1. What makes your product or service special

      A good logo represents a brand. Thus, the first detail to share with your seller is what makes your product or service specializing in the first place. What kinds of benefits does your product or service offer? Make sure that you communicate the benefits you want to be visualized in your logo design.

      Let’s use an example. Suppose you have a restaurant. You can have a logo design with a fork and knife and be done with it. While that takes care of the part of having a brand’s visual representation, it doesn’t do much more than that. After all, any restaurant can have such a visual representation. 

      You want one that represents your business and, at the same time, lets your brand stand apart from others. For that, you will need to emphasize what makes your product or service special. It can be the vibe of the restaurant, its style, and of course, the type of cuisine your restaurant serves.

      Explain to your seller the unique features of your product or service. Communicate the attributes you want them to focus on. These details can help your seller create the design that you want.

      2. Find other logos that you like

        You can’t get the best logo design if you and your seller are not on the same page. One of the easiest ways to make sure that you both are on the same page, find other logos that you like and share them with your seller.

        Communicate with them the elements that you like. It can be the fonts, colors, style, arrangement, etc. Describe the elements you like in every logo you share.


        3. Give them creative direction

          Giving your seller creative direction is absolutely necessary to get the best logo design. Be specific and detailed when explaining what colors you like or dislike, what fonts you like or dislike, and so on. The more specific and detailed your creative direction, the better the results.

          4. Describe your ideal customer

            A logo is a brand’s visual representation. It is what your customers see, recognize, associate with your brand, and memorize. As such, it must be created with customers in mind.

            Tell your seller the type of people you want to attract. Describe your ideal customer in detail. This is particularly important because many of the designers on Fiverr are foreigners. To get the best design, you need to make your designer understand who your ideal customer is.

            5. Tell your seller how you will use the logo

              A good logo design can be used in many marketing materials, both physical and digital. That said, there are times that you might need the design to be a bit different for specific and uncommon applications. For example, for a website banner, for silkscreening, for a sister brand, etc.

              If you have a specific application for your brand’s visual representation, let your seller know.


              6. Communicate Clearly

              Communication is key. Make sure that every detail you have in your head about the logo design gets communicated clearly. Pick your vocabulary clearly so that it won’t get misunderstood. Using examples is a good idea as well. So, try to back it up with examples whenever you can.

              Understand that many designers on Fiverr are not native English speakers. In addition, the amounts of graphic design training or education they have also vary widely.

              If you find a designer that can understand what kind of design you need with just a bit of explanation and delivers it, that’s great. But there is no guarantee for that. Thus, communicating clearly is always the best thing to do. It will help make the process easier for both you and your designer.

              7. Review Seller Profiles

              As your search for sellers narrows down, you will have to start reviewing seller profiles. Notice that each seller profile includes examples of the seller’s work. Check out the listings to find sellers who have samples that you like and have good ratings.

              Here are a few things to keep in mind while reviewing seller profiles.

              • Many sellers on Fiverr showcase two to three good designs. But when you scroll down, the quality starts to downgrade.
              • Many designers showcase works in their portfolios that they didn’t even design. Unfortunately, these can be difficult to spot. If you want to be certain, contact the designer and ask them about the work they are showcasing.
              • If a designer includes their own website with portfolios, you certainly want to check it out. Who knows, you may be able to see more of their works and learn more about them.

                The logo design service on Fiverr is quite inexpensive, so you have little to risk. Many people even admit that they hire multiple sellers just because the total cost is still low and think it is worth the risk.


                8. Gig Options

                There are three levels of gigs on Fiverr: basic, standard, and premium. Every seller on Fiver uses these names. The price and the options included in each level, however, are different.

                Some important details that sellers frequently include with their gig options are

                • The number of logo design concepts
                • The number of revisions
                • Vector files or source files included
                • Timeline
                • Quality


                What to Do Before, During, and After the Design Process

                1. Before you start

                When you have found a seller you want to work with, don’t engage them right away unless you are prepared. Remember, when you work with a seller, you will take the lead.

                You need to know the ins and outs of your brand, including how you visualize it, what makes your product or service special, what kind of design you want, your likes and dislikes when it comes to design elements, what to emphasize, and your ideal customer.

                2. During the design process

                Be prepared to react to design concepts that your seller has created. Make sure that you give them clear feedback. Use the correct terms and communicate clearly. 

                Always try to give examples for everything, so you and your seller are on the same page. Always keep your seller’s turn-around schedule as well.

                3. After the gig is over

                Save all the vector files. You may or may not use them now, but it is always a good idea to have the vector files. More likely than not, you will need them in the future. Better be safe than sorry.


                Should You Request a Simple Design?

                A logo with a complex design may look awesome to look at. But, the more complex the design, the more difficult it becomes for the audience to memorize it. And you certainly don’t want to make it difficult for the audience to memorize your logo. You want to make it easy. Thus, a simple design is always preferable.

                Should you request a simple design, then? On Fiverr, the minimalist style is the number one logo style, with over 125,000 logos tagged as minimalist. One of the defining characteristics of a well-designed logo is simplicity.

                Such a logo represents a brand with only essential parts. And yes, the design is minimal. So, whether your preferred logo style is minimalist or not, you want the design to be as simple or minimal as possible.


                Avoid Using Incorrect Words

                This may sound obvious, but it is still important nonetheless. It is not uncommon for people to use incorrect designer terms. Or the other way around, the designer may have an incorrect understanding of the term you use correctly.

                This is why it is always a good idea to give an example for everything. If you give an example, you and your designer will be on the same page. Avoid using incorrect words and always show what you want with a concrete example.


                Get the Source File

                You want to get the source file of the logo design. Note that many sellers on Fivers provide different types of files depending on the levels of gigs. A source file is useful when you want to make any future edits to the design.

                Even if you don’t, the source file is usually the best-quality file. So, if it is possible, get the source file.


                Logo File Types

                Many sellers on Fiverr use the terms “vector file” and “source file.” A vector file means that the logo has been created using a vector-based program rather than a pixel-based program. Sellers usually use Adobe Illustrator to create vector files.

                Vector files can be scaled up and down without losing their quality. On the other hand, pixel-based files lose their quality (i.e., pixelated) when they are scaled too big. Because of this differing property, you should always go for the vector file of the logo from the seller you work with.

                Unlike vector files, the term source file can mean different from one seller to another. Some sellers may have a source file of a logo design where the design elements are still in layers. Some others may have a “live” type in the design, which means the type is editable.



                The service on Fiverr is inexpensive and fast. It is not without its risk, of course. But with how relatively low the cost of the service is, it is worth a try. You can get the best logo design from Fiverr, but it will require some time, preparation, and hard work on your part.


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