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Article: Top 10 Logo Design Contest Websites You Must Check

Top 10 Logo Design Contest Websites You Must Check

Logo design competitions are very popular among most creatives and corporates.
Here are some of the best logo design contest websites you should check!

If you want to start a business, of course, you need an emblem. Therefore we will provide top logo design contest websites that you can use to help design or sketch your product emblem. A logo or symbol is one of the important things that must be owned if you want to start a business by selling a product. With the symbol attached to the product, it can make it easier for consumers to distinguish your product from other products.

Having a symbol also makes your product more recognizable to consumers. Especially if the symbol you create has a unique character and, of course, attracts consumers to buy your product. A symbol or emblem is a logo that becomes the identity of an organization, company, product, or even an individual so that it can be more easily recognized and remembered by others.

So, you have to make a symbol as good as possible so that it is easily recognized by the wider community. This is certainly very useful for those of you who have products; with an attractive emblem, your product can be more easily recognized by the public or consumers. The initial function of an emblem is as a tool to distinguish products on the market. Then, over time the function of the emblem changes, namely as an identity that contains the company's image, as we will explain in the discussion of logo design.

You can create an emblem using various graphic sketch applications that are already available. However, this can take a long time because you have not mastered the graphic sketch applications commonly used by graphic designers. Therefore you can choose to use the services of emblem designers, which you can easily find in your city. However, there is another way, namely by using the services of logo design.

By using their services, you can choose an emblem that you think fits the product you are going to sell. Curious about what emblem websites we recommend? Just read the discussion below.


Top Logo Design Contest Websites

Do you already know what it is and how does the emblem sketch contest website work? The emblem sketch contest website is a place where you can get logos from professional graphic designers from all over the world.

The way logo design work is that you only need to provide the criteria for the symbol you want, then tens or even hundreds of graphic designers working on a website will create the symbol you requested. Then, when you are done, you can choose the symbol that you like the most.

No need to linger any longer; here, we provide a symbol sketch contest website recommends that you can use to create a symbol for the product you are going to sell.


1. 99design

    Actually, there are lots of symbol sketch contest websites that you can use. However, few dare to guarantee the quality of the graphic designers who make your symbol. Therefore you need to know our recommendations for top logo design contest websites from us.

    The first website is 99design which provides a lot of graphic designers with experience and, of course, professionals in their fields. Not only logos but at this agency, can you also get many other sketches, including clothing, merchandise, and also advertising.

    With so many services provided by logo design, you can order various designs on one website at once. Of course, this becomes practicality, and you don't need to look for another website if you need a new sketch.

    You don't need to bother looking for other places if you want to create new designs such as product sketches, brochures, calendars, and so on. Because 99 sketches already provide all these services.

    To use his services, you can start by making an overview of what symbol sketch you want. Then you will get various sketches from graphic designers who work with 99design.

    Top logo design contest websites, you can get this with prices starting from US $ 299. With this price, you are free to choose various kinds of symbol sketches according to your wishes and which you think is the best.



    2. Design Crowd

      If you use the services of the logo design contest 2022, of course, you can get many benefits. Because you can choose a sketch that has been made by professional graphic designers that you think is the best and you like the most.

      This is also what you can get if you use the services of the crowd sketch website. Design crowds have been used by many companies, organizations, and individuals to help them create a symbol.

      With this, of course, we don't need to doubt their experience in the sketch world. More than 100,000 businesses have used the services of this logo design to create their symbol sketches, product sketches, and so on.

      This website has more than 700,000 freelance designers who, of course, have experience with completing more than 400,000 projects from their clients. So you no longer need to worry about the quality of the sketches they have.

      Another benefit that you can get from the sketch crowd is that their simple-to-use sketch brief can make it easier for you to create an overview of the symbol sketch you want.

      Not only that, if it turns out that you don't like all the sketches made by freelance symbol designers who work with them, then you can claim a 100% money-back guarantee. You can use crowd sketch services starting at only US$ 99.



      3. Design Hill

        The next top logo design contest website that is included in the list of recommendations in our discussion this time is sketch hill. This website is an experienced sketch company that has served various clients from large companies.

        This website has even created sketches for campaigns from big companies in the world, such as the BBC, Microsoft, Deloitte, and many others. So you don't have to doubt the quality they have.

        Design hill also provides a variety of services that can certainly help you grow your business and increase sales. Some of the services they provide include logos, labels, packaging, brand identity, business card sketch, and many others.

        This logo design not only provides crowdsource designs, but you can also choose the graphic designer that you think is best for working on the symbol sketch that you will later use on the product.

        The way this website works is also almost the same as the others, namely you need to give a brief about what kind of sketch you want. Then, the freelancers who work with this website, Design Hill, will create a symbol sketch according to what you want.

        You can have the symbol sketch that you think best fits your initial picture by paying for it. You can use these top logo design contest websites for prices starting at US$199, with a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like their design.



        4. Freelance Logo Design

          The presence of a symbol on a product, in addition to being an identity, can also be the main attraction for the product. For example, the famous smartphone product, the iPhone, has the characteristics and uniqueness of the symbol that makes it an attraction for consumers.

          And it is proven that when they release a new product, it is sure to sell well and is in great demand by consumers. This is also the reason for the importance of choosing a symbol if you want to be a successful businessman in the discussion on this occasion.

          The next website that we recommend for you to make a symbol for is freelance logo design. Freelance emblem sketch is quite famous and is widely used by small and large companies to create a sketch.

          If you need a symbol sketch contest with a fast process, then this symbol contest website is the solution because they promise six different types of emblems that can be completed in 60 minutes or even less.

          Even though the process is fast, these top logo design contest websites still pay attention to their quality in making logos. Because in addition to speed, they also prioritize accuracy in making every symbol ordered by the client.

          With sketch workmanship and maintaining good quality, this website only charges a starting price of US$ 19. But if you want to patent the symbol that you think is the best, then you have to pay another US$ 49.



          5. 48hours Logo

            Believe it or not, a symbol can also be one of the success factors of a business that you are running. Of course, the better the symbol you have, the more people will like the products you sell.

            Therefore, we recommend that if you want to create a symbol sketch for your product, use the services of top logo design contest websites. You should first determine the market you are going to, whether it's young people or old people.

            If the market you are going to is young, of course, you can choose a symbol with a futuristic impression and bright colors. Meanwhile, if your market is older, then you can choose to use elegant colors such as black and white.

            All of these things you can get if you use 48 hours which is the next logo design that we will discuss. This website is perfect for those of you who are just starting a business and only have little capital.

            Because the 48-hour symbol offers a very competitive price and is quite cheap for a quality graphic sketch contest class, you can use this website for a starting price of US$99, and your sketch will be finished in no time.

            Even though they don't have a community as big as other websites, they can still produce quality emblems and, of course, can help you increase product sales.



            6. Crowdspring

              Crowdspring is the next company to be included in the discussion of our top logo design contest websites, and you can use their services to help with the process of making the symbol for the product you are going to sell.

              This website makes it easy for you to receive tens or even hundreds of high-quality custom designs at low and quite reasonable prices. One of the big companies that use crowdspring services is Starbucks, and the giant South Korean electronics company, LG.

              It also states that this logo design has experience and quality, and you can fully trust the results of the sketch work. Crowdsourcing also provides a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like their sketch.

              Like other websites, Crowdspring also has many services, all of which you can use. They provide several categories, including symbol & business cards, symbol & social media assets, letterhead & stationery, business cards, design consultation, and many others.

              Crowdspring has more than 220,000 qualified designers who are members of their community. All of these graphic designers must also be very experienced in the world of the sketch. To use this top logo design contest website, you can start by spending US$ 99-499. However, you are free to do a free symbol sketch consultation whenever you want.



              7. Teacher Logo Design

                The emblem has a function as an identity that contains an image and is attached to a product, company, or organization. Therefore you need to create a good and attractive symbol sketch while still prioritizing its function, namely as an identity.

                This is, of course, what you can get by using the emblem sketch guru, which is included in the list of logo designs from our discussion. The logo design guru is a well-known website sketch contest and has a lot of experience.

                Logo design guru has more than 150,000 professional graphic designers who are experienced in completing various tasks from client companies. So you don't have to worry about the quality of this website.

                These top logo design contest websites also have a user interface that can make it easier for you to create an emblem sketch. Even those of you who don't know about sketch at all can still use this website.

                You can use an emblem design guru starting at US$ 199. You can also get additional options for creating branding, brochures, stationary concepts, and so on. Logo design gurus will also give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like their sketch.



                8. Guerra Creative

                  The next website content that is included in the discussion of our top logo design contest websites is Guerra Creativa. Like other websites, Guerra creative also has sufficient experience in the world of design.

                  With more than 25 years of experience and have completed hundreds of jobs for clients. Guerra creative is one of the websites that are quite well-known among large and small companies all over the world.

                  If you order an emblem sketch on Guerra creative, then you will get 50 unique designs for you. Of the total logos, you are free to choose whichever symbol you think best suits your wishes.

                  Almost all the designs from the top logo design contest websites are of good quality, so you will definitely feel confused about choosing them. It's okay; just take your time to choose the best and the most emblem you want.

                  If you are interested, then you can start an emblem contest with prices starting from US $ 195, and you will get 50 logos from professional graphic designers who work closely with Guerra creative.

                  No need to worry; they also provide a 100% money-back guarantee, which seems to have become mandatory for every symbol contest website. So you will definitely get the best emblem.



                  9. LogoTournament

                    Most symbol designer contests hire freelancers whom they don't select before they work with them. As a result, it is not uncommon for designs that are made not to match what you want.

                    Therefore, you need to choose a top logo design contest websites that have the best workers and has been selected for eligibility before you can work on a client's project. One emblem sketch that you can use is LogoTournament.

                    Logotournament is one of the websites that does not give permission to any graphic designer. They only give permission to designers who have been pre-selected by the logo tournament team.

                    That way, you are sure to get a quality emblem sketch from experienced graphic designers who work with these logo designs. You can use their services starting at US$ 275.



                    10. Hatchwise

                      Hatchwise is probably the biggest company, with more than 1 million projects since the brand was first founded in 2008. This also proves the quality that hatchwise has.

                      This website has a lot of services that you can all use. Some of the services you can use include emblem & business cards, emblem & social media assets, letterhead & stationery, business cards, design consultation, and many others.

                      Hatchwise also has a project rush feature that can give you designs faster. At least you will get the sketch after 48 hours after placing your order. You can use this top logo design contest website starting from US$ 89.

                      If you use hatch-wise, you will also get the advantage of a 100% money-back guarantee that will return your money directly if it turns out that the sketch you get is not what you want.




                      As explained above, the emblem sketch contest has a way of working, namely by opening crowdsource from professional graphic designers to create the emblem sketch you want. This, of course, can be more profitable for you because you can choose the emblem that you like the most. It's different if you don't use the services of a graphic design contest and prefer to use only one agency; then you will only get one emblem.

                      One emblem is also not necessarily in accordance with the emblem you wanted before. As a result, you will usually use the services of another emblem designer, which of course, can waste money that you could use as business capital.

                      You also don't need to worry because all the graphic designers that participate in the logo design contest are professionals who already have a lot of experience in the world of design. That way, the emblem that you will get is definitely of high quality.

                      Because it can bring many benefits to you, you need to know the discussion that we have described above. Top logo design contest websites can be one of your provisions if you want to start a business.

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