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Article: How to Use Visual Communication Effectively

How to Use Visual Communication Effectively

Graphic design is a visual communication of information delivered in a professional manner.
Let's find out how we can use it effectively in society!
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Keeping your audience engaged and invested with your work or presentation is very crucial. It is especially true if you are trying to secure a deal with higher-ups or stakeholders. Engaging communication and proper information are getting more important than ever since many businesses and organizations are going online, including the surging of freelancers.  

It is something that you cannot underestimate. No matter your responsibilities, when you need to connect with your audience, you need better visual communication. The use of graphics for communication is not a secret anymore. That is why this guideline will lead you to learn how to use visual communication effectively and professionally in the workplace.  


Using The Visual Communication Professionally 

Creating or using imagery effectively is not enough to secure a deal, especially for a new freelancer. In this case, one of the problems that you might face a lot is to make a professional impression. Your proposal, project management, and everything need to use visual communication one step further. Thus, you can use it effectively and professionally. 

1. Keep Consistency With Repurposing And Reusing Design 

The first thing that you can pay attention to is the design. If you are a freelance designer or artist, you are bound to be judged by your visual usage. It is something normal since you are going to work with graphics-related work. That is why you can use visual communication and design effectively. 

One tip that you can use as a designer is reusing and repurposing the already existing design. Don't worry about creating a new design every time you meet a new client. At some point, the simple trick can be the biggest game-changer. It also speeds up your work. However, the biggest benefit of this idea is a cohesive communication tool.

You can effectively use every old design you use to make a more comprehensive and cohesive proposal. It also works for some design projects, such as using the same themed icons, theme, or visuals. But in this case, let's focus on how to use visual communication effectively for your proposal document. 

The biggest takeaway that you can do is create small tweaks to fit the target audience. You can also add dissimilar content, so you can pinpoint the mileage of your project. If you can use the communication idea effectively, you are most likely to gain some attention during the meeting. Try it! But, remember to keep updating your image information and detail effectively. 

Created by Fruzsi Fölföldi |


2. Create A Solid Brand

Another good use of visual communication is to develop solid branding. Most of the professional companies out there use communication imagery to establish a definite branding identity and existence. It also works for you who want to spread out effectively and grow your freelance career. 

Most of the time, the ideas are very helpful to engage with the audience, especially for consumer-facing acts. You can also implement the idea effectively for social media, blog, brand signal, or project plan proposal. Regardless of the use of the visual, you will need to practice communicating effectively with solid branding. 

How to make a solid brand? You can use visual communication effectively by emphasizing the consistency point. As said in the previous point, you need to use a consistent illustration to make a great representation. And one of the benefits of the cohesive design and element is a solid brand. It will make communication better and easier. 

So, you can play around with any kind of element. You can work with the idea for reports, flyers, design, logo, header, footer, or anything. The primary point is to make it consistent. Another good visual use is symbols and icons. Try to effectively apply the idea by using the same style elements, including fonts, color, style, and many more across the work.  

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Strategies On Creating An Engaging Visual 

You can see how everyone can use visual communication in many ways and effectively reach the desired goal. As mentioned in the previous point, you can apply the idea in many projects and work. It implies that communication through visual design is part of the proper interaction. But, then how if you are faced with a unique situation? 

The best example is that sometimes people need to use images to enhance one project or information. How if the data is not interesting enough to plummet engagement rating? In this case, an effectively used image delivery can make a turning point. You can create or use some image to make a boring detail into more engaging data. Here is how to do it effectively.  

1. Choose Graphic That Resonate Your Target  

Knowing your target is pretty much the fundamental of every work. Whether you are working as a designer or marketer, you need to ensure everything fits with the target or audience. So, one way to use visual communication effectively is by considering the target. You got a lot of visual ideas out there. You can use whatever fit and desired design for you. 

You got a graphic, chart, picture, or any other element. But to use it effectively, make sure everything resonates with the client. Will you use a scary or horror icon style for a children's product? Or are you going to use a colorful design for a high-end project deal? Of course, not. That idea will only plummet your communication effort. 

Visual misuse is pretty much the blunder every worker needs to avoid. Try to make sure your graphic design style, the imagery, or the picture will engage the audience. So, your audience will follow your explanation and understand the message. That is why one of the effectively used visual communication tools will always hit the right target. 

Created by ibrahim rayintakath |


2. Adding Visual Metaphors (Unique Visual Representation)

Sometimes, it is not enough to use a very generic image representation. A vector graphic of a person standing still with a different body weight will not 100% or effectively tell the message of dieting. You need to add unique graphic communication to engage the audience, such as a picture of an exercising person or healthy food. It will make a clear message. 

However, you can use visual communication effectively by choosing the more metaphoric representation. The idea of creating an image of women running at different speeds can tell different meanings. It is one of the examples of a unique image representative that shows how a worker has a dissimilar work drive. A promoter runs faster, while the passive worker runs slower. 

The idea itself not only helps create a definite visual brand but also helps elevate reader engagement. The women running illustration is not directly related to the information. It makes the reader think and fosters a deeper understanding. It is a great way to bump up the communication aspect and use the idea effectively.  

Created by ibrahim rayintakath |


3. Make An Approachable Styling Icon

If unique image representation makes people foster deeper thinking, you can also customize icons to make a more approachable impression. It is one example of how to use visual communication perfectly and effectively. The idea is pretty simple since you need to take advantage of unique and playful icons to entice reader curiosity. 

The use of unique icons and visuals also fit the modern communication tools that are very popular. Some icons are also created specifically to tell and help the reader to understand. One thing that makes a perfect solution is to make it suitable for younger audiences effectively. Modern and young business owners can use the idea to avoid the boring content doom. 

It does not need very complicated design prowess. Some fundamental visual communication improvements will make the content or project look more relatable. At some point, it also helps increase the accessibility point. If done perfectly, you can expect an effective engagement increase in the blog, social media, newsletter, or any other content. 

Created by Michał Markiewicz |


Creating An Effective Insight And Data Image 

Another problem that forces someone to use visual communication effectively is an overwhelming insight or data. It is not a rare occasion since images can help people understand data better. An effectively implemented visualization is not only displaying the data but also capturing every idea and insight effectively. Here are the tricks behind it. 

1. Using The Proper Chart 

One of the most common visual representations used to tell data is a chart. Regardless of the abundant options you choose, the main takeaway is to ensure it can bring the best communication. Ensure that the picture will deliver the message and is suitable with the data. So, to choose the best one, you need to use the ICOOR method. 

The method refers to Inform, which focuses on how the graphic can deliver a single vital message. The Compare is a consideration of how the image shows similarities or different communication values. There are also Show Change Points, which effectively pinpoints the ever-changing trend in design and visuals. 

After that, you can refer to O for Organize. It mainly focuses on the use of pattern, rank, group, or order in the utilization. Thus, the imaging idea can effectively deliver the real message. And lastly is the R or Relationship. The last consideration highlights the need for correlating variables or values of the visual communication option ideas. 

When you use imagery that effectively delivers the data, you need to ensure every point is fulfilled. There are also some other considerations, such as the type of graphic itself. Some fields will prefer using a pie chart or bar chart, especially to handle more extended data. There are also ideas to use pictograms that are more appropriate for public information.  

Created by Adolfo Arranz |


2. Effectively Indicate The Key Action Or Insight 

One of the indicators you have to use visual communication effectively is the ability to pinpoint the key action or insight. Highlighting the data or information is easily the point of using visuals. It is also the primary key of communication. In other words, your effort will go in faint if you cannot convey the message. 

In this case, the best solution is to use the more is less mindset. You can get rid of some of the superfluous data that do not support your project. After that, try to pinpoint the meaning with the proper representation. As you remove a busy design or noise, you will be able to put focus on the more crucial information and communication effectively.  

Created by Fancy Lamp |


3. Splash Some Story For Inspiration 

Looking at data and information will only bore the audience. It is when you need to consider visual communication. But to make it more effective, you can use a visual that entices inspiration. The idea is that you can create a story if you implement a combination of visuals, charts, text, color, and statistics. 

Consider that humans have a short memory, which makes them prefer more attention-grabbing communication. In this case, highlighting the proper amount of data in visual, number, and text will leave a more impactful impression. It looks more well varied, as well as engaging for people. So, they can get some narrative inspiration from it. 

Created by SANGHO BANG |


Simplifying Complex Information To Visual 

How if the data is just too complex to read? At this point, you can use images as a way to shed intriguing information. The graphic will help you simplify the message, make it more understandable, and pinpoint the key message. There are many ways to use visual communication effectively. 

You got ranges of visual or imagery out on the internet. You can also remove as much text as possible so the information is easier to understand. Using line and border also help show relationship or flow. Don't forget to use shapes, color, and size to effectively indicate the groupings or key information. 

Created by Studio Soleil |


Visualizing Your Process 

One of the best aspects that you can turn into visuals is a process. When you are in the front of a team and want to tell the project change, improvement, or anything, visual communication is one of the crucial keys. Using images is easier to understand. It is also more memorable than a mere text. Even more, it can cover a range of information. Here are tips for doing it.  

1. Designing A Library For Internal Training 

Internal training can take a lot of effort, time, money, and work. It is also one of the time-demanding processes. To cover all information, you can use visual and image communication for the process effectively. It can be for anything, from the process documentation, onboarding guides, FAQs, help, and anything. 

It surprisingly works effectively if you can elevate the communication between people. The library itself refers to the range of information for the occasion. It is also a great communication tool since the image representation can be updated over time. It is straightforward, changeable, flexible, effectively tells the information, and memorable. 

2. Add Diagram Of Low- And High-Level Changes 

One way to use visual communication effectively and tell the process is diagram. When faced with some information that includes a roadmap, productivity, action plan, or monthly report, the diagram will state every change effectively. The idea of using visuals as a statement tool is not only limited to adding personality and highlight.

It is also meant to make discrete imagery that elevates communication. In this case, diagrams make the change of the process easier to grasp and learn. You can use visual communication with some image highlights. The best example is a breakdown of steps, a smaller chunk of a key point, an arrow to indicate flow, and also a color code.  

Created by Sam Chivers |


3. Include Checklist To Keep Track of The Process 

Another good image implementation for your work is a checklist. Most of the time, the checklist information helps deliver a more complex process. What makes it even more desirable is how it can shed off the intriguing highlights of your text. It also brings up a more straightforward and easier to understand message model for everyone. 

At some point, the checkmark can elevate the audience or team confidence. When you can use visual communication effectively, the impact is very vast. From showing clear progress, a sense of accomplishment, and also as a reminder. A checklist can turn into such a magnificent way to elevate communication and team morale simultaneously. 


4. Giving A Post-Meeting Reference Guide

The last thing that you can do to make the image more meaningful is give a post-meeting reference guide. It helps you clarify whether the audience understands or not. The slide deck also plays a vital role in summarizing the discussion. At some point, it also acts as a reference for the work. 

The use of imagery itself will be one of your weapons to state your information. If you are doing a remote work presentation, the post-meeting will act as extra detail and follow-up. Again, you need to use visual communication effectively for the guide. Highlight the point, straightforward, clean, precise, engaging, and make it memorable. 

Created by Marija Tiurina |



To conclude, image as a communication tool is still a crucial aspect in many functions. It can help designers to reach and connect with the audience. Or aids the project manager to effectively state information. The key point is pretty simple. It includes modern design, simplifying data, focusing on value, and using consistent imagery.  

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