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Article: How to Win More Clients & Projects As A Freelance Graphic Designer

How to Win More Clients & Projects As A Freelance Graphic Designer

The biggest challenge working as a freelance graphic designer is to find and deal a project.
Let's find out how to easily win clients & projects on your own!

One of the biggest freelance challenges is finding and winning a graphic design job. At first, the idea of working freely and not tied with a company makes everything look easy. However, freelance workers need to learn how to win and find their potential job by themselves. However, being a one-man-army is not an easy thing to do. 

There are many considerations, such as the client, your marketing, and how to win the negotiation. Sometimes the idea turns into a very intimidating action, even for the professional design graphic creator. However, there is always first in everything. It does not have to be as challenging as long as you are ready and prepared. 

In this article, you will find some public secret tips to win freelance graphic design clients. The idea is merely to help you prepare and enhance your chances to win freelance clients. The approach does not demand you to do crazy things. Some are pretty much your fundamental ability to fight and advance in challenging job positions. Here they are: 

1. Mind Your Networking skill  

Working under the creative realm, many people feel intimidated by the idea of networking. However, as a freelance worker, you will need to learn networking skills. The idea is that you are the only person that works and also finds a client. If you don't know how to create networking with people, then you will lose the chance to win freelance clients. 

Graphic design jobs in the freelance circle are pretty vast and competitive. You need to step up your game, or else you will lose the job. But then, is it that hard to do? If you are anxious about networking, you can approach the idea as a way to build mutually beneficial relationships. It will make the task less intimidating, and you will eventually win from it. 

The key to freelance networking is to get to know people to help them. Try to avoid looking for the benefit of your relationship. It will make you overthink the process. Getting acquainted with people will help you know more graphic jobs or designer clients. Again, try to expand your networking without worrying about your job yet. 

The good news is, you can start with people close to you. It is easier to understand that you have three fundamental professional networks: Operational, strategic, and personal networks. To win freelance graphic design clients, you will need commitment. But what if you are just starting as a freelancer? It is okay. There is always a way to do it.

A successful network started with commitment. You need to do the job with the right mindset. After that, reach people that are close to home, such as personal networking. You can look for potential design clients from your neighborhood, social media friends, or even your far away relative. To reach and win more clients, use your social media wisely. 

Connect with others and find freelance groups or communities to share your graphic plus creative design service. Be active and show off your design prowess. At some point, don't hesitate to lend a helping hand in a graphic project. It will help enhance your connection. If you had some projects before, it is not a bad idea to contact the past client.  

And the last thing that can help you win the networking skill is to be active as an individual. Try to attend local events, trade shows, social events, volunteer, and work with other freelance workers. Sharing your experience and ideas in graphic or design projects will help you run the freelance job easier. Who knows that your friends are the key to win a wider range of clients? 


2. Looking For Recommendation 

The recommendation is one of the secrets to win freelance graphic design clients. Many opportunities that you will find ranges of clients and graphic projects out there. However, you might don't know or have networking yet. It is the best time to look for recommendations. The tips will not only help you win but also widen the freelance sphere.

Most of the time, recommendations will help you win strategic or operational networking. The two networking types require a larger circle, which can be intimidating for a newbie freelance worker. That is why you should not hesitate to ask for recommendations from others. You can ask from happy clients, freelance friends, or communities. 

Do it moderately, so your client or friend will not feel burdened with your request. You can ask your client to ask for a referral or recommendation. Indicate yourself as an open freelance graphic or design creator that is ready to work with new clients. Don'tDon't forget that a design job is pretty vast, which means you can win more clients with better endorsement or referrals. 

One thing that makes the tips worth considering is the fact that most businesses have working partnerships. It can be vendors, other business contacts, or even the graphic design client's network. Your patron might seem like they would not want to refer your design job to their competitor, but they got more to reach. 

Taking this opportunity to widen your freelance graphic job will enhance your public presence. Some professionals also say that recommendation has a snowball effect that is twofold your potential to win freelance graphic design clients. However, you need to ensure you can do a good job before asking for a recommendation. 

Underline the fact that a happy or content client might come back to you. The retention point is not only limited to the prior patron. Asking for a referral will deepen the chance to gain more clients for your graphic project. It also opens an opportunity for you to set up an official affiliate program that can benefit you and the client. 


3. State Your Value Clearly

One thing for sure, everyone needs a clear understanding of the project or the service before sealing a deal. It also works the same for freelance jobs, especially for graphic design. Your value is one of the keys that you need to win your graphic and design client's favour. It is also your highlight point that sets you apart from other freelance competitors. 

So, if you want to win the client's heart, make sure you set the value. Is it about the design service price? Yes, and more than just the money. Your value explains almost every part of your design prowess and quality. It can be your ability to make a creative graphic, your experience, and what makes you a unique freelance worker.

If you can compile and be clear about your job value, it will make you stand out among the competition. How so? One thing is for sure. You can set your level, value, and also expertise. A clear detail also helps clients understand your point and advantages. It is an easy win if you can make your client find your graphic freelance job worth more than others. 

But how to clearly state your value? As a design and graphic creator, you need at least three fundamental details. The first one is the result of your past freelance graphic design client's job. Is it good, bad, mediocre, or what? Social proof can help you state the job details and results. It can boost you to win a graphic project. 

The next thing that you need to consider about freelance job value is a unique point. Take time to find out what experience that shout-out is novel for you. It can be anything that relates to graphic work, creative design, or any other related job. For example, if you have worked for a particular industry such as fin-tech or healthcare. It will be your unique win point. 

Having a freelance job in that industry means you have more value for clients in that particular business. You know their needs, the general ideas, and how to handle the graphic job for it. It also means you got a better understanding of the job field. It can turn into the best armament to win your freelance graphic design clients. 

The unique aspect can also help you learn about a point that only you can offer. You can find what design prowess or job that you can offer that other freelance workers don't. Taking note of your job value and communicating it are the main keys to win a client. Deliver and tell them that your freelance design values are more than others. 

Try to include specific results or social proof of your past graphic design project to win your potential patron's heart. You can also leverage your proposal or pitch by highlighting your experience, your unique point, and your differences. Another good point is to ensure you can create valuable content for your portfolio. So, your design client can trust your value.  


4. Offer Esteemed Content 

Offering a great value will win nothing if you cannot prove it. In the case of a freelance job, your best friend in creating value and building a professional reputation is valuable content. The thing is, not a lot of people will find you through your freelance graphic design clients job. They might find you from other approaches, such as websites or social media. 

In this case, your job is pretty much related to networking and marketing. Most freelance workers overlook the importance of creating content. Either in your social media, LinkedIn profile, or website, your content helps you appeal and win the potential patron. The content itself can range from blog posts, creating design projects, graphic templates, UI assets, or anything. 

However, you need to ensure that every content you make is valuable or meaningful. Try to make or post some of your best work so you can use it as a portfolio and job showcase. There is also much material to write about in the graphic realm. You can write some articles about design style, ideas, tips, tricks, or anything. It will help you win and build networking online. 

The thing is, creating content that has the same niche as your job or industry can be especially helpful for your career. Online browsers and SEO help your name or career expose you to the wider market. You might win some freelance graphic design clients' jobs from various industries due to your content.  


5. Building The Best Portfolio 

After you get some content to attract potential graphic design job patrons, you can work around your portfolio. In the case of a graphic or design job, you can win clients as long as you have a proper portfolio. The idea is to create a portfolio that is better, spot-on, and highlight your valuable asset. If you can showcase all of them, it is an easy win for a freelance job. 

The takeaway win is to ensure you can showcase the best out of the best portfolio. Most freelancers that work under the graphic and the design umbrella work their best to build an enticing portfolio. It is not only about your previous job, but projects that can solve the client's problem. Take your time to spot it, explain each project sincerely, and win it. 

It will increase your chance to win the heart of your client. Freelance graphic design workers need to consider more than just showcasing their previous job. The idea is to share them far and wide. You can do a personal job or project to learn about the new trend. Having a regular update with new projects helps you win the deal. 

However, you also need to take more caution when building up a graphic design portfolio. Try to only showcase the best and related job. You don't need to add every graphic work, design idea, or freelance job you have. It is also worth saying that spending your time to make the best portfolio will pay big to help win the projected deal.   


6. Add Social Proof 

What is social proof? It is a form of testimonial that proves the quality and value of your freelance graphic design client's job. As a freelance worker, you are bound to get testimony from your previous client. It can be a crucial aspect that indicates your graphic design quality so you can win more future jobs. So, what should you do with the social proof? 

No matter whether you are new at graphic design work or not, ensure you got some social proof for your client. Ask your past patrons for testimonials and feedback on your graphic project. Most of the time, you can take this chance to also ask for a recommendation or referral. It will be an easy win to secure some future freelance jobs. 

After you get some social proof, display them prominently on your website or freelance profile. You can also include the social proof on your portfolio. Put them in the related graphic design job you have done. So, people who are looking at your portfolio can see how good your job is. Don'tDon't forget to share them on social media, so you can win more jobs. 

The good point of adding social proof is to help ensure your potential freelance client about your job. The Graphics and design realm are very competitive. Companies will want to work with the best out of the best creators. Since you got social proof, potential patrons will consider your service since they feel reassured with your expertise claims. It is a win for you.


7. Doing Follow-Up 

The last tip that you need to win a job is follow-up. The thing is, follow-up holds a very big role in negotiation. After you send your job proposal, portfolio, and other information, you need to do a follow-up. Surprisingly, many designs or graphic freelance creators do not do it. However, it is always a good idea to send a follow-up to get better confirmation. 

There are times that creative freelance workers hardly get a fast response from the client. If you haven't heard back, do not confirm the meeting, or anything, sending a follow-up is the best way to assure clients. Doing so to your freelance graphic design clients'' also makes an impression that you value the patron for the business. It also ensures your win.

Do not underestimate the power of follow-up. Since you are a freelance work in the competitive graphic design market, try to treasure your potential future client job deal. You can send more information or resources you have discussed as a follow-up. It will tell your patron that you are eager to win and continue the relationship. 

However, be careful in doing follow up. If your patron hardly sends a response, don't push yourself too much. It will make you look desperate for freelance graphic design clients. In this case, win the client's heart by sending them a follow-up that tells your value. Try to build relationships rather than only for business. It will help you in the future. 


Final Words

Enticing clients is one of the skills that every freelance worker needs to master. It is vital to help them win graphic design projects. Hopefully, the tips can help you craft the best communication skill and preparation for your job. The key is a network, recommendation, price, content, portfolio, social proof, and follow-up.  

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