10 Successful Landing Page Tips And Ideas

Want to know how to maximize the purpose of your website?
Check these easy-to-read landing page tips so you can create a successful website.
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The development of attractive landing pages is an important step when it comes to creating your sales website. To put it simply, it helps you to turn your visitors into potential leads.

To do so, you need to design your landing page in a smooth and user-friendly manner. Not sure how to do this? Don't worry. We have prepared these 10 ultimate landing page tips so you can develop a successful website. Take a look.


1. Determine Your Goal

While you are designing your landing page you need to keep in mind your goal. Set a goal at the beginning before going on to the other steps. The landing page of each website differs from the other. For example, the landing page of an e-commerce website would be different from the blog. By keeping in mind the fact that it’s the landing page that creates potential leads for you. So put your major goals in front of you and design the page accordingly. The goal of your landing page could be:

i. Lead generation

One of the goals of the landing page is to collect the info of your potential clients so that you can follow them up by sending customised emails. Instead of sending cold emails, it is better to work on the collection of data and sending the emails that address their particular needs.

ii. Sales

In this, the sole aim of your landing page is to facilitate the customers and urge them for quick purchase. You can also provide the facility to add products to the cart, check out and payment.

iii.Brand awareness

In this, your main purpose is to grow your email subscriber list and build a relationship with your visitors by your content and product/services it ultimately helps you in a loyal followers and customer growth.

Sales Landing Page Example, Created by Dmytro Dedukh | https://www.behance.net/dima106


2. Work out on the Layout

When you are clear about your goal the next step should be the layout of your landing page. You should decide the layout before even putting any designs, use dummy texts first instead of finalised copy write. Also think about the layout appearances when it's viewed from different platform (desktop, mobile, tablet). And always keep in mind that an effective landing page always has:

a. Headline
b. Description of Your Services
c. Effective Visuals
d. Call to Action Button
e. Lead Generation Forum 
Created by Sriraksha Murali | https://www.behance.net/rakshaa


3. Keep the Copy Concise

The third landing page tips; After you set up your landing page layout, you should make your headlines and their description even more effective. In 2018 Microsoft study shows that the attention span of a human is only eight seconds. Thus, to gain your visitors' most attention, you should write your description in a very concise and simple manner. Only write important information on the landing page, but you can explain it below the folds if any explanation is required.

Created by Tran Mau Tri Tam | https://www.behance.net/tranmautritam


4. Pay Attention to the Folds

While designing your landing page you should not ignore the importance of folds.

Although the best practice is to keep your important information and call to action button on the top of the landing page. Some of your visitors would likely take the action as soon as they arrive on your landing page, they may be your returning visitors or email leads.

But it does not mean that your visitors would not scroll down for additional information. If they are first-time visitors, they will need additional information and you can entertain them with effective use of folds.

Created by Tran Mau Tri Tam | https://www.behance.net/tranmautritam


5. Value the Visuals<

Visuals play a great role in grabbing the attention of visitors, as we mentioned earlier you get only eight seconds to make an impression, and to maximise this time you should add effective visuals. As they are quicker in attention-grabbing than the text.

You can also use video on your landing page which is also considered a great source to gain attention. A research found by  eyeviewdigital.com stated that by using video on landing pages, it could increase the conversion by 80 percent as long as the video is short and simply interesting.

Created by Zsuzsanna Deak | https://www.behance.net/zsuzsannadeak


6. Do Not Miss Out on Social Media

One of the most important landing page tips is the response to social media. With every passing moment, the importance of social media is increasing. Now it is considered an effective way to reach a massive audience. As a designer, you should not ignore the fact that people will promote landing page through social media and other marketing tools like email marketing, newsletter, and google ads. You have to customize your landing page about each of the above platforms. i.e., the design of the landing page for Instagram would be different as of email.

Created by Laolu Ganly | https://www.behance.net/LaoluRG


7. Avoid Distraction

While designing your landing page you should minimise the exit or distractions. You can do this by removing your website’s navigation bar and also not including any external links.

Additionally, you can include the social media sharing buttons below the folds as it will not create any distraction, and those visitors who want to share it can share it.

Created by Bhaskar Rallabandi | https://www.behance.net/bhaskargrad5e5


8. Plan and Show Effective Offers

After removing all exit opportunities, you should focus on how to retain visitors and convert them into potential leads.

If there's special incentives plan by your clients (free trial, discount or any attractive bonus), design it as a main hierarchy of the landing page. And as for generating leads is concerned, keep your forum as simple and short as possible. No visitors want to fill a lengthy forum even to get some extra perks.

Created by Double Vision | https://www.behance.net/double-vision


9. Use Call to Action

After you set up the landing page the most important step should be a call to action. Your call to action button should be related to your goal and endorsed by every other thing from the heading, copy to the overall layout. You can also use various plugins that optimise the CTAs and make attractive and prominent buttons.

Created by Sophia Medvedeva | https://www.behance.net/sophiamedvedeva


10. Test Your Landing Page

Testing your landing page should be the necessary step, as designing a landing page is not a one-time project, it demands continuous changes until you or your clients find the one that works in the best way. So, keep on trying unless you find the best one.



Now it is up to you how to maximize the effectiveness of your landing page. Short, simple, and interest is always the best solution. Make sure your page has less distraction, so it converts well according to what is the main purpose this landing page created for in the first place. I hope these landing page tips will help you along the way. Good luck and don't forget to leave us comments below. Cheers!

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