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Article: 11 Methods to Boost Conversions with UX Design

11 Methods to Boost Conversions with UX Design

There are many considerations when it comes to UX design, especially about boosting conversion and sales.
Let's find out some methods to resolve this matter!
Created by Alina Sitnova |

The thing about the internet and trends is, they are always moving and changing. That is why there are many considerations when it comes to web design. It is especially true if the owner wants to boost the conversion rating. The term itself refers to converting the audience into a loyal user, which is part of marketing key methods for many businesses. 

So, what do you have to do? One of the methods to boost conversions is by optimizing the UX design. How so? The UX or user experience is all about leaving an impression about the website or the domain. So, people will remember some of the points of the website, even just a tiny part. The method of optimizing UX is not new. It is part of a virtuous web design. 

The idea behind the association between the two terms goes to experience and conversion. It is believed that if the audience experiences a good time on the website, they are more likely to go back and take the full conversion journey. That is why enhancing the UX design can boost conversions. So, with that in mind, here are some methods to try out.  


New methods To Boost the Website Conversions 

The trick of using UX design as a method to boost conversions goes to the sense of delivering value to the audience. It underlines the sense of the audience as human to boost conversions rate. It is not an easy thing to do since how many elements designers need to play around with. UX itself is not only about websites. The method is also applicable for application or landing pages. 

1. Make A Captivating Homepage 

One of the obvious methods is creating a compelling, fun, interactive, and attractive homepage. In other words, a high-quality homepage. The idea is that most of the guests might come from your homepage, so it is the first thing people will counter. Your UX on the homepage essentially became a part to either captivate or bore the audience. 

In this method, you will need to make sure your audience grabs the key message. It will be one of the determiners to boost conversions since people will stay if they found what they want on the website. It is also a place where the UX and the overall web design smitten people in many ways possible. 

To make conversion happen, you need to boost the UX design to some extent. You will need some methods and elements to design the homepage. The first one is to create a straightforward and short message. You also need to link the homepage to your logo. The UX also has to highlight the most important content (on top) and compose links to other pages. 

Created by Andrey Kamenetskiy |


2. Stay Consistent 

After underlining the visual matter, you also need consistency as a method to boost conversions. Every part of your website design is your element to work with. To make a good UX design, you will need to ensure everything is consistent. The consistency matter can envelop everything, from the heading size, image choice, style, coloring, etc. 

So, how do you make it interesting in a consistent way? There are a lot of ways to nail this method. You can base the UX design on the brand identity or the focus of the website. It will eventually help people to understand the content, enjoy it, and boost conversion. While you keep everything consistent, you can also design a user-friendly and rich UX.  

Created by Dash Disarray |


3. Use Stimulating Visual 

The rich UX can mean a lot, from a captivating design to a smart choice of complementing elements. In this case, you can boost the homepage or the website pages with exciting visuals. To use this method in UX, you need to be very careful in choosing the right and appropriate material. You can add images or videos to capture visitors and add the conversion. 

People are more likely to interact and communicate with a website if you include photos and pictures. It is also a common method to follow the Google SEO Algorithm. However, you should not add visual design elements carelessly. Underline the importance of consistency in UX design as a method to boost conversions. 

With that in mind, the visual element in the website needs to complement the whole theme. The UX design, layout, and other parts need to come in packs to avoid any lackluster impression. Adding a visual is also a great method to humanize a website; thus, visitors can enjoy and relate to the content. Again, it will eventually boost the conversion rate. 

It is merely due to human nature that we easily understand, trust, and enjoy the content that seems to be more human. At the same time, the method also completes the UX design and the content. It is even more important to connect with the audience and conversions. It is an idea to boost conversion that also relates to how readers can visualize what they read on the website. 

As they read the content, the method will become more apparent with visual elements. You can take an example of a picture book, which helps even a younger audience to understand the content. If you use the same method for the UX, then your design will boost the chance for people to go back and increase the conversion rate.

There are many ideas when it comes to visuals. You can add content pictures that increase conversion by 102.5 percent. A video also helps boost the customer experience, which helps users to appreciate and understand text content. For more efficient and effective content, you can also add visuals such as gifs or infographics. Just make sure that you choose one that fits the UX design. 

Created by Alisa Zhuravleva |


4. Create Clear And Clean Layout

Since you are dealing with many elements in web design, you are bound to work with the layout. In this case, another method to boost conversions can also appear in the form of a clear layout. One of the reasons is because you want to lead people to look at the most valuable material on the website. To help highlight it, you will need a clean UX design layout. 

Having a clear and clean layout not only helps conversion but also boosts the legibility and visual point. No one wants to stay on a messy homepage. That is why you need to learn a method to optimize the layout with negative space. Negative space itself will help you highlight the main detail, improve overall design appearance, and enhance reading comprehension. 

Conversion rating is highly related to content readability. People tend to enjoy it and come back to find an easy-to-read and user-friendly website. This is why you have to improve the UX design white space around the text and names. The method will add breathing room, turn your website look professional, and also boost the conversion rate.  

In many cases, you can work with many available online templates as your UX design foundation. Most of them come with a great UX layout that consists of a clear layout. They put proper white space, highlight details, look professional and neat. This method is also great to boost people's interest and understanding toward the content, which again affects the conversion. 

Created by Irene Butenko |


5. Enhancing The Readability Point 

As said in the previous point, you need to boost plus optimize the UX by having a clear and clean layout. One of the reasons goes to the readability aspect. While visuals are equally important, most of the website, app, or homepage will still have text content inside it. In this case, the method focuses on creating a readable content design that boosts conversion. 

How does it work? Underline the fact that people need to read or see the content to understand the message. Since they need it, then you have to optimize the content composition and readability. When people know the message, they are bound to stay on the website, enjoy it, and come back later. That is why it turns into an impactful method to boost conversions.  

However, increasing readability is not as easy as you think. Other than the UX design aspect, you will mostly work around the content itself. In other words, it is about how you write down the content. One thing is for sure you need good content to read, including simple and easy to comprehend texts as well as the use of paragraphs. 

Other than that, you need to consider the UX by setting up the font size. Make sure it is large enough to read. It is also easier to make text content with a bullet list. The color choice should contrast the background, so it clears enough to read. The conversion booster method also includes how long you should write down the paragraph (no more than two lines per paragraph). 

Some other methods help boost conversion, such as dividing long paragraphs into parts and don't add links too obviously. The key point of this method is to make people comfortable reading the text content. At some point, you even need to consider the grammar mistake, choosing one that fits the UX, design, theme, or purposes.  

Created by Giberto Prado Junior |


6. Effective CTA 

While talking about text content, you will stumble into CTA. In the UX design, CTA or call-to-action will be part of the content. However, the method you write it down can also affect how you design the UX. You can make it very apparent with color, unique font style, or anything to boost conversions. But is it enough? No, it is not. An effective CTA is not unique but also inviting.  

Another method to boost the conversion is by optimizing the CTA. You need to make sure that it successfully persuades people to take a specific step, such as click the link or follow the step. While it does not directly affect the website design, you need to make sure the UX helps people see the CTA as a visible and prominent point. 

Again, it is not an easy method to nail. You need to keep in mind that this method to boost conversions links to your writing and design skills. You can either add the CTA in the content or make it a button in the UX. If you take the latter option, you can make it apparent by using different colors that convey various signals. So, it helps boost user interaction. 

The method also gets better if you can fit the message with color choice. For more, you can also boost the UX and CTA usability by putting it above the fold. It will help people to see the information, follow the direction, and boost conversion. And lastly, consider the text. Make sure it communicates the benefit so you can boost its efficiency. 

Created by Daniel Tan |


7. Live Chat And Search Box 

One method to boost conversions that get more attention in the current trend is live chat and search box. The two UX elements are meant to help boost the customer service and the UX design. However, at some point, it greatly affects the conversions rate due to the fact it allows visitors to communicate and interact with the website. 

The search box method also helps users to find specific information, which tends to boost customer satisfaction. They can find the item, information, or detail. Meanwhile, the live chat also complements the UX design by adding another function for people to use. It will help boost conversion as users get the chance to immediately get answers to their questions.  

Created by Muhsin Ahmed |


8. Detailed Contact Information 

Since user and visitor satisfaction hold a role in conversion, you can also boost it by giving complete contact information. Why and how? So, in UX design, the sense of complete contact will relieve and add credibility to the website. It is especially important for business websites that need to boost conversion. 

This method to boost conversions is not something you can underestimate. Some people will see the reliability and credibility of the contact information. It is also one of the methods for the visitor to get in touch with you directly, other than through live chat. Again, it is a great and impactful method to boost satisfaction and UX. 

In this case, you do not necessarily need to jot down every single contact information detail. Some of the integral details are including the full company names, contact address, phone number, email address, and a contact form. Another good conversion boost method to contact information is including the email address and phone number in the website footer design.  

Created by Darya Jum |


9. Eliminate Superfluous Element 

At the start of the article, you can see how the conversions can increase due to the good content and visuals. While it bore a big boost for the UX, it can also bring a huge burden to the overall design. In this case, the method that you need is to eliminate unnecessary elements. The method is to simplify the UI and UX design. So people can focus on the message. 

The method helps conversions with many possibilities, from easier focus, clearer design, better legibility to the faster loading speed. That is why you can boost conversion by optimizing the UX by removing distracting elements. Remember to underline the distracting and unnecessary parts, not the material that you need for the content. 

 To help you adopt this method, some of the elements to remove are unnecessary ads, irrelevant images, blinking banners, irrelevant reviews, un-maintained social media accounts, or those fancy extra distracting backgrounds. Those aspects will create a negative experience, plummet the chance of conversion, and destroy the UX design. 

Created by Darya Jum |


10. Bump Up The Loading Speed

Since you are in the modern era, there is no excuse for a snail-like loading page. The thing is, most internet users expect any website to load in a mere three to four seconds. And it turns into another method to boost conversions. Yes, if you have a fast website with great UX design, people will most enjoy their time inside. 

The method is not only to enhance the experience but also to make people explore more. They can jump from page to page, use CTA, interact with the live chat, and come back for more content. In many cases, if you want a potential boost conversion method, make sure you can get a domain that provides a fast-loading page. So, everyone can enjoy the UX design.  

Created by Tran Mau Tri Tam |


11. Develop An Accessible From All Device Site

The importance of responsiveness in UX design is something you cannot deny. In this method, you need to consider the range of devices of your target audience. In other words, you better prepare and boost the UX for every device mode or format. You can start with desktop or laptop, tablet, and mobile devices. 

The change of screen resolution is not easy to do. Most of the time, designers need to learn how to make or redesign the website to ensure the website works for every device. While it sounds like a hassle, providing better accessibility will improve the UX design and conversion rate. Thus, it is worth using it as a method to boost conversions.  

Created by Roman Lel |


Final Words

Essentially, UX or user experience design comes with a lot of elements. You are not merely creating websites but a page that leaves an impression. If you do it correctly, the likelihoods are that people will take a full journey to experience conversion. They will be exposed to stimulating website elements, interact, enjoy, and boost the chances to come back later.  

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