Start Selling Your Logo Designs Online & Earn More Income

There are several ways to sell logo designs online, whether it’s premade or custom service.
Here are some best-recommended ways that you can start right away!

The logo design business is unique, and probably one of the most demanded in the market nowadays. Given the fact that companies are popping out here and there, the demand for a logo creation for their company has increased. It is also a nice mention that the design realm is pretty large, allowing creators to run multiple roles such as logo, web, packaging, entertainment, etc.

As the demand keeps on increasing and the business blooming, logo-making websites are flowering in many ways. Those AI-generated offers tend to help create quick ideas that are lacking in professionality. With that in mind, many freelancers and designers have started to sell logo designs online. The idea is to capture a bigger market and audience. 

This is where you can find many freelances or design-related website marketplace. Some options can provide decent solutions for $5 to $20. But there are also ways to make better income in online media. The idea of logo creator or designer itself has turned into a full prospect profession. And how is it done? Here is logo design online selling tips you have to know. 

With online media as the first consideration, designers need to pay attention to how the process is done. In many cases, creators or designers need to work with online websites that allow users to showcase, offer, and provide design services. It happens in almost every industry and discipline, including logo creation. 

The online websites mentioned are also known as freelance platforms, which is the online site where many sellers (in this case, designers) share their business. Depending on the site itself, the process, price, requirement, and details can vary. But every site will demand registration and proper product offers to get permission to sell logo designs online. 

Worth noticing that some sites are focused on a certain niche, such as design, services, or product selling. By picking a design-focused online platform, designers can get a better marketplace. There are many options available out there for the online design platform. However, there are also more generic and bigger freelance scopes. 

On the site, designers get the chance to upload their offers, provide details of the design project, and give logo prices and information. The marketplace will put the product on display, attracting customers lurking on the platform. Depending on the site, the process of selling or buying will differ. Some platforms work as the third party, bridging buyers and the creator. 

Some other online freelance sites might only provide a selling window, improving exposure to designers' offers. The contract might also differ. Some sites allow creators to sell the project by meeting directly or using the online platform to do everything. It makes the process of selling logo designs online varied and unique, a great option for the modern community. 


Online Design Freelance Websites to consider 

Graphic designer with logo as the focus is becoming something in the online media. Many new freelancers or business owners appear in the online marketplace, including on freelance platforms. It comes with the fact that the platform helps sell logo design and provides a bigger audience. These are some of the design online platforms you can try to sell logos. 

1. Etsy

With more than 30 million shoppers and globally recognized status, Etsy is one of the best places to sell design-related products. It is mostly available to sell products such as vintage items, handmade goods, craft retails, or varying logo and graphic designs. It is a good start for your first sale, but the site also comes with fierce competition. That is why the price of listing items can reach more than $0.20 for four months. 



2. DesignHill

Despite having its logo generator function, DesignHill is one of the leading marketplaces to sell logo designs online. It is similar to Etsy, which has global users and a potential market to take. For business owners, the platform will provide a place to sell their quality designs, including logos, custom mugs, crafts, brochures, and many other items. 

It even has its market for printed designs such as t-shirt designs. DesignHill by any means also comes with other offers, including contests. You can sell your design or logo created by joining the contest and getting the prize. Other than the prize money, it is also a nice way to get some big revenue and a chance to work with hundreds of business owners or clients. 



3. ArtWeb 

Another good online platform to sell design is ArtWeb, which likely helps sell logo design for its digital downloads. In general, the site is a potential design-focused platform that allows users to sell a painting, shirt printing, graphic designs, logo, prints, or illustrations. For an e-commerce site, this is a good site to start selling your design in the global market. 

Another good point that ArtWeb can provide is how it works as the ideal site to build a strong artist and network. With a network, creators can make money and sell varying design projects online. It is also a site that allows users to sell logo designs with its no commission function. It means that the new users can use the free plan to access 15 gallery images to sell.



4. Design Cuts

Focusing on a community-driven marketplace, Design Cuts is a platform that provides a prominent option to sell high-quality works. For such a platform, one can sell at more attractive prices. It comes with a highly competitive online market, making people need to provide the best and highest-quality design on the site.  



5. Redbubble

Redbubble is the best site where users can sell logo designs online with varying profit margin rates. It allows the user to decide how much they will earn and has many designs to offer or sell. For a design-focused platform, this is the home of many logo creators. The commission is free, and it lets the users earn money regularly. 



6. 99 designs 

For a global market, 99designs should be one of the best places to sell logo designs online. It is a site that comes with much possible business access, including joining contests or doing business. The company itself is very open-minded about how it deals with sales. It allows buyers to work directly with the creator or make a contest for the best logo creation possible.  



Things to Do When Selling Logo Designs

With the varying marketplace to start, selling logos and designs online can get turn into a high prospect job. One can get a commission, non-commission, join contests, or showcase the job on the marketplace. However, joining the site is only one of the steps in how you should sell the logo design. Some other steps are mentioned on the following list.  

1. Use Freelance Website or Social media 

It is best to sell the logo design and your product on an online market. In this case, your one and best answer is the freelance website, either for design or the general market. The key is to pick one that you gladly enjoy and can get the best offer out of it. Some freelance platforms, such as Fiverr or, are a great place to start your online exposure. 

You can find that each of the platforms provides and have different degrees of uses, including users' profit, tax, or limitation. Fiverr and are some examples of general freelancing platforms. Most of the time, the site has a very competitive market. You will likely sell along with many other newbies or professional freelancers worldwide. 

For a start off, it is a great place to do. But you might have to consider other options, which are the more focused marketplace. Some of the examples are Etsy, 99design, or LogoOrbit. By joining the more focused marketplace, you are likely to be in a more appropriate market. You won't face people of a different level of expertise; thus, the clients are also very clear. 

Another way to get a good online startup is through social media. You can use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to sell with commission offers. If you got a good hand in creating a website, do so. A website is a great option to create a private address for your works, offers, portfolio, and direct transaction. But, it is best if you are an already established creator.  


2. Nail Job Boards That Are Worthy 

As much as you can join whatever platform to sell logo designs online, you should pay attention to how good and beneficial the site is. Many people only stay due to the popular site to start creating business. But you won't sell them with comparable revenue if the site barely gives you enough exposure. 

Be careful on picking the offers and understand the function of each platform. Some might only allow you to open a store and provide your pitching. But some sites will pay you for the effort you make in creating a logo. In many ways, you should be the one that understands the terms and conditions when you sell anything online. 


3. Sell The Logo Design Without Any Jargon 

Many people use difficult jargon or lingo to make the product look professional. However, in online media, the chance of people understanding everything you say is very low. That is why it is best to prevent adding some lingo or jargon when you try to sell the logo design or anything. Aside from making it professional, some people might see the lingo as intimidating.  

 Some of the phrases that are likely found in the design are something including strokes, DPI, vector, raster, fill, dimension, or anything. While some of the information is considered vital in providing details, it can also be useless and annoying for clients. Not all online users or buyers will care about it, except for professionals. 

Pay attention that some industry jargon on design is a common practice when you are working in an office with other people or when you meet people that know about the project. To sell logo designs online, minimalizing the shop and removing the lingo will help speed up the conversation. Sometimes it also feels more friendly for non-design-wise users.

If you want to successfully get a client and sell a design, try to introduce and market your logo with layman's terms. It is terminology that is translated as a simple language that anyone can understand. It does not need any code name or specific jargon. With that idea, you will make the business run on the more competitive online media.  


4. Showcasing Your Visual Work

It is given that one of the design credibility is a portfolio. In the case of the online marketplace, you are not going to showcase the portfolio as a whole but display some of the best and most attractive logo models. Since online platforms are filled with a lot of competent and attractive offers, try to display one that will sell your logo in good condition. And the answer is to be selective in the design. 

If you are on the online freelancer platform, be sure to showcase your visual design carefully. Try to showcase the best out of the best design and lead the users to ask you for more portfolio information. In many cases, it is okay to showcase some logo designs on the site to attract more people. But try to limit the information or add watermarks for your job. 

The reason you compile a portfolio is to get to the point and showcase your skills. On many occasions, try to limit paragraphs on your freelance platforms account. You can get a better chance to sell logo designs online with more visuals to show. You don't need a lot of explanation; let the design speak for itself. If they need more information, this is the time you provide details. 


5. Add Categorization For The Portfolio 

Logos come in different designs and models; some even have varying styles to provide. This is where you can give a clearer portfolio or visuals by categorizing the logo based on its style. Take an example of modern 3D design, which has more complex work in the making. It comes with a certain price tag, which is helpful for you to sell it online. 

You can also categorize the simpler works with basic design and ideas. Sometimes it comes with very significant work, which means harder to make. Categorizing the style can help you create a prizing bracket, signifying the price and job levels or difficulties. It is also easier for clients to find their preferred works, especially if you can put keywords on the name.  


6. Try To Deliver Multiple Logo Files 

The way you sell logo designs online is not only about reaching clients and attracting them to make a purchase; it also includes the after process or delivery. You can provide the best service by delivering all of the related files related to the design projects. It can be the 3D mockup, the vector files, the logo uses guidelines or anything. Giving the file also shows your appreciation to users. 


7. Tell The Client What They Can Expect  

You can sell anything online, including logo design. But being respectful and giving the best to the client allows you to have a good reputation. This is where you can deliver multiple logo files and be transparent about the working process. It is best to put yourself in the customer's shoes; in other words, think about how big they take a risk for your services. 

High chance the customer has no idea about logo works and design. Sometimes, customers only put the project as a gamble. For that reason, it is best to provide a timeline for the process. Give them the list of files, when to expect the end, and the final result, and decide on the payment upfront. Being clear is always a good point in taking care of your client and making the business run. 


Final Words

To summarize everything, to sell logo design online media, you will use freelance or marketplace platforms. Some of the websites or the platforms themselves might come with more focused products, which is more appropriate if one picks the site for the design market. In this case, the answer can include Etsy, DesignHill, etc. 

However, it does not mean the creator cannot go to many other freelance online marketplaces. It is possible to join sites such as, fiver, or any similar sites. But they do have a vast market scope, which can be harder to sell logos or design-focused niche. But again, it is best to pick one that fits one's ability. 

As your work with a freelance or design online marketplace, start showcasing the logo and offers. With more competitive media, it is best to stay simple and transparent to the client. You can showcase the best visual works and deliver multiple logo files to sell logo designs online. The rest is how you satisfy the logo customers' expectations. 

All in all, selling a logo design through an online marketplace is a pretty common practice in modern days. Many use the online sites since it allows freelancers to expand their market grasp and showcase their skill or offers better. It can be a great way to add more revenue since many people are starting to move into digital products and services.  


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