How Much Earning Can You Get As A Logo Designer

An artist's earnings can vary according to multiple circumstances.
Here is a guide to better understand how much you can earn from working as a logo designer!

Considering how many possibilities in working in the creative industry, many eyes lead to a logo designer's career. Typically, the creative industry always has increasing demand following the improving utilization of technology. In the sense of logo or visual identity, the demands will follow the increasing number of businesses. 

It means the logo and creative design has become a blossoming industry for many people with its qualification. Similar to the situation, the popularity of design education or art-related learning does the job favored by many people. That is why there is a steady hike in job demand between 2014 and 2024. It could affect the amount logo designer earn in the future. 

There are many factors, details, and information that will explain how earnings for certain jobs will change. It means the ranges are quite vast, especially with the widely spread variants of logo design. People can be logo designers, but every person will not be the same. It explains how the salary or earnings will be diverse. 

But is it a good career to consider? The best answer will go back to the person itself. With certain factors and aspects to sharpen, the career comes with possibly good earnings or income. It can be a great and beneficial position, which leads to bigger projects with a higher price tag. But it also has risks and factors affecting earnings. Read further for the details.  


Why Choosing This Career? 

1. Different Types Of Jobs Options 

One of the reasons for working as a logo engineer is the option to work as a freelance or work with an agency. Those two options allow the job seeker to fit their capabilities, qualities, and values in the process. Based on the different employment, the logo designer earning average, schedules, and daily work will widely vary. 

In many cases, the designer's job can run both full-time and part-time. Those points also showcase the different earnings every logo creator can receive. Based on the kind of workload, client deadlines, and contracts, the jobs will come with varying possible options. That is why people can join the career or industry as easily as they want. 

2. Positive Job Growth 

With the increase in online technology and the blooming number of start-ups in recent years, the demand for this career will stay steady. While the logo designer's earnings can differ, at least the career forecast will remain positive. Based on, employment for this career will keep hiking with no noticeable decline between 2014 to 2044. 

In general, the continuity in demand for designers specialized in creating logos, visual identity, branding, or quality projects for organizations will keep on increasing. It goes in line with the emergence of small businesses, personal branding, online shop, marketplace, and company web pages. It aids the development of logo creators' services along with its earnings.

3. Relation And Collaboration 

It is a fact that the creative industry relies on community, collaboration, and relationships. Logo creators also have a certain role in the industry community, which can either affect their performance, accessibility, name, and earnings. Working in the creative industry also demands great exposure from varying aspects, which means joining the community adds the chance to develop. 

It goes as a crucial point in business, especially for a freelancer or personal designers. The logo projects and scope will get bigger as the community understands your role. Review and recommendation will also help increase the likelihood of getting bigger projects. That is why the job and its earnings will not be the same based on one's reputation or popularity. 

4. Education Availability  

Everyone can get into the industry and get mouth-watering logo designer earnings. It means passionate people with qualifications, abilities, and quality get the same chance to prosper in this industry. It is given with the vast education and programs focusing on teaching fundamental design processes, including logo creation. It means even a beginner can try to get money from it. 

There is also higher education from high school, college, associate, and universities degree in logo creation. There is no minimum qualification to be a logo designer, except if you are joining an agency or company. It is proven by the research on the online degree that highlight there are at least 9.8% high school and 2.3% less than high school designers' degrees. 

The highest number is bachelor's degrees with more than 47%, followed by 17% are college, 12,7% associate, 8.7% have masters, and 1.4% have doctorate degrees. However, the education degree also affects the overall earnings. Companies tend to look for creators with education, legibility, and certification for their crucial logo design.  


Logo Design Cost Estimation

To generate how much a logo designer earning is, try to understand the design cost scale in the market. Based on how the company, agency, or self-employed designers deliver their logo, there are at least their cost brackets. Each highlights the quality and level of jobs designers will provide. With that, the creator can estimate the earnings. 

1. Standard Cost Ranges

Based on, there are four different price brackets. But since the lowest is made by online websites, it is best to omit them. Thus, the standard cost range you can expect is from $300 - $800. This is where the self-employed or freelance designers can get every logo design they make. Quality-wise, the standard is a bit low or available for people with limited experience. 

2. Midrange cost 

The midrange cost can be bracketed from $800 – $2,500, where the jobs are for freelancers or self-employed logo designers. On this scale, the quality is likely for experienced designers with professional services. It can include logo creation, advice, consultation, and thorough details. 

3. Expensive Projects Ranges 

The higher designers can earn it through a design agency. Depending on the agency itself, this is the price range starting from $2,500 per project. With that big budget, the services include varying high-quality designs and a full-service team. That is why the agency will decide the price and balance the earnings for every person on the team.  


Average Salary For A Logo Designer 

From the project cost, it can be said that the career has a pretty promising earning annually. Based on the survey, there is a pretty high national annual salary for designers. In the lower range earning, the salary is around $35,170. The average salary will be around $51,640, and the high ranges can reach up to $81,320 per year in 2022. 

The number gives a clear indication that the career proposes a promising job for people. Based on the nationwide data, the average logo designer earning is around $25 per hour. It makes the number considered above the average salary. On the other hand, the lower salary is around $17 per hour, which is likely for the new or beginner creator.

A different survey from stated that the average salary for a logo designer is 10K higher. The number is around $60,000 as the media. The lower range is around 44,000, with around 10% of the survey. On the other side, the top 10 percent can make over $81,000 per year. That is a pretty high number for Americans, with hourly earnings around $29,13. 


Freelance Vs. Agency 

Self-employed or freelance is the most common option for designers. Since the industry demands creativity, many decide to work by themselves to ensure they can express their best mind. However, it is also an option for new creators to start joining the industry. It allows them to work with varying logo projects and build up a portfolio. 

The freelance job also comes out with a more flexible work location, time, and scope. The logo designer's earnings also go directly to the creator, not to the agency or business. This is the best option for a creator who values flexibility, comfort, and freedom. Another good point is that freelancers allow logo creators to get the full earnings for themselves. 

How much the earnings can also differ based on the services and experience. At the beginner level, the average price for every logo design is around $200 - $800. On the other hand, the professional creator can get a higher earning of around $800 – 2000. Most of the time, it depends on the project, hour, personal agreement, or service order. 

As much as freelancers have their leeway in being self-employed, it also comes with a lot of considerations. Being a lone wolf means the designer needs to invest more in their tools and process. It includes buying the application, spending more time in research, or looking for market and clients. It can turn into an unexpectedly big splurge of earnings. 

A design agency is one of the best options for logo designers to prosper. Due to its nature to work as a team, the best chance to join is to have a certain specialization. When working with an agency, many creatives do not get the freedom to set the project rate. It can affect the logo designer's earnings significantly. 

The process itself is pretty much the same with the freelancer designers. The logo creator will begin and end with the process of designing. However, most agencies can provide access to various tools, markets, and co-workers with various specializations. It can be a great help since the agency will split the job responsibilities. 

One thing that makes the design agency give better earnings is its ability to pay a fixed salary per month. Generally, the graphic design agency can pay around $50 to $150 per hour, depending on the meritocracy. In other words, the more senior the designer is, the higher the earnings a logo creator can create every year.  


Top Highest Paying Cities In the USA 

It is not a surprise that the logo designer's income greatly varies from the location. That is why it is best to check out the local or the database from the national average. Based on, the site has listed ten cities above the national average for the said career. It is calculated from the total annual salary and hourly wage, with average earnings of $55K. 

The highest position goes to Atkinson, NE, with an average annual salary of $76,173. Closely behind is Bridgehampton, NY, and Boston, MA, with average income around $65,905 and $64,623. The three cities recorded higher earnings, as much as 17,2% for Boston and 38,2% for the highest average in Atkinson, NE. 

It is best to say that every city's annual salary average shows a modest difference. But it is best to underline that the diverse logo designer earnings can suggest a range of factors affecting wage advancement. In this case, the factor can include the balance on the location, role, average skills, or cost of living in every place.  


Factors Affecting The Earning 

1. Experience 

In the creative industry, it is not all about talent or years of work as logo designers. There is equal weight on how the experience works together with the portfolios and kind of projects one has worked on. Many professionals will flaunt their experience through their gallery, which helps showcase their expertise, ability, and quality as designers. 

Many will call the experience and the portfolios the mileage, which can shed some light on how experienced the creators are working with clients. That is why clients will pay attention to the projects and portfolio no matter how long the person has experienced it. In many cases, hard work beats talent or experience.  

2. Region 

As said in the previous point, region or location has a crucial role in weighing the logo designer's earnings. One area can have a higher hourly or project rate, which means one can earn more from another. Take an example: Southeast Asia's hourly rate is around $5 – 10 compared to North America, with an average of $30 – 75 average. Most of the time, it depends on living const.  

3. Skill And Demand 

Depending on the demand and skills, logo designers can get more earnings in certain aspects when the client or the project demands certain specialized skills, such as typography, monochrome design, or specific imagery and style. The demand for specific kinds of skills or works will naturally increase the logo rate. 

4. Project Type And Turnaround Time  

With the more complex logo creation process, the earnings for every designer can greatly differ from one project to another. With an hourly rate, the longer the jobs take, the more income designers can get. Sometimes, the cost is not always indicative of quality but the difficulty of the project.

5. Type Of Employment 

As said at the beginning of the article, the earnings for designers can differ based on their type of employment. Self-employment or freelance comes with full earnings from the project. But the designer has to pay more for tools, items, and time. Agency designers have a better deal with monthly or fixed earnings. But the chance to join the agency is pretty difficult. 

Another key to earning for every designer is their pricing style. Hourly rates can differ and are preferable for their flexibility. It can also stack depending on the design time. Per project, the cost relies on the average price list bracket. It is the best way to pin down the logo price. It eases negotiation with the client and keeps everything simple from the beginning. 

Due to the varying factors that could affect the logo designer's earnings, it is hard to put a stone on a number. One should put a lot of consideration, which can also affect the overall income or money from the jobs. It can include the living fee, application cost, media, items, time, job process, or revision. 


Final Words

Is a logo designer a good or beneficial career? Yes, it is. For some people with quality and capabilities in working in the creative industry, the jobs can lead to pretty good income or earnings. The average annual salary can reach more than $51K. And people with greater quality and bigger clients can get as much as $81K or more. 

As a career heavily falls into the creative industry category, logo creator or designer also has a steady increase over time. With the increasing number of technologies used and online media, the forecast for projects or job demands will always be available. But the industry can be a cutting-throat business. 

It creates a higher need for better qualifications and levels. In other words, designers need to keep on improving, be aware of trends, establish their standards, and be better every time to stand out in the market. At the same time, the better level a logo designer can get also leads to higher earnings. That is why constant learning is needed for the career. 

The career prospects will keep on increasing, and the chances are also varied, including working as an agency employee or freelance. Both have their perks and disadvantages, which highlight the varying logo designer earnings. It is best to consider the factors affecting income and give the best for the career. 

At the end of the day, running a career as a logo designer can be a great option for creative people. With proper qualifications to provide the best work, this job can give hefty earnings based on the project. Joining an agency can give the safest choice in the industry. But working as a freelancer comes with the perk of getting the full earnings. Be wise and choose sensibly. 


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