How Much Should You Charge For A Logo Design | Pricing Guide

There are many variables of how logo designers usually charge their work.
Here are some facts and understanding that you should know before hiring one!

How much does a logo designer charge for their project? In a creative industry, the sense of pricing or charge can vastly differ from one person to another. The options on who the customer works with will also affect the charge variation, especially with the blossoming designers out there. Many logo creators appear with their tempting offers and affordable prices.  

How much is affordable, and how high the charge can a customer expect? In this case, it is best to dig deeper into what exactly separates the possible pricing. It is also safe to say that there is no exact price or preset charge in the creative industry, including for creating logos. Some creators out there might have to balance many aspects or factors to eventually end up with the proper charge. 

In this article, you will find the variables that likely shape the overall charges for logo designers. One thing to remember is that the price can appear hourly and value-based. However, there are also varying designer options on the market. And the said prices will likely change with additional requests or details. So, here are things to learn further. 


Design Pricing Structures

The first thing that customers need to consider about the logo designer charge is the hourly or value-based pricing. In logo creation, the two options can heavily impact the total cost of the project. It is also best to understand that both of them have their specific points that make each other have different advantages.  

1. Hourly

The hourly charge is the most common option you can find in the creative industry. Many designers, both from agencies or freelancers, will use hourly-based prices to offer more affordable with minimum time. In this case, it is best to understand that hourly does not make the procedure easier. 

The creator or designer has to do every step in the creative process while also filling the requested time from the customer. Hourly is a risky option for both parties. A shorter period can give a cheaper charge, but it can also burden the designer. On the contrary, the longer time can inflate the prices. This is where the two parties need to make an understanding contract. 

The hourly price itself can differ from one logo designer to another. Many offer lower costs, starting from $50/ hour. But the common process can take more than eight hours, which means the final price can reach $400. In many cases, the hourly prices are likely to cover the time to make the logo. It is not about getting paid for value or expertise in the deliverable. 


2. Value Based  

A value-based charge is slightly dissimilar from an hourly based. The key difference is the price is based on the project values, so it is not the only time. In this case, the price ranges can vary heavily based on the complexity, the client background, market scale, the logo's worth, or how much the design can help the client. 

In other words, the value-based heavily relies on the importance of the project itself. Sometimes logo designers need to run background checks and the usages of the visual identity. If the clients or the market is smaller (a new small business), the price scale can start from $300 - $1000. Again, it depends on the values of the logo and the clients. 

A completely different example happens if the patron is a nationally scaled brand (or bigger), something that has a global market and competition. A bigger client means a higher logo design charge. It goes along with the potential revenue and business scale. While the finalized price varies, it is best to predict a project charge will be higher than $2.500.  


Design Cost Based On Designer Options

Another charge variance goes along with the designers' options. With the increasing number of logo demands and creative works prospects, there are many people that the customer can work with. Even quick logo maker sites are also available online. These ranges of options later state the pricing points.  

1. Logo Software

Logo design using Ai and online makers is the lowest quality to get. The charge can start from $10 to $50, which is pretty cheap for small businesses. However, this option mostly has very generic and basic logos built. It also uses stock fonts, icons, and templates, which make the process very quick. 

Most of the time, the online logo maker uses its offers as basic and generic styling. Clients can use varying templates and icon styles, then add a personal touch to it. However, the extra add-ons are limited. The options can be a double-edged sword. It is quick and simple, but the generic image will look cheap and has no effort.


2. Freelance Designer Or Contest 

A bit higher in price, a freelance logo designer or contest can start from a $300 - $800 charge. This is the budget option, but it still has a lot to offer. Most designers under this budget range are those who have smaller portfolios or limited experience. Sometimes new designers or creators are trying to work as a freelancer. 

Another option is a design contest, which customers or clients can create on an online platform. The options are pretty good for businesses that just started their step in the market. The low cost can also come with negative aspects. The point is that the logo design under this charge option will likely appear as generic as Ai makers. 


3. Higher End Of Freelance logo designer Or Contest 

Higher-end freelance designers or contests might come with a better-looking logo for its delivery. In this case, you can expect experienced creators or professional services with some unique offers as a package. You can expect advice, professional delivery, unique styling, and a high-quality visual identity. The price range is around $800 to $2,500. 

It is similar to design contests. Giving a higher price tag will later attract more competitors with possibly better styles. From a customer's point of view, using the logo contest is a great option for design variation. But again, due to the emphasis on "only winners get the prize', you might find a lot of low-effort entries or even plagiarized works.  

If you are set for a higher-end investment or charge, try to focus on working with personal freelancer logo designers. Most professionals with this range of prices have a lot of portfolios, including working with varying companies. That is the reason why this is the best option for businesses that are looking for final quality work. 


4. Design Agency 

The best professional option you can expect is a design agency. A logo designer agency might work with many creatives having ranges of expertise and performances. With more company functions, agencies tend to have the highest charge for projects. Depending on the logo project difficulties and certain factors, the price range is likely more than $2,500.

You can expect higher quality design made by a full team of creative workers and strategists. As an agency itself, the options tend to have a well-resourced business, expertise, information, and top to bottom branding packages. It can be the perfect solution and option for companies who are looking for the highest quality or national scale logo style.  


Design Cost Based On Its Price Ranges 

Along with the designer's option, you can categorize the charge ranges for the logo or creative projects based on their pricing bracket. To make it easier to understand, there are at least three different bracket price ranges under budget, midrange, and high-end selections. The selection will lead you to some possible people to work with. 

1. Budget

Budget design can start from $0 to $500, either hourly or value-wise. For a budget design, you cannot expect too much. Most of the best options will likely fall to free logo makers, contests, or cheap freelance services. Tons of logo designers offer this range on some sites, such as Fiverr or Upwork. 

But again, going with this range comes with its risk. Most people will say that the job is not worthy, especially with how complex logo design can be. Spending a low budget and investment in the designer will only come back around with generic images, fonts, and limits in the final delivery. If it is possible, go with the mid ranges or at least $500 worth of design.


2. Mid Ranges 

Mid-range can be the best option for most businesses or companies. The ranges can start from $1K to $3k for beginner logo designers. The higher the price tag, the better the quality and the workers' experiences are. It explains how an experienced creator might charge around $3 to $15k. Meanwhile, for the agency, the charge can reach up to $20K. 

 You can expect many from this price range. Some professional freelance designers can do proper research, have a good quality design, and deliver all the needed details. However, be sure to learn about the experience when working with freelance designers. Their expertise will affect the quality of work and the charge. 

With a budget of around $5K to $30K, a small design studio can provide a selection of designers with an effective price tag. For a higher budget reaching $50K, a mid-sized agency is the right logo designer to pick. Most agencies have their workflow in crafting the best visual identity. They also work as a group, bringing multiple designs with many heads to think together.   


3. High End  

With the price ranges starting from $50k and more, the High-end design is not for everyone. It is best to say that the services will provide clients with more than just the logo design itself. Some world-known professional freelancers are bound to assist, through thorough research, with the highest quality process than many others. 

World-renowned logo designers or legendary peoples for jobs are something you can expect from this range. Of course, you should be careful and get a proposal to attract their attention. Sometimes, you might have to work with larger agencies and have a background worth their work. Considering the stellar pricing, that is a given requirement. 

If a personal logo designer is not available, work with professional agencies. An agency will do its thorough research and learn about the logo, work with the creative team and work to ensure the final job is proper with the price points. It makes the options fit the best for a multi-million company or business. 


Things To Consider When Working With Freelancer 

One of the best options and likely options you can find easily is to work with freelancers. Since freelancers can have varying charges, it is best to be careful in picking the best one. One of the things to consider is the experiences, which come with a wide range of choices. The experiences are pivotal in determining the spectrum of design charge and quality of work.  

When picking freelance logo designers, it is best to review the person as deeply as possible. Learn about their portfolios, testimonial, reviews, or referral. It will help improve trust and legibility. And one of the crucial considerations is how they bill the design charge (hourly, per project, or value-based). For best results, try for people with higher quotes, around $800 to $2000. 


Things To Consider When Creating Logo Designer Contest

Considering the competitive nature of logo designer contests, it is best to avoid using contests. There are a lot of situations where the contest is full of rigged design and entries, lowering the quality and its usability. However, it is a good option if the contest comes with a global community and professionals. Depending on the charge or price you offer, it will come with a unique outcome. 

If you are a customer for logo creation, the contest is a great option with a flat fee or charge. You can offer a varying price tag to win, but be more selective when picking the winner. A high design charge of thousands of dollars does not guarantee to get dedicated entries. That is why check out the quality, plagiarism, and logo designer qualification to ensure the jobs are worthy. 


Things To Consider When Working Design Agencies

Most logo designer agencies are professional in branding and other familiar design-related functions. Oftentimes, the agency comes in varying sizes, which means the number of designers will increase. Agencies, in general, are made up of creative teams to work together on certain projects, including a logo or visual identity. 

Considering the higher charge by agencies (up to hundreds of thousands of dollars), the outcome is pretty much on top of its quality. Regardless of the number, be sure to check the design agency's qualifications, details, trust, and portfolio. Make sure the agency is trustworthy and has good reviews, especially if you are going with high-end logo designer jobs.  


Price Beyond The Design 

Some creative projects can also come with extra charges, which also refer to the extra work or special requests from the customers. In this case, there are at least three aspects to consider which can affect the overall logo designers' charge. The first one is the complexity. Many customers have their personal preferences, which affect complexity.

With more complex requirements and requests, the flat charge or fee can change exponentially. It goes because the process might require extra time to spend on research, creating the design, and the process in general. The next thing that will increase the charge is revisions. In the creative industry, revisions mean extra jobs with extra fees. 

Before working with logo designers, pay attention to the contract and learn about the revisions term. 98% of creators will offer two rounds of revisions; asking for one more means an extra charge. Turnaround time is another hard to comply with design charge addition. It refers to possible rush work, short deadlines, and quick turns. Many creators will also call it a rush fee. 


Final Words

The designer or the customer needs to underline that a logo designer's charge can vary vastly depending on many factors. The pretty common bars are based on the price bucket or bracket. It goes from the budget to midrange and high-end. Most of the options also depend on the designers themselves, which can differ considering expertise and portfolios. 

The charge can also differ depending on the hourly or value-based. With that difference, customers might find hugely diverse offers and final delivery. It later goes to many considerations to take when working with freelancers, logo designer contests, or agencies. Each has its unique pricing, which the customer needs to understand thoroughly. 

Another point to highlight is the charge that has a huge correlation with the work itself. Some creators might want or add extra design charges beyond the main works. The extra fees might happen due to specific requests, such as complexity, software uses, revisions, turnaround time, time spent, or experience. 

In other words, there are a few keys to highlight when determining the logo designer's charge. Understand the pricing structure, the designer option, the bracket, and other extra prices. With that, you can expect price ranges from $0-$50, $300-$800, $800-$2500, or more than $2500. The charge will differ, and your options are also vast. Pick one that you can afford.

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