Complete Guide: Successfully Sell Logo Designs Online

There are many ways to sell logo designs and make money.
Here are some of the most recommended strategies that you can easily follow right away!

Online websites and platforms provide huge changes from the business point of view. It opens chances for people to learn and open freelance, or even better, shop. Among many online shops that people have started to enjoy, the design graphic industry is booming. And one of the famous products to make some money is logo designs. 

Taking the chance on how vast the design industry is, logo creation and business can be potential freelance work. While the sense of beauty is based on preferences, a bigger marketplace allows designers to get more chances to prosper with their money. Creators can sell logo designs online and make more money or revenue.

The idea of creating sales and selling logo designs on online media itself varies and is not limited to a certain degree. One can start as a freelancer, sell logos on the design sites, or provide exclusive work with certain companies to make money. The biggest difference is only on how online platforms or media bring more open sea and marketplace for the company.  


1. Open A Shop And Sell On Website 

Online websites come in varying grounds and functions. With the digital era coming around for online shopping, the idea of selling something on the internet is likely to happen. This is what people can expect from the current boom of internet sales and freelancers. Many logo design creators have set their eyes to work and creating online sales.

The first thing that designers can do to sell logos on online platforms is to open a shop with the help of an online website. One can join a freelance platform that allows a creator to showcase their works, potential, and prospects, get clients, sell the logo design, and make money. However, depending on the site, the freelance platform might work differently. 

The key point of the idea is to open a shop or your business with the help of the platform. Like the other steps of marketing, promoting, and delivering the job, some sites can help do everything. Thus, creators only need to provide a high-quality logo and sell with the proper money pitch. Joining the best working site for each person is one thing that every designer needs to explore. 


2. Freelance Platform

A freelance platform is a business site where it allows creators to join the platform to get a job and make money. It allows customers to pick workers for job roles or projects that do not need permanent employment. The site itself works by allowing the designer to create a profile, display the work or portfolio, pitch sales, and chat with employers. 

Each of the platforms might have different ways to work; some might come with a bigger and vast freelance marketplace. But one of the best ways to sell logo designs online is by joining platforms that focus on the niche. Many sites come with the said features, such as DesignHill, Etsy, 99design, or many other similar design-focused sites. 

In general, the platform works by complying with four different values in its operation. Designers can sell the logo design with the help of a talent marketplace. This is one of the ways the platform works, which compiles and showcases talents from all over the world to showcase their work. Skills, portfolio, and luck might help attract customers or clients to make money. 

The second way how the site works is as a hiring platform. The hiring platform works by shortlisting the applicants or designers. Clients can conduct tests and interviews inside the platform, which later helps the designer to sell the logo to the client. This option and feature are pretty dependent on the sites, considering it might need a chat and video feature integration. 

Another good use of freelance platforms for logo creators is as a time tracker. Clients got the chance to find more information about the design creator and their project process. It is part of the platform feature that helps give proper micro-management for both client and designer. It also makes the process of selling logo designs online more credible. 

Some of the sites also nurture a merit-based system to make money, which is ideal for selling logos on online platforms. It means that the client will pay freelancers or talent based on quality work. Thanks to it, some platforms do have integration with top payment gateway. It offers bigger and easier to access online features to sell design projects, including logos. 


3. Offer Logo Or Graphic Design Service 

The idea is not only to upload the works and wait for a deal. The new trend and help from freelancers are to provide commission offers. It translated to providing custom services for the client, including making a logo and its design based on the client's request. It is similar to the offline deal, in which one can make a design based on the request. 

The biggest difference between online and offline is measly on the marketplace and communication. Online media allow designers to provide offers to people from far away; it is even possible to serve custom services for foreign companies. In this case, a method to sell logo designs online, the key is on skill set and experience. 

Many professionals will make a range of exclusive services beyond what the basic logo design and creation are. Some sell these services to more exclusive requests, providing a huge range of commissions, fees, and revenue to make money. Along with the experience and skills, designers need to propose pitches with a portfolio.


4. Commissioning a logo design 

The idea of commissioning a logo design is closely related to selling projects on an online base. It pretty much refers to requesting a custom design for the logo, which is done through online transactions and agreements. The deal itself can be done in many ways, including using freelance sites, social media, or making online contact.

The employees will need a portfolio to sell the services, giving nice credibility to skills and ability. How much the money creator can make will depend on many points, such as how much the amount to work, how much the price to sell the work, and how much design effort to make money.  

With that in mind, the price ranges vary. Some professionals will likely come up with bracket pricing, which highlights different prices for different levels of services. Take an example of a simple logo design that will sell for around $100. The more advanced the process is, the money price can rise and reach up to $1000 or $2000 each.

This is a great option for beginner freelancers or creators that want to do an online business. The idea allows the creator to set the price as low as $5. Sometimes, working with low starting points helps increase the price of selling logo designs online in quantity. Depending on the site and where the creator delivers the pitch, the revenue will change as well. 


5. Get Tasks From Freelance Marketplace

Some websites also have a feature that provides tasks for users. It mostly depends on the website's focus and options. One of the sites that offer this make-money option is DesignHill. The method works by joining a task mentioned or offered by the site. The tasks can appear in different skills, expertise, and design work offers, which allow creators to earn money. 

How it provides the option for creators to sell logo designs online is based on the tasks themselves. Some tasks might include creating new design-related works. Every creator or selected user has the chance to join. The idea is ideal for designers that want to avoid any competition with dozens of other creators on the site. 

What makes DesignHill unique in offering this task is how the site provides the works as a mission. It is simple to say that the site will be the bridge between the client and the creator. Creators can sell the logo design without having a hard time setting the pitch. All the designer needs to do is to send the source file to the client, get the task done, and get the money. 


6. Work Exclusively For Certain Project To Sell Logo 

Another good way to sell logos with online media is by working exclusively to design projects. It is similar to commission. However, it comes from the direct money deal with the client. The method will happen as a one-to-one project, which some freelance platforms are ready to help. This is a good way to make money and sell high-quality logo design projects. 

The method works by providing both parties (client or designer) to take the initiative to work with each other on a design project. The direct contacts and the money deal provide a more credible and exclusive way to sell the work. It likely happens and is ideal for a high quantity or priced logo design project. But at the same time, the way it sells will depend on trust. 

It means that most sales happen to talented professionals, which likely have reputations and names in the industry. Similar to the clients that want a more direct deal for the unique visual representation of the company. Thus, the method of selling logo designs online is more exclusive. That is why it is a bit complicated to make money. 

This sale can happen in many ways. Some platforms allow the two parties to meet up and seal the deal. Some creators might have to create their website or private account to get the deal. In any case, it allows creators to sell the logo at a higher price based on their experience, skills, and deals. It is also a very direct project that has a more serious contract to make money. 


7. Joining Readymade Logo Store To Sell The Design 

A good option for designers that have stocks of old logos is to sell them on the readymade online store for some money. Having stocks is pretty common in the design industry since most designers will likely enjoy experimenting, trying ideas, or learning new arts. Rather than putting them on the back and forgotten, designers can sell the unused design.

The site itself is known as the Readymade store. Some of the sites are DesignHill, ScaleBranding, 48hourslogo, LogoMood, etc. Those sites allow creators to sell the old design for small money or some dollar, depending on the demand. However, not every design is accepted. Creators need to alter or do the works to fit the popular niche and get the money. 

The method will work mostly depending on the site's capability, especially in buying and selling the designs. Creator can upload the design, make money, and get a commission when it gets a client to buy. In this case, the site targets new or small business owners that are looking for cost-effective logos that suit their personality. 

After the potential clients put their interest in your work, the site will mention the sales. With that, designers can sell logo designs online after fulfilling the clients' requests. Some of the requests are about a small tweak on the design, such as changing the name or altering the color selection. It is an ideal way to sell for money.  


8. Entice Buyers With Portfolio 

Given the fact that online media is varying and very vast, it does not limit creators to only selling their design works or making money on freelance platforms. There are also similar ways to create private websites or social media. The idea is to create a personal shop and offer to sell logos without the help of a third party. It makes the process more personal. 

Third parties tend to have money regulations, such as fees or taxes, that can lower the money revenue. In this case, creating a personal website or using social media to showcase the business can help designers to make money. But, the idea itself needs proper management in the marketing to sell the project. 


9. Use website, social media, and online portfolio

The method is pretty good for a creator that already has an established name or business. It allows them to showcase and sell logo designs online without any competition. It also helps make a good portfolio media, especially for social media. Social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook has been a popular place to sell design and logo works for some money. 

Having a personal place to sell and build a portfolio also makes a more professional look. With good uses and maintenance, the idea can be an ideal option for designers to make money. It helps develop credibility, create a personal brand, expand the market, and sell them with less tax or extra fees. 


10. Taking Part In Contest  

Taking contests is one of the features of joining a freelance platform or online design marketplace. Some websites tend to hold contests with clients that are looking for the best logo creator. The method is good for experiences and exposure, but it also has high competition. The winner can sell the work in the form of a prize from the clients. 

It is best to say that it is not the most predicted way to make money. All because the chance to win varies. With the higher competition, the fewer possibilities to sell or get the prize. There are also chances that some clients will claim the submitted design, which means you won't be able to use or make similar logo ideas. 

Depending on the site, the contest can come with varying price points and benefits. In DesignHill, the price sets from around $200 to $1000, depending on the difficulties. It can be a nice project to do and to make money, but it comes with high skills, consideration, and luck. 


Final Words

To sum up, the long way to sell logo design, you can say that online media and platforms bring tons of possibilities for creators to get money. One can use the brilliant function of an online freelance platform, which houses a long list of talented and high-quality logo creators. It is also possible to open a personal shop and offer companies to make money from the design. 

In many cases, creators or designers can always try to open commissions as a way to sell and offer exclusive jobs for the company. It is the most common practice in online design sales. Other than that, some online sites or platforms might come with different make-money features that allow designers to sell, provide, or put the work into the contests. 

Depending on the ideas and methods to make some money, the idea of selling logo designs online will differ. Some are good for creators that enjoy earning as freelancers, a part-timer, or just side jobs. It is also best to underline the need for design skills and good communication or negotiation abilities. 

Designers have many options to sell, deliver, and make money. Online media is a marketplace that people can explore with all possibilities. There is nothing called perfect; one option might be better for certain people. It also does not specify that everyone can succeed with all the tips. Everything goes back to the individuals, skills, luck, and passion.

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