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Article: 10 Tips to Create a Good School Logo Design

10 Tips to Create a Good School Logo Design

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet!
Here are some inspiring tips you can easily follow to create a fantastic school logo design!
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School is a competitive business today. The market is full of many new and existing establishments. Your educational startup could survive the competition if it has a marketing plan that is effective and strong. One of the key elements to bringing your educational business to the masses is its logo. You must create a school logo design that is memorable so that it can convey your message and help build your organization's brand identity.

You should not lose sight of the importance of school logo design. It is the face of your organization. Your potential clients or students would form an opinion about your business as soon as they see the logo. Don’t forget that the logo will appear in various media as part of your promotional campaign. Therefore, an innovative and memorable design will help to make a good first impression on your organization.

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But many designers don't care about the basics of logo design. Sometimes, they make mistakes that they have made in the past and end up creating a logo with no purpose. Although logos are profitable, they are detrimental to the business. This is because a carelessly drawn logo will create a bad impression on the viewers. This, in turn, will create a bad impression of your business.

The importance of effective and professional logo design always be emphasized by business owners as it is an important part of branding. The brand name has significance in the company's journey because it represents the first brand identity that attracts and retains customers.

Brand loyalty refers to how customers stick to one brand throughout their lives because they trust the products of a particular brand more than others. Since the brand plays an important role in this process, the main way of recognizing the brand is by designing its logo that cannot be imitated by other companies.

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The main reason why school logo design needs a lot of thought and creativity before designing is that it represents attitude and professionalism. There is no exact definition of a good logo because logos differ from one company to another company. Of course, kids' clothing store logo design would have different types of logos from other businesses.

It's no surprise that retail, manufacturing, and service providers aren't the only ones who need a professional logo. Educational institutions are also interested in their brand as there is competition between private schools and colleges.

They provide services for the fee they charge. Their goal is to fill students' capacity by creating a name for their brand. But, the logos of educational institutions are quite different from other companies because they need to take care of many things.

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The school logo design should not be extravagant or informal as its main purpose is to promote education and intelligence, while other businesses aim to maximize profits. Now to improve your school's branding, here are some tips for creating a good school logo design so that your branding strategy is optimal.


10 Tips to Create a Good School Logo Design that is Unique

  1. Understand The School's Background 
  2. Find Good Examples To Benchmark
  3. Check The Competition
  4. Create A Mature & Timeless Design
  5. Think About The Long-Term Use Of The Logo
  6. Choose A Typeface With High Readability
  7. Pick The Color Combination Wisely
  8. Keep All The Elements in Balance
  9. Make Sure The Design Is Relevant 
  10. The Key Is To Listen To Client's Feedback
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1. Understand The School's Background 

Finally, when an attractive and unique logo has been designed, don't publish it unless you buy the patent. If you create a public logo without purchasing the copyright, some other school or college may copy your design, and since you don't own a trademark, no legal action could be taken against some company.

When you have an idea of ​​what the logo will look like, you need someone to design the logo for you. Choosing a company to create a good school logo for you is not an easy task because not everyone realizes how important a logo is to the branding of your university or school.

Moreover, not only this time do you need the team to design something for you, but usually, long-term contracts are signed with school institutions. So to get a good design agency or graphic designer, you have to keep a few things in mind before quitting anyone.

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2. Find Good Examples To Benchmark

When you hire someone else to help you get school logo design, don’t forget to check their portfolio. Among the many creative agencies, choose the few that have more experienced and ask about their past work with school brands. Try getting ahold of their designs for schools' branding so you can decide if the team can come up with a great design for your institute.

Many companies make their graphic design portfolios public on their websites, and these are the most reliable companies you should consider. Some don't post work for policy reasons, so this shouldn't be the only factor in deciding whether or not you should hire a team.

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3. Check The Competition

Another important tip for creating a good school logo design is to browse the logos of other schools and colleges so you have an idea of ​​what you want as a result. Another educational institution that offers the same level of education as your school is your competitor, and you should monitor the efficiency of its brand through its logos.

Don't try to copy their designs, but get an idea of ​​how schools and colleges create their logos. The logo of almost every school and college is simple in the sense of not adding an overly complex logo design. Some even keep the institute's initials as a logo and implement successful branding strategies on it. So choose the best one for your school logo design and keep your logo as simple as possible as it is suitable for educational brands.

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4. Create A Mature & Timeless Design

When an employee does a job interview, one thing is more important than the degree you got: experience. With experience, companies or individuals can grow well and improve themselves. Therefore, it is important that the team you hire to design logos is not new to the business. So, it can be said that work experience has an important role in logo design.

In addition, relevant experience in the education sector is an added advantage as they will have an idea of ​​what colleges and schools typically require. This will help you get some good ideas from your team as well.

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5. Think About The Long-Term Use Of The Logo

The next tip to creating a school logo design is to think about the long-term use of the school logo. In terms of school branding, logos usually are not only used on brochures or websites but there are some other elements that will need to be produced later.

Every item produced under your brand logo will have that logo on it, so make sure the design, text, or colors are appropriate for stationery, letterhead, business cards, social media, advertising, and clothing. The color of the logo and fonts should be modified because some designs may not look optimal when printed on individual items.

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6. Choose A Typeface With High Readability

Design and color are not the only important attributes of a logo. However, the font you use to write your name also affects the brand in many ways. There are many fonts available, and some of them look very beautiful and attractive, but they may be hard to be understood for your students.

Due to the stylistic structure of this font, it is difficult for people to read what is written, so you should use a font that is easy to understand. Some of the best schools with excellent branding strategies have very simple fonts in their logos because they are easy to read.

But, in exceptional cases, you can use a slightly intricate font if the design matches. Also, some schools use the Old English font due to the date associated with it or other reasons. The font is acceptable in this exceptional case.

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So, keep in mind when designing a creative school logo, it should have a font that can give it a personality. If the logo design is based on the name of the organization, the importance of the font becomes more apparent. 

Fortunately, for designers, many high-quality fonts can only be accessed for free. Therefore, there are a variety of fonts for logo designs available on the web. A common practice in choosing a font for a school logo is to use a font of sans serif. This type of font gives the logo a friendly personality. 

Besides the choice of font to create a good school logo design, you can also add white space to your design. It is one of the design elements that helps create a distinctive design. To give you an overview of white space, here we give one well-known example, which is the FedEx logo. It contains a blank space between the letters (E) and (X). 

Might be it can be a good idea to have a school logo with white space between the font you have chosen. However, always keep in mind and ask yourself whether it is appropriate for the goal of your educational institution or not.

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7. Pick The Color Combination Wisely

Keep in mind that a certain level of professionalism must be maintained for the school logo design; you must choose the color combinations of the logos carefully.

School souvenirs and uniforms are produced according to the color combinations on the school logo, so be sure to select the sets in a way that looks attractive when produced. Organizations hire creative branding agencies to build and suggest appropriate color combinations that go with the name and logo of the school.

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For example, when you think of green, it tends to represent growth, money, and finance. Similarly, red is associated with energy, courage, or urgency. At the same time, orange is associated with creativity and friendliness, yellow with happiness, optimism, and discovery, and blue with professionalism and confidence. 

This color representation should also be considered when deciding on color combinations for a school logo design. However, the success of creating a logo depends largely on the deliberate use of color. One of the strengths of color is its ability to evoke feelings and emotions. When we see a color, we are filled with many emotions. 

So, what colors can be associated with education? Since education is concerned with information and the use of the brain in acquiring knowledge, blue is mostly for this area. Most education logos contain the color blue. But if the logo is for a children's school, then several colors will be an ideal choice. You can also consider capturing colors from client website designs and other graphic design elements.

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8. Keep All The Elements in Balance

Your school logo design might be a combination of 2 or more elements. It might consist of a visual design (logo) as well as text inside it (logotype), so to do branding properly, avoid putting anything superfluous.

Keep the logo balanced, so there is no disproportionate amount of text or visual design. This could ideally be parsed after the logo is complete, so you may have to repeat the process a few times before you can finally create a perfectly balanced logo.

Repeating the process will make you improvise the design in a number of ways because as you come up with new ideas, you start to think that you can implement and produce an excellent branding logo for your school.

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9. Make Sure The Design Is Relevant 

The university brand requires investment, and the secondary goal is to save costs in every possible way. Among the companies and design teams you choose, compare the prices that each company charges, so you don't spend too much money on logo design.

Keep in mind that low cost does not mean compromising on quality with affordable logo design services. Some companies operate on low profit and high customer loyalty because they reduce their profit margins in an effort to win customer loyalty. So don't look for expensive designers unless they offer something that no one else can do!

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10. The Key Is To Listen To Client's Feedback

An experienced company or team has worked with many clients, so it can analyze customer feedback and determine if the team is reliable enough. Reviews may not always be visible to the public, but it is your responsibility to ask them for customer feedback. This will help you eliminate the risk of selecting a poor team that could render your school's brand ineffective.

Although the logo is a creative act, do not forget that the logo is designed for people because they are the audience and the target audience. Your personal opinion and appreciation for your logo design don't really matter. So, get people's and experts' opinions too. It would be great if you could do a poll on your social media pages to see what people think of the logo.

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You should also bring the logo to the customer for approval. It would be better if you could bring the logo to the customer at an early stage. If people suggest some improvements or changes, do what it takes. These are some of the important aspects that you must adhere to while designing a creative education logo. So, you can crowdsource a good graphic design service from a platform.

However, an education logo can build a good image for your organization. But logo design should be a creative act. Make sure the logo concept is unique and memorable based on the information you researched about the organization. As we have mentioned above, the choice of color and font is also important. But the logo should also be a versatile design. So think carefully about it. 

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Final Words

There are many simple educational logos on the market. Therefore, if your logo is a design that has a complex element, it will not attract the audience. Then the logo should be simple, unique, and easy to remember. Unique logos are ones that no one has seen before. To create such a logo, the design idea must be unique. Get inspired by those around you, or visit your graphic design album. 

You can draw some diagrams on paper to get some unique design concepts. Then select one of the graphics to expand it into a complete image. But also study the competitor's logo, so you can draw a distinctive logo design. Just these slogans are easy to remember, and people can easily remember them in a crowded market. New educational icons can also be memorable logos. You can also use icons for your school logo.

Created by UNITED PIXELS |

By following this set of strategies, you can hire a team of professional designers who can combine your logo ideas and turn them into highly attractive and professional designs that you can use for branding your school or college. Once you sign a long-term contract with the team, they also provide complementary services that can be used to effectively brand your educational institution. You can ask them to provide you with designs for regular social media posts to keep the page active.

Therefore, brainstorming a suitable logo design and implementing it by a professional and reliable company are two of the responsibilities that you must carefully fulfill to run a successful branding campaign for your school. That is all about ten tips to create a good school logo design. 

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