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Article: The Perfect Instagram Profile Picture Size & Best Practices

The Perfect Instagram Profile Picture Size & Best Practices

Let's find out how you can adjust or create the perfect size for your Instagram profile picture and learn some best practices to look better on social media!

Instagram profile picture size is one of the most important things you should pay attention to when you create a profile or account on Instagram. Especially if you are a company or business that uses Instagram as one of your biggest market platforms, to understand more about Instagram profile pictures, see the following explanation.


The Importance of Choosing The Right Profile Picture for Your Business’s Account

A profile picture is one of the main identities of an account that is often underestimated by business accounts on Instagram. However, the profile picture that you install is important.

In this discussion, we will talk more about the importance of choosing the right Instagram profile picture for your business account. 

As with personal accounts, obviously, everyone who sees your profile will focus their attention first on the profile picture that is installed, right? Same with profiles for business accounts.

However, the urgency to choose the best profile picture for your Instagram profile will certainly be felt more by business accounts. The profile picture that you install will later describe and represent your brand or company. 

Because Instagram is a social media that focuses on the visual aspect, it is important for you to choose a profile picture with an attractive size and appearance.

The following is a further discussion on why you should pay attention to the size and especially the appearance of your profile picture for your business Instagram accounts:

1. A Good and Attractive Profile Picture Will Attract More People to View Your Account

    To understand the importance of a profile picture for your business Instagram, you have to look at it from the perspective of a potential customer. 

    When you search for an account on the search page, you will be presented with various accounts with a profile picture as one of the main identities displayed in addition to their account name.

    Surely you often see an interesting Instagram profile that makes you curious, so you visit the profile to find out more information about the account, right? This is one of the main reasons why a good and attractive profile picture is necessary for your business Instagram account.

    When you have an interesting profile, then you have a greater chance of being able to attract people to know more about your account. 

    In addition to using Instagram ads to display your posts on the explore page, this method is one way that you can use to attract more people to view your account without having to pay and install ads.

    With many people interested in viewing and finding out about your account, then you have more opportunities to convert these people to become your potential buyers.

    Of course, it's useless if you have prepared and posted various interesting content; it's been hard to make captions and also offers if no one wants to see your profile and find out more about your Instagram business account.


    2. To Differentiate Your Brand with Your Competitor’s Brand

    Now Instagram has become the largest market platform used by various brands from around the world to market their products. So it's not impossible if there are other brands that have the exact same account name as you. This has happened many times on Instagram.

    You are not only competing with companies or big businesses, but you are also competing with various small businesses, which are one of Instagram's largest user bases at this time. 

    There are so many businesses on Instagram, so there are lots of businesses with the same name as dozens of competitors.

    Because of this, your customers or potential customers will be confused when looking for your account. Moreover, on Instagram, there can be more than 10 accounts that have the exact same name as your business.

    Therefore, the best way to do this is to use a profile picture as one of the main brand identities that you use to give your characteristics or to differentiate your business from other Instagram business accounts.

    At least, with a profile picture that characterizes or describes your business, your customers can recognize these characteristics, and it's easier to find your business account on Instagram.


    3. Represent Your Brand or Business

      Just like on a personal account where you put a profile photo as a brief description of yourself, the same goes for business accounts. For business accounts, the profile that you put up indirectly becomes the face of your branding on Instagram.

      Of course, you have to choose the best profile picture, right? Not only the appearance, but you also have to adjust the profile according to the existing standard Instagram profile picture size.

      The profile that you install will give potential customers an idea about the brand or business you have. As mentioned earlier, one of the main identities they see first is your business account profile picture. Therefore your profile will be memorable and directly represent your business to people who see it.


      The Importance of Acknowledge The Right Instagram Profile Picture Size

      There are still a lot of people who still don't know the ideal size of the Instagram profile picture in accordance with the provisions. Knowing the Instagram profile picture size is one of the important things to do to be able to have a good profile picture display.

      Unfortunately, the size of this profile picture is still being underestimated. Knowing a good profile size will make it easier for you to consider a good profile design to install. This will greatly facilitate you in the profile design process when you choose a profile that matches the size of the criteria from Instagram.

      One of the problems that can arise when you don't know a good profile size is that the image you want to use as a profile will not fit. This problem often arises and will trouble you or make your profile look less attractive.

      If your Instagram profile picture size does not match, then the image you choose will be cropped. This obviously will greatly affect the appearance and resolution of your profile. 

      In addition, because it is cropped, the image resolution will automatically decrease and make the image have a less high definition and eventually become a low-quality profile that is less attractive.

      Usually, a cropped image will have a poor resolution. In addition, the information that should be in the profile picture will have to be cut off because it doesn't fit the size it should be.


      What is the size of the Instagram Profile Picture?

      After you understand how important it is to know the Instagram profile picture size, then the next information you will know is the ideal and right size for the Instagram profile picture. The ideal size of the profile picture for your Instagram account should be 110 by 110 pixels.

      This profile size is still the minimum size that you must fulfill; if you can, you can use an image with a higher resolution or pixel size, such as 1080 by 1080 pixels. In this way, the display of your profile picture will be much clearer and clearer so that the display becomes better.

      You can also choose other sizes, but for sure, your image size must have a ratio of 1: 1. The profile posted on Instagram must be square with the same size on all four sides.

      If you already have an image that has a ratio of 1:1, then the image can be said to be ideal and in accordance with the Instagram profile picture size standards.

      Pay Attention to Instagram Profile Picture Automatic Cropping and Small Size on Display

      One of the things that are often forgotten by many people when they set an Instagram profile is the cropping of the image size that you have chosen. 

      You must have noticed that your Instagram profile picture will appear with a very small circle and size. In fact, according to the provisions, the image required is a square image.

      Because of this, there are many people who peg their designs on Instagram profile picture sizes that are square and forget about circle cropping. 

      Of course, this can be quite disturbing if you have made a good profile picture design, but the design is cropped into a circle, so there are many details that are not displayed.

      The size of the displayed profile is also usually very small, so you have to take into account the size of the element or the size of the text that you will include in your profile picture design. 

      Make sure that all-important elements in the profile picture that you want to display are large enough so that they can be seen clearly. Many people involve small and many details, but later on, all these details cannot be seen clearly and even make the profile picture display less attractive.

      Even though the Instagram profile picture size is very small, you can't underestimate this. This profile picture is one of the main identities that is most often displayed on Instagram. 

      When you create an Instagram story or write a comment, your profile picture will appear and prove that the profile picture is important. Therefore, make sure you plan out your profile picture design to match the appropriate Instagram profile picture size and also not cropped.


      How to Make Your Instagram Profile Picture Fit? 

      Even though there is a cropping system and the display size is quite small, there are several things you can do to ensure that the Instagram profile picture that you install is fit and also in accordance with the criteria. Here are some ways you can do so that your profile picture fits perfectly:

      1. Choose The Right Canvas or Image That Suits The Instagram Profile Picture Size

        One of the main things that make many Instagram profile pictures not fit and eventually cropped is the size that does not match the provisions. As previously mentioned, the ideal size for an Instagram profile picture is an image with a 1:1 ratio.

        That way, if you want to install a fit profile, then you must also use an image that has a size of 1:1. If you already know this ideal size in advance, then you can plan out and create an image or design profile that matches this size so that it can fit perfectly.

        If you want to use an illustration or logo for your business account profile, you can create a design with a canvas that fits the ideal size. Before designing, you can usually customize the canvas size you want to use.

        Besides customizing your own canvas, now there are many design platforms that automatically provide canvas options for Instagram profiles that can make it easier for you to create a design for a fit Instagram profile picture.

        2. Plan Out The Cropping

          Even though you have chosen an image or design profile picture that matches the ideal size for the Instagram profile picture, there is still cropping, which can be a problem that makes your profile not fit on the Instagram display.

          Actually, overcoming this is very easy and doesn't take long. There are many ways you can deal with this problem. One of them is to plan to outcrop first before you make a design profile picture.

          Usually, if the profile picture you use is a specially designed image, you can provide a guideline first in the form of a circle to be able to take cropping into account before you start the design process. This is one of the most widely used methods by profile picture designers.

          In addition, if you have already chosen a ready-made image, you can plan out which part Instagram will crop with the available tools. 

          Nowadays, there are many applications that can help you to plan out your profile and also your Instagram feed so that you can see how your account and profile will look before you officially install it on your Instagram profile.


          3. Make Sure The Important Element In Your Profile is Big Enough to be Visible

            As discussed earlier, your profile picture will usually be displayed in a very small size on Instagram. So even if you have chosen the appropriate size and also planned to outcrop, all these things will be in vain if the displayed element is too small and ultimately not visible.

            One way that you can do this is to create a design or choose a simple image for your profile picture. If there is too much detail and there is no contrast between elements, then when displayed at a small size, your profile picture will look recorded, and the displayed elements cannot be seen clearly.

            You need to pay close attention to this display size problem. It is recommended to use a clean profile design and also have clear elements and big enough even though it is displayed with a very small size.

            You can also plan out and see if the image you choose will be visible or not with the tools you can get on the internet that help you plan out your profile.


            Use Your Business Logo in Your Instagram Business Account

            As a business account, of course, you want to create an outstanding profile, and this can be started by creating a good profile picture. In addition to using a profile picture that fits the ideal size and also takes into account cropping, you still have to prioritize what content you will display in the profile picture.

            The best practice that you can do to make your profile picture attractive as a business Instagram account is to use your own logo as your profile picture. Here are several reasons why your business logo is a great profile picture for your business account:

            1. It Is Simple and Visible

              A logo that is used as a profile picture will be able to provide clear and visible details even though it is displayed in a small size. In addition, because the logo is the only element in the image, the contrast between the elements and the background is clear so that later, people will find it easier to focus directly on the logo you display.

              2. Gives Professional Impressions

                It is important for a business to appear professional in the eyes of potential customers. The professional impression here is certainly not intimidating but instead aims to attract more consumers to your profile. Installing a logo on your profile picture will give a more official and professional impression so that it can also be built to build an impression of credibility.



                An Instagram profile picture is one of the most important elements in your account identity on Instagram. This profile picture is very important, especially for business accounts that have the goal of bringing more people to view their account profiles.

                A good profile picture display can be made by choosing the right profile picture size that fits and also making a profile design that can be seen clearly on the Instagram display. Having a good Instagram profile picture will build your brand and company account's image.

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